Hypno-Gift for Slutty Bunny

by elizzyviolet

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #femdom_hypnosis #feminization #memory_play #pov:bottom #sub:male #bunny_femboy #crossdressing #headphones #slutification

Hentai artist becomes a femboy named Slutty Bunny, thanks to the efforts of a girl he went to school with years ago…

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Riley, the dignified freelance artist he was, got to work on the futanari porn commission. It didn't interest him; what he really wanted to do was get into some kind of video game art. But for now, he got to work at his bedroom desk.

His apartment bedroom was full of posters: game posters, anime posters, and one printed sheet of paper above his desk with his finest pencil drawing of a girl in a wedding dress; that was the one that blew up, got him a following online, and let him make a living off porn commissions.

After finishing the huge-cocked girl, it was time to draw the femboy being railed by her. As usual, he deliberately drew him to look nothing like his own femboy-adjacent physique: long blonde hair to contrast with his short dark brown, a nice tan to contrast with his sunlight-deprived pale body, and he made sure to give this femboy just a bit of muscle, unlike his delicate form. He had no desire to insert himself into these drawings; his femboy physique was an accident, and nothing like the buff, tall body he wished he had...

He checked his phone: it was already four in the afternoon. Time went by fast when he was drawing these, but the pay was good; he learned very quickly to not undervalue his art services.

As he carefully and delicately drew the femboy's small dick, a knock at the door surprised him, and his pen shot forward, making it much longer than he wanted it to be. He'd fix it later.

He left his bedroom and went to the front door. When he opened it, he saw... a girl from his old high school? He couldn't remember her name, but he'd recognize that purple dyed hair and small mole on the cheek anywhere. She was wearing jeans and a snug blue shirt.

"Oh, um, hi!" she said. "I just, well, I wanted to stop by and see how you were doing..."

She was holding a present wrapped in silver paper and topped with a red bow. Riley was hesitant to accept it; did she even want to give it to him? What was going on?

"Yeah this was um, unexpected," Riley said. "I don't think I ever caught your name in..."

"Amanda. And listen, you saved my college career by getting me a passing grade in that one group project, and I heard it was your birthday, so uh, I wanted to thank you!"

She handed him the box.

"Thanks, I guess? I wasn't expecting a gift from an old classmate. But I'll take good care of whatever's in here."

"It's a pair of headphones with a built-in guided meditation routine. Just listen to them and you'll be relaxed and happy in no time!"

"Wow, again, thanks... Do you want to come in for coffee or anything?" he asked before immediately regretting it. Was inviting her in for coffee acceptable? It was a random courtesy he threw out, but it filled him with anxiety...

"No thanks," she said. "I actually have to get going; I've got to be at my psychology internship soon."

As she left and he closed the door, the weirdness of the interaction stuck with him. He sat at his desk and tried to wonder if there was any subtext he was missing. And when did she learn his birthday?

He placed the box next to his computer and opened it. Inside was a chrome-plated pair of remarkably bulky headphones: there was no packaging besides the wrapped box, not even foam or some clamshell plastic.

There was, however, a hand written instruction note under the headphones. He pulled it out and read it:

To use, simply place over ears and press the on button. Although you can perform other activities while using the device, do not use it with drugs or alcohol, and do not drive or operate heavy machinery.

Handwritten instructions. Maybe this was some luxury brand? Or a piece of expensive therapeutic equipment? He had no idea. It probably wasn't Amanda's handwriting, but with all the time that had passed, anything was possible.

He held the headphones and thought for a moment. Regardless of what was really going on, he decided that some relaxation would be nice; he placed them over his head. The foam pads dampened the ambient noise. Perfect for drawing without outside sounds getting in the way.

Riley pressed the on button. An unnerving droning began playing, but it then settled into a soothing buzz. He decided to keep listening.

