Catgirl Hypnotizes You

by elizzyviolet

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #bondage #catgirl #collars #contemporary #cunnilingus #f/nb #fingering #friends_to_lovers #gender_ambiguous #hypnotic_induction #kitten #roommate #second_person #sub:male #sub:nb

This is a second person POV story where you’re hypnotized by your catgirl roommate to become a catgirl for a little while. Regardless of your starting gender, you’ll end up as a catgirl. Feel free to play along and get in a hypnotized mood, or just read it as a normal story.

You come home from your fishing trip, and your roommate is sitting on the couch typing on her laptop. Her fuzzy, blonde cat ears perk up when you enter, and she closes her laptop and stands up to greet you. Her tail excitedly waves behind her. Like most catgirls, she's cute and bad at cleaning up after herself; the living room is a little worse than it was when you left. She's wearing fuzzy sweatpants and a thick blue sweater.

"Hi!" she says. "Good to see you're back! So, you were out at the beach for three whole days with your friends... surely you caught something good?"

You recount your deeply humiliating fishing experiences, including the pufferfish incident. You didn't even come home with anything you could eat or mount in your office.

"Nooooo!" she says. "I was hoping there would be something good. At least you got your tackle box out of the ocean, and you're nice and cleaned up now. You don't even smell like fish."

You spend some time unpacking your luggage, but you still feel like you're on that terrible fishing trip. As you go from room to room unpacking, the feeling doesn't go away. You went on this trip to relax, but you came back feeling even worse.

Your roommate picks up on the vibe.

"Are you doing okay?" she asks.

You decide to be honest with her, and you sit down on the couch next to her as you talk about your lingering feelings.

"Maybe I can help," she says. "We've lived together for about a month, so maybe you can finally try some hypnotherapy with me?"

She is a certified hypnotherapist. And you do need to relax. Why not? You've been too busy to try it with her until now, but you have a lot of free time. And you've known her for a while, so you can trust her.

You say yes.

"Yay!" she says. "So, let me get my hypnotherapy tools, and we can get started right here on the couch."

You sit on your cozy couch and wait with a little anxiety. Eventually, she comes back with a pink leather bag full of... something. You've never poked through her stuff before, so you don't know what's inside.

She dims the lights in the room, then sits down in the recliner opposite of the couch. The coffee table sits right between both of you. The bag goes on the ground, and the table hides it from view.

"So first," she says, "Just get cozy, let your body relax, and lean back in your seat. Keep your eyes open the whole time. Stare at the table for now... enjoy the shiny wood and the faint glimmer of the dim lights."

Her tone seems slightly different than her energetic catgirl roommate persona; she's calm and collected, but somehow even more confident.

"Now for some breathing exercises. I want you to inhale...

"And exhale...


"And exhale.

"Keep up that slow pattern. Inhale warm relaxation every time you breathe in, and then release the stress every time you breathe out. In, and out... In, and out...

"Let the couch warm up underneath you as your body loosens with relaxation.

"Simply stare at the table. Get lost in its shiny surface. Breathe in, and out... In, and out.

"All you have to do is listen to my voice. Let your anxiety fade away. Focus on the present moment, and listen to me.

"Now, imagine a wave of relaxation starting at your feet and rising up through your ankles, making you go loose and limp as it travels. Imagine the wave going up your calves, then to your knees, right up your thighs... and to your hips.

"With your legs relaxed and limp, the wave of relaxation starts to travel up your torso, making your stomach and lower back relaxed and calm. The wave goes up to your chest, then it washes over your shoulders and starts to seep into your arms.

"Let the wave go down your shoulders and all the way to your elbows, and then let it spread down to your hands and end at your fingertips.

"Then from your neck, the wave of relaxation rises upward, relaxing your chin, and it washes over your entire head, filling your scalp with happy relaxation as the wave seeps into your mind.

"Let the relaxation take you. Let it fill your mind and push your problems away. Breathe in, and out, as your mind grows calm and hazy.

"You don't need to move. You don't need to think. All you need to do is listen to my words."

She opens her bag and pulls out a pink lighter and a small white candle.

"I will light a candle for you, and I want you to focus on the flame when I light it."

She sets the candle on the table and lights it, then she puts her lighter away. A small orange flame dances on the narrow wick.

"Let your calm eyes drift to the flame. Ignore everything else, and imagine that this flame represents your mind."

