The Candymaker

by elizzyviolet

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #urban_fantasy #bisexual #blowing_bubblegum #candy #illinois #magic #succubus #sugar

A library assistant eats some lovely candies and forms a pact with a magical creature under the library…

This story is a companion/prequel to "Bubblegum Bliss," but it can be read independently; so it's not in the same series. Enjoy!

At two in the afternoon, Dolcie wondered if working at the library was going to get her anywhere. It had been two years since she graduated high school, and one year since she had moved out, and she was starting to get bored here. Illinois was a cheap place to live, but it had none of the excitement of New York. Plus, the library was dusty and dirty, and she always went home to her apartment with a little coat of dust on her dark purple hoodie.

As she pushed her cart of returns around the library and shelved some fantasy and young adult novels on the dusty metal racks, she fantasized about being spirited away by some amazing guy or girl and taken anywhere but here.

The ceiling lights started flickering above her head as she put a black and green paperback for *Gone* into an open slot on the wall. The flickering didn't stop.

"Fuck," she heard her supervisor say from the front desk on the other side of the library. Her supervisor was an older blonde woman named Clara. "Dolcie, can you make sure the power's fine in the basement? And make it snappy."

"Sure thing," Dolcie said. She abandoned her cart of books and walked to the central aisle of the library. From there, she made a left and walked to the stairs at the end. She was already on the first floor, so she just had to go two floors lower to make it to the generator room in the second basement level.

Dolcie opened the door to the stairwell. The lights were still flickering, even in here. And the air in the stairway was weirdly sweet. Did Jerry bring funnel cake again? She stepped down the blue carpeted stairs. They creaked with every step of her gray and pink tennis shoes.

She went past the computer lab on the first basement level, not even bothering to glance inside at the usual visiting families and old people. She was too busy dreaming about a new life to pay attention. Dolcie's place on the stairs barely registered in her mind as she went down the familiar steps, taking another bend, and then another, and then another.

But soon, Dolcie realized something wasn't quite right. Didn't she already pass the first basement level? Or did she not? She had been too distracted to notice. She turned another bend in the carpeted stairs. The generator was at the bottom, and she swore that there were more steps than usual leading to it. Was she just getting distracted or bored?

Dolcie took two more bends before realizing that she wasn't the one going crazy. She had gone down about... five more bends than usual? And the sweet smell in the staircase was getting stronger. Something was up. Maybe she accidentally took another staircase that she had never noticed before?

The flickering lights grew dimmer as she descended. She went past what would have been the fourth basement level, and the fifth, and the sixth. This wasn't right. She began to shiver in the warm air. At least it smelled nice down there.

After one more bend, she came to a pink door at the bottom of the stairwell. The carpet was a dark red, and the walls down here were hewn from natural gray slate. She couldn't remember when the change from drywall to solid stone occured.

Although part of her wanted to go back up to try to check the power, another part of her was focused on the door. No small-town library had a deep underground room. What was in here? She approached the white wooden doorknob. Maybe it was worth a peek.

When she grabbed the doorknob, the lights went out. Dolcie yelped and let go of the knob. While fiddling in her pocket to grab her phone for a flashlight, she also tried to reach for the doorknob. But, there was just air in front of her where the door should have been. Did she get turned around somehow?

Before she took out her phone, the lights came back on. But, they weren't the same lights as before, and she wasn't in the stairwell anymore. Dolcie was standing in the middle of a slate cave filled with glittery pink crystals that lit the cave in a purplish glow. The cave had an overwhelming bubblegum smell that made Dolcie's mouth tingle with hunger.

"Ahem," a woman said just ten feet behind her. Dolcie spun around and saw a pale, scantily clad woman sitting on a throne made of the pink crystal. She was wearing blue and pink latex lingerie; boots, gloves, and underwear, plus a little latex choker. It went well with her pink hair. Dolcie stared at her heaving breasts for a moment before noticing the pink bat wings jutting out from her back.

"Where is this?" Dolcie asked.

"My throne room," the woman said. "I'm Pralia. Now, how does it feel to see something unusual for a change? Something new? Something sweet?"

Dolcie wondered if she should ask more questions or answer this one. She thought for a moment; yes, it did feel wonderful to see something mysterious and a little scary.

"It feels... nice, I guess? I've always wanted for something magical to happen to me. But what's going on?"

"It's simple; I have desires and plans, and you have a deep longing to be whisked away from your normal life into a magical fantasy. I can sense that in you. It's why I picked you."

Pralia stood up and broke a tiny chunk of pink crystal off the side of her throne. She offered the triangular piece to Dolcie.

