Bubblegum Bliss

by elizzyviolet

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #clothing #dom:female #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:male #urban_fantasy #blowing_bubblegum #candy #magic #sugar #tattoo

Jamie is tempted by a bubblegum chewing girl in the park.

This story is a lot shorter than normal; I wrote it during a two-day bubblegum binge. Enjoy!

Jamie, a senior college student, decided to go to Rose park to relax. Because Sanguine University was crammed no matter where he went, he had no place whatsoever on campus to be alone. Especially since his dorm roommate was always home.

It was the very start of fall, and the trees had not yet begun to change color. Although Sanguine University was in a large town--Sanguine, Illinois--there was ample nature all around it. It was far away from the biggest roads and cities in the state, leaving many massive wooded areas.

Jamie was slightly shorter than average, wore glasses, and had short, black hair. He was wearing jeans and his black hoodie, for the cool weather. Rose park was the largest by size in the town, but one of the least used. It was a relatively new, yet underfunded nature park, and had no benches, lamps, drinking fountains, or other infrastructure, except for thin dirt paths leading through the thick park canopy.

The dusk sky was quickly darkening. Sanguine University had a low crime rate, and Jamie was comfortable walking alone in the dark. To his left and right were tree trunks, and behind him, hanging branches blocked his view of the outside world. Ahead, the dirt path winded and twisted, and Jamie was eager to see what was ahead. The dark green forest surrounded him on all sides, and he was starting to feel at peace.

He hadn't seen a single other person at the entrance of the park, and there was nobody else on the trail. He trekked onward, already feeling himself relax. Crowds, like the ones all around his university, made Jamie anxious. This was the opposite of a crowd, and he loved it.

Jamie spent fifteen minutes delving ever deeper down the trail. There was nobody there, and nothing to interrupt his relaxing, lonely walk. He planned on staying until... ten, eleven maybe? Midnight? He wasn't sure. But he didn't think about when he would return. He just let his mind wander, thinking about books, games, and nature as he wandered the path.

He came across a fork in the dirt path. The right side was more of the same forest, while the left was dotted with red, yellow, and purple flowers which Jamie couldn't name, because he was raised in a city. Jamie absentmindedly traveled down the left path.

There was another fork. The right had more of the same flowers, yet this time, the left was even more colorful, with thick, lush rose bushes on the sides of the path, and flowering vines drooping from the trees above. He absentmindedly wandered left again too. The dirt path was replaced by pure grass, and Jamie was too lost in thought to notice that the packed dirt walking sounds had been replaced by the lovely crunch of grass. Even though he wasn't aware of it, the grass crunching noise relaxed him.

And just when Jamie snapped out of his train of thought and noticed all of the flowers suddenly around him, he heard the distant sound of a woman's giggle ahead. Disappointment. He wasn't alone anymore, and he wasn't happy with it. But then he realized that since he hadn't seen her earlier, they probably weren't going the same direction. She was likely sitting down somewhere, or headed the opposite direction. She wasn't a problem anymore. He could tolerate ten seconds with someone.

Jamie looked down when he finally noticed the crunch of grass, and realized there was no dirt path anymore. He walked forward anyway, eager to pass this woman, whoever she was.

He started to notice an odd, sweet smell in the air. It relaxed him. Was it the flowers? Or had the woman brought some kind of warm pastry to eat? He couldn't pin down the smell as he trudged through the grass. The woman giggled again, right behind a bush that was in front of him. They were twenty feet away. The sweet smell got stronger: Jamie finally identified it as bubblegum, and thought it odd that he could smell it from here. Part of him wanted to smell it more. Maybe he could get a good whiff as he passed.

He parted the bush in front of him. Indeed, just fifteen feet ahead, there was a pink-haired girl his height. She was overwhelmingly pink. Straight pink hair, pink hoodie, pink sweatpants, pink tennis shoes, a pink rose tattoo on the side of her neck, and she was chewing something. Jamie knew it was bubblegum and knew that it too was pink.

