What Rabbit do in the Year of Rabbit?

by deepediamcs

Tags: #cw:noncon #bimbofication #f/m #sub:female

A neuroscience university student falls victim to her misogynist professor’s subliminal trap. A seemingly harmless video about rabbit, and trivial question, “What Rabbit do in the year of rabbit?”

It was the last day of the year, for most people, they were already at their home, enjoying their holidays and free time with their family or loved ones from a few days ago since Christmas, but it was not the case for the Foxford Univesity student that picked the neuroscience class. 

"How does Professor Mesmer think it’s a good idea to set the final exam at the end of the year?” one of the girls, a brunette-haired woman by the name of Amanda complained.

“Well, he always makes things hard for us, nothing strange,” replied an Asian girl, Misaki Aoi.

The professor in charge of their class, Professor Aaron Mesmer, was an infamous misogynist and leecher. The professor often ogled his student blatantly, and never forgot to utter a demeaning remark to them. In a weird ‘coincidence’, his class only has female students in them, and only the good-looking ones to boot. Many had called bullshit that this was a coincidence and believed that this was arranged, but their Dean, Mrs. Felicia, even as far as releasing a public statement that the class was a coincidence considering the professor's previous class had a more diverse composition of students. 

Aside from the occasional verbal abuse, fortunately, the professor was professional enough never to attempt physically harass them, and as pervert and douchebag as he was, his female student needed to admit that the professor was delivering his lecture perfectly that a topic like neuroscience was easy to understand. 

The noise of the girl chit chattery died down as the middle-aged professor entered the room.

“I know you wenches hate me for taking your time for your new year holiday, but it’s the consequence for joining my class, but worry not, I too want to go home and enjoy my fruit of breakthrough this new year, so I will do myself, you, and this world a favor, so, I will make this test short, what I want you to do is to watch my short video and gave me analytic about it and send your answer to my email before 10 AM tomorrow. If you wenches still thought this is too much, you can say it to me, and I will drop you from this lecture.”

The girls began to whisper with each other in low voices. They couldn’t believe what they heard from the man, they already expect that the professor would ruin their days with a hard frustrating exam that would ruin their entire day. As for protesting about the test, no way they wanted to drop out of the lecture when they were already spending shitty months with the sexist professor, and on the final nevertheless. 

“Okay, let’s begin your final exam,” Professor Mesmer started the projector to play his video.

"What do you watch on your phone? It's rare to see you so absorbed with your phone."

As a student from overseas, Misaki, an authentic Japanese girl, couldn’t return to her home country this year, so she chose to spend her time holed in her share house. She lived there with 3 other girls, all were Foxford students with varying majors.

The one who asked her was Pamela Kendrick, one of Misaki's roommates, unlike the serious and studious Misaki, Pamela was the typical party girl; Bottle blonde hair, Fake tanned skin, often seen in sexy dresses. She didn’t care much about college, except that she could get away with her parent’s money, and not be monitored by them. Her parent was also why she chose to be in a share house full of other studious and serious students to give her parents the impression that she was also one, albeit not. Misaki wouldn’t accept the party girl if not because Pamela solely paid up 50% of the share house rent.

Looking at her curious roommate, Misaki told her about Professor Mesmer’s video. Usually, Pamela would just go away after hearing complicated lingo from her, but this time, Misaki never expect the party girl to stay until the end of her explanation.

“So, he wants you to give an analytic of this weird video about rabbits that doing nothing but stare at you?” Pamela asked.

“Yeah, his instruction was to watch the video, and write him an analytic about what the rabbit does in the year of rabbit?”

“Year of rabbit?”

“According to the Chinese, 2023 is the year of rabbit,” Misaki answered.

“So, what is the connection? Will the rabbit behave differently in any other year?” Pamela looked stupefied.

“That’s exactly the question that I need to answer, what is the connection between this rabbit video and the neuroscience topic.”

