Ashan and the Nymph

by detailedarchery

Tags: #f/m #fantasy #nymph

Ashan encounters a sexy nymph while resting in a cave.

The rain started to come down heavily as Ashan walked through the woods. His cloak was drenched and he was having a hard time seeing before him. He needed to find shelter as soon as possible. It had been dark since the afternoon ever since the clouds rolled in and began to unleash its fury upon the earth. He saw several creatures dash about in the woods to get out of the rain. Many times his hand went to his sword in preparation for combat but these creatures were not looking to spar with him.

He moved quickly across the ground and hit a sharp decline. There was a cave a few yards below. He moved toward it as best as he could so he would not slip and hurt himself. The cave was not deep but it afforded him coverage from the rain. He mumbled a prayer to the Gods for his shelter and began to take off his wet clothes. Each article of clothing was soaked through and he had to wring them out before placing them on a branch.

Ashan stood naked by the cave’s entrance as he looked out into the rain. His muscular body was covered in various scars where the steel of swords and knives had sliced across his skin. There was a long jagged scar that went from his breastbone to his abdomen. It was a daily reminder of his fight with the Orc King Daxo. The orc’s broadsword had cut through his armor as if it had been a loaf of bread and cut his skin. Ashan hadn’t felt the pain of it until after he had defeated Daxo. The Orc King’s broadsword now rested against the cave’s wall.

Ashan had an exceptionally large cock that dangled between his legs. Even in a flaccid state, it was still big in size. Many women, elves, and even a few female orcs had delighted in the sheer size of his cock. They worshiped it with their mouths and cunts until his seed emptied into them. It had been several weeks since he had bedded a woman as he had spent most of his time walking through the solitary fields and woods. He left it to the Gods to decide if and when his cock should be satisfied.

There were a few pieces of wood and branches on the ground that Ashan gathered up to make a fire. He needed to keep warm and get his clothes to dry quickly before the morning. After several attempts he was able to start a small fire. He placed his clothes near the warmth of the fire and also warmed his hands over it. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw movement outside of the cave. He looked over and waited for a moment. His body tensed up as he prepared himself for combat. However, there was no further movement outside of the cave.

He slowly got up and made his way to his broadsword. The feel of the sword’s hilt in his hand fueled him with strength. He walked to the cave’s entrance and waited. The rain was pouring now and he could not see beyond it. He wondered if there were any orcs out here. The woods had been barren of them even though he had expected to encounter a few. He stood guard at the cave’s entrance for several hours before he finally retreated by the fire. He needed to get a few hours of sleep. He kept his sword near him as he laid out on the ground.

Ashan hadn’t been asleep long when he felt something warm and wet on his cock. It seemed to move up and down the length of it. His cock started to respond and instantly became erect. There was a slight gasp and Ashan woke up with a start. He stared in surprise at a naked woman with small horns on her head. She had long silver hair and her skin was pale as snow. Her tits were large and her nipples were a light pink color. Ashan’s cock throbbed in excitement as he looked at her tits. The woman’s eyes were on Ashan’s cock and there was a smile on her lips.

“It grew so big in my mouth!” She said in a soft and soothing voice that made Ashan’s entire body relax. It had been the feel of her mouth that had awoken him.

“Who are you?” He whispered to this beautiful creature.

Her eyes met his and Ashan stared into two golden orbs that held him spellbound. She smiled at him and did not answer him. Instead, she took his cock back into his mouth. Ashan’s entire body felt incredible warmth and tingled. He had never experienced this before in all of his life. No woman had ever made him feel so good.

“Wait! What is going on here?!” He asked as he tried to shake himself out of this pleasurable stupor.

“Do you wish for me to stop?” The woman asked him in concern. The head of his cock rested against her bottom lip. 

Ashan wanted to know who she was, where did she come from, why she was naked, and why was she pleasuring him but he also did not want her to stop. The woman could tell from his hesitation and took him back into her mouth. She seemed to swallow his cock as it disappeared in her mouth. 

“Gods!” Ashan groaned. His cock had never been able to go this far into a woman’s mouth before. They all struggled with the length of him but this woman had all of him inside of hers! He watched as she held him deep in her mouth before she resumed sucking his cock. So much pleasure radiated throughout all parts of his body. He was having a hard time concentrating as he was flooded with wonderful sensations. He was already so close to releasing his seed. This was the very first time that something like this would occur.

The woman must have noticed his struggle for control as she took his cock out of his mouth with a loud popping sound and straddled him. Ashan looked at her cunt. There was silver hair covering it and he could see her pink slit. He looked at her and those golden eyes of hers held him in its spell again. She took his cock inside of her. 

“Fuck!” Ashan howled in pleasure. Her cunt was so wet and gripped him tightly. She began to move up and down on his cock. Her tits dangled above him and he reached up and cupped them. They were as soft as pillows in his hands. He squeezed them gently and then took a nipple into his mouth. The woman moaned and moved faster on Ashan’s cock. 

Her nipple was just as soft as her tits and tasted like warm honey. Ashan sucked on it hard and with his other hand he grabbed her ass. It was firm to the touch and he gave it a hearty squeeze. The woman kept moving fast upon him and he could no longer bear it. Ashan groaned and his body set alight in ecstasy. He was blinded as his cock spurted out its seed into her. He tried to hold onto her but collapsed onto the ground and faded into unconsciousness. He could still feel his cock spurting out its seed as he dozed.

The following morning, Ashan woke up groggy and drained. It was no longer raining as the sun’s light shone into the cave. He saw that his cock was hard and that his spent seed was on his stomach and on the cave floor. He stared at it in surprise as there was so much of it. He quickly got to his feet and peered out into the woods. He could hear birds chirping and see several bunnies dashing about. There was no silver-haired woman in sight.

He stepped back into the cave. Was it all a dream? He thought as he looked at his spent seed on the ground. 

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