Relatively Harmless

by dietsoda

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #fantasy #hurt/comfort #petplay #succubus #transgender_characters #urban_fantasy #witches

A bloodthirsty succubus is summoned and tamed. Cute and smutty urban fantasy story.

hiya, i’m back! this one took a while cuz i’m now working full time again and don’t have quite as much brain juice to devote to my hobbies. i think it turned out nicely tho! 

“All in all, succubi are relatively harmless as far as demons go—they’re content to feed on passion and desire, meaning even a botched summoning likely won’t cause you any permanent harm. Keep your wits about you, watch out for charm spells, and you’ll be fine.” 

—Encyclopedia Infernum: A Summoner’s Handbook

Nyx loved the Encyclopedia Infernum. As a guide, it was worthless; any demon worth their salt could point out a dozen errors on any given page, and the advice contained within it was dubious at best. But as a free meal ticket? Exquisite. University students, occult wannabes, and lonely romantics would use the book’s succubus summoning ritual, expecting a busty red bimbo to materialize and show them a good time. And while one usually did—the stereotype existed for a reason, unfortunately—an unlucky few ended up with Nyx instead. 

Nyx was not a stereotypical succubus. She had the horns, claws, and spade-tipped tail typical of her kin, but that was about it; her skin was ashy gray instead of red, she was tall, lean, and tough instead of curvy and supple, and her tiny pair of underdeveloped wings hung limply from her back. Most who summoned her were confused, disappointed, or both. None were attracted to her.

“Did I do something wrong?” they’d often ask her. “Are you even a succubus?”

And then Nyx would tear them to shreds.

Lust be damned. If she couldn’t feed on coital passion, she’d feed on the passions of the hunt instead: Terror. Rage. The intoxicating rush of adrenaline and endorphins her victims felt in their final moments. She became a true demonic predator, ambushing occult novices who’d read pablum like the Encyclopedia Infernum and didn’t realize they should be afraid of her. 

So when Nyx felt the pull of yet another poorly executed summon, she immediately allowed it to carry her away from the blackened mesas of Hell. Darkness swirled around her as the forces of infernal magic punched a hole in time and space, transporting the succubus to Earth and to her prey. Nyx felt no guilt, no doubt. She was a hunter, and this was a hunt. 

The portal spat her out in a bedroom. The cramped walls were covered in brightly colored posters, while the floor outside of the summoning circle was dominated by cheap furniture and a pile of dirty clothes. A nervous young woman stood just outside the sigil, eyes wide and hands firmly shoved in the pockets of her gray sweatshirt. Most of her face was covered by blonde bangs and thick glasses. Cute, in a reserved sort of way.

Not that it really mattered—as soon as the demon regained her bearings, she let out a blood-curdling shriek and lunged toward the girl with her claws outstretched. Nyx tasted the sour tang of fear on her tongue as she knocked her prey to the floor in a tangle of limbs. With her demonic strength, it only took Nyx a moment to wrestle her onto her back and straddle her torso.

Fuck!” The summoner shouted, shifting her arms to protect her face and neck. A pointless maneuver; she was already pinned. It was over. With a triumphant growl, Nyx slashed downward.

Only for her claws to bounce off of some invisible force.

“For fuck’s sake, Maggie! Do it!

Nyx blinked, and the bedroom—or rather, the illusion of a bedroom—dissipated to reveal a squat concrete box warded with deftly constructed magical runes. Similarly, the summoner’s casual clothes dissolved to reveal enchanted body armor. An illusion! The girl was a cursed witch! Nyx hissed and pulled away from her, turning to bolt through the Hell portal before it closed and the trap was truly sprung.

“Not so fast!” came a separate, far cheerier voice from behind her. Just as Nyx dove to escape, the portal vanished and she smashed face-first into the far concrete wall. Eyesight blurry from both the impact and her anger, the demon turned back around just in time to see the summoner slip out of the room and slam the door shut behind her. So be it; if they closed off all her exits, she’d make new ones. The power of Hellfire churned within her as she prepared a devastating spell to bring the building down around her…

Only for the runes lining the walls to shine brightly, interfering with her magic. Nyx was trapped. 