"Just relax," a woman's voice said, startling him briefly before he realized it came from the headphones. Was it... Amanda's? It sounded like Amanda's voice, but more seductive. Seductive wasn't her.

He recovered from the surprise and then decided to do some drawing while the headphones were playing.

He started fixing the mistake he made earlier.

"Relax, relax, relax," the voice said. It was working. The tension in his legs was fading away.

"Let your body go loose and limp...

"Let your thoughts calm down...

"Let your eyes drift..."

It was effective. So effective. Riley was delighted by how easily it got him into a relaxed mood. He kept drawing as relaxation grew and grew...

He caught his gaze unfocusing, and brought his attention back to his art.

"Just imagine the tension fading from your arms and legs...

"Your chest fills with warm relaxation.

"Your head grows fuzzy and happy..."

The gentle buzzing was already making him feel fuzzy. He was amazed by how easily sounds could do that...

He kept drawing. The nearly imperceptible jitter from this morning's coffee was gone from his hands.

"Happy, happy, happy...

"Relaxed, relaxed, relaxed...

"Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy..."

He didn't plan on sleeping with these on, but it was true; his relaxation made a nap not entirely objectionable.

"Focus on these words.

"Let them relax you.

"Let them shape your thoughts."

With how well this was going, he gladly let it relax him. And he would happily let the voice get rid of every stressful thought he had so he could focus on his work...

"Follow my voice...

"Deeper and deeper...

"Through the happy buzzing..."

He did exactly that. He paid attention to the voice, and to that nice buzzing noise accompanying it.

"Empty your mind...

"Don't worry about anything.

"Set everything down so you can relax."

He set his drawing tablet down. He'd get back to it soon, he promised himself.

He focused on meditating, trying not to think about anything.

"Your mind grows cloudier and cloudier by the moment.

"Your body grows limp and obedient.

"It's hard to think, hard to move..."

It was--not that he wanted to. He was happy to sit in his chair and listen. Happy to not think. Happy to let the voice take charge.

"Happy, happy, happy...

"Relaxed, relaxed, relaxed...

"Obedient, obedient, obedient..."

Obedience sounded good. Following along made him happy, happy, happy, relaxed, relaxed, relaxed... and obeying would help.

"Let trance take you...

"Let your mind grow malleable...

"A happy, happy, happy mind, open to obey, obey, obey..."

He sat motionless, staring at nothing as he listened.

"When you hear me say the word happy...

"Your mind will sink so deep into trance.

"You'll become open to anything."

The buzzing made the word seem so, so powerful...

"Let yourself be...

"Happy. Happy. Happy... so happy.

"Such a pliable mind... "

He dropped into mindlessness. The buzzing continued, making him happy and brainless...

"You're relaxed, happy, and obedient...

"Anything I suggest becomes your reality.

"Clothing, mindset, thoughts... I can change it all."

He mindlessly agreed.

"The things you draw...

"They feel appealing to you.

"You envy those femboys..."

It was true.

"But you are a femboy...

"A slutty femboy...

"A happy femboy..."

It was true.

"You want nothing more than to be a cute femboy. To wear cute clothes. To be slutty and obedient. To go along with anything I say.

"It arouses you just thinking about it. Especially when you think about wearing a bunny ear headband...

"You're a slutty bunny who's so helplessly horny. Slutty Bunny. Slutty Bunny. Slutty Bunny. That's a second name for you now. When you're addressed as Slutty Bunny, you'll become exactly that, aroused and obedient to whoever said it. They have complete control of your mind. They can make you aroused. They can make you unable to move. They can change your thoughts. They can make you forget and remember."

Slutty Bunny. Riley. These names were natural to him, like he'd had them both forever.

"Now, when I wake you up... you'll think this was a boring meditation routine. Aside from a love of slutty femboys and a slight urge to be one, you'll feel and act normal... until someone calls you Slutty Bunny.

"Let your mind slowly come out of trance..."

Riley slowly awakened.

