Hypnotized To Struggle

by elizzyviolet

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #bondage #dom:female #f/m #fantasy #pov:bottom #sub:male #brainwashing #lamia #somehow_consensual_and_nonconsensual

A hypnotic lamia wishes her willing prey would fight back, so she has some fun with them… This is a standalone story that takes place after An Elf’s Hypnotic Brew; you may enjoy that one as well, but you don’t need to read it.

There were rumors of lamias in the dense woods near the small city of Tarabat, and Lawrence was excited.

It was a rough week; first his new girlfriend broke up with him, then he passed out in a coffee shop, then he got a letter from his cousin asking if Lawrence wanted to rejoin his old band of city thieves for a few more heists, and of course he said no, knowing fully well that his cousin would be pissed. But lamias? Here? Those were his dream women, and the urge to meet one had been growing stronger over the last few days.

Lamia were a hybrid of demon and fey. From the waist up, they were a gorgeous woman, and from the waist down, they were powerful snakes. They had a penchant for taking male prisoners, using them until their novelty wore off a few months later, and then throwing them out. But even if he just spent three months with one, it would still be his longest relationship to date.

Lamias had dangerous hypnotic magic, but it meant nothing to Lawrence. How could a lamia charm him if he was already madly in love with them?

He locked the door of his small house and strolled along the road, past his new favorite coffee shop--something about the atmosphere just made him focused and calm--and gradually made his way out of town.

He had enough food and other supplies for a few days in the wilderness, and he knew where he had to go; to the ruins about a day East, where people suspected at least one lamia was hiding.

The walk was easy; he spent most of his time imagining the dangerous woman he would meet, which motivated him to ignore his exhaustion and press on. Were their fangs as large as the stories said? Smaller? Larger? Did their venom just kill you or did it put you into an aroused stupor? How big were their tits? Pondering the answers just made him hard.

Six hours of walking went by. The sun started to set just as he made it into the deep depths of the forest. The sun's light bounced off the autumn leaves, creating a beautiful golden glow in the trees and on the ground. Lawrence hardly noticed it; he was too busy coming up with things to say to the lamia or lamias once he found them.

Dusk overtook the sunset glow, replacing the overwhelming beauty with a comfortably cool calm. Night fell, and Lawrence pressed on. He pulled out the Lamp of Endless Light he stole from a guy two years ago, and lit it with a match.

Lawrence shuddered as he anticipated the final leg of the journey. In the next hour, if his map and navigation skills were accurate, he would find the old ruins. These abandoned stone structures were a failed attempt to settle deep in the woods over a hundred years ago; he knew little of the details, and cared even less. He just wanted a lamia to take him.

A cold wind blew in as he made it to the ruins. Thirty stone structures, all in various states of disrepair. The church was the most intact; aside from missing windows and a partially collapsed roof, it was mostly fine.

No lamias were in sight, so he slowly made his way towards the church. His heart was pounding. He was sweating despite the cold. His legs walked almost on their own, fueled by his desire.

The empty doorway of the church stood before him. He slowly stepped through the stone frame into the empty hall, then he heard motion behind him. A slithering motion against grass.

"Oh my," a seductive voice said. "Someone's lost..."

Lawrence turned around. Ten feet away was the most beautiful woman he had seen in a long time. Her shiny snake tail was blood red and about fifteen feet long, and it was the same hue as her flowing hair, which went almost all the way down to her gorgeous waist.

She was naked, and he was mesmerized by her heaving chest. Her pale skin faintly glimmered in the lantern's light. Her tantalizing pussy was right where he expected it would be, right where her waist met her long tail.

Her crimson eyes glowed faintly, standing out on her face. They were alluring. So alluring...

She slowly slithered towards him, and he backed into the church. He knew she wanted him to do it, so he played along as he stared into her eyes. His heart pounded as she approached and blocked his only means of escape. What would she do to him? He was at her mercy.

"So... are you a scavenger looking for trinkets and gold? I assure you, coming here was a mistake. Or... No, you're too defenseless to be an adventurer or a mercenary."

Lawrence cleared his throat and spoke.

"I heard there were lamias around here, and I wanted to see if the rumors were true..."

"Just the one lamia, I'm afraid. And just the one human. A very dumb human. Curiosity has led to quite a few deaths, you know."

Lawrence remained quiet and kept backing up through the center of the empty church. The broken windows were too high up to escape from. The hole in the roof was out of the question. There were no pews to hide behind. He kept creeping back, waiting for her to make whatever moves she wanted to make.

"So tell me," she said. "What did you expect would happen when you came here?"

"I thought I might get a glimpse of a lamia or two and then hurry home," he lied.

"You certainly had more than a glimpse. But you're not hurrying home; I'll make sure of that. Simply stay still and you'll turn out much happier."

