The Demon and The Charity Foundation

by deepediamcs

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/f #f/m #mind_control #sub:female #corruption #demon #religion #transformation

A billionaire’s family got their value changed after a meeting with a certain priest.

This is a prequel story that takes place before The Demon and The Convent (

This coming Sunday would be a busy day for Lilian Kohls. It was her first big social party where she became the person in charge instead of her mother.  Lilian was the sole daughter of Ivanna Kohls, a wealthy philanthropist with billions of worth in her name. Their family founded a charity foundation called The Kohls Foundation which often helped in woman empowerment movement. The big city could be cruel and unforgiving for women and drive them to life in a hellish pit on earth.

Usually, it was Ivanna who became the person in charge, but this time, Ivanna asked her daughter to be the one in charge. Lilian often played a helper role before, but this time, the MILF felt that her daughter was finally ready to take a bigger responsibility for the foundation and business empire she built her entire life.

Lilian Kohls, 24 years old, a fresh graduate from business school, was almost a split image of her mother in Ivanna’s younger days. Light blonde hair, 5’9’ tall, pretty fashion model face with sharp facial features. Yet, different from her busty MILF of a mother, she was more on the small side with only B cups. Well, genetics did wonder. 

Back to the business at hand, Lilian was double-checking the list of charity gala attendants who have confirmed their participation in the event.  Their charity event was often high profile with some of the old money in the city participating, It was the place for making connections and name. Their event was actually not that exclusive but it was also not for everyone, their charity event only accepts the same-minded good people that had the same interest in helping society.  So, she would screen and filter their attendants, especially the nonregular ones, and ensure they had a clear background and didn’t have any ill intentions for their charity.

Their charity this time had a few new faces participating for the first time, most of them were new businessmen or rising public figures in the city. She had heard a thing or two about them and after some inquiry, Lilian deemed that their background was clear and would not create a problem for the charity.

But there was always a bad seed trying to slip its way in.  Thankfully, she was vigilant enough when screening the new participant list to find out that there was one new participant who has a suspicious and disturbing background, a man by the name of Robert Bael. 

What Lilian usually did for screening the participant was a quick Google search about them and then make some inquiries before interviewing them. This was where she found out about the strangeness of Mr. Robert Bael. The first thing she found out about him was that he was in a black metal band some years ago and involved in a sex scandal that lead his band to be disbanded.  Nothing was heard from him for several years since that before he returned as a missionary and priest called Father Bael. It was an inspirational story; a black metal band vocalist turning into a priest. It sounded good, and nothing bad or suspicious before Lilian inquired further regarding the church he served. What she found was what made Lilian deem Father Bael suspicious. The church he served was called the Church of Ero. Lilian even did a double take on whether it was the Church of Hero instead of the Church of Ero.  After further digging, she found only a little information regarding the Church of Ero which was quite disturbing; Father Bael was the founder of the church and the only male priest of the church, and the sole male of the church, the rest of its registered parish members and the congregation was all female. It wasn’t a church, it was a sex cult! That was the impression Lilian got and it was a red flag for her, So, obviously, she couldn’t let a cultist with an agenda join their charity event, it would taint the spirit of charity. 

Now, came the next problem, Lilian needed to inform Mr. Bael that his participation was denied and thus, refunding his ticket. Thankfully, she didn’t need to do everything by herself, she asked her assistant to contact Mr. Robert Bael and settled the matter.

Everything seemed to be smooth for a few hours before the assistant who she asked to settle the matter of Father Bael back to her bringing a piece of unpleasant news.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you, Miss Kohls, we have some situation here,” said the assistant. A woman a few years older than Lilian by the name of Patricia Owens. Patricia was a manager in their company branch and should not be her assistant, but this time, she volunteered to be Lilian’s assistant in organizing this charity event. The usual motivation; she wanted to get on the good side of their superior so she could get the promotion. 

“What’s wrong, Patricia?” Lilian looked at the ashamed assistant.