"Awaken in three... two... One."

~~~~~ ~~~~~

The meditation routine was kinda boring, but it got results. It was a nice gift though, but not as nice as the drawing in front of him.

Riley got back to drawing his favorite thing in the world; femboys getting railed by a girl's huge cock. It oddly interested him. Why did it feel odd? He wasn't sure. He always felt that way. He always loved this stuff.

Arousal filled him as he drew. He didn't want to jerk off; the lack of excitement afterward might make his art less good. Instead, he simply tolerated the arousal as he drew and drew...

A productive hour passed, and he heard a knock at his front door. He got up, hid his boner, and then went to the door. When he opened it, he saw Amanda again, lugging a wheeled suitcase behind her.

"Oh, hi," he said. "Did you accidentally leave some--"

"Not at all, Slutty Bunny," she said.

That name. Amanda saying it felt so good... Arousal flooded into him. Obedience filled his head. And her control gripped him.

"Slutty Bunny, Slutty Bunny, Slutty Bunny... may I come in?"

"Yes! Anything for you," Slutty Bunny said.

"Thank you, Slutty Bunny."

She stepped inside and locked the door behind her.

"I'm glad you gave those a listen," she said confidently. "I have to be honest, I'm bad at flirting. It's so much easier to just use a little trickery. Now you're obedient, pliable, predictable, and so, so willing to be played with. Doesn't that sound fun?"

"Yes please," he said.

"Then wait for me to show you what's in here..."

She opened her suitcase, revealing all of the girly clothes she had packed. Skirts, dresses, panties, thigh-high stockings, and more--but Amanda pushed those out of the way, revealing the outfit she needed.

As Amanda pulled out the pieces, Slutty Bunny realized what the outfit was. It was a sexy bunny suit consisting of a slender black latex leotard, a pair of shiny black heels, transparent black pantyhose, and a pair of white bunny ears. There were extra accessories too; a pair of white cuffs with no sleeves to attach them to, as well as a white collar with a black bow tie on it, and finally, a pair of frilly black panties.

"Now go into the bathroom and change," Amanda said as she handed him the outfit. "I'll be in the bedroom."

Slutty Bunny trembled in arousal. He picked up the outfit. It was so him. What a wonderful outfit...

He trembled with excitement on the way to the bathroom, and once he was inside, he looked again at the wonderful clothing in front of him.

He stripped naked, tossing his old boring clothes aside, then put on the panties, followed by the pantyhose. Perfect. His legs were wrapped in pure joy, and his erection was contained in that happy package.

Next was the leotard. It went snugly around his chest, stomach, and groin. The perfect size. Then the collar and cuffs, which adorned his wrists and neck perfectly. Then the heels, which he had trouble standing in for a moment, but which were comfortable nonetheless.

Finally, he placed the bunny ears on his head, and looked in the mirror. He was captivated by the outfit, and transfixed by how well it fit him. Yes. This outfit was so him. He couldn't imagine himself wearing anything else.

Slutty Bunny hobbled out of the bathroom. Maybe someday he'd get used to the heels; for now his walking was slow and clumsy, yet he took the safe route and moved slowly.

He opened the door to the bedroom and saw Amanda sitting on the side of his bed.

"Oh, Slutty Bunny... You look so, so good."

She stood up and approached him.

"When I rub your bunny ears, Slutty Bunny, I want unbearable arousal to run through you. They're so, so, so sensitive. But you don't feel anything when you rub them yourself. You only feel them when I touch them."

He watched as she touched the tip of one of his bunny ears, and he felt it. The mind-melting slutty joy.

"Ah..." he moaned as she took her finger away.

"Do you want me to rub your ears?"

"Yes, yes I do..."

"Then do a sexy dance for me."

Slutty Bunny was a terrible dancer, but as Amanda sat back on the bed and watched him, he did his best.

He waved his pantyhose-clad hips back and forth, looking at her with a seductive grin as he rotated his body. After stumbling slightly from those wobbly heels, he ran his hands over the front of his leotard, then down to his thighs...

"Good boy, Slutty Bunny!"

