Cursed Love

by ellaenchanting

Tags: #curse #f/m #humiliation #romantic #tease_and_denial #ValentinesHypnoJam #orgasm_delay/denial #shame

Darryl learns all about curses and compatibility

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They had met on a hypnosis message board. Darryl had been seeking help from other "victims" of cursed hypnosis files.

You know the ones- files meant to install a suggestion or a trigger that you couldn't resist- or get rid of on your own. Files that were clearly labelled "curse"- where the listener knew exactly what they were getting into. Files that no one actually believes will really do anything to you.

Darryl also hadn't believed in "curses" at first. Sure, he was fairly new to hypnosis, but even a newbie like him knew that a file couldn't make him do something against his will. (At least, that's what everyone seemed to say on the internet.) And, after listening to a few, half-effective hypnosis files, he wanted the real stuff. The powerful stuff. He wanted the experience of listening to something and actually feeling changed.

The reddit forums warned him against trying the infamous "Minute Man curse" file but Darryl was too intrigued to listen to their warnings. That sneaky part of him- the part that had gotten in trouble as a kid- knew that if people warned him against something, it must really be good. And he was tired of waiting for some mediocre hypnotist to give him decent results.

He downloaded the file and put in his earphones for a quick listen before bed. As the file started, his eyes began to close.


He opened his eyes.

The sun was out.

A quick glimpse at his phone told him that it was 7:00am the next morning.

He must have fallen asleep.

He heard the file starting again and quickly turned it off. It had apparently been looping all night while he was asleep. He must have passed out before it even had a chance to work.

Oh well, he thought as he started to get ready for work. I'll have to try it again later.


The next few weeks went by pretty normally for him. He tried the file a few times more but somehow kept either falling asleep or getting really distracted in the middle of it- too distracted to have a good recall of what it actually said. He found his interest in hypnosis was starting to abate too, having never found anything that really seemed to work. Maybe it was all pretend.

Then, one night, he went out with some old college friends and met a cute stranger in a bar. Her name was Alyssa. She was blonde and curvy and her eyes lingered on him hungrily as he handed her a drink. He hadn't been laid in weeks at that point and he felt pretty starved for it. They progressed from flirting to touching to making out on the dance floor. He wasn't surprised at all when she accepted his invitation back to his apartment.

She practically tackled him once they walked out of the hallway through the door. She was kissing him and touching him and everything was progressing way more quickly that he had anticipated.

She grabbed his ass.

Oh god, has that felt so good before?

She grabbed his shirt, forcing it over his head.

He was so turned on.

His hands were on her breasts. She was moaning a soft little high moan.

It was like he couldn't think. He was too horny to think.

Her hands squeezed him through his pants. Then she pulled his jeans and underwear forcibly down.

"Where's your bed?" she commanded. His cock lept in response. "I want you to fuck me."

Still making out, he somehow maneuvered them both into his bedroom. He put on a condom as she sat on the bed and took her panties off. Even the touch of hand, condom, and skin felt incredibly sensitive.

"Are you ready for me?' he asked, positioning himself and trying to sound cool.

"FUCK. ME." she growled in response.

He maneuvered himself inside. Oh God, she was so tight and hot. He was going to show her the best fucking time.

He thrust once

So hot and helpless


Couldn't stop himself

Three Times

Ohffffuu.....fuuuuck....wait what?

His orgasm exploded through him, catching him entirely by surprise. For one brief shining moment, he rode the high- thrusting and glowing and collapsing right on Alyssa's tight tummy. Finally spent, he rested there- whole body laying in an almost mindless, boneless stupor. Then, after a few moments, he leaned up on his arms and looked up at Alyssa.

She looked back at him like he was a roach that had crawled into her shoe.

Oh no.

The full realization of what had just happened hit him.

"Alyssa," he started. "I'm so sorry. I promise that has never happened before. Do you want me to do something for you or...?"

She was already gathering up her clothes. "I'm good," she said shortly. "Do you have a bathroom?"

He pointed to the bathroom. Alyssa disappeared into it for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, Darryl sat shamefacedly on the bed, trying to think of any possible way to rescue the situation. Occasional sounds and muffled giggling came from the closed bathroom door.

When she finally came out, Alyssa was on the phone. She gave him a cursory look. "Hey, Darryl? I'm going to meet my friend at the diner around the corner. She really needed to talk to me. See you around!"

She kissed him on the cheek and left.

Embarrassed and flustered, he sat there on the bed, motionlessly staring at the wall. He stayed that way for the next 30 minutes before he finally gathered the strength to start to clean himself up.


The next several months brought more of the same. He had always enjoyed hooking up but now his sexual encounters involved moments of pure ecstasy followed by pure shame. He exploded in a girl's mouth a few seconds into a blow job, leaving her unprepared and apparently really pissed off. He came during foreplay from just touching a girl's perfect nipples. He even came loudly in a crowded bar when a girl's hand barely traced under the barstool and over his cock.