With the enraged panic of a cornered predator, she growled, screamed, and slashed at the offending door, demonic curses spewing from her mouth in the few brief moments she cared to use words at all. Arrogant witches, thinking they could stop a true Hellspawn! Nyx would show them. Their smugness would quickly give way to delicious horror once she escaped and tore them to ribbons. Nyx would grow fat on the despair of their kin as she ended their bloodlines and salted the earth of their ancestral homes. Nobody caged her.

But after brutally assaulting the solid stone walls of her prison for thirty minutes straight, Nyx had nothing to show for her efforts other than bloody hands and a lost voice. There were no obvious weaknesses; the runes were well crafted. The shoddy summoning circle they’d used to bring her here was likely weak on purpose, acting as bait. Damn witches. With brute force not an option, Nyx let her anger cool down to a low simmer. She would have to bide her time, wait for them to make a mistake.


She paced the length of her cell, eyes never straying far from the small slot in the door. With the noise of her struggle gone, she could faintly hear the voices of her captors from down the hall:

“…be absurd. Succubi are not supposed to be like that. Something is clearly wrong with her.” The summoner’s voice. Agitated. Accusatory.

“Exactly! Something is making her violent. And if we can find out what and address it, then we won’t need to keep her imprisoned.” The softer voice—Maggie, according to the summoner. Pleading. Defensive. On behalf of Nyx, apparently, as if she needed the help of a pathetic mortal. 

“What if this is just the way she is? No offense, Maggie, but this isn’t some injured fairy or scared lost werebeast like your other ‘projects.’ This is a demon. One who killed a half dozen people in less than two weeks.” 

Maggie’s voice remained confident and resolute. “Come on, Rhea. She’s a succubus.” Nyx’s tail flicked in annoyance. She wasn’t sure what that was supposed to mean. “At least let me try.”

Rhea audibly sighed. “Fine.” 

Nyx flinched as Maggie squealed in delight, the high-pitched noise putting the demon even more on edge. “Eeee!!!! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!” There was no trace of the earlier defiance in her voice—Maggie sounded more like an excited schoolgirl. “Did you see how cute she is? Her teeny little wings?”

“Goddess, Maggie. You’re going to get us both killed.” 

“I love you so much, babe!”

The reply was instant despite Rhea’s exasperated tone. “Love you too, babe.” 

Nyx spat on the floor of her cell.


The witches were starving Nyx. 

That was the only conclusion the succubus could come to, anyway. Maybe they wanted to weaken her; maybe they were too dumb to understand what succubi subsisted on. Who knew the reasons behind what witches did? All Nyx knew was that three cycles of the Earth sun had passed and all she’d eaten was a few scraps of fear by startling whoever came close to the door of her cell. Eventually, she’d lost the energy for even that and had just retreated to huddle in the corner. 

While Nyx barely saw Rhea since the day of her capture, Maggie came by often to talk about inane nonsense. 

“Why did you kill those six people?” Maggie would ask, or something else absurd along those lines. 

“Let me go,” Nyx would respond in her low, rasping snarl.

“If I let you go, will you hurt me?” 

“…no,” Nyx would lie. Having little experience actually talking to mortals, her attempts to entice the witch were all shots in the dark. “Let me go and I…will give you power. A lot of it.”

“Uh-huh. I don’t think so.” 

And so on and so forth until Nyx got frustrated and lapsed into a surly silence. 

Today seemed different, though. When Maggie arrived, she brought a chair to sit in and cast a quick spell to make the cell door transparent. It allowed Nyx to get her first real view of the woman: She was shorter and curvier than Rhea, with a round face, rosy cheeks, and chestnut hair. A faint smile was never far from her lips, something Nyx found incredibly suspicious. 

“Good morning,” Maggie said cheerily. 

“…Let me go.” 

“Ah. We’re not chatting today, my little demon.” Nyx watched warily as Maggie settled back into her chair. “I wanted to talk things over like reasonable people, but you’re clearly not interested. So instead, I’m going to have to use simpler communication. Like I would with an animal.” 

Nyx closed her eyes and shifted her naked body away from Maggie to signal her disinterest. A second later, though, something made her whip her head back toward the witch and perk up.