You stare at it. The flame is almost entirely still, but it wavers when she speaks.

"When I blow this out, your mind will go dark, and your body will turn limp and relaxed..."

You stare and stare, lost in the flickering flame.

"I'll count down... Five, four, three, two, one..."

She blows the candle out, and your mind instantly soothes. You mindlessly float in hypnotic bliss, waiting for her words.

She gets out of her chair and walks around the couch and behind you.

"Just drift," she whispers into your right ear. "Just float in trance. Let my words change your mind..."

She rubs your hair, soothing the last remaining stress in your body.

"The next time I snap my fingers, your mind will become soft and receptive, willing to let me change whatever I like..."

She snaps her fingers near your left ear.

"And you'll become more and more receptive to my suggestions every time I snap my fingers again..."

She snaps her fingers again. And again. And again. Your blank mind becomes more and more pliable with every snap.

"Let me edit your mind. Let yourself become my plaything."

Another snap. And another. And another. Finally, the snaps end, and she goes back to rubbing your hair.

"I want you to become obedient. Let your willpower fade away as I take control of your mind...

"Obey every word I say, and let every single one affect your mind and body."

She runs her fingers through your hair as obedience fills you.

"Be my hypnotic plaything. Believe everything I say.

"You are completely devoted to me. You will feel how I want you to feel, do what I tell you to do, and become what I tell you to become. Even your body will change when I ask it to."

Complete obedience washes over your mind and body. You are completely lost in her words as she runs her fingers through your hair...

"You want to serve me, and the best way you can do that is to listen closely and let me change you.

"You're starting to feel more and more like a catgirl. A catgirl like me. But you're so, so submissive...

"Let your body turn into that of a blonde, submissive, busty catgirl. Let your ears change into sensitive cat ears.

Your head tingles, and you believe that your ears have changed. As she runs her fingers through your hair, you can feel your new ears being stroked and touched.

"Feel your chest grow as you gain the huge breasts of a sexy catgirl..."

Your chest comfortably grows, and your breasts feel so heavy...

"And you grow a long, soft tail. You love it when your ears and tail are touched... you love it when any part of your body is touched, but your ears and tail are so, so sensitive."

You become aware of your new tail, and it feels wonderful.

"Let your legs and hips change into sexy, smooth catgirl legs... and that sensitive place between your legs becomes a smooth, tight, and so, so sensitive pussy. It aches to be touched...

"Let the rest of your body shift into a perfect, cute catgirl form. Every part of you changes, and you fully become a catgirl...

"You love your new catgirl body. You love every part of it. And you want to serve me with it. I want your mind to fill with thoughts of submission and obedience. You want nothing more than to be my servile catgirl plaything..."

As you drift in trance, it's the only thing you want.

"Serving me arouses you. Being touched, especially on your ears and tail, sends a shiver of arousal through you. All you want to do is make me happy.

"The next time I snap my fingers, you will wake up from trance, and you will remain exactly as you are. My obedient catgirl pet. And you'll do everything I say. I will wake you up in three, two, one..."

She snaps her fingers, and you wake up with an aroused meow. She walks back around the couch and stands in front of you with her arms folded.

"So, my little servant... How about you stand up and take off those clothes? They don't suit you at all."

You agree with her and undress, letting your breasts hang free. Your tail is no longer awkwardly jutting out of the top of your pants, and lastly, you take off your underwear, showing off your beautiful pussy.

"Good girl," she says. Her approval sends a shiver of joy and arousal through you.

She rubs your beasts, jiggling them in her hands. You enjoy how they bounce, and eagerly let her touch you.

Soon, she decides to stop fondling your chest and she begins to undress herself. Her shirt and pants go first, then the bra and panties. She's absolutely beautiful...

She sits on the left side of the couch.

"How about you just rest your head on my lap? I'd love to have my own lap kitten!"

You obey, sit to her right, and you lean over so your head is on her lap. Even through her sweatpants, her warm lap is amazing...

You cozy up and fully lay down on the couch. Her warm, relaxing thighs make you content to rest yourself, and you're happy that you obeyed her.

She rubs the top of your head, and you eagerly accept her touch. She rubs her fingers against your sensitive ears, filling you with arousal; your pussy tingles just from your ears being touched.

"Good girl," she says. "Just rest there and purr gently for me."

