An Innocent Slime Enslaved

by elizzyviolet

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #D/s #dom:male #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #blowjob #drugged #drugging #fantasy #masturbation #monstergirl #outdoors #slime #slime_girl

Tourmaline the slime girl has always been careful to stay away from humans; human body secretions happen to have powerful drug-like hypnotic effects on slime girls. But when a human armed with this knowledge comes to her forest, she soon experiences the effects first-hand…

Tourmaline the slime was doing what any green slime loved best: photosynthesis. She basked in the sunlit patch in the middle of her lovely forest clearing, completely relaxed. So relaxed, that her legs had melted into the puddle of goo where her feet normally were, and the rest of her translucent body was loosely propped up on the side of a large, gray rock. Her large, bare, glistening breasts shimmered in the sunlight, and her hands were joined above the thick mat of goo comprising her long hair, resting against the rock. She was glad that she didn't wear clothing like most of the other forest dwellers did, or else it might have gotten stuck inside of her half-melted body. It was always difficult for her to get loose objects out of herself.

She had a lot of time to think, and so put her mental energy towards planning how she could make her beautiful flower-adorned clearing even better. "Hmmm, would a patch of roses be a nice addition, or would the thorns make the guests a little uneasy?" she wondered, wanting to impress the other residents of the forest. Especially the fairies; having at least one of these magical creatures around would certainly deter the horrid creatures which lived outside the forest and make it more lively. One of their illusions could make her entire grove invisible to the eyes of anything unwanted. But, she didn't want to think about the horrible fates she had heard happen to others like her before, and enjoyed the delicious warmth of the sunlight as she dozed off.

When she woke up later, the sun had moved so that the patch of golden sunlight was now a foot to her right. Tourmaline groaned, still half-melted in her puddle, and lazily slid against the side of the rock to meet the sun, leaving her former position on the rock ever so slightly moist.

Then she heard a twig break in the woods behind her, and instinctively jolted upward. Her glistening legs quickly grew out of the puddle of melted goo, leaving only the usual small puddle at her feet. Maybe the sound was a deer. Or maybe that perpetually drunken nymph that sometimes stumbled into her clearing. But, she realized that the woods had been awfully silent all day; "Where was everyone?" she wondered.

She listened closely, preparing for any of the regular visitors. But, when she heard the cutting of vines and undergrowth rather than the gentle pushing aside of plant life that accompanied a regular visitor, her curiosity turned into horror as she saw a glimmer of metal in the trees, slashing at the vines. There was no doubt that it was the worst of creatures, the most dangerous thing for an unaccompanied slime to be around: a human, one of the worst fiends in existence. Their appetite to conquer nature and use it to their own ends was feared throughout the population of every forest, and even one human intruder would make anyone in miles flee. And it was even worse for slimes, who had a few vulnerabilities in regards to humans which some of their kind were more than a little curious about...

Tourmaline backed up as quickly as she could just as she made out the gray clothing of a human. She knew from folklore that if the human caught her and had their way with her, that she could say farewell to her life in the woods. Slimes were unfortunately the worst equipped to deal with a human; even the very touch of a human had unfortunate, drug-like effects on her kind which would render them...

Tourmaline stopped thinking about what would happen to her and ran. Thinking about it would just make the effects worse if she were caught. She ran as fast as her squishy legs allowed, not at all confident that three meters per second was enough to outrun the much faster, more sturdily built human. But, she could pass through obstacles more easily, so she had a chance. Just as she reached the opposite edge of her clearing, stepping over a few short flowers in her path, she turned to see the human in full. At 5'11", he was about her height. He had brown, ruffled hair, and a cleanly shaven, stern face. He wasn't particularly muscular, and if he were a non-human creature like an elf, he would have been pretty cute. But there was nothing cute about the most dangerous thing alive. He brushed chunks of leaves and vines from his shirt as he marched forward with his machete. It was not the blade she feared; blades couldn't do anything to her. No, the person itself was hundreds of times more dangerous. He stared at her with his deep, blue eyes, brandishing a lustful smile of satisfaction.

He spoke. "Relax, I'm not going to hurt you," he said. "I just want to take you somewhere nicer than this dirty forest." Tourmaline, rather than call him out on what she saw as an obvious lie, retreated into the woods, knowing full well what he wanted to do. The branches wobbled as she passed through them with ease, but the forest on this side of the clearing was not all that thick. The human wouldn't be terribly slowed down.

As she ran, the human behind her was hardly slowed by the branches and plants and vines. He maneuvered around some of them and slashed apart the rest of the obstructing foliage. Tourmaline's entire body, and especially her breasts, jiggled with every long step she took.

The human was catching up. He was no more than three body-lengths away, and held steady. But, she wasn't far from a thick patch of trees and bushes; if she could make it there, she could outrun him. Two body lengths remained as Tourmaline got close to a bush. And then, just before she was caught, she ran her form into the bush, only slightly slowed by it. But, the human was close. Close enough to touch her. He reached out and touched her slick, translucent hair with one swipe of his hand. Then she pulled away, and was out of his reach.