"I, um..."

"And you're so fascinated by my eyes. I'm not even channeling any magic through them at the moment, but if I were, you would already be under my spell. Don't you know anything about women like me? You prepared for this journey so, so poorly..."

She started to slither in a wide circle around him. He stared with fascination at her long, red tail. He waited with anticipation, hoping she would coil him up. Arousal spread through him.

"You're not resisting as much as I had hoped you would."

"I've given up," Lawrence said. "Just don't hurt me..."

"So tell me... why did you really come here?"

She started to close in slowly as she circled around him. Lawrence didn't reply. He just watched her move around him.

"Was it really just curiosity? Or are your motives tinged with greed? I am quite fond of gemstones myself, so I would understand. Or perhaps even... something more embarrassing?"

"I, maybe..." he stammered out.

"Ah. So you're just reckless and horny."


She was close now. So close. She started to coil around him. A shiver of arousal tingled through him as her scales brushed against his calves, then his thighs.

"I could do literally anything to you," she said as she positioned her body in front of him. Her breasts were at eye level, finally drawing his gaze away from her eyes.

She reached for his lamp, and he didn't resist as she took it.

She spoke as she examined it. "I could enslave you. Turn you into a mindless servant. I could toss you out with amnesia when I finally tire of you, or maybe hand you off to someone else. Or maybe I'll keep you around forever. And if the fancy strikes me, I could even bite into you and taste your blood."

Her tail was coiled around his legs, and now it was tightening around his arms and chest. Her body was so warm... it was exactly what he needed in this cold air.

"And despite all this, you walked right into my grasp."

She snuffed the lamp, filling the church with darkness. However, as soon as she snapped her fingers, floating orbs of red light filled the church with a dim, eerie glow.

"And you're all mine now. You couldn't resist. Which is a shame... I really love the struggle. I love seeing men fight and lose."

"I don't think I could put up a fight even if I wanted to," Lawrence muttered.

"A shame. Now stare into my eyes."

Lawrence obeyed as her eyes started glowing brightly. They were tantalizing before. Now they were irresistible. He let her grip on him tighten as he stared into them.

The world around him started to fade away. All he could think about was this lamia and her eyes...

"So... pretty..."

"Just keep staring. Stare and let your worries fade."

Terror and panic left Lawrence, but the arousal remained. It was joined by a new feeling of relaxation and contentment.

"Stare into my eyes and let your mind empty. You don't have to be afraid. You don't have to resist. You don't have to think."

Lawrence silently stared as his aroused mind grew empty.

"You're content to be where you are. Just drop deeper for me. Let trance wash over you. Let your body go limp in my coil."

Lawrence's body loosened, letting her tighten herself around him. She stroked his left cheek with her fingers.

"Already so brainless... already so relaxed. Stare into my eyes and listen to my words. Let them enter your empty mind. Let my voice take over. Just obey."

"And now that you're deep in trance... tell me the full story of why you really came here."

"I was always a horny person, but after my last breakup, I found myself feeling more submissive, and the urge to be taken my a lamia grew and grew in me until I couldn't resist it..."

"How fascinating! You fell victim to me even before we met. And now you have your wish. But I think I'll play with you in ways you didn't intend..."

She ran her left fingers through his hair as she stroked his chin with her right hand.

"When I snap my fingers, I want you to wake up from trance. When you wake up, your memories will be different. You'll forget your aroused motives. You will forget everything we've done so far. You will think you're a daring treasure hunter who ventured into my lair to steal my precious gemstones, and you'll believe you were just captured by me, and you'll struggle to escape."

"And when I snap my fingers while you're awake, you'll become more and more enthralled by my body, and you won't know why. With every snap, you'll be more turned on by me, and you'll grow more and more obsessed."

She took her hands off his head.

"My precious little plaything... wake up."

She snapped her fingers, and her eyes grew dimmer again.

Lawrence woke up from trance and looked around wildly. Where did she come from? How did she appear and ensnare him so quickly? He knew the stories about lamias, and the terror inside him surged.

He started trying to wiggle his way out.

"Help!" he shouted.

"Struggle all you like. But I coiled around you when you were too busy looking around for treasure. You're so easily distracted, don't you know that?"

"Let me go! I was just exploring, I swear!"

"You were after my treasure, weren't you?"

Lawrence grew even more terrified; she knew his motives already. Just like that. She must have had experience with treasure hunting adventurers; how many had she taken? Where were they now?

He tried to force his way out by spreading his arms to push her enormous tail away, but he quickly found that impossible. He tried to wiggle upwards to escape her coil, but it felt like he was sinking down instead of up...

"Stop struggling, human." She snapped her fingers, and suddenly Lawrence realized how smooth the scales of her tail were. They pressed tightly against his hands, and he couldn't help but move his bound hands slightly to rub them...