“It was Mr. Robert Bael.”

“So, what’s wrong with him? Does he not agree with the refusal of his participation and refund?” Lilian guessed after hearing it was the matter of the cult priest.

Patrician nodded her head confirming Lilian’s guess. “He is here, Father Bael was waiting in front of your office, miss, do you want to let him in, or ask him to leave?”

“Well, my mother never backs down from facing complaints and critique, and neither am I.”

“Patricia, tell Mr. Robert to come in, I want to know what this man will say,” Lilian ordered.

“Welcome to my office, Mr. Robert Bael,” Lilian greeted the man who just entered his room.

Contrary to her expectation, Father Bael looked pretty different than what she saw in the photo; he was an elderly man with grayish hair dressed in a neat white suit, totally different from the middle-aged black metal band member she saw in the Google picture. Even after calculating the time between the picture and when he assumed the identity of Father Bael, the man should be at most in his late 40, yet, here, we have the man who looked like he was in his late 50s. 

Was this man the same Robert Bael she thought of? Or did she mistake his identity and mixed him with a person who has the same name as him? Lilian was suddenly confused.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Lilian, you must know my reason of visit, right?” said the man.

At normal times, she would be offended that a stranger she just met was already calling her on a first-name basis, but she let him do it considering he looked elderly and she was still in doubt on his matter made Lilian feel that she needed to approach this more carefully and with a clear head. 

Lilian then nodded, answering the man’s question.

“Yes, we are sorry to say that your participation is not well appreciated, worry not, we will refund your money.”

“And why does your event deny my participation, Miss? I need a proper explanation because it can tarnish my reputation,” the man replied.

He took the words right out of my mouth! Lilian complained in her mind.

“Because…” Lilian hesitated to say her answer as she was still in doubt about whether this man was really Father Bael the sex cult leader of the Church of Ero or another man with the same name.

“Because of what?” He pushed Lilian for the answer.

“Because…you are a sex cult leader, and I fear you have an ill intention and hidden agenda that is contrary to our spirit of charity,” She let out the answer she had hesitated to say.

“Do you just assume that I am a sex cult leader, young miss? Do you have any proof to back your assumption?” The gray-haired man raised his voice.

Lilian was speechless and unable to refute, she indeed didn’t have any proof to back her claim as she even didn’t sure the man was the same man in the internet article she read.

“You don’t have any proof? Young miss, let me ask you are you a believer of Christ?” 

“Yes, I’m a Christian,” Lilian answered.

“Isn’t the holy book teach you to not speak and spread falsehood, Little Lili?”

“Don’t call me Little Lili! I’m a big girl!” Lilian rebuked in an almost childish tantrum. Lilian didn't know why she even answered that way. Normally, she would directly kick the man out of her office because he disrespecting her.  

“Don’t use it as a reason to avoid my question, Little Lili, answer my question! Is the holy book teaching you to speak and spread falsehood, Little Lili?” Robert Bael said in a stern and scrutinizing tone.

Lili shook her head, “No, the bible taught me to not bear false witness and speak falsehood."

"Right, as a believer of God, we shall always be honest and speak only the truth. I too am a faithful believer of God, hence, what I said is nothing but the truth."

The statement sounded wrong in Lili's ear but at the same time she couldn't refute it and her brain accepted his argument as correct.

"So, let me tell you a truth to clear your doubt and confusion; I am not a sex cult leader as you assumed, whatever presumption and knowledge about me you have before, forget it! I'm totally your ordinary everyday good priest, there was nothing suspicious about me, " he continued, "all these ladies joining my church and serving me on their own ideas, it’s not like I’m forcing them. My church, the Church of Ero is also a totally normal church no different than other churches. You may misunderstand my church just because the registered parish member and congregation are all women, but on the contrary, those women’s husbands and boyfriends are also regulars of the church. See? it’s nothing different from other churches."