Immediately, Tourmaline felt a delightful tingle in the goo comprising her hair. The touch of a human and the tiny amount of his surface oils were like nothing she had ever felt; it was like a sudden jolt of erotic pleasure in a place where it shouldn't have been. The hint of hot delight stayed with her as she gained ground, eventually escaping the threat.

When she no longer heard the human, she finally stopped running, and sat inside of a bush, desperate to catch her breath while she scanned for threats. She was unsurprised to see that many leaves were stuck inside of her body from all the branches she had passed through, and took a little time to remove them. Although the erotic tingle had died down, and Tourmaline did her best to suppress any desire to experience it again, it had left her feeling deeply horny.

She took off to the right as soon as she caught her breath; slimes needed to breathe too, after all. Hoping that the human would find another target, she moved at her normal walking speed. After half an hour, she was confident that he was no longer around, but faced a new problem; the horniness was not going away. The adrenaline just made it worse. She needed to please herself; maybe then it would go away, and she could focus more.

Tourmaline might have had a malleable form, but her erogenous zones were always in the same places as every other girl in the woods. She leaned against a wide tree, and reached towards her groin with her right hand. Her slick touch against the slick wetness of her opening was a familiar experience. She massaged her clit with two fingers, shoving the rest into her opening. Her motions were the same, reliable ones that she could count on in the past.

Frustratingly, as she masturbated for minutes on end, her pleasure began to plateau. Oddly enough, her climax wouldn't come any closer even as she fingered herself more quickly. She withdrew her hand. Maybe something else would work. For a moment, she daydreamed about human cock, but caught herself and squashed the thought.

No, she had a better idea. She focused intensely on the goo comprising her hair, forming part of it into a single, long, ropey tentacle. This was her go-to technique for the days where the hands wouldn't cut it; real penetration was always better, even if it took more effort.

She reached down her body with her hair tentacle and slid the rounded tip against the outer lips of her translucent pussy before going all in and penetrating herself. The tip of her tentacle thrusted in and out, filling every part of her opening, retreating, and filling her again. She drove herself into a frenzy, pounding herself with every bit of force she could muster. The slick sound of slime against slime reverberated through the woods.

Yet it wasn't enough. Her wet, squishy tentacle against her equally soft groin couldn't elevate her to climax like it normally could. She needed something hard. Something that wouldn't give when she tried to clamp down on it. The real thing. She craved human cock, but knew it was a desire she could never satisfy or lose everything she was. She knew without a doubt that it was his touch that gave her these cravings, and made it impossible to satisfy herself. But maybe they would go away eventually.

Frustrated, she stood up, retreated her tentacle back into her mat of gooey hair, and decided that she needed to find someone who could protect her before the human came back. There were lots of choices: run for the nearest fairy grove, nymph pond, gnome cave, or somewhere else? But they were all awfully distant in these huge woods, and she chose a bad direction to run in earlier, putting her far away from all of the neighbors.

It was starting to get darker in the forest. As she walked, her craving didn't subside. And in a thin part of the forest, with few obstructing branches or leaves or plants, she heard the crunch of footsteps on grass behind her. She turned, and there was nothing. But, there were several tree trunks and bushes that the intruder could have been behind.

Tourmaline paused for much longer than she rationally should have. Thoughts floated through her head. "Do I even want to... should I... Why am I not running? I should run. How could my arousal get so bad that—"

And as she stood around in confusion, the human came out from behind the nearest tree trunk. She started to run, but was too slow. He lunged, and forced both of his open palms onto the goo comprising her breasts. She stumbled a little as her chest quivered.

Panic and fear shot through her mind, along with a new sensation; that of blissful pleasure within her chest. He dug his hands into her oozing form, exposing more and more of his skin to her body and turning every part he touched into a sensitive erogenous zone. She wanted to escape, and tried to escape. But her legs could do little more than feebly stumble from the pleasure invading her body, and he moved with her.

He pressed his body against her, letting the residual skin oils in his clothing act on her arms, thighs, belly; anywhere they touched, she felt enormous pleasure. It was getting harder by the second for Tourmaline to think about escape, but easier to imagine something else; cock and submission. She fought the urge to surrender, struggling to pull him away, but he was stronger. He crammed his bulging pants against her own groin, and she helplessly stared into his increasingly beautiful eyes.

"Submit," Tourmaline's mind told her. She wanted to escape. She wanted to get away from his intoxicating grip and keep her sanity. But, she couldn't. Her desires began to change. She needed him. She needed to serve. She needed his touch, needed release, and needed to become his toy.

Her primal urges began to override her sense of self-preservation, and the struggling ended. It felt so good for her to stop struggling, and when she did, the arousal consumed her, and she stared into his eyes with a hazy expression of lust and a wide open mouth.

The human smiled in joy and leaned in close to her.. "It's good to see you've come around. How about I give you what you want?"

Tourmaline nodded. She knew exactly what she wanted, and what he was about to give. The anticipation and arousal were almost too much to bear.