And now that the initial shock was over, he noticed just how divine her breasts looked... and the red hair flowing behind her back...

He decided to try and trick her; he'd loosen up, pretend he had given up, maybe wait for her coil to loosen, and then he'd go wild with all his force to try and escape.

"Dammit," Lawrence said. "I can't get out, so I might as well just talk to you..." He stopped struggling, but the lamia just tightened her grip.

"Ah. And what would you like to talk about? Your guilt for being a dirty thief? Your poor decision-making? Your apparent obsession with my breasts?"

She snapped her fingers again. Arousal flooded into Lawrence. His cock bulged against his pants and pressed against her scales. Her body was heavenly... if his life wasn't in danger, he'd be obsessed with her..

Her tail wasn't loosening. If anything, it was tightening. He had to escape... he jostled with all his might, trying to catch her by surprise, but he barely managed to move at all in her grasp.

Another finger snap followed.

"And you still fight... How about you just relax here? It would be such a good idea. Just stare at my breasts and relax."

She leaned in, bringing her breasts closer. He could feel the heat radiating from them... His head involuntarily leaned forward. They were inches away, and so perfect...

He found his head drifting closer and closer to her chest. Another finger snap, and he started to forget his urge to escape. Another snap. He leaned forward, setting his head in between her soft breasts. One more snap followed. All urge to escape was gone. His clothed body was alight with pleasure just from being restrained by her. If he were naked, and his bare skin were to rub against her scales... He wished for that pleasure.

"Good boy. Keep your head there. You belong here. This is all you need."

The lamia snapped her fingers again. And again. And again. His thoughts were gone, replaced by obsession. He was almost at orgasm just from touching her.

She leaned back, bringing her breasts out of reach of his face. Her eyes started to glow brightly once more...

"Now look into my eyes."

He stared, and his aroused mind sunk into trance even more quickly than it did the time before.

"Let trance overtake you. Let my words mold your mind. Relax your body, and go loose and limp in my coil."

He sunk deeper and deeper into his aroused stupor.

"Let every thought float out of your head as I control you completely."

He stared into her eyes for what felt like forever, then she spoke again.

"You sunk into mindlessness so quickly this time... Perhaps I'll have fun with you one last time tonight. Remove my finger snap triggers from your mind; now when I snap my fingers, I want you to be flooded with arousal. When I snap my fingers a second time, you'll squirm with pleasure. When I snap them a third time, you'll come, squirming the whole time, and your orgasm will go on and on until I release you from my grasp."

She snapped her fingers, and Lawrence's heart surged as arousal spiked through his whole body. He remained mindless and obedient as he kept staring into her eyes.

She snapped her fingers again. The arousal became unbearable, and he squirmed in her coiling grasp, becoming even more hopelessly aroused by the feel of her warm scales.

He squirmed and squirmed.

She smiled.

She snapped her fingers. Lawrence's erection obeyed, finally releasing its pent up arousal as he came through the fabric of his pants. He squirmed in mindless pleasure, feeling his whole body burn with pure ecstasy. His spasming cock pulsed over and over, releasing load after load into his clothes and onto her scales.

His orgasm went on and on long past the point it should have ended, and the pleasure didn't diminish; only the semen inside his body started to run dry, and his erection twitched regardless as his ejaculations grew weaker and weaker.

By the time he was nearly drained, the lamia suddenly released her grasp on him, and he fell to the floor with a soft thud. His orgasm ended, and relaxation drowned his arousal. He lay still, mindlessly looking up at the lamia's hypnotic eyes.

"Such a pliable mind," she said. "I think I'll have more fun with you..."

~~~~~ ~~~~~

Lawrence returned to town disappointed. He visited the ruins and didn't see a single lamia, and he even lost his Lamp of Endless Light sometime during the trip! At least the red crystal orb he found was worth it, and he made it back to town just before sunset. He went straight home to unwind; he already had a good stand for his orb, and given the mess in his pants, he didn't want to visit any shops.

He must have eaten something he shouldn't have, because there was a painful sensation in his groin; sort of similar to the aches he got whenever he jerked off too many times in a day. It might have had something to do with the wet dream he had while sleeping at the ruins.

He put the orb on his nightstand, sat on his bed, and stared at it. Something about this orb was fascinating... Where in the ruins did he find it again? It was a little unnerving that he couldn't remember exactly where he found it... still, it felt like a great treasure that was too beautiful to sell to anyone.

A few hours later, after doing a few chores around the house and cleaning up, he went to bed. The red orb sat on his nightstand, and at midnight, a familiar voice spoke through the orb and lulled him into a trance...

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the story. If you want to help me make more stories like this, have a look at my Patreon and Discord! 🥰


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