Prompt fic: Milestone

by ellaenchanting

Tags: #brainwashing #consensual_kink #f/f #marking #marriage #romantic

Quickie prompt fic with no redeeming value and lots of smarminess.

Milestones- Morning Routine

Lisa looked into the mirror as she applied her mascara. She smiled. She remembered wearing the same brand of mascara to her first date with Jenna. It wasn’t her normal style then- she usually didn’t pay very much attention to her appearance- but she wanted to make a good first impression. Jenna had complimented her on how beautiful her eyes were at dinner and, even more exuberantly, during a drunken cab ride home later that night.

Lisa made sure to put the same mascara on every day now.

Next came the lipstick. When she and Jenna had started doing D/s play more regularly, Lisa had  shyly confessed to Jenna about  her fantasies of being conditioned into a new kink. A lipstick kink  had been their first attempt together at this kind of deeper brainwashing. Lisa had ALWAYS found lipstick uncomfortable- especially the bright fire engine red kind that Jenna preferred. The texture had felt gross on her mouth and the color made her stand out much more than she was comfortable with. It made Lisa think of the word “whore”.

Of course, Jenna had leaned into that feeling in her conditioning schemes. Now, as Lisa smeared the bright color on her lips, her breath quickened.  She admired how sexy her mouth looked. “I’m Jenna’s whore,” she thought, letting the mantra fill her with its usual mix of arousal, confidence, and slight humiliation.

Lisa brushed her hair and began to button her shirt up over her shoulder. She absently ran her hand over the mark there, a small scar Jenna had given her last year. They thought they would need to deepen it regularly, but so far the brand was still visible. “Owned,” Lisa thought to herself as she brushed the scar. She buttoned up the shirt, hiding the mark from the world.

Finally, Lisa reached into bowl next to the sink and put the ring on the second finger of her left hand. At two weeks, she was just getting used to the weight of it on. She held out her hand and smiled. Finally, she had a relationship milestone marker that most other people would understand.  She noticed the feelings of love and happiness bubble up inside her automatically. It didn’t happen in any deliberately conditioned way,  but the anchor of the ring to the love and happiness she felt with Lisa was even stronger than any of the other anchors they had worked on together.

All couples conditioned each other, Lisa thought. They all influenced. They all affected,  They all enthralled. But very  few got to experience what she and Jenna had.


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