Hypnovember Day 17:Toy

by ellaenchanting

Tags: #doll_play #exhibitionism #f/f #hypnovember_2020 #tea_party #brainwashing #consensual_kink #D/s #dollification #hypnosis #objectification #predicament #tease_and_denial

Dolly focuses on being Very Polite at a tea party.

@Xangoh wrote a remix of this idea here- I love how similar and different it is. Check it out!

Dolly sat at the table with all of the other tea party guests. She was dressed in her favorite pink floofy gown with ruffles on the bottom. Dolly looked around the table at the other ladies- some in leather, some in jeans, and one in a light sundress- and noticed that none of them were dressed as fancily as her. Probably, she reasoned to herself, she looked different because the other people at the party were Real Women (like her Mistress was). Dolly was the only doll there.

As the Real Women laughed and talked around her, Dolly smiled. She sat quietly and daintily amongst them, a picture of civility. She couldn’t hope to understand quite what the others were talking about- dollies were not very bright and could only carry on the simplest of conversations- but she nodded along occasionally anyway to be Good Company. She even ventured a small laugh after the others broke into uproarious guffaws over something. One of the Real Women had given her a slightly odd look after that- possibly because Dolly had laughed a moment or two after everyone else’s laugh had stopped. She blushed. She decided not to try the laughing thing again.

It must have been Bad Manners.

Dolly hated to have Bad Manners. Mistress had trained her and trained her on the importance of Good Manners and, more than ANYTHING, Dolly wanted to obey her training. Good dollies were polite and elegant and meek, just like Mistress said. They were pretty. They were pleasant. They were obedient. 

Dolly sat up straighter in her chair to remind herself of these facts. She made her posture perfect and folded her hand in her lap as she sipped the tea that Mistress’s slave had poured for her earlier. She was the only one at the table acting so decorously, but she knew that was OK. It wasn’t important for Real Women to have this level of good manners, just dollies. That’s what dollies were there for, after all.

Well, that and to be good entertainment. When Dolly had found out Mistress’s Slave and Mistress’s Toy would have a role in Mistress’s tea party, she had inquired about what her role was to be. Would she get to attend? She was delighted when Mistress had told her that not only would be be attending, she would be part of the entertainment. Dolly did not entirely understand- maybe Mistress would want her to sing at some point?- but she hoped she would be able to perform the entertainment necessary to please Mistress and her friends.

She was sure she could. She enjoyed being a good dolly.

Although, she worried, it might be difficult to perform if Mistress’s Toy continued lapping at Dolly’s cunt so enthusiastically.

Like Dolly, Mistress's Toy was perfectly trained as an object for pleasure. After Mistress’s Toy had been offered to all of the other party guest, Mistress had directed him to get under the table and eat Dolly’s pussy. Dolly didn’t object to this- Dolly’s body belonged to Mistress and Mistress’s will was paramount, after all- but it did make maintaining politeness much, much harder for her. She wasn’t sure if she could manage the entertainment Mistress requested. It had only been a few minutes and she could barely manage drinking.

Dolly took a deep breath. She felt her face getting warmer- a sure sign that she needed to focus more on keeping her composure or risk unforgivable rudeness. Mistress’s Toy’s tongue was getting more and more insistent and Dolly had to steel herself not to squirm. She could feel big, bubbly, happy feelings growing and rising up inside of her, but this was not the time for those. There was no way she could react to those big feelings and not be impolite.

Even worse, Dolly could tell that the other ladies were now openly watching her. They were even finally trying to make conversation with her. When a lady asked how she was doing, she felt her smile turn almost into a grimace as she quickly responded, “I’m fine, thank you, and you?”  It was so hard to speak these words, to speak ANY words, without making other, much ruder sounds.

Just then, Mistress’s Toy sucked on her clit.

Dolly made a loud, high, VERY unladylike noise.

The tongue stopped. 

So did all conversation. 

“Dolly!” Mistress scolded from the other side of the table. “I can’t believe you would be so rude! Apologize to these nice ladies!”

Dolly felt ashamed of herself and her poor behavior. She looked embarrassedly around at the others. “I’m very sorry for being rude, ladies,” she said, abashedly looking down at her plate.

“Good Dolly,” Mistress said. “Now don’t let it happen again.”

Some of the chatter in the room resumed as the ladies went back to their tea. Dolly felt the tongue on her resume as well, this time just softly teasing her wet folds.

Well, from this point forward she would just have to demonstrate what a good girl she was. Dolly sat up even straighter and stuck her pinkie out from her teacup to show how extra-polite she was. She would show MIstress she could be the most refined doll of them all.

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