The human withdrew his arms from her and pulled his shirt away, sliding against Tourmaline's exterior and exposing more of her body to his essence. He threw his shirt onto a branch. When his bare, well toned, yet soft and smooth chest pressed against hers, she was in heaven. The human followed up by pulling his waist away from her, leaving her longing for his touch against her legs. He unbuckled his pants and pulled them to the floor. Looking down through her translucent chest, Tourmaline could faintly see the part of him she craved most.

Although her desire for his cock was the strongest need she had ever felt, she could not take it. She was obedient, and knew that he had to choose to reward her with it. The craving only got worse the more she stared, and she was oblivious to everything but him and her.

His words cut through her arousal-ridden mind. "If you want it, then get on your knees and beg." He stepped back, effortlessly breaking contact with her slippery exterior.

Tourmaline immediately obeyed. She bent her knees down to the grass below—it was getting hard to stand up anyway—and assumed a submissive posture. She craved his touch. She craved the cock right in front of her. She craved to please. "Please," she said, "please shove your cock inside of me. I'll do anything! I'm your submissive little plaything."

He smiled. "Beg more."

She stared up at him, glaring with her pleading eyes. "Please, I just need to serve you, make you happy, have you inside of me. I can't take it much longer! I need to be your little slut, your little pet, here to serve. Fuck me, I need it..."

"That's good. Now, get on all fours, pet." He took a step back to give her room.

Tourmaline felt good being called that. Even better than the feeling of knowing he would finally let her have what she craved. She obeyed his command, putting her hands on the floor and leaning forward, staring at his long, hard cock only inches from her face. Her heaving breasts hung from her chest, still shaking a little from her movements.

"Open wide," he said. With that, he slowly inched forward until the tip of his cock met the lips of Tourmaline's wide open mouth. He slid the entire length into her. Immediately, her mouth was flooded with a powerful, blissful tingle, like that which lingered of the rest of her body. Yet, it was even more intense than what she felt elsewhere. Tourmaline tasted his length, rubbing her mouth all over him and manipulating his member with her tongue. It was heaven.

She got to work on his cock. Tourmaline bobbed her head back and forth, creating wet, squishing sounds which echoed through the empty woods, savoring his hard length as her mouth tingled. She longed to pleasure him and fill his needs. She more tightly pressed her lips around his shaft, and furiously massaged the underside of his cock with her nearly frictionless tongue all while bobbing her head and looking up at him. Her face and hair occasionally touched his legs and groin, making her head tingle with bliss all over.

The human closed his eyes, reveling in the pleasure. Tourmaline took this as a sign of approval, and the intense tingles of pleasure within her body intensified from the satisfaction of serving him well. As she licked and pleased his throbbing member, her groin began to tingle with the same pleasure she was feeling in her mouth. The intoxicating touch of him in her mouth, the residual tingles he left in her body, and the pleasure of serving: the combined pleasure was finally working its way into her groin.

As she sucked and licked and bobbed her head, jiggling her breasts with every movement, the erotic bliss within her groin only grew stronger and stronger. She needed it. She needed him to cum. Only by pleasing him to the fullest degree possible could she reach orgasm herself. She kept up her powerful, wet sucking, bringing him closer and closer to the climax she knew he wanted, and in the process, edging herself closer and closer to orgasm as well.

Tourmaline could feel his heartbeat through his hot groin; fast, powerful, and quickening by the minute. And she knew he could tell how much she was loving his cock by looking up at his smug, cute grin. She could barely take the pleasure by this point, almost at the brink of orgasm herself.

She saw his body tense up. This was it. He was going to come. She feverishly thrusted her head across his shaft the last few times until his cock began to spasm and he erupted into her mouth. His semen pushed her beyond the brink, and the powerful arousal his fluids created sent her into an immediate orgasm. She moaned on his spurting cock. Her pussy tightly clenched around nothing in lightning-hot pulses of immense pleasure. She sucked up every drop of his cum into her body, only making her orgasm more powerful with every drop he shot into her. And she kept coming, and coming, and coming, becoming numb to everything but the best orgasm of her life.

As her orgasm began to subside, the semen within her leaving a lingering arousal in her mouth, she became aware of the human patting her head as he withdrew his spent cock from her throat. Satisfaction began to rise along her residual arousal. She did a good job, and knew it.

"See? Wasn't that amazing?" he said.

"It... was the best," Tourmaline stuttered out, still on all fours, and shaking from the orgasm. The semen he shot into her began to disperse throughout her body, making her tingle everywhere with obedient pleasure.

"Come home with me, my pet. I don't think you can go back to your own home after experiencing this."

He was right. She couldn't. She needed to serve him, to please him, and to be his cute little pet. His mind-altering influence on her made the decision for her. "That... would be the best, master." She found herself saying that word unprompted: "Master." It felt so good to say. So good to have one.

"Then stand up and come along," he said, and the two ventured off, away from the heart of the forest.

Tourmaline's disappearance wasn't particularly tragic among the other forest dwellers, since everyone at least knew she was happy.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the story. If you want to help me make more stories like this, have a look at my Patreon and Discord! 🥰


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