"Want a piece?" Pralia asked.


"It's bubblegum flavor. Your favorite."

Were all the crystals made of candy? That explained the smell. Dolcie hesitated, and then reached out and grabbed the crystal. It was slightly warm to the touch. She held it in front of her mouth for a moment, unsure if she should commit.

"Go on," Pralia said. "It's just a little welcome gift."

Dolcie eventually gave in. Whatever was in store for her was better than working at the library. She placed her lips around the crystal and immediately felt a wave of sweet, sweet pleasure surge through her mouth. It was far sweeter than any kind of sugar she had seen before, and the bubblegum flavor filled her entire mouth. She ravaged the candy with her teeth, crushing it into tiny chunks that dissolved almost instantly, only filling her with even more of the powerful sensation.

Her entire body started to tingle with sweetness. She could taste bubblegum in every inch of her being; in her head, in her hands, in her chest, between her legs...

Dolcie didn't notice her own hands slowly drifting down to her waist. Pralia came closer to her and put her gloved hands on Dolcie's hips, lightly gripping the sides of her jeans as Dolcie unbuttoned them.

Dolcie, flush with sweetness, only craved more. The sweetness was arousing. And Pralia's touch felt sweet too. She needed more. When Dolcie's jeans were finally unbuttoned and unzipped, Pralia gently tugged them down her legs, exposing her pale, smooth legs and her moistened panties. The sugary bubblegum taste in her body began to feel like a burning need. She needed Pralia's sweet touch, and would do anything for it.

Dolcie stepped out of her jeans as Pralia pulled down her panties, exposing her needy warmth to the sweet air of the throne room. She was dripping with needy desire. Dolcie fantasized about what would come next as she stepped out of her underwear.

Pralia giggled. With a lustful smile, she tugged at the sides of the latex underwear around her own waist.

"A little help?" Pralia asked. A wave of pleasure buzzed through Dolcie as she kneeled in front of Pralia and pulled off her latex panties, revealing the sweet, sweet treasure within. Pralia lowered herself and sat down in front of Dolcie as she finally pulled her panties off her legs

Pralias sat in front of the kneeling Dolcie. Her pink wings fluttered with lust as she spread her legs for Dolcie, showing off her pink, wet pussy. Pralia's own wet warmth tingled with lust.

"Drink up," she commanded.

Without a word, Dolcie climbed between Pralia's legs, bent down, and brought her watering mouth to Pralia's groin. She smelled even sweeter than the candy. When Dolcie's mouth gently kissed her opening, the mind-numbing taste surged through her. Her tongue immediately plunged into her depths, making Pralia gasp.

Dolcie feverishly licked inside of her, probing every inch of Pralia's warmth. Pralia pressed her thighs against the sides of Dolcie's head, only arousing her more. As she gently squeezed Dolcie's head between her legs, she reached down with one hand and rubbed her hair.

"Good girl," Pralia said. Dolcie shivered.

Pralia kept petting her as Dolcie kept up her feverish pace. She herself was aroused; her pussy dripped with wet desire. If she hadn't been lost in Pralia's warm, mind-meltingly sweet pussy, she would have been feverishly masturbating. And it felt good to obey Pralia. Obedience was sweet. So sweet. Even her few commands were enough to make her sweet haze all the more enjoyable.

Dolcie's tongue kept up its rhythm. Pralia let out a gentle moan.

"Keep going," Pralia commanded. "Almost there."

Dolcie swore that Pralia's depths got sweeter and sweeter the more she licked. Dolcie's own pussy was flowing with aroused fluid.

"Just a little more," Pralia said. Dolcie licked and licked and licked as the thighs around her head tightened.

Finally, Pralia let out a happy sigh of pleasure as her pussy began clenching around Dolcie's tongue. Rhythmic, clenching pulses rang through her wet warmth as Dolcie kept up her feverish pace. Pralia kept mostly quiet during her orgasm, but from the few sighs and moans she let out, Dolcie knew she was satisfied.

When Pralia's orgasm died down, she released her thighs from Dolcie's head.

"Stand back up," Pralia commanded. Dolcie brought her mouth away from Pralia's legs and stood up. Pralia got on her feet as soon as Dolcie was upright.

When Pralia pulled a round green candy out of thin air and offered it to Dolcie, she took it immediately. Dolcie popped it in her mouth, but as soon as it touched her tongue, the sour taste shocked her mouth and dispelled the sweet sensations in her body, bringing her back to her senses.