The decadent sweetness Nyx had given up on getting so long ago now tickled the tip of her tongue. Maggie had hiked her skirt up while the demon was looking away and placed one hand on top of her simple white panties. Nyx found herself unable to look away from that hand, her hunger ignited by the briefest promise of emotional energy to feed on. 

That certainly got your attention.” Maggie pressed down gently on her sex, triggering another tiny taste of arousal. “Hungry?” 

Nyx absently nodded, not even noticing herself scooting a few inches closer to the door. Her tail began swishing back and forth in wide, slow arcs.

Maggie began gently rubbing her pussy through her panties, radiating waves of lust that enveloped Nyx and filled her body with warmth. By now, the demon’s body was entirely directed toward the lewd scene as if it had some sort of magnetic pull over her. Nyx could smell the arousal and see the witch’s panties grow glossy and see-through as she fingered herself through the fabric. It was dinner, a show, and passionate sex all in one. 

And then it stopped.

Maggie pulled her hand away, causing Nyx to flinch in dismay. 

More,” the succubus demanded, annoyed at the interruption. Her fist pounded the door for emphasis. She would not be toyed with in this manner. 

“What’s your name?” Maggie grabbed some kind of small gadget with her other hand, the hand not taunting Nyx by resting so precariously on her gorgeous pubic mound. 

“…Nyx.” No harm in telling, she supposed.

Maggie pressed a button on the gadget while simultaneously slipping her fingers beneath her panties to continue masturbating. 


Nyx blinked, confused by the sound for only a moment before no longer caring. Why care about such a small thing when the lust was back? Best she lost herself in the buzzing ambient warmth while she still could. The sweetness of her much-needed meal only grew in intensity when Maggie slipped a finger inside herself, curling it upward and slowly rocking her hips back and forth. Nyx crawled to the transparent door and pressed herself up against it. She wished she could get closer.

“Mmm…Tell me, Nyx…why are you so aggressive?” Maggie stopped fucking herself as she waited for a response. 

“Have to feed.”

Click. Maggie brushed a finger across her clit; both she and Nyx gasped in sync.

“Feed on what?”

“Fear. Anger.”

Click. Another circle rubbed around the clit; another spark of pleasure. Nyx was thrusting her own hips forward now as well. 

“Why not lust? You wouldn’t have to hurt anyone then; besides, you clearly enjoy it.”

Nyx blinked, a spark of shame returning her to her senses. What the Hell was she doing groveling before this mortal? She should be preparing to kill the woman, not fawning over her. Mortals did not find Nyx beautiful. This charade was merely trickery and manipulation.

The succubus hissed and slunk back into her corner, glaring at Maggie with her tail thrashing and thumping against the cold ground.

“Not going to answer?” 

She hissed again.

“Fine. But that means I’m done here.” Maggie took her hand away from her sex and pushed her skirt back down while Nyx watched in dismay. The demon wasn’t even close to being full; was she really going to throw away a meal because of pride? “I’ll see you tomorrow.” 

Maggie stood to leave but only made it two steps before Nyx called out in exasperation:


The witch paused and looked back. “Can’t what?”

“Can’t live on lust.”

Click. Maggie’s hand returned to her sex as she walked up to the cell door and peered in at Nyx. “Why not?”

Nyx was unable to meet the brunette’s eyes. “…None willing.” After a moment, she rushed to add: “Hunting is more satisfying anyway. And I am a good hunter.”

“Oh.” Maggie sounded sad for some reason. “I see. Thank you for being honest, Nyx.” 

A spark of hope flared within her. “You will let me go now?”

“I’m afraid not. But I have something even better,” said Maggie as she sat back down. She pulled out a small pink phallus and pressed its base, causing it to shake and rumble. “You’ve made good progress, little demon. A reward is in order.”

“I am not little.”

Any more objections died in Nyx’s throat as Maggie flopped back into the chair and began teasing the vibrator up and around her clit. The succubus swooned as a barrage of arousal much stronger than the previous trickles overwhelmed her; only her razor-sharp focus on the witch kept her from tumbling over onto her back. It felt so good. Shudders at the full-body tingling warmth became quivers became clenches of her sex and arches of her back as the pleasure mounted far beyond where she expected it to peak. 