Pamela shrugged her shoulder, “what does the rabbit do in the year of rabbit? Well, rabbit fuck a lot, how about you just put aside that assignment and accompany me to the fraternity’s new year party tonight?” she said in a playful manner

Misaki frowned at Pamela’s invitation. It was not the first time Pamela asked her to accompany her to a party, she had attended one or two fraternity parties with the party girl before, and decided it was not her thing. She had made Pamela know that she didn’t want to attend these kinds of parties anymore.

But one of Pamela’s remarks kept echoing in her mind, what does the rabbit do in the year of rabbit? Rabbit fuck a lot. Rabbit fuck. Fuck. A lot.

Misaki shook her head, trying to throw the thought away.

"What's wrong?" Pamela asked after seeing Misaki's random gesture.

"N-Nothing," replied Misaki ashamedly.

"Okay, it's fine if you don't want to tell me, anyway, if you have a change of heart, come to Rose Avenue 69 before 10 PM, of course, don't dress boringly," Pamela told the Japanese girl about the party before walking away from her.

Several hours already passed, and Misaki still staring at the rabbit that did nothing video. The video was weird, Misaki had felt that the rabbit will move anytime but the rabbit stay motionless.

After analyzing it numerous times, Misaki finally found a clue to how to do her assignment, her exam was to not literally write about what the rabbit in the video did (no way that professor will make the exam so obvious and easy), but what the rabbit would do if the rabbit moved from their spot. It was akin to writing your next year's resolution but from a rabbit's perspective. 

Be a rabbit, think like a rabbit. 

To get the right analytical answer for the question, Misaki knew the appropriate approach for this question was to mimic a rabbit. 

If I were a rabbit, what will I do in the year of rabbit?

Then the remark of Pamela came back once again to the surface of her mind.

Rabbit fuck a lot. Rabbit fuck. I am a rabbit. I fuck a lot.

“I am rabbit…I fuck a lot…” Misaki unconsciously repeated the words like a mantra for god only knows how long. No! What in the name of God I just said?  The pretty black-haired girl snapped out of her mantra.

But the next thing she realized was her pants were already wet with her pussy juices. Misaki ran away toward her bedroom quickly to not be seen.

As soon as she was inside her room, Misaki couldn’t control herself, and got herself out of her pants and proceed to frantically rub her pussy.

Yet, after several minutes of rubbing, Misaki didn’t get the orgasm she craved so much. She finally gave up at the end after she felt tired rubbing her cunt ‘till sore.

Misaki was puzzled why did she unable to achieve orgasm even though she was so wet and horny. After much thought, she found an answer that albeit sounded like a random one, but her mind believed that it was the right answer.

Rabbit can go into a rut. Rabbit can fuck. Rabbit can breed. But Rabbit can’t masturbate. 

She needed to get fucked if she wanted any release. Rabbit need to be bred.

Misaki looked at the clock, she didn’t expect it was 7 PM now, she never realized that she had watched the video and done nothing for hours, the only moment she wasn’t watching the video was when she was talking with Pamela, which happened a few hours ago.

The girl was very confused about why she acted that way. 

Is this because of professor Mesmer’s video? Ever since she focused on Professor Mesmer’s rabbit video, she couldn’t get the rabbit and Professor Mesmer’s question out of her mind.  She was obsessed with the rabbit, even when she closed her eyes, Misaki still could see the rabbit, staring at her, ready to move anytime but always staying still when Misaki expected it to move.

It was easy to make a connection that there was something wrong with the video, especially because the one who created it was a pervert, misogynist, and an expert in neuroscience to boot. Alas, it was too late now, even if she was able to make a connection, she couldn't stop. It didn't matter that she didn't watch the video anymore, the obsession with the rabbit already took root in her mind. It was a curiosity-killed-the-cat situation.

I need to warn others! Misaki used her moment of soberness to grab her phone, among her classmate, she had a few close ones she considered as real friends, and she was worried about them.