Suspecting the hypnosis file, Darryl had tried to listen to it for clues, only to find himself seemingly falling asleep every time he tried. For the first time, he started to suspect that he wasn't actually sleeping during the time he lost while listening to the file. In trying to figure it out, he was just programming himself deeper. His repeated urge to listen to the file one more time- just to see what was in it- stopped feeling like curiosity and started feeling more like a sinister trap.

Finally, he turned to the Internet to see if anyone had advice on lifting his curse. He posted to the same reddit forum where he found out about the cursed file initially only to be roundly mocked in the comments. Some people thought he was stupid for listening to the file in the first place, others mocked him for "making up" an implausible story to get attention. Anne was one of the few people who responded who were actually nice and helpful.

Anne had been in the hypnosis community for a few years and actually seemed to believe him about his curse. She had had one too, she confessed. Back when she was new to hypnosis she had listened to a famous file series that gave her an alternate bimbo personality that had taken over her life in a really scary way. She had gotten over most of the effects in the ensuing years, but even then, a few parts of the curse had stuck. She had learned to live with them.

Darryl didn't know about learning to live with this- but he certainly wasn't going on any more dates until he figured this whole curse thing out. He even hired a trained hypnotherapist hypnodomme to try and fix his subconscious- but when he had his next date, it was like the suggestion had gotten even stronger. The whole time he was struggling, he continued to write to Anne about his experiences- asking for help and advice.

Gradually, the messages between them turned less advisory and more friendly. Anne told Darryl all about her cat and her Pathfinder group and her grad program, Darryl told her about his favorite hockey team and the bands he went to see. At some point, the messages had turned into weekly Skype calls. Then, at some point, the Skype calls had turned flirty. They hadn't quite broached the subject of sex- it was a tricky issue for both of them, apparently- but their chemistry was good enough that when Anne announced that she was going to be in Darryl's city, he immediately asked her to go out on a real, in-person date.

The date ended up being more of an all-day hangout. It felt way more comfortable than any first date should have been- months of talking had ensured their teasing and rapport and chemistry was sharp and natural-feeling. It was almost like this was their 100th date instead of just their first. He showed Anne around the harbor and took her to a local comic book shop- even bought her a little figurine she'd been talking about. When she smiled in delight at the gift, he thought to himself that he'd do anything in his power to see her smile that way again. When the evening came, he took her to his favorite restaurant in town. They sat for hours talking and laughing until he finally offered to walk her back to her hotel.

As they got to the hotel, she turned around and finally kissed him. He felt himself smile into it, relaxed. He had gotten everything he had hoped for in the evening.

She broke off the kiss with a little smirk. "So," she asked coyly. "Wanna come in?"

Panic jolted through him, killing the relaxed romantic mood from before. He hadn't even let himself think about sex for the last few months. "But you know about my..."

"Shhh..." she said, putting a finger to his mouth. "I know. But maybe it will be different with me?"

He trusted her enough to follow her upstairs.

Once there, her kisses moved from sweet and gentle to more intense. He felt the vibe between them changing as he playfully kissed down her neck. Her hands found and played with the place behind his ear.

Then she bit his throat.

He gasped.

Suddenly her hands were all over him. He moved them away for a second to lift her dress over her head, just to feel them hungrily return the very next moment.

He grabbed her by the hips, laughing, and lifted her over to sit on the bed. They started kissing again as her hands moved to take off his pants. He felt his arousal starting to climb.

She grabbed his ass.

Oh god, that felt so good.

She grabbed his shirt, forcing him to momentarily raise his arms.

He was so turned on.

His hands were on her breasts. She was moaning.

It was like he couldn't think. He was too horny to think.

"Do you have a condom?" she asked breathlessly.

Con.con....too hard to think..

"Nevermind, I have one," she said, throwing one from the bedside table. He put it on- noticing how even the touch of his hand, the condom, and skin felt so sensitive.

She pulled her panties down and threw them across the room.

"Wait," he said, trying to speak through the lusty haze in his mind. "Are you sure you want to...?"

"FUCK. ME." she growled in response.

Yes ma'am! a part of him seemed to echo back instinctively. He surrendered himself to the horny focused blur his mind was becoming had become was needing to fuck....

He maneuvered himself inside of her. Oh God, she was so tight and hot. He wanted to make her feel amazing.

He thrust once

So hot and helpless


Couldn't stop himself

Three Times

Ohffffuu....fuuuuuuck.....wait what?

His orgasm exploded through him, catching him entirely by surprise. For one brief shining moment, he rode the high- thrusting and glowing and collapsing right on Anne's tummy.

Finally spent, he rested a few moments in an almost mindless, boneless stupor. Then, after a breath, he realized what he had done.

The shame set in quickly, coldly seeping into his bones along with a painful regret.

He had ruined it.

He had ruined THIS.

He KNEW this would happen. Why did he let Anne convince him differently? Now she would hate him.

Braving himself for her rejection, he leaned on his arms to look up at her.

