Hypnovember 2021

The T Party Tea Party (Day 24: Tea Party)

by ellaenchanting

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Dax and his partner go to a special event. 

Dax had been nervous about attending the T party tea party at first. He had  just begun exploring identifying as a man under his wife/domme's helpful guidance and he didn't know how he felt exposing the kinky side of their dynamic to   others. He wasn't even out to everyone at his work yet as trans.  He agreed to go to the party only if he could watch initially. Fortunately, Mistress Mona was used to this kind of request and invited the couple to come to the next party and watch in whatever attired was most comfortable for them. 

Dax and his wife Tyra both filed Mistress Mona's tea room with an assorted  group of partners. They were served some tea and scones  and took their chairs facing the stage. Dax looked around.  Everyone seemed  to be dressed in their fanciest apparel.  Some guests smiled and chatted while others paid more attention to the doors of the room, eagerly waiting for their partners to come out. Dax kneeled at his mistress's feet. He wasn't up for performing yet, but he wanted to show her his respect. Dax thought he saw a man in the corner covertly adjusting himself.

Suddenly, Mistress Mona appeared. She was an older woman wearing high heels and a bright smile. She greeted the audience and thanked them for attending her tea. She instructed them to remain quiet during the first part of the tea party show. Then, when she had everyone’s full attention, she made a grand gesture. 

A line of bois and boys came out of a side door and lined up in front of her.  At a signal, they all kneeled down with their hands behind their backs facing the audience. They looked up at Mistress Mona as if they were eagerly awaiting a command. 

Dax felt himself beginning to be turned on. He was happy that he was already kneeling.

Mistress Mona walked in front of them like a drill sergeant. She asked the line- “Have you been good boys for me? Have you been drugging yourselves daily?”

“Yes ma’am,” they all responded as one.

“Have you been watching my training videos?”

“Yes ma’am,” they all replied.

“Are you ready to be deep and dumb himbos for me?” she asked triumphantly.

“Yes ma’am!” the men responded enthusiastically.

“Then,” she said with a dramatic pause, “You may take my tea!”

An assistant brought out a glass pitcher and some dixie cups. He poured tea into individual cups. Mistress Mona went down the line to each individual.

“Are you ready?” she asked each participant. 

When they would nod, she would pour a cup of tea into their mouth. Dax knew from Tyra that the tea contained a mixture of testosterone and a mind altering chemical of Mistress Mona’s own design. He watched each boi drink the tea and noticed how their expressions became immediately groggy. Dopey. Stupified.

He wondered if he looked that way when Tyra hypnotized him,

He hoped he did.

Dax felt more and more excited as every boy took his medicine and succumbed. He imagined the T and the tea flowing through their bodies making them masculine and dumb at the same time. Maybe they were even learning to associate one with the other. 

Once Mistress Mona reached the end of the line, she turned back to the audience and made a sharp command.

“Stand!” she said.

All the boys stood and snapped to attention.

“Look at the spiral, boys!” she commanded. The men looked up at the screen that appeared behind her and seemed to be immediately fascinated by the  spiral that was projected there. Dax saw their eyes moving in little spirals themselves, following the lines. It was fascinating. He had to shake his head to keep himself out of falling into trance just watching them.

“Deeper and dumber boys” said Mistress Mona. “Repeat”

“Deeper and dumber, “ the boys recited over and over. “Deeper and dumber. Deeper and dumber...” Their zombified stares and monotone voices reminded Jax of the mind control cartoons he had watched as a kid.  Part of him had been scared of those but he also always felt a funny feeling in his tummy at the idea of joining a zombified legion.

As the boys continued to recite blankly, Mistress Moira moved down the line, freely touching the boys on display. She removed clothes so every boy was exposing much more of his body to the audience. She fondled and played with their muscles and chests. She even lightly teased one boy’s dripping bussy. No matter what she did, every boy continued to stare blankly at the screen and obliviously recite his mantra.

Then, she went one by one down the line and whispered in every boy’s ear. After her whispers, each boy would start a different task. Some would go on stage and start lifting some of the weights she had placed there. Some would do sit-ups. Some would start series of stretches. One boy remained staring up at the spiral and started mindlessly touching himself. 

Once each boy had his task, Mistress Mona invited the audience to come inspect them. She made a special gesture of inviting Dax and Tyra up first since it was their first time at the party.

Dax and his wife made a tour of the boys with others following closely behind. Each boy seemed locked into his own little world, staring blankly ahead. Many were reciting their own individualized mantras to themselves. “Muscles hard, mind soft. Muscles hard, mind soft..” Dax heard one murmer. “Good jocks suck cock good jocks suck cock,” said the one in the corner practicing his stretches. “Helplessly horny himbo. Helplessly horny himbo,” said the one edging himself to the spiral. Dax reached over and touched some of the hair on his chest. In response, the boy moaned. 

Partners and guests were encouraged to fondle and touch the deeply hypnotized boys- even to whisper encouragements into their deep, submissive minds.  “It will help with their training,” Mistress Moira twinkled. 

After a while, all of the guests were invited to sit down and resume their teas. Conversations began as guests shifted their focus to each other, only occasionally going up to a give a boy a moment of special attention. The boys obliviously continued their routines in the background. Eventually only Dax seemed to pay attention to them, finding himself still enraptured and squirming with need. 

After some time had passed and the guests were all satisfied, Mistress Mona began bringing the boys out of their trances. When released, each boy would blearily shake his head and then return to his partner for cuddles and attention. Soon, all of the couples began to leave and the room cleared out. Only Dax, Tyra and Mistress Moira remained. 

Mistress Moira walked over to them cheerfully. “So-” she asked. “What do you think?”

Tyra looked at Dax. He nodded, shyly.

“I think we’re interested,” she said.

“Great,” said Mistress Moira. “Dax- I’m sending you home with a video to watch to start your training. Give it a watch tonight and see how it affects you. Then we’ll all meet back here tomorrow to discuss your goals.”

Dax nodded his head eagerly. He didn’t know if he had ever been so aroused and excited before. He couldn’t wait to become a helplessly horny himbo himself. 

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