For her part, Maggie seemed delighted as well—she kept stealing glances at Nyx and increasing the pace of her gyrating hips, thrilled the demon was enraptured with her. Her orgasm came quickly and intensely, leaving both warden and prisoner alike moaning and writhing for nearly a minute. Nyx collapsed first, throwing an arm out to keep her face from hitting the stone floor. Her ears were ringing. Sweat beaded on her back and forehead. She hadn’t felt this full in centuries.

So full, in fact, that the sleepy afterglow made her barely aware of her surroundings. She distantly recognized when Maggie entered the cell, hearing the door open and seeing light from the hallway spill in, but found it hard to make herself particularly care. Maggie had fed Nyx and had made her feel this wondrous relaxation. She was allowed to live. For now.

Maggie knelt down beside Nyx and began to stroke the demon’s short and messy black hair, pushing her luck. Nyx growled softly but didn’t move away. It would take too much effort. 

“Good girl, very good…” Maggie cooed, gently massaging Nyx’s scalp. And then, at the bottom of one of her head pats, she shot her other hand out and wrapped something around Nyx’s neck.


Startled, Nyx bit the offending hand before the witch could pull it away. She didn’t use her full strength—if she had, the witch wouldn’t have had a hand to pull away—but did use enough force to draw blood and make Maggie flee from the cell. Insolent girl. Nyx brought her fingers up to the item around her neck and frowned. 

It didn’t seem like a garrote or other weapon; it had a metal buckle in the front, albeit one inoperable thanks to a heart-shaped lock dangling from it. The rest felt like a leather band inscribed with runes. An enchanted necklace, then? One rather strangely thick and wide? Nyx sighed. Mortals made no sense to her. 

“What is this?” She snarled, rising unsteadily to her feet. Beyond the transparent door, she saw Maggie wrapping a bandage around her hand quite professionally.

“A device,” Maggie stated calmly, not looking back. “To make sure you behave.” She finished applying the bandage, then grabbed the small button-gadget from earlier.

“What does it—“


Maggie pressed the button, and Nyx whimpered as the thing around her neck surged with an energy not dissimilar to lust. The pleasant warmth lasted only a moment before disappearing.

“Ah, good! It works.”

Nyx snagged a claw on the leather band to confirm her suspicion: She wouldn’t be taking it off any time soon. The runes engraved in it were likely at least partially similar to those in her cell, halting her attempts to destroy it.

“Take it off,” she demanded.

“Then how would I be sure you wouldn’t bite me again?” 

Nyx didn’t have an answer for that. The demon huffed and turned away from her captor. 

“Don’t worry. You’ll learn to love it.” 


It was not a magic necklace. It was a collar. 

Nyx had learned as much when Maggie had attached a leash to it and led the succubus on a brief trip outside of her cell. The indignity of the scene hadn’t been lost on her, but while she briefly considered trying to kill the young witch—the collar blocked her Hellfire but did nothing to dull her claws—Nyx decided to stay her hand. She’d need all the energy she could get to escape back to Hell, and Maggie was a reliable source for the time being. A little embarrassment would not stop her from getting her fill.

Besides, the delicate sweetness of arousal was proving far preferable to the rank and sour taste of fear.

After two weeks of similar trips around the hall and occasional feedings—affairs often broken up by Maggie’s incessant questions and the pleasure-giving clicking device—the witch approached Nyx’s cell with an offer. 

“Would you like to see the rest of the house?”

“House?” Nyx frowned. She’d assumed this was a dungeon based on the barren stone room and simple hallway she’d seen.

“Mhm! Whole coven lives here, though rarely all at once.” Maggie smiled warmly. “Just me and Rhea here today, though. No need to be shy.”

The mention of Rhea made Nyx’s tail twitch. The succubus could tolerate and even accept Maggie’s company so long as she kept feeding Nyx and giving her clicks, but Rhea? The cold blonde who’d summoned her in the first place? Not to be trusted. Still…it was best to confront the danger head on. Learn what she was up against.

“Take me.”

“What was that?” Maggie gave her a stern look. Nyx stared back, puzzled, until the witch sighed. “What do we do when we want something?”