Lili’s foggy mind seems to get the answer she sought. The man was indeed Father Bael, but he wasn’t whoever she thought of before. He was just an ordinary priest who took ministry in a normal church. 

“Now, Lili, do my background clear to you? Or do you have any other questions regarding me?”

“Yes…yes, your background is clear, Father Bael. Sorry that I was so prejudiced without doing further research,” Lili replied.

“Glad that you are brave enough to admit your mistake, Now, let’s talk about how you compensate me,” Father Bael said.

“Compensation?” Lili seemed puzzled, “Do you want a refund for your ticket? As your background is clear, I don’t have any reason to prevent your participation in the charity event, but by refunding your ticket, you aren’t eligible to participate in our event anymore, Father.”

“Silly little girl, don’t think that backtracking on your decision will be the end of the matter, you can be considered to have slandered me and tarnished my reputation as a Priest, thus, if I wanted, I can sue you, and your company for this unpleasant experience, you don’t want me to bring this matter to the court, right?”

Lili nodded. She understood that the priest was trying to blackmail her. Normally, she would already call the securities to escort this man out, but somehow, facing the elderly man, her mind was full of guilts for her previous action which make her let the man get away with his offense.

“So, how do you want me to do to compensate you, Father?” Lili asked.

”I am not doing this for a materialistic gain, I’m not that interested in cash or money, but I need to defend my good name, so, the compensation I want from you is time.”

“Time?” Lili grew even more confused.

“Yes, time, this misunderstanding happens because you only knew about me and my church through what you read on the internet, so, naturally, I want to invite you to join my church’s retreat for a couple of days and meet the congregation full of wonderful people, it will change your preconception about me and my church, thus restore my good name,”  Father Bael explained.

“I can’t, I am busy organizing the charity event this week,” Lili replied.

“That’s a problem, how about asking your mother to come in your stead, you trust your mother, right? Having her tour my church and tell you her experience of it later will be no different from you experiencing it yourself,” Father Bael offered an alternative solution.

“My mom? I don’t know whether she will agree though.” 

 “Then, can you arrange a meeting for me with your mom?  the sooner it is the better, that isn’t much to demand, right?”

Lili nodded. Father Bael was already compromised a lot for her, refusing this simple request would be rude.”

She picked up her phone and called her mom’s number.  

“Mom, are you free today? There is someone who wants to meet you.”

“Can you free some of your schedules today? please…this man is important to me.”

“Thanks, Mom.” 

Lili ended her call

“It’s done, you can meet my mom in one hour, her office is on the top floor.”

“Thank you for your arrangement, little Lili, I will take my leave now so I will not disturb your work any longer because I see you as the type that hard to focus on serious stuff, and like to browse for gossip and porn instead of getting your work done.”

“What?” Lili almost couldn’t believe what she just heard. Had she misheard what the Father said?

“Nothing, farewell, Miss Kohls.” The man exited the room and shut the door.

Lilian Kohls blinked her eyes. She felt that the entire talk from when Father Bael entered the room until when he exited the room was a little weird. Well…whatever. She wasn’t the type who like to think hard and long. 

“I need a self-reward,” instead of returning to the task in hand that was cut short since Father Bael’s visit, Lilian opened her internet browser and began to binge watching porn videos.

One hour later, inside Ivanna Kohls’ Office.

“Welcome to my office, Mr. Bael, my daughter was telling me vaguely from the phone about you, I hope I don’t make you wait too long,” greeted Ivanna. She sized the elderly man from top to bottom.

Seems harmless. That was her impression of him.

“No, it’s fine, the one hour of waiting is quite pleasant and just the right amount of rest I need.”

“Glad to hear that, and so, Mr. Bael, what do you want to discuss with me?” Ivanna asked.

“Please call me Father Bael instead, before I start, may I ask you something, Madam Kohls?”

Ivanna nodded, “ask away”

“Are you a believer of God?”

