Hypnovember 2021

Hypnovember Day 2: Magic

by ellaenchanting

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Schmoopy Witch Play (f/f, consensual kink, D/s, ltr)

Tesha knew nothing about witchcraft.

Neither did Erin. 

Well, nothing  about REAL witchcraft, at least. Tesha had dated at least one pagan in college, but that had been ages ago and she had always approached the idea of actual magick with a benign skepticism. She politely played along with her friends’ horoscope and tarot card-readings but never got invested herself. Privately, she was pretty well convinced that it was all bullshit. 

When she met Erin online, though, she had initially thought Erin was a true believer. She certainly DRESSED witchily (or, at least, like she had recently dropped some serious money at Hot Topic). She knew an awful lot about the topic. 

But Erin wasn’t a believer either. 

Not really. 

But that didn’t mean the idea of being enchanted didn’t enormously turn her on.

In her brief time exploring the scene as a new hypnodomme, Tesha had met other subs who were into succubi and lamia and stage magicians and vampires and hypno clowns and spooky snakes- but she had never met anyone who was into witches before. And Erin was really, REALLY into witches. She fantasized constantly about being bewitched. She had apparently had REACTIONS to Disney movies starting at a VERY young age and had made an entire previous kinky niche for herself as a writer of dominatrix Professor McGonagall fanfics. Her eyes lit up when she talked about the subject. Tesha would have to remind her occasionally to slow down and breathe. 

Honestly, Tesha didn’t entirely get it initially. She really liked Erin, though, and she especially enjoyed a challenge -so she threw herself into the role of being an incredibly powerful witch for her. She recalled witch figures from her own childhood for inspiration.  She made sure to listen carefully when Erin enthused and took really, really good notes.. She asked lots of  questions.

At first, it was mostly text role-play. Erin would pretend to be the brave wanderer lost in the woods and Tesha would be the seductive witch who lured her into a spooky house. It didn’t reaaally feel like hypnosis, Tesha thought, but it was fun seeing the way Erin’s messages would slow and simplify in response to being under a “spell”. THOSE hit some of Tesha’s mind control buttons- even when the scene itself  mostly felt like collaborative story writing.

Eventually Tesha wanted to do more with actual  hypnosis (she was getting really good at inductions!) so these role-plays become more directly hypnotic. They moved to video chatting so Tesha could see and hear all of Erin’s reactions. Video moved the scenes from an interesting experiment in Tesha’s mind to something really hot in its own right.  Erin was an incredibly expressive subject- she would moan and whimper and almost cross her eyes when she was turned on. Her breathing got fast and nervous when she was scared. 

Tesha soaked up every reaction. 

Then one day, Erin asked for more. 

“Tesha,” she said, shyly. “what if it weren’t just role-play? What if you really WERE a witch?”

Immediately catching her drift, Tesha responded,“What makes you think I’m not?”

Erin made a tiny (adorable) gasp.

“After all,” Tesha had continued, “you’ve been feeling more and more entranced by me every time we’ve played, haven’t you?”

Erin nodded enthusiastically.

And so a new phase of their play began. 

Tesha and Erin decided to meet up in person at a convention and realized that they only lived a few hours apart. During their first in-person scene, Tesha had bound Erin with kisses, telling her that each one would make her feel more and more entranced.

A few weeks later, she used a voodoo doll to bind Erin’s limbs and thoughts under her will. Erin couldn’t move, couldn’t talk, couldn’t think unless Tesha allowed it.

A few weeks after that, she asked Erin to be her girlfriend.

From here, their games became more intense.  After a lot of negotiation, they even moved from doing individual scenes to a more full-time D/s dynamic. A part of this dynamic, Tesha had consent to cast “spells” on Erin whenever she wanted for whatever reason she chose. She could change her thoughts, her behavior- anything she wanted. 

Tesha gleefully dove into researching more and more about actual rituals, witchcraft, and ancient lore. 

On their morning phone call, she  would casually mention going out to the garden to get some basil for the love spell  she was going to cast on Erin later that day.

She found and wrote a nordic rune on Erin’s hands during their dates. This rune, she would explain, was meant for binding prisoners. It would ensure  Erin was magically forced to stay within 10 feet of her at all times. 

On another date, Tesha  braided a strand of her hair into a woven bracelet and put it around Erin’s wrists. As long as Erin wore the bracelet, she told her, she would always and forever be bound to her. Erin had shivered as Tesha gently placed the bracelet around her wrists. 

Now, Tesha looked down at Erin. She was  fast asleep on their new couch with  her head snuggled in her lap. It had been a long day of moving her stuff into her place. (Their place, she self corrected.) No wonder Erin was tired.

Tesha gently stroked her head and felt herself overcome with love and affection for her beautiful girlfriend. She remembered some reading she had done about  the threefold law. It was an old magickal theory that  everything a witch sent out into the world would come back to her at three times the power. 

The books were right, she thought to herself. Binding spells WERE powerful. 

She should have known that they would go both ways. 

Thank you for reading! I love comments so please feel free to tell me what you thought. 

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