Oh. More of this drivel. What had Maggie called it? Pole lightness? She’d lectured Nyx on it several times over the past two weeks, but the demon had usually tuned out her voice to focus on her sizable breasts instead. “Take me…please?”


Nyx shuddered and parted her lips as a pulse of heat came from her collar. By the time it passed and she returned to her senses, the cell door was already open and Maggie had attached the leash. Pole lightness got her clicks, apparently. She’d have to remember to keep using it. 


Maggie pulled on the leash and started forward at a leisurely pace, taking Nyx through the by-now-familiar beige hallway. When they reached the runed door at the end of it, though, the witch casually pushed it open and walked the demon up a flight of creaky wooden steps partially shrouded in darkness. The stairwell and floor beyond it smelled of paper, herbs, and incense, a collection of scents that while pleasant on their own indicated witchery when together. Nyx remained on her guard as they passed through a narrow hallway into the various rooms of the house.

“…and this is the kitchen where we prepare our food…”

It was an odd experience. Nyx had been in mortal houses plenty of times, but never long enough to learn the purposes of most rooms or of the objects within them. Usually she’d entered, coated the walls in blood, and then left. So while she had a general idea of what each room was for—the bedrooms had beds, the cramped room with the couches was for gatherings, the big table room was for eating and the small table rooms were for reading—there was still plenty she didn’t understand. Not that she cared enough to ask questions, though. Mostly she focused on keeping her guard up and taking note of the building’s exits. Danger could be anywhere.

After the third time Nyx refused to enter a room, Maggie stopped the guided tour to address her. “Nervous?”

“No.” Nyx pulled her hand away from the door frame it’d been clenching, her claws leaving gouges in the wood. “Mortals do not scare me.”

“Must be overwhelming, hm?” Maggie asked, ignoring Nyx’s objection entirely. “Being in a house that isn’t filled with threats.”

Nyx scoffed. “Yours is more threatening than most.” 

Maggie’s face fell at the comment. “You still think I’m trying to hurt you?” She dropped the leash and shook her head. “…What am I saying? Of course you would. I’m sorry. We can stop if you want to. I just thought…” Her voice trailed off.

Seeing and hearing—and tasting, for that matter—Maggie’s disappointment sparked an unfamiliar feeling in Nyx, a sort of heavy tightness centered in her chest. She did not like it. So much so, in fact, that she felt she had to get rid of it.

“I do not wish to stop,” she stated quietly.

Maggie looked up at her again, surprised. “Really?”

Nyx nodded and held the slack leash out toward her. Maggie’s subsequent smile made the heaviness inside the demon’s chest disappear entirely. And so did the


“Aah!” Nyx moaned, biting her lower lip at the surge of pleasure. A part of her was ashamed at what she was doing, but the click and Maggie’s little giggle quieted those thoughts. 

“Come! We’re almost done.” 

Maggie walked Nyx around a corner and into another small-desk room. It was darker than the others, a majority of the natural light either blocked by the closed blinds or absorbed by the dark wood furniture. Most of the room was taken up by piles of old looking books and scrolls, some of which pulsed with latent magic. Nyx wasn’t looking closely at them, though. Her eyes were firmly trained on the woman in the corner.


The blonde appeared lanky and tall even as she hunched over her desk, her spindly fingers working furiously to scribble something in a notebook. She wore a loose light blue jumpsuit cuffed at the wrists and ankles as well as a sturdy pair of black boots. After several more seconds of intense focus, she finally caught sight of Maggie and Nyx in the doorway and did a double take. There was suspicion behind her thick round glasses as she looked between the two of them and at the leash. Nyx froze, tension coiling in her muscles. Her tail stuck out rigidly in preparation to pounce.

Summoners could not be trusted. Mortals could not be trusted. They were repulsed by Nyx, disgusted by Nyx. By the stunted pair of wings on her back and their occasional twitches. By the low rasp of her voice. By her distinct absence of any curves. They showed her no kindness, and she could show them no kindness in return.

“Easy, Nyx,” whispered…Maggie. Nyx hesitated. Maggie had shown her kindness. Maggie had called her cute. And despite her reservations about the witch, Nyx didn’t take her for a liar. Which could only mean…maybe Nyx had misjudged mortals. Slightly.