"Mmm! Good stuff," she said. "Sweet, bubbly, bubbly... heya, want a piece?" She fished through her pink pocket and pulled out a small, pink paper wrapped block of gum.

He didn't normally take candy that had been in other people's pockets. He never knew where it might have been. But the bubblegum smelled so strongly, and he thought maybe it was worth it this time.

"Sure," he said. She stuck out her hand, and he grabbed it as he walked by.

"Not even a thank you?" she said with gum still in her mouth as he walked past. "Come on, I gave you gum, we oughta talk and get to know each other!"

Although Jamie wanted to be alone again, the guilt of leaving her behind shot through him. And she was one person, not a crowd. How bad could a few minutes of conversation be? And there was that sweet bubblegum aesthetic to her.

"Sure," he said. "You did give me gum. I'm Jamie."

"I'm Dolcie," she said, still slightly muffled by the gum in her mouth. "I go to the college just North of here."

"Sanguine University?" he asked.

"Yep! How'd you know?"

"There's only one university in town, and it's North of here too. And it's weird that I never saw you there, I really thought I would notice someone always in all pink."

"Must be schedule luck," she said. "I always wear this. But we're here now, yay! Go on, have a chew of that," she said.

Jamie unwrapped the gum. The small block inside smelled of bubblegum flavor even more strongly than Dolcie. He gently put it into his mouth, and immediately tasted overwhelming sweetness. It was sweet. So sweet. He chewed it, and it was the perfect texture, not entirely smooth, and the ideal mix of firm and pliable in his teeth.

"Mmm," he said, getting lost in the taste.

"I actually make it myself," Dolcie said. "It's my own secret recipe. I sell candy on the side."

"It's good," Jamie said. "Mmm, thanks, I love you..."

He only realized he said those words moments later after Dolcie giggled at him. "I love you." Why did he say that?

"Oh, I didn't mean--"

"--Don't worry, I love you too."

Embarrassment shot through Jamie. What was happening? He kept chewing the sweet, sweet gum, trying to figure out how to change the subject of the conversation, as well as keep down his quickly growing erection. Why was he getting hard? He had no idea.

"I..." he stammered out, chewing faster.

"Listen, we've known each other for a long, long time, nearly a minute now," Dolcie said. "And we can be together for even longer than that. What do you say? We have a romantic time in the flowering woods?"

"Why..." Jamie was uncomfortably aroused. He didn't plan on this, and didn't want to be hit on. Yet, her bubblegum aesthetic was getting to him, and he felt oddly allured by her. Her proportions were average, but her overwhelming pinkness was what attracted him! Something about the pink, pink, pink just turned him on and fired him up...

He tried to use reason to escape as he slowly staggered forward, trying to step away from her. But in a lapse of judgement, his cravings took hold, and he turned around towards her again.

He needed her sweet pinkness, and he needed it now. He kept chewing, with every chew intensifying his desire more and more, sinking him even deeper into his cravings for Dolcie. He helplessly stumbled forward as his resistance crumbled.

"Come on!" she said, excitedly stepping off the path and under a low hanging branch. She held up the branch, and stared into his eyes, beckoning him off the path. Jamie's stumble gradually transitioned into a clumsy walk as he went with her under the branch and off the path.

Dolcie led him for a long, long minute through the thick woods, until the pair came to a clearing. Desire had taken hold of Jamie. He was addicted to her sweetness. She was the sweetest thing around, even sweeter than the sweet, sweet gum in his mouth. With the darkening dusk sky and thick canopy, there wasn't a lot of light to see. Yet Dolcie was sharp and clear in his eyes, like she was in broad daylight.

Jamie didn't even realize that he had already sat down in the center of the clearing. His jeans pressed against the cool, dry grass. Dolcie sat on top of his knees, and quietly chewed her gum as her warm sweatpants pressed against Jamie's legs.