The blonde MILF nodded her head once again, “yes, I am…I am a devout Christian.”

“Good, as a devoted believer of God, do you know that the sins of children are also borne by the parents?”

Ivanna shook her head, “No, but I don’t think I have heard a bible verse about that, but I have heard something similar, isn’t it something around the sins of the parents will not go down to their children except for the sins of idolatry?”

“Ivanna, you don’t need to make yourself look knowledgeable, I can see that you are in doubt and not sure about your answer, as a priest, I learn about the holy book more than you, so, I assure you that the verse exists, God has taught us to not lies, right? Thus, I will not need to lie to you about this.”

Ivanna was still unsure about the verse but as Father Bael said, he didn’t need to lie to her, so it must be true, right?

“And so, how is the verse related to what with going to discuss?”

“That is because your daughter did a mistake and a grave sin.”

Ivanna suddenly lose her calm when she heard the word grave sin from the priest’s mouth. “G-grave sin? Did my baby kill someone?”

“No, not that worse, let me tell you from the start about your daughter's mistake,” Father Bael then told Ivanna the matter of Lilian planning to kick him for participating in their foundation’s charity gala. Of course, with much more exaggeration than what actually happened.

“And that was how your daughter hurt the dignity of priests thorough the world, what if she not only mistaken me as a sex cult leader but other priests as well? Luckily, I am the type who loves to settle a dispute peacefully, if it was another priest in my position, you might not be this lucky, and already have your company’s reputation plummet because of the lawsuit from them.”

“As I said before, the sin and mistake of the children were also borne by their parent, it means you too, have committed the same offense as your daughter Madam Kohls, you should feel bad and show remorse.”

Ivanna’s expression suddenly turned sour, sad, and guilty following Father Bael’s words. 

“Luckily for you, as I said before, I am the type who prefers to settle a dispute peacefully without court involvement, so, Ivanna, let’s talk about how you will compensate me,” said the priest. 

“What I want for compensation is nothing much; I only want you to join my church’s retreat this week, so, will you join me?” 

“Can we think about other kinds of compensation? how about I give you cash to make up for your loss? My schedule for this week made it hard for me to join your church’s retreat,” Ivanna replied. Her feeling of guilt intensified

“For God’s sake, Ivanna, you are the boss of a big company with a thousand employees, you can just reschedule or delegate your job for others to do, honestly, you strike me as someone who is very selfish and crooked, all this charity and do good deeds for other is just how you hide your true face from others, am I right on the spot?”

Ivanna frowned, she didn't know how the man could know about her secret, “Damn, you see through me, but, so what?”   

“You have a choice here, Ivanna; would you rather be trapped in your office and doing a boring job for a week or join my church’s retreat? Joining the retreat will free you from the guilt of all the bad things you have done, and I will not pursue the matter of your daughter’s offense any further, killing two birds with one stone, it’s obvious which one is better.”

Ivanna’s expression brightens as she was hit by realization, “Please pardon me, Father, I am just confused before, and yes, I will join your church’s retreat, so, what do I need to prepare? and when and where do I need to go?”

“You don’t need to bring anything, we already prepare the clothing and any other necessities there, and for where and when you need to go, let me give you this,” Father Bael took out a paper note from his suit pocket and gave it to Ivanna.

“That is where you need to go, tomorrow is the start of the retreat, and I want you to arrive before 7 so you can join our morning prayer.”

The busty MILF took the note from Father Bael’s hand. Rouge Boulevard no. 69, if my memories are correct there’s nothing like a church there. Also, isn’t that place near the city’s red district?

“Any question before I took my leave, Ivanna?”

“Is the address written here correct?” Ivanna asked.

“Of course, it is, why? Do you think that because it’s near the red district, the church shouldn’t be there? I intentionally picked the location there, so the congregation can be closer to the sluts and whores in the red district, helping them, isn’t it a noble cause?” 

“Yes, you are right.” It made sense, Ivanna accepted Father Bael’s reasoning and stop questioning him.