She slowly relaxed, eyes never leaving Rhea.

“Hmph,” the blonde grumbled. “Consider me impressed. I still think this is risky, though.”

Maggie stuck out her tongue. “You’re just jealous.”

“Of what, almost getting your hand bitten off?” 

“Jealous I make friends so quickly.”

Rhea shook her head. “She’s not your friend, babe.”

A low growl built in Nyx’s throat. Rhea wasn’t entirely wrong—Nyx had been thinking of Maggie as a means to an end—but hearing that out loud brought the heaviness back to her chest in full force. “Liar,” she spat. “You are a summoner. Cannot be trusted.”

Maggie gently laid a hand on Nyx’s shoulder, making sure the succubus saw it coming first. Nyx allowed it. “Rhea, you’re upsetting her.”

The blonde witch put her hands up in surrender. “Okay, okay. Sorry. I’m just worried about you is all.”

“I know, babe. But I’m more than capable of handling such a sweet little thing.” As Maggie reached to stroke Nyx’s hair, the demon’s growl abated. Rhea had backed down; there was no more need to posture. And, on an unrelated note, Nyx was beginning to enjoy having her hair stroked.


That made it feel even better. Losing herself in the pleasure, Nyx’s far larger and still-nude form slumped against Maggie and almost bowled the witch over.

“Woah! Good girl!” Maggie grinned. “I’ll be back in a bit, babe, mkay? Just want to show Nyx one last thing.”

Rhea grunted, already absorbed in her work again. 

Maggie propped Nyx back onto her feet, though the succubus still swayed slightly from the lingering pleasure. With short steps (and many more suggestive guiding touches), the witch took the pair into one last room. 

“This is where Rhea and I sleep.” 

Nyx could see it in the decoration; Rhea’s chaotic and academic sensibilities gently nudged into order by Maggie’s taste for bright colors and open spaces. The piles of paper and books were tucked into relatively neat shelves beneath the sizable bed, while the rest of the room was adorned only with simple furniture and the occasional vase of flowers or pleasant landscape painting. Nyx took all of it in, trying to imagine why the two drastically different witches decided to bed one another regularly.

“Also…” Maggie interrupted her train of thought as she walked over to a narrow door in the corner of the room. “It took a little rearranging, but…ta da!” She opened it. Inside was what looked like a very small room filled with an assortment of pillows and blankets. 

Nyx stared blankly at Maggie, not understanding. 

“I thought it might be more comfortable than a cell. If you wanted it, I mean. To stay in. For now.” Maggie scratched the back of her head. “You’d have to promise to be good, of course.”

The demon’s eyes went wide as she realized what Maggie was offering. “For me?”

“Yes for you, silly.”

Nyx’s tail swished excitedly back and forth as she looked over the little room again. She’d never had a space to call her own before—in Hell there were always stronger demons edging in on her turf and forcing her out. To have a place she could keep and come back to would be…

It would be too good to be true. Nyx frowned. “What about the others?”

Maggie waved a hand dismissively. “They’re fine with it. Rhea complained and then caved like usual, Elise has been spending all her time with her new girlfriend anyways, and Tara is the most mellow person I know.”

Nyx still felt doubt prickling at the back of her neck. Caring for a prisoner was one thing, but this? Leaving her unguarded and in comfort? Unfathomable. Nyx was confused enough that only one word properly expressed her thoughts:


Maggie shrugged. “You seemed like you’d like it. Besides, I enjoy having you around. You’re adorable, Nyx. Adorable and fascinating.”

Tentatively, Nyx reached forward and plucked a small fluffy red pillow from the floor.

“So soft…” she murmured, running her fingers over it. Nyx hadn’t realized things could be so soft. Certainly there was nothing so soft in Hell. No clicks, either. No lust to feed on in general. And if Maggie actually wanted her around…

“Yes,” Nyx declared. “This is good.” She was a true hunter, after all. What kind of hunter would willingly give up reliable meals and shelter in favor of uncertainty?

Maggie squealed in delight and lunged forward to wrap her arms around Nyx’s torso. “Yay! I’m so pleased!”