One of her close friends was Amanda Ackersen, the brunette girl who threw a sarcastic remark before professor Mesmer started his class.

Amanda, please pick up please…Misaki tried to call Amanda’s number…once…twice, third time, but Amanda didn’t pick up her call. It was the fourth and last attempt Misaki to call her best friend that the call got connected.

“Amanda, are you there? Beware of professor Mesmer’s video, it does something to your mind!” said Misaki in a panicky tone.

But after she said her part, Misaki finally realized something was wrong, Amanda's side was too silent.

“Amanda, are you there? Please answer me.”

“Uhm…sorry, Amanda is too busy getting pounded, try to call her at a later time,” instead of Amanda, it was a man's voice Misaki unfamiliar with who replied to her.

“Who are you? What are you doing to Amanda?” 

“Oh god, yes, please fuck Bunny more.” Instead of receiving an answer from the mysterious man, the last thing Misaki heard before the call got cut was Amanda’s squeal.

Shit! Misaki knew that she was too late, but quickly calmed down, she knew it was inevitable how much time had passed since Professor Mesmer gave them the assignment. She expected her other classmate was also under the video’s influence like her or Amanda.

What to do? Shall I call the police? Will the police believe me if I tell them the video of rabbit staying still makes me uncontrollably horny? No way they will believe me.

Shall I just give up? Rabbit is a weak creature, rabbit better use her energy to fuck.

Misaki felt helpless as the invasive thought was back, she could already picture being fucked by professor Mesmer in her mind.

No! she might be a weak, helpless bunny, but she was not without options.

“There's still time,” Misaki mumbled as she decisively went for her wardrobe.

It was not the first time Misaki wore a bunny girl costume, she wore the costume on Halloween last year, and it wasn’t exactly hers, but Pamela brought the costume for her. She decided to wear a bunny girl outfit for the new year party at the neighboring fraternity Pamela invited her to.

Misaki filled the suit nicely. She didn’t have a boob as big as Pamela's surgical enhanced 36 E cup, but Misaki still had perky 32C cup boobs that were nice to see. Misaki was also considered tall for an Asian girl at 5’9 feet tall with most of her height distributed to her long, shapely legs. Her leg was clad in fishnet stocking to compliment her bunny girl suit.

She knew she was probably mad and not in her right mind for doing this; she had cut the crotch part of her bunny suit, showing her bare cunts for anyone to see. A blatant signal that rabbit wanted to fuck.

When she arrived at the party site, every eye in the room was on her for a minute. Some stay at her, and some went back to whatever they doing, not interested in Misaki as if what she wore was nothing outrageous. Those in the fraternity had already seen slut who dress far sluttier than her tonight.

“Glad you can come, I thought you were still stuck with your boring test, but I never expect you to wear this kind of slutty costume, and what with the cut in the crotch?” Unsurprisingly, Pamela was the first one who welcomes her.

“Bunny wants to fuck,” Misaki didn’t hide her intent. She was horny as hell. Rather than submitting to professor Mesmer, her plan was to get fucked by the best man she could find. She didn’t intend to be a helpless fuckbunny, but a rabbit of Caerbannog.

“Ah…I see, most of the men in Tau Alpha Fraternity are jerks but nice fuck, I can introduce you to one or two that may be your type,” Pamela said as if she had the experience. She then dragged Misaki somewhere.

“James, this is Misaki that I told you about, Misaki this is James, he's the nerd king in Tau Alpha, a pervert, but also has a big dick.”

After matchmaking the two, Pamela left Misaki and James alone.

“Hi, you look good in that bunny suit, I like you better than our other bunny girl,” said James.

“There’s other in bunny suits?” Misaki asked

“Yeah, do you know Melanie Dolores? She also came here in a bunny girl costume.”