His improvised dance went on and on, and he lamented that he didn't have a pole to dance on.

"Now, as you dance, I want to modify your mind a little...

"You'll forget your life as Riley. You are only Slutty Bunny. I am your owner. You obey me without question. Your mind is my plaything, and your body only exists to make me happy. And knowing this makes you so, so horny...

"And lastly, you believe your sensitive, aroused bunny ears are real bunny ears, and not a headband. If I make you orgasm by touching your ears, your cock won't do anything: the arousal will only be in your ears. I can make you come over and over by touching your ears, and you won't even make a mess..."

Of course he believed his bunny ears were real; it was because they were. And he didn't know what it was he just forgot, but it couldn't have been too important. His owner, Amanda, was all he needed.

"Good boy... Keep dancing for me."

Slutty Bunny obeyed. He was no better at dancing than before, and his mind was half horny and half trying to keep his dancing fresh and exciting for her.

"Good boy, Slutty Bunny, Slutty Bunny, Slutty Bunny... I love saying your name."

Amanda stood up as he danced and approached him.

"Now turn around..."

Slutty Bunny stopped dancing and obeyed, facing away from her. He felt her squeeze his ass with both hands...

"So soft," she said." "So lovely."

She pressed herself against his back, reaching her arms around to his chest. She rubbed his chest through his leotard, making him shiver with excitement. He wondered if she would touch that special place...

"Oh, Slutty Bunny... You enjoy this so, so much, don't you? I'll touch your ears soon, don't you worry."

She reached back down and stroked his erection through his leotard, his pantyhose, and his frilly underwear. Her touch, and the three materials between it and his cock, were so, so wonderful...

Amanda pressed her body against him harder, making him bend forward slightly. She brought her mouth close to him.

"I love you, Slutty Bunny," she whispered to him. "You're so devoted to me. You're so cute. You're so helplessly horny. And I love all of that."

Anticipation shot through Slutty Bunny when he saw one of her hands approach his sensitive ears. As she stroked his long bunny ears, a wave of arousal filled him. His body wobbled, and his mind was overwhelmed by the surge.

"A little more," she said, and she continued to rub his cute bunny ears. Her touch grew more and more powerful, turning him on to a degree he had never thought possible. His mind was focused entirely on the sensations.

Orgasm came closer and closer as she continued to rub his ears.

"Come on, experience that orgasm in your cute bunny ears. I want to see your body shake. I want you to go blank, not because I command you to, but because your ears force you to with pleasure. I want to hold you while your helpless body fails to stay upright on its own."

She vigorously massaged his ears, and Slutty Bunny was almost at orgasm. So close. He couldn't think, he couldn't act, and he didn't want to do either.

The tips of his ears clenched with unparalleled bliss as orgasm took him. His brain melted and his body went almost entirely limp, and he leaned backwards inadvertently, being supported by Amanda's body as he came. Arousal seared through his ears, pulsing up and down through them and responding to Amanda's touch with even more of the fluffy joy of orgasm.

She kept touching him, and his bunny ear orgasm went on and on, continuing to resonate over and over, subduing his blank head and limp body with its pure ecstasy.

Finally, she took her hands off his ears, allowing his orgasm to run its course. Brainless horniness slowed down, being replaced with calm obedience. He slowly regained control of his body, and gained the ability to think again.

When his orgasm was over, she leaned forward and kissed the back of his left bunny ear, filling him with a jolt of arousal.

"Now, Slutty Bunny, would you like to come to my home? There are so, so many things I'd like to do to you..."

"Yes please, Slutty Bunny said. As Amanda grabbed her suitcase, Slutty Bunny obediently followed her...

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the story. If you want to help me make more stories like this, have a look at my Patreon and Discord! 🥰


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