Nyx stiffened awkwardly, arms still at her sides despite the young woman tightly squeezing her. Suddenly, Maggie craned her neck to look into the demon’s eyes.

“Shall we inaugurate your very first bed?”


Maggie giggled. “Sex?”

“Oh.” Nyx’s eyes went wide. “Oh. Yes. Sex.” She was hungry enough.

Maggie stood on her tiptoes and began kissing Nyx aggressively, biting the demon’s lower lip and trying to force her tongue past it. Startled, Nyx tried to step back only to bump against the open door. She had no idea what she was doing. What was she supposed to do with her mouth? With her hands? With…other things? 

The witch pulled away from their kiss after noticing Nyx’s lack of movement and utterly lost expression. “Wow. You’re a terrible sex demon, you know that?”

“I am not a sex demon.”

“Hmm…” Maggie tapped her chin. “Let’s see if we can fix that.”


Nyx slid a few inches down the door as her knees buckled from the pleasure. She was now eye level with Maggie, who had a devious grin on her face.

“We’ll have to loosen you up first, of course.” 


Nyx sat down hard, resting on her tailbone as her hips bucked. Maggie swooped down to straddle the demon’s lap so they remained face to face. Nyx stared at her thumb hovering over the clicker. 

“You want another?” 

She nodded. 

“Take off my dress. No claws,” Maggie added right before Nyx tore her clothes off. The succubus settled for tugging them off instead, though she struggled briefly trying to understand the breast-holder. One sharp tug did the trick, pulling it up over Maggie’s head and leaving her full breasts to tumble down. “Good girl!


Nyx’s tail kept thumping against the door as it swished excitedly, and even her little wings fluttered ever so slightly as all her muscles clenched with pleasure. She felt Maggie’s hot and wet sex rub against her thigh and savored the ensuing lust.

“Lie down,” the witch commanded between pants. “On your back.”

The succubus obeyed. 


Maggie shifted until she was straddling Nyx’s chest. “We’ll make a great cunt-licker out of you yet, but until then…” She scooted forward and sat on the demon’s face. Nyx tensed in surprise for a moment, then eagerly began licking away. Despite her no-doubt awful technique, she felt plenty of lust pouring off of Maggie—it seemed she got plenty satisfaction just from riding her face hard. Her hands wrapped around Nyx’s horns like a pair of handles, using them to push Nyx harder against her sex. 

Mmf!” Nyx growled into her cunt, less out of anger and more out of the intense desire she barely knew how to quench.

“I knew I’d have you like this within a month,” Maggie howled as she built toward climax. “From the day I summoned you. Pretend to be scary all you like, little succubus. Your kind are built to be whores. Can’t help yoursel—aaAAh!” The rant was cut short by her orgasm, a moment of pure satisfaction shared between the two of them as Nyx drank from her in more ways than one. 

After descending from her peak, Maggie rolled off of Nyx and onto the pillows covering the floor of her little nook. She glommed tightly onto the much taller succubus, whose expression of dazed satisfaction was only interrupted by her licking the taste of Maggie from her lips. 

“Good girl,” the witch murmured in her ear. “My good little succubus.”

And while there was no accompanying click, Nyx still shuddered with delight.


The witch was starving her. 

That was the only conclusion the succubus could come to, anyway. She was supposed to be fed at 8, but it was already 7:57 and Rhea hadn’t even gotten up from her desk yet. Nyx sighed. She knew this would happen the moment she learned Maggie would be out of town for a few days. Maggie was attentive and knew her needs; Rhea wasn’t and didn’t.

“Stop staring at me,” Rhea mumbled, not looking up from her book. “It’s not 8 yet.” 

Nyx ignored her. She’d been perched in the corner of Rhea’s office for a half hour watching the blonde. Occasionally, she’d run her fingers through her now much longer, healthier hair or adjust one of the pink ribbons tied in a bow around each of her horns. But mostly she just waited and grew more and more impatient.

The clock switched over to 7:58.