Dolcie started to unzip her hoodie, and as the zipper in the middle parted, Jamie saw part of a larger, pink tattoo on her bare, bra-free chest. When it was unzipped, she pulled it off her arms and tossed it onto the floor next to them, exposing a huge tattoo all over her upper body. Her tattoo was a pink drawing of numerous thorny vines, extending all over her upper body, down her legs, and all the vines ended in pink roses. He was so captivated by the tattoo that he barely noticed her firm breasts and pink nipples.

"Come on, take off your hoodie," she said, cupping her breasts in her hands. Jamie automatically followed her sweet instructions, and before he knew it, his bare chest was exposed to the dusk air, and his hoodie was to the side, on top of hers.

Dolcie planted her knees on the ground next to Jamie's waist. She seductively traced the tops of her sweatpants with her fingers, gently pulling and tugging them. She slowly pulled them down, and Jamie was delighted to see more of the lovely pink tattoo on her smooth thighs. And between them, she wasn't wearing panties. The warm, wet, pink center between her legs captivated him. He was overwhelmed with sweetness, and needed more.

"And, you don't need your jeans either," Dolcie said. Jamie obeyed, happily taking them off in his sweet haze. His fully hard, pre-cum laden cock hung in the air.

Dolcie, with her sweatpants pulled down to her ankles, and her wet pussy glistening above Jamie's cock, was absolutely enchanting. A drop of wet fluid dripped onto Jamie's cock, and he swore it felt overwhelmingly sweet, like her body, the gum in his mouth, and the opening it came from.

Dolcie adjusted her legs and lowered herself onto him, taking his hard cock into her without using her hands. Sweet pleasure shot through him as he entered her tight opening. She enveloped his entire cock inside her, and began bobbing back up, and down again. She gently gasped and moaned, still muffled slightly by the gum in her mouth. Jamie let her ride him, lost in his stupor of sweetness. All his bubblegum-addled mind could do was enjoy, and it was all he wanted. He was in heaven as she bounced on his cock, imparting overwhelmingly sweet erotic bliss with every motion.

She kept gasping and moaning, and her pussy grew tighter and wetter as she fucked him. Jamie was quickly rocketing closer and closer to orgasm. The sheer, sweet pleasure even blurred his vision, yet Dolcie was always crystal clear in his mind. He saw every pink detail of her bouncing body, and loved every inch of her.

Almost there. A few more bounces. Dolcie let out an orgasmic, gum-muffled shriek, and her quivering, wet pussy clenched around Jamie's cock over and over. Jamie could feel her sweet pulses of pleasure as her pussy clenched in time with her loud gasps.

With one last bounce, and one last clench, Jamie came. His cock throbbed and twitched with sugary pleasure. He came and spurted into her still-quivering lips. And with every dizzying pulse, and every jet of cum, bubblegum sweetness overwhelmed his mind more and more, hurtling him deeper and deeper into orgasm.

His whole body tingled in his bubbly, orgasmic haze, and he grew dizzier and dizzier as he kept coming over and over into her wonderful tattooed body. The corners of his vision grew pink, and he found it impossible to think about anything. There was only her and the orgasmic bubblegum sweetness.

Soon, the pink tunnel circling his vision closed, and he blacked out.

~~~~~ ~~~~~

Jamie woke up in the same spot, completely lucid and aware once again. Dolcie was gone, and nothing was in his mouth. He was naked, save for his socks and shoes. His clothes were on the floor to his left.

It was still dark outside, and the moon shone through a gap in the canopy above. He shuddered as he recalled the overwhelming pleasure.

Now that he could think again, he was aware of what that gum had done, but had no idea how or why. As Jamie put his clothes on again, he tried to rationalize what had happened and figure out whether he was supposed to be angry or joyful or something else. He failed on both counts.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the story. If you want to help me make more stories like this, have a look at my Patreon and Discord! 🥰


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