Hypnovember 2021

Day 18: Performance

by ellaenchanting

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You go to your first hypnokink convention. (cw: exhibitionism) Femdom

​​You stood nervously outside the hotel, daring yourself to go in. You’d travelled all the way across the county, you reasoned with yourself, it would be a huge waste of money if you stopped yourself at the parking lot. You didn’t want to be a coward.

Still, though, actually going to a kinky hypnosis convention was a huge step for you. You’d been interested in hypnosis for a long time but- it was always in secret. Listening to files. Watching videos. Anonymously lurking in hypnofetish communities on the internet, often too nervous to even interact.  You’d never spoken with an actual person about hypnosis- much less played with someone one on one. 

In fact, you weren’t even sure if you’d even been hypnotized before. You felt something when you listened to files, sure, but- were you hypnotized? Or were you just playing along? Hell, most people seemed to think that hypnosis didn’t even exist- maybe this was all just kinky role-play and you were the only one foolish enough to believe in it. Maybe you would go into the convention and everyone would laugh at your gullibility when they found out you were expecting something that wasn’t even real.

Gathering up your courage, you watched the groups of people going into the hotel. They mostly looked pretty normal. Which ones were secretly hypnosis people? Could you tell? It occurred to you that some of these people were probably actual hypnotists and you felt yourself flush. Maybe they were secretly aware of you there and were already watching you for ways that you could be manipulated. 

It was this final thought that ultimately pushed you into the hotel and down into the conference area where the convention was being held. There was a big black curtain cutting off the convention space from the outside hotel and a table clearly marked “Registration” outside of it. The two women at the desk looked pretty normal. You showed your ID, signed some waivers, and confirmed your ticket. 

The woman who took your papers must have picked up on your nervousness.

“First time?” she asked, smiling knowingly.

You nodded.

She nodded back. “You should touch base with the welcoming committee. They’re in the first room to the left when you go through the curtain.”

You find the welcoming committee easily. The room is clearly labelled and they all have name tags with clear “Welcoming Committee” ribbons under them. They’re intermixed and engaged in conversation with apparent other new congoers. In the middle of the room, there’s a big tray of delicious looking cupcakes.  You walk in and grab one. 

A pretty woman from the committee appears next to you as soon as you take your first bite. “Hi, I’m Arachne!” she says, “Welcome to the convention!” She smiles and leads you over to a nearby set of chairs.

You begin a long conversation. Arachne is possibly the most reassuring person you’ve ever met. She answers all of your questions about the convention and gives you some tips for classes to go to. Eventually she starts talking more and you start talking less, but that's OK. She’s so incredibly comfortable to be around and she has so much wisdom to impart that it’s nice just to listen to it for a while. 

You start to feel more and more at ease. Arachne is talking about how comfortable you are and it’s amazing how in tune she is with you because you really are feeling very relaxed, way more relaxed than you’d expected to be in a new situation. She's here to guide you and it’s really so reassuring to have a guide like this. It’s so nice to relax after being so nervous. Arachne’s voice is so relaxing and you’ve been so nervous that it feels like a bit of a rest.

And, she’s right. A bit of a rest is exactly what you need right now to be ready for the day. Fortunately she’s here to watch you while you take a nap so you can relax and close your eyes and sleep and sleep and sleep...

You wake up in a dream.

It feels like one of the lucid dreams you sometimes have, where you’re awake but you have no control over  the dream itself. Dreams where you feel like a passenger in your own body. Where things just happen to you. 

In this dream, you're on a stage. You’re sitting in a chair and waiting for something. You’re not sure what.  You sit up straight and stare ahead, unable to even move your gaze. In your field of vision is a large crowd of people eagerly looking back up at you. Some appear to be whispering to each other behind shielding hands. Occasionally they point up at you on the stage.  

A spotlight appears on you. You can still see the crowd, but they’re shadowed now. 

You realize Arachne is here with you. That’s good. You know that you can trust her. She’s looking a bit like Marlene Dietrich wearing a fitted suit and a top hat. It’s a really sexy look on her.