After two months of living with the witches, Nyx had grown relatively comfortable among them. For the most part she kept to the background, content to nap the days away on a couch or in her little nest of horn-pierced pillows before sneaking out at night to hunt pigeons and rats in the nearby park. She had to keep sharp just in case Maggie ever needed her protection, after all. The coven seemed happy or at least unbothered by her presence, and Nyx found each of them curious in their own way as well. She’d still lash out occasionally on instinct when startled or angered, but never with more than a sharp nip and a growl. And Maggie’s chastisements afterwards would always make her feel a little abashed. 

As the clock changed to 7:59, though, Nyx felt no such shame. If Rhea was really so intent on this battle of wills, then Nyx would have to use everything at her disposal. 

She adjusted slightly closer to a stack of paper, then “accidentally” knocked it over with her tail, sending them scattering across the floor. Nyx kept staring at Rhea.


Nyx!” The blonde shouted, jumping from her desk. “Come on!

She didn’t budge.

Rhea shook her head and took down her haphazard ponytail. “You want to be fed, hmm? Is that it? Fine!” With one swift motion, she pulled off her leggings and panties alike to let her cock spring free—already hard, Nyx noted with smug satisfaction. 

“Get over here,” Rhea growled. Nyx stood. “On your knees.”

The succubus knelt down and crawled over, still looking at Rhea even as she had to crane her neck to make eye contact.

“Stupid slut can’t even wait an extra minute,” the witch grumbled as she guided the tip of her cock into Nyx’s open mouth. “Go on then, slut. Suck.”

Nyx did as she asked, recalling the lessons Maggie had drilled into her with the clicker. She wrapped her lips around the tip and alternated between sucking, pushing it further in, and gently tugging it back out, going for maximum sensation with little movement. It was a good way to get Rhea to cum quickly, she’d learned—and an even better way to annoy her. 

“Oh no you don’t,” the blonde snarled, grabbing Nyx’s horns and pushing her cock into the demon’s mouth harder. “With how you’ve been behaving, I will not make this quick and easy for you.” 

Nyx forced herself to relax and take Rhea deeper into her throat, aided by a lack of any gag reflex. The room was filled with the blonde’s moans and an uptempo gluck gluck gluck as she took the reins and face-fucked Nyx.

Rhea had proven the biggest surprise to the succubus—while she continued to grouse about “living with a demon,” she’d also taken to spending many long hours with Nyx, whether cuddling with her or doing something a bit more strenuous. Maggie had told Nyx she was ‘excellent stress relief,’ for Rhea, a role the demon took very seriously. 

“This is all you’re good for, you know that?” Rhea hissed breathlessly as she continued face-fucking Nyx. By now, Nyx was an absolute mess, saliva and tears alike streaming down her face as Rhea used her as nothing more than a hole for pleasure. It was fantastic. Rhea’s lust had an excellent taste, a bit less sweet compared to Maggie but with a fuller, earthier flavor.

When the witch’s thrusts came harder and at a less consistent pace, Nyx knew she was close. She wrapped her lips tight around Rhea’s cock and worked alongside her, bobbing her head up and down until she felt a surge of lust and a few lovely droplets of cum hit her tongue. 

Fuck you’ve gotten good at that.” Rhea thrust one more time for good measure before pulling out and wiping the saliva and cum off her cock with Nyx’s face.

“Yes,” Nyx rasped confidently. “I am.” 

Rhea pulled her leggings back up and stretched her arms out. “I’m done for the day anyways. Want to come help me cook?”

Nyx shrugged. She’d been able to learn quite a bit about the mortal world, but cooking still evaded her. It all seemed so inefficient; she couldn’t see the point. More time with Rhea sounded nice, though. 


“Wonderful. Come on.” 

As she left the room, Nyx caught a glimpse of what Rhea had been working on:

“(editor’s note: add something in about how the 1st ed was written by a bunch of dumbass drug-addicted Alistair Crowley wannabes who didn’t know a demon from a doorknob)

Like all demons, succubi can very easily prove deadly to an inexperienced summoner, and should not be summoned by novices. While conventional wisdom states succubi are relatively pacifist demons who feed on sex, this is not the case—rather, they feed on any and all powerful emotions and desires and will use anything within their power to do so. That being said, this makes succubi simple to train once caught. An experienced summoner, therefore, will find them relatively harmless.”

—Encyclopedia Infernum, 2nd ed: A Summoner’s Handbook


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