Hypnovember Day 19: Eyes

by ellaenchanting

Tags: #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:male #hypnosis #sub:male #hypnovember_2020 #longterm_relationship #m/m #microfiction #real_life_hypnosis #realistic #romantic

LTR and kinky intimacy. This story is a sequel to last year’s Stage. You don’t have to read that first, but it might give some more background if you want to know more about these characters.

Scott looked into his partner Brandon's eyes. Brandon had hypnotized him so many times over the years in so many ways but- this was one of Scott’s favorites. Brandon had such interesting eyes- they were green with bits of brown and brighter flecks of color. As he stared, he noticed the places where the colors blended and seemed to swirl together. Hypnotist's eyes, Scott thought wistfully. It was so easy for him get lost in those eyes, so easy to get lost in Brandon and what he wanted Scott to feel. Lost in what he wanted Scott to do. Lost in who he wanted Scott to become. Scott loved these moments where Brandon's eyes became his world and all Scott needed to know was that he was becoming even more his.

Brandon looked into his partner Scott's eyes. He heard himself saying hypnotic words to him but at this point he didn't have to think much about what he was saying. Scott was so receptive the words hardly ever mattered.  Right now, Brandon’s focus was on watching Scott slowly succumb. He knew his signs well enough. First, Scott would appear hyper-focused. Then, slowly, some of the muscles surrounding his eyes would loosen as Scott began to melt. As Brandon seduced Scott further and further into trance,  he would watch the lights of awareness slowly dim under his gaze.  Sometimes Brandon would ask Scott to resist trance at this point, just to prolong the erotic sight of his partner fading away.  Right now,  though, he was enjoying the scene of him enthusiastically giving  in. Brandon was always amazed that Scott was so willing to entrust himself so entirely to him. As Scott's gaze became completely blank, Brandon felt a familiar rush of feelings. Protection. Craving. Power. Lust. Love. Feelings that only happened in this particular rush when he had his partner totally, beautifully, and willingly under his control.

"Good boy," he smiled, pleased. "Very good for me."

It was time to start.


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