Of course she knew who Melanie Dolores was. Melanie was her classmate in Professor Mesmer’s Neuroscience class. Melanie came from a strict Christian family and often dressed fully covered from neck to toe. Misaki didn’t expect Melanie even have a bunny girl costume in the first place. 

Even Melanie had fall victim to the rabbit video. Misaki let out a sigh.

“Hmm…what’s wrong? surprised much?”

“Yeah, I just don’t expect Melanie is also here,” said Misaki in a wry tone.

“Let’s move to a more suitable place to talk.” James offered, Misaki accepted his offer and followed him, moving away from the noise of the party to the quieter place at the back.

“I’m not as casual as my brother in the fraternity, I like to know who I will fuck better, I notice that you have a lot of thought after hearing Melanie’s name, what’s wrong?” James asked.

Maybe he can help me to deal with Professor Mesmer, should I tell him about the rabbit video?

“Rabbit want to fuck…Professor Mesmer,“ Misaki realized what she said and quickly put her hand on her mouth. She didn’t know what going on, she could tell about the rabbit video clearly to Pamela hours ago, but unable to tell James the same. When she went to tell James about the rabbit video of professor Mesmer, the words that came out were like what she just said.

James looked at Misaki weirdly, “you want to fuck professor Mesmer?”

Misaki shook her head, “No, video…me fuck.”

The man frowned, “You want me to video you fucking professor Mesmer? Do you think I have a cuckold fetish?”

“No, I don’t mean that.” Misaki finally got her ability to say things clearly back. As long as she didn’t talk about the rabbit video matter, she could speak as normal.

“Well, that interesting proposal actually, just like Japanese porn I like to watch, but if you want to make me cuckold, should we at least have some kind of relationship first?”

Oh no, he misunderstood what I said before.

But before she was able to clarify the misunderstanding, James already dropped his pants and showed her his hung dick.

Any words died down in her mouth. She was instantly mesmerized by James’ dick, and her mind was filled with the desire to get fucked by him. Her conviction of becoming the dominant one in the relationship than a helpless fuckbunny seemed gone like a bubble popped into thin air

Rabbit wants the carrot in James' crotch, rabbit wants to fuck.

Without many words, Misaki turned around, dropped on all four, ass up face down, wiggling her buttock, inviting the man to fuck her.

“Harder…fuck Bunny harder, fuck the intelligence out of Bunny!” Misaki egged James.

James’ dick was pounding Misaki’s pussy like a nonstop piston.

Misaki – No, Bunny’s mind was filled with heightened pleasure as the man’s dick was going in and out of her pussy.  The pleasure to be bred. 

She could feel that professor Mesmer's video was doing more things on her mind as James fucking her, but she couldn’t stop. 

She said ‘fuck the intelligence out of Bunny’ was not only to egg James to keep fucking her, but it was in a literal sense. She could feel her memories and education-related matter float out of her mind, but did she care about her intelligence when she currently felt a pleasure she never felt before? At first, she was scared, but it was harder and harder to think clearly against the onslaught of the happy feeling.

“I’m going to cum inside you, Misaki!” James warned.

No! Misaki screamed in her mind, but her body knew what she wanted, “Yes, bred me! Cum inside bunny!”

The two orgasmed together as James shoot his load inside Misaki. For the Japanese girl, she got the greatest orgasm in her life, it was mind-breaking, wiping a lot of her intelligence and ‘unimportant’ memories to the point that she hardly remembered her full name.

Bunny Misaki was the first one to recover. She saw James already sleeping on the couch.  She looked at the clock, and it was 1 AM on a new year.

Professor Mesmer’s question was surfacing on her mind once again.

What does the rabbit do in the year of rabbit?

The bunny girl rubbed her crotch. Even though she no longer cared about the question, professor Mesmer’s class, or the university as a whole, she now knew what the correct of that question was.

The rabbit will fuck, and bred a lot in the year of rabbit.

Bunny Misaki walked away from the room, seeking another man that wanted to breed her.

The End


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