Arachne silences the crowd and starts to speak. She’s not speaking to you so you can't pay attention to her speech but- it’s still nice to hear her voice again. You find yourself mesmerized by the rises and falls in her tone.

She tells you to stand up.

Automatically, you feel yourself standing. 

It doesn’t feel like you have a choice.

That’s OK though. You’re finding that standing is very enjoyable right now.

In fact, everything is enjoyable here.

Arachne is saying something about the spotlight being hot and feeling uncomfortable and- it’s really true. You’re burning up. When she says you should take your clothes off, that makes sense too. You feel relieved to get them off your body.  Of course, a part of you feels hesitant because you’re kind of shy but- your body seems to be overriding those feelings. Also, you know Arachne tends to have good suggestions so it makes sense you’re following what she’s saying despite a bit of shyness.

As you casually remove your clothes, you notice people in the audience reacting. The whispering and pointing gets more intense and you obviously have everyone’s undivided attention. You stretch a bit as you take your last bit of clothing off.  It feels a bit unusual to be oogled like this but- also kind of hot. 

Or maybe Arachne’s saying you’re hot? It’s hard to say as you stand there, once again frozen in place. She walks around you and speaks to the audience again, occasionally pointing to you or touching you. It’s as if she’s a salesman pointing out features on a new car. You suddenly feel entirely on display. 

You also notice that you’re becoming aroused despite yourself. You never knew that you were an exhibitionist but- Arachne is reminding you that you enjoy this. So you must, right? There’s embarrassment as well but- Arachne reminds you of how embarrassment can feed arousal and- oh boy, she must be right about that too. You get even more of that hot, flushed feeling when you realize the whole audience can see just how much your arousal is showing.

Arachne tells you that you can touch yourself now and you’re so grateful to her. You need to touch so much. She reminds you to go slow and make sure your audience knows what touches make you feel best so- you take your time showing off your most sensitive places to them. You moan loudly as you touch and stroke, making sure the audience knows how good you are feeling.

Around this time, that little lucid part of you that feels like a passenger starts speaking up. Wait, stop, don’t! it says, almost in a loop. Wait, stop, don’t! You know that you’re in a dream, though, and in a dream that part is very weak indeed. In fact, as Arachne reminded you, that embarrassment is just working to turn you on more and more.

People in the audience appear to be taking notes.

Finally, Arachne encourages you to speak to the audience. She tells you how important it is to let them know all your fantasies. All your fetishes. All your little, sexy weaknesses that people can exploit. She reminds you of how good it feels to obey her and expose yourself in this way.

WAIT STOP DON’T! that little voice in your head screams.

But it’s too late. 

Your mouth is already saying the most filthy things- practically shouting them to the audience. Things you’ve longed for. Things you’ve barely admitted even to yourself. Ways that you want to be pushed and possessed and manipulated  over and over. It’s so hot to say. It’s so necessary to say. You want everyone to know everything about you, to see you entirely inside and out. 

You get the sense somewhere of hands being raised. Maybe bidding? It’s so hard to know- especially when Arachne reminds you that you’re only to be concerned with displaying yourself right now. So you display what it looks like when you get close to orgasm.

Oh God, you’re going to make yourself cum like this.

Just one more moment- one more moment  and...

“Awake?” she says.

“What?” you say, snapping out of it. You lost a moment there.

Oh right- you’re in the welcome room talking with Arachne. You must have blanked out as she was talking.

She laughs, amiably. “I said, are you feeling awake enough to start your convention? Or would you like some coffee?”

You smile. (You feel flush, was it hot in here?) “No, I think I’m OK right now.”

“Perfect,” she smiles back. She indicates to a man that was suddenly beside you. “I need to go prepare some things, but John here has volunteered to be your convention buddy. Stick with him and he’ll show you around.”

“Hi!” you say to John, feeling excited and cheerful. 

You can’t wait to start your convention and learn so much more about hypnosis. 

Thank you for reading! I love comments so please feel free to tell me what you thought. 

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