You purr with happiness, and you rub your head against her thighs as she pets and rubs your ears. She spreads her legs just a little bit, and your head sinks slightly into the gap.

"Good girl. Stay right there and purr. I just want to relax with you for a while..."

You eagerly wave your tail as she rubs your ears.

"And that does look like a soft tail... Maybe I'll rub it."

She reaches behind you, and you peek behind you and see the base of your tail being rubbed. Warmth fills your body as she brings her hand across the length of your tail, and you feel your pussy wetten from excitement...

You watch as she teases the sensitive tip of your tail, and you rest on her lap as she pleasures you for what feels like forever. Eventually, she lets go of your tail and brings her hand off your head.

"And there is one thing I really want you to do... I want you to kneel in front of me. I have presents for you!"

You get off her cozy lap and climb onto the floor. You get on your knees and look up patiently as she stands up and grabs her pink leather bag. She takes something out, and you're excited to see that it's a pink and blue leather collar with a thin metal chain attached to it.

"Now let me just..."

She reaches down with the collar, holding the chain in one hand, and places it over your neck. She snaps it shut, and you're delighted by the tight fit.

She holds your chain as you look up at her with aroused happiness.

"And my second present..."

She sits down on the couch and pulls down her sweatpants, along with the white underwear beneath it. She pulls them off her legs and tosses them aside, revealing her wet pussy.

"The best gift of all is a chance to please me, isn't it? Now come on and lick."

You lean forward and place your head between her warm, smooth, wonderful thighs. As you start licking the outside of her pussy, she lightly pulls your chain, tugging on your neck.

"Ah... a bit higher..."

She maintains a light tug on your chain as she reaches down with her other hand and rubs your ears. Ear rubs, her thighs, the collar, and her pussy... all of it turns you on, and your pussy aches with arousal.

You keep licking, and you settle into a rhythm as you massage her clit with your tongue. As she strokes your ears, more and more arousal enters you...

"Good kitty... Keep going, just like that."

You get lost in the warm pussy in front of you, and you float in an aroused, obedient haze as you lick her. Your ears grow more sensitive as she massages them...

Her pussy gets wetter, and you feel it tense up with arousal as you obediently please her.

"Good kitty... good girl..."

Her thighs press more tightly against the sides of your head, and she pulls harder on the chain. You're perfectly content to lick, and lick, and lick...

Finally, you feel her pussy start to clench and pulse beneath your tongue, and you keep licking as she comes. Her body tenses up with orgasm. She lets out a happy gasp of approval, and you maintain your steady rhythm all throughout her orgasm.

Her orgasm ends, and she spreads her legs, releasing you from the grip of her thighs. You stop licking, and you return to a kneeling state on the ground in front of her as she holds your chain.

She leans forward and kisses your forehead.

"I think you deserve a little treat for being such a good girl..."

She sets the chain down, reaches down to your chest, and gently places her hands on your breasts, rubbing them and making you shiver as her hands sub against your sensitive nipples. After massaging your chest for a moment, she lightly grazes your nipples with her fingers, then gently pinches them.

As she kneads your nipples between her fingers, your pussy grows wetter and wetter, and you feel like it's almost about to drip onto the floor...

"You want to come, don't you?"

You say yes.

"Beg for it, and I'll let you. I love it when good kitties beg nicely..."

You beg and beg and beg as she plays with your nipples, and finally, she lets go of them and brings her fingers down to your pussy. She gently runs them across the outside, then slides them in. As she brings them as deep as she can, she runs her fingers against your sensitive depths...

She slides her fingers in and out of your sensitive pussy, making your already aroused body come closer and closer to orgasm...

"Just let pleasure overtake you. Come for me."

She vigorously massages your pussy as pleasure builds and builds and builds...

It doesn't take long for orgasm to come, and you let out a purr, followed by a slutty moan as your orgasm peaks and your body tenses up. You delight in her touch as she keeps stroking the inside of your pussy, and her touch is even more powerful as you tense up and gasp and moan over and over.

"Good girl. Good kitty..."

Finally, your orgasm comes to an end, and you let out a happy purr as relaxation washes over you.

"Good kitty," she says as she takes her fingers out of you. "It's getting late... how about we clean up and sleep together? I'd love to have a warm, obedient servant in bed with me..."

You eagerly stand up and follow her as she leads you by the chain to the bedroom...

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the story. If you want to help me make more stories like this, have a look at my Patreon and Discord! 🥰


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