Dolcie keeled over and spat the candy onto the ground. The spell ws fully broken, and she realized that Pralia had charmed her with magic candy. Still, she wasn't angry at all. It was more fascinating than anything else. When she regained her composure, she stood upright again.

"What was that about?" Dolcie asked. "You could have just asked! You're good looking, you didn't even need the candy to make me do that."

Pralia giggled. She walked back to her throne and sat down. "That's exactly why I used it. If you're already willing, where's the harm in that? I just wanted to give you a taste of magic before making you a very special offer. How would you like to become my apprentice? You can learn the secrets of these candies in exchange for—"

"I accept."

Pralia's smile turned to a frown. "But you haven't heard any of the conditions yet."

"I've fantasized about escaping my boring life and taking part in something weird and strange for years. I don't need to hear any of the conditions; I've already made my choice!" Dolcie's smiling face was brimming with excitement.

"I... literally have bat wings. I'm a candy succubus. A demon. The thing people are afraid to make deals with. I thought you'd need more convincing to make a literal deal with a demon, given that—"

"—Nah, I'm good."

Pralia looked around awkwardly. "Okay then. I knew you were willing, but notthat willing. Still, a deal is a deal. You're my new apprentice. Would you like to hear what you just agreed to?"


"You agreed to receive the mystic secrets of demonic candy magic. In exchange, you'll go out into the world and collect virginities for me."

"How many?"

"One hundred. It would be ninety-nine if that thing we just did wasn't your first rodeo."

Dolcie froze for a moment as she processed the number, then when it finally hit her, she jumped back.

"Um... are you joking?" Dolcie said. She prayed it was a joke.

"You should have listened to me before agreeing!"

"That's a lot of..."

"It's not terribly hard, just tedious. You'll have superpowers, so it'll be a breeze, and a fun one at that."

"Why do you need people's virginities? How can you even collect them? How does that work?"

"I eat virginities. I'm a candy succubus. Because you're my apprentice now, anyone you seduce with this candy will lose their virginity to me, and maybe I'll devour it on the spot or put it in a jar for later. Virginities are complicated immaterial things, but all you need to know is this; have sex with a virgin who's lost in the bubbly sweet taste of this stuff, and that's one virginity taken. The rest is up to you."

"Isn't it... unethical to walk up to random people and make them give up their virginities with magic gum?"

Pralia dismissively waved a hand. "It's only unethical if you pick people who aren't into this sort of thing. Don't worry; in just a second, I'll bestow upon you all the skills you need. You'll be able to find those tasty virgins, sense how much they'd love to have this happen to them, and most importantly, you'll learn hundreds of secret candy recipes in just the blink of an eye. But it's entirely up to your discretion who you bang. Pick whoever you're comfortable with. There are plenty of tasty virgins out there."

Dolcie felt uneasy. But, she still preferred this to her dull life. "When do I start?"

"Now." Pralia reached into her latex bra and fiddled around inside. She pulled out a tiny white disc with a heart carved into the center. "Eat this. It contains all the power and knowledge you'll need."

"How does it taste?"

"Not as good as the gum-flavored rock candy. But not bad. It's a bit chalky, but some people like that. It's like a Necco wafer."

Dolcie stepped forward and took the candy. It was warm to the touch. She slowly brought it to her mouth, and as soon as she crunched the disc between her teeth, a flood of sensations filled her body. A whirlwind of arcane knowledge spun through her head, and her body shivered and tingled with energy. The powerful sensations in her mind and body made her convulse with pure excitement. Just as she felt something awaken in her, she blacked out.

~~~~~ ~~~~~

Dolcie woke up outside the door on the second basement level of the library. Her clothes were on again. The lights no longer flickered, and the stairs were exactly how they used to be. She wondered if it was all a dream, but when she realized her head was filled with mystical recipes for supernatural candy, from hypnotizing honey to mind-melting marshmallows, she dismissed that idea. It was real. All of it. And, she had a duty to perform.

But for now, she walked up the stairs. She had her real job to do. The clock at the top read two-o-five: she had only been gone for a minute, even after spending several in Pralia's lair.

When she opened the door and looked upon the main floor of the library, a handsome man of about twenty-five near the sci-fi books stood out to her. Something in her head told her that he was horny, a virgin, and had a crippling hypnosis fetish.

Dolcie smiled. He was perfect. Tonight, she'd try out the simple honey recipe and try it on her first target. Even though she was nervous about it, she knew that the honey would make this much, much easier...

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the story. If you want to help me make more stories like this, have a look at my Patreon and Discord! 🥰


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