Elevator (Hypnovember 2023 Day 19)

by ellaenchanting

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:female #f/f #fractionation #real_life_hypnosis #realistic #hypnovember_2023 #silly

Fractionation shenanigans

Hypnovember Day 19: Elevator

This was one of Zoe's favorite parts of a hypnocon- trading trances with a friend just to see how many creative ideas they could come up with. The only downside (upside?) was that this far into experimentation, they were both REALLY fractionated. The feeling reminded her of giggly slumber parties- when tiredness and manic energy combined into the most absurd, chaotic kinda of fun.

"I have one!" her friend Ivy said, already laughing to herself at her thought.

Zoe shifted, dreading/enjoying her friend's glee.

Ivy raised her hand up to Zoe's gaze and cupped her fingers in a clear, nonverbal gesture: 'focus here'.

After so much fractionation, Zoe felt herself instantly comply. 

"Have you ever ridden the Tower of Terror at Disney World?" Ivy asked. 

Zoe nodded. She guessed where this was going- preparing herself for a quick, fun drop.

"You don't go down first, of course," Ivy started. "Not from the beginning. What happens first?" 

Zoe remembered the Tower from her middle school trip- and the ride's building anticipation. 

"You go up," she replied.

Her friend nodded. "You go up," she confirmed. As she spoke, her hand moved upwards. 

'But I'm already awake', Zoe thought as she followed the hand. 

But her fractionated mind seemed to know exactly what to do. As she focused, she felt herself beginning to gain some energy.

The hand continued rising. "And more up!" 

And even more energy. Zoe felt her shoulders straighten.

"And further," said Ivy, animatedly. "Maybe like you've had some espresso." 

Zoe felt it. Her gaze kept rising with the hand. 

"Even further!" her friend said excitedly.

"Like two shots! Three!" 

They hit Zoe- all those shots and she was feeling almost jittery.

"Even more!"

Now Ivy stood up, hand rising even further and faster raising above her head.

Zoe felt herself pulled on her feet too: attention rapt, body engaged, buzzing and curious.

So intensely focused. 

Up on her toes now.

"And then- you wait!" 

The hand paused.

Zoe stared at it, eagerly. 

She knew she couldn't look away. 

Somewhere, her body recalled a hovering sensation- precarious and high and anticipating.

"And then..." 

A long pause 


The hand plunged down as Zoe followed it, mind and body instantly collapsing into trance.

Distantly, Zoe felt her friend catch her limp body- cradling her and holding it ste

ady even as she kept falling and falling and 

falling and


Thank you for reading! I love comments so please feel free to tell me what you thought. 

Day 18 was an audio file for the prompt of "Pet" here


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