Hypnovember 2021

Day 11: Aftercare

by ellaenchanting

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Gentle findomme (F/m dubcon at best)

She could see the exhaustion on his face the moment that he came through the door. She opened her arms wide from her chair and gestured for him to join her Grateful, he crossed the room, kneeled, and laid his head in her lap.

There was silence for few minutes as she soothingly petted his hair. She could hear his breathing slow as she felt his muscles gradually relax. She gave him a few moments to calm himself before speaking.

“Oh my poor pet,” she started. “Was it really that bad?”

Not quite ready to speak yet, the man in her lap just nodded.

“Tell me,” she gently commanded. “I know it will help.” She stroked his hair one more time in encouragement and waited.

It was a moment before he found his words. Still looking down into her lap, he just said, “It was awful.”

She let her tone be as sympathetic as she felt. “What would help?”

“Can…Can I take this suit off?”

“Of course!” she replied. “It must be awful to be in that hot scritchy suit again, huh? You can take it off now.”

He sighed in relief. The man quickly stripped off his clothes. He neatly folded up the discarded suit, kneeled, and presented it to her with his head bowed.

“Good pet,” she said, taking the offered garments. “I bet that feels so much better now, doesn’t it?”

“Good pets don’t wear clothes,” the man on the floor replied. He seemed to find comfort in the old mantra.

“Exactly,” the woman said. “Now tell me what happened to Jason today.”

The man on the floor scowled like a small child. “I don’t want to talk about Jason,” he said, looking sullenly at the floor.

Mistress would normally scold such disrespect, but she understood what a difficult day her sub had just had. Instead, she gently insisted. “We need to talk about what you did today, Jason. You remember that, right? Then pet and I can move on to aftercare. ”

“Yes ma'am,” Jason conceded, sighing deeply. Then he added. “Jason was a very good boy for you today. He did exactly as you said.”

“Goooood boy,” Mistress soothed. “Did anyone give you any hassle? Or seem to suspect something was wrong?”

“No ma'am,” Jason replied. “Jason had already been fired from his job because he hadn’t shown up in a few weeks. Someone at the bank questioned him transferring all his money and closing his accounts but Jason put on his Mean Man voice and convinced the teller to do it anyway.”

“Very good boy!” Mistress exclaimed. “That must have been so hard for you! I know my pet loves to be gentle and sweet and submissive- it must have been so difficult to try and be mean again!”

Jason looked up at her for the first time since kneeling. “Mistress told pet that he could do it,” he replied, “So he did it. For Mistress.”

Mistress’s smile was bright like the sun. “And you did SO WELL for me, pet. You pleased me so well!” She ruffled his hair.

Jason blushed. “Thank you ma'am,” he demurred.

Mistress’s voice became excited, “And do you know what you get now? she asked.

"Aftercare, ma'am?” he inquired hopefully. He glanced at the TV.

“Aftercare!” she exclaimed. She had him face the TV as she lowered the lights. Then she turned on his favorite spiral. She delighted in the way his eyes were immediately drawn to it.

“Very good pet,” she murmured in his ear. “You can just sink deeply into the spiral. You did so well for me today- you deserve this reward.”

The parts of pet that were still paying attention slumped a bit more.

Mistress cooed in his ear, part induction and part praise. It all melded into a gentle, warm feeling in pet’s head.

“And I promise, pet,” he caught, “today we’re going to help you sink so deep that you never have to wake up from trance again. Won’t that be a lovely reward?”

Perfect went through pet’s head. He wasn’t sure if he thought it or spoke it out loud.

And as last thoughts go? It was actually pretty perfect

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