He couldn't quite reconcile her expression at first. Her pupils were dilated and her stare was intense, she wasn't mad. As he moaned, he noticed that her hand was still between them, rubbing her pussy furiously.

He shook his head to wake himself up as she started to whisper. "Good girls don't cum, good girls get teased. Good girls don't cum, good girls get teased."

Her words seemed to turn her on even more. Her expression seemed to be in retreat, like she was going inside herself.

"Anne?" he asked, seeming to make her snap back to reality a bit.

"Oh- ha!" she said, slowing down her rubbing hand. "Sorry I just- didn't expect how much that would turn me on." She whimpered. Please can I keep touching myself please?"

Something in Darryl seemed to know how to respond. "You can. But you need to do it slowly and you need to explain to me what's going on."

She slowed. Some part of him knew to respond with "good girl" and was delighted when that was met with a gasp.

"Yes, Darryl. So-ah- do you remember my bimbo curse I told you about? Well- I finally managed to get rid of most of the effects I didn't like but- it left me with a.."

She moaned as Darryl stroked up her leg. He gave her a teasing warning look. She kept going.

"...kind of rewired sex drive," she continued. "I don't like to have orgasms anymore- they feel weird and uncomfortable. But I really get off on mmmmm being teased and edged and being used for someone else's pleasure. And when you came in me and it was so QUICK just such a TEASE it was so SEXY I just had to..."

He leaned over and kissed her. She melted into his kiss, still squirming. He moved her hand away from her pussy, slowly replacing it with his own. He inserted a finger into her soaking wet vagina. He withdrew his face slightly to look into her eyes.

"So, you love to be teased, you're saying? And you don't want to come?"

He inserted another finger and started slowly thrusting.

"Yes, sir, I love to be teased and I hate to come. Please tease me Darryl."

"Please tease me, sir," he smiled at her. He thrusted faster and she squirmed even harder in response. "So you should probably let me know when you're close, huh?"

His thumb started to circle her clit.

Her breathing got quicker as he fingerfucked her even harder. Finally with a cry, she said, "I'm close, sir! I'm close! Please stop!"

Darryl quickly withdrew his hand. He sat back.

She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths.

When she looked back up at him, she seemed much more like herself. She blushed. " is this ok? Was that too weird for you?"

Darryl thought about it. It WAS weird- both the sex and the power dynamics that seemed to pop up between them. It wasn't the kind of thing he could really describe to his buddies- at least not yet. But also- he was incredibly attracted to Anne and somehow even the weird sex they were having just felt...right for them. Like two puzzle pieces clicking into place.

He answered honestly. "I think we need to talk more. Lay out some ground rules. Think through what we want to do."

She nodded, seeming relieved.

Darryl continued, "But- for right now," he said, shifting, "what was that phrase you were saying earlier?"

"Oh," she said sheepishly. "'Good girls don't cum, good girls get teased?' That's leftover curse stuff. But- I like it." She bit her lip and looked down. "So I never tried too hard to get rid of it."

"Is it like a mantra?" he asked gently. "What does it do?"

"It..ummm....kind of puts me into a trance. I get really fuzzy and horny and relaxed. It...feels really good actually." She shook her head. "I still think I'm feeling it a bit now, to be honest."

"Is that OK?" he asked.

She smiled. "VERY okay. But I'll be more normal in a moment."

"Huh." he said. "When you go into trance like that, can you get stuck there?"

"No," she said, shifting a little herself. "I'm used to bringing myself out. Or someone else could wake me up if they snapped their fingers in my face but- I'm pretty used to controlling it myself."

Darryl smiled. "And it feels good?"

She giggled. "SO good."

"What's the phrase again?" he asked lightly.

"Oh- ah- 'Good girls don't cum, good girls get teased,'" she said, quickly. "Is it."

He smiled. He asked her more seriously, "What's the phrase again?"

She seemed to catch on. "Good girls don't cum, good girls get teased," she said sultrily.

"What happens if you keep saying it?" he asked. He murmured in her ear "on a loop".

She gasped. "Good girls don't cum, good girls get teased," she started. He watched the phrase take her as she gave into it. "Good girls don't cum, good girls get teased...

"That's good," he told her, ignoring her voice repeating in the background. "Just sink into it. Enjoy it. I'm going to help you feel so good now."

He helped her lay back on the bed. Already she was almost boneless. Her eyes rolled back as her mouth mindlessly repeated the mantra over and over again. Darryl's hands started to move on her body and she squirmed, body still incredibly responsive even while she seemed totally out of it.

He knew soon he was going to get hard again- and he would enter his own kind of helpless pleasure trance. He had grown to fear that. But- now he knew Anne wouldn't mind. In fact, she would love the tease of it. He hadn't believed in curses before but- now that he had been forced to accept the magic of hypnosis, he wondered what it would feel like to be cursed together in the same space as Anne.

He wondered if it might actually feel more like a blessing.

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