“Alright, I will not disturb you any longer because you need to settle and delegate your task to others for the next coming week. See you tomorrow, Ivanna,” Father Bael said his goodbye and left the room. 

Two weeks later.

“Fuck, what happened to Mom?” Lilian cursed. It had been two weeks since her mom went ‘missing’, Lilian knew that her mother went on Church of Ero’s retreat, but it was far longer than Lilian expected. Ivanna didn’t even appear at the charity gala she organized, and when she called her mother’s phone number, her call was not picked up. Of course, she had tried to contact Father Bael too, but Patricia whom she asked to contact the Priest ended up calling her back to resign without even formally bothering to send a resignation letter.

Lilian had to hold the fort since the work arrangement her mother made for her subordinate was not meant to be more than a week's worth of work. And with Lilian’s current work ethic, it left many things to be desired, and her work was a mess.

Should she call the police? But for what reasons? Kidnapping? By no means her mother was kidnapped as coming to the retreat was her mother’s own initiative. Sex cult? This entire matter happened because she mistook Father Bael’s church for a sex cult.

Lilian could only keep cursing her ignorance that she didn’t ask Father Bael where the retreat would take place.

When she was about to cry because of all the stress she took, her phone suddenly rang. Lilian nearly jumped from her seat when she look at the screen showing it was her mom’s number calling her.

“Mommy, where are you?” without even waiting for the other side to speak first, Lilian already rushed to inquire about Ivanna's whereabouts.

“Sorry that I make you worry sweetie, I’m having a blast here at Daddy's place that I almost forgot about work entirely if he didn’t remind me that I still have a daughter and company I left.”

“Daddy? Mom, you sound worrying, where are you? I will pick you up,” Lilian asked.

“Oh, you want to come here? Daddy will be pretty happy hearing this news, come here, sweetie, I am at Rouge Boulevard No. 69.”

“Got it, Rouge Boulevard No. 69, stay there, I will come as fast as possible,” Lilian ended the call.

When she almost reached her destination, Lilian suddenly realized what kind of neighborhood Rouge Boulevard area was.

Why her mother stayed in this kind of area was the first question that came to her mind when she arrived at her destination.

And unsurprisingly, the address her mom gave her was the address of some building that look like a seedy brothel, instead of something that resembled a church.

“Hello, Little Lili, nice to see you again,” Father Bael was already waiting for her in the lobby when she entered the building, but Lili didn’t see even the shadow of her mom.

“Father, where is my mother? Is she alright?” Lili felt the sentence she just uttered was funny, for one who didn’t know the context, they would think Father Bael was Lili’s father.

“She fine, I will ask somebody to fetch your mommy, you can see her soon,” said Father Bael. A whorish brunette hooker clads in skimpy clothing then approached them once Father Bael gave her a signal. “Please tell Ivy to come to the back lounge,” Father Bael ordered the whore.

The elderly priest then turned his focus back to the young girl and ask her to follow him somewhere.

“So, what do you think about this building?” along the way, Father Bael asked Lili some questions.

“Uhm…is this what you called church? It seems like a love hotel,” she said her impression blatantly.

“It is a brothel but it is also a church, there are no laws that forbid a brothel can’t be a church, right? The important thing is as long as you have God in your heart, everywhere can be a church, even if it is a brothel, and vice versa, even if it looks like a church outside, who guaranteed that it isn’t a brothel, drug cartel, or strip club on the inside.”

“Church used as undercover for a brothel, drug cartel, or strip club is a bit exaggerated, that thing doesn’t really exist outside of porn and video games, right?” Lili asked back with some disbelief and doubt, Father Bael’s rhetoric sounded correct in Lili’s ear, but the last part was something outrageous that she hoped didn’t happen. 

Father Bael chuckled, “Life imitates art, with the state of the world nowadays where demonic temptations are everywhere, who knows if a real demon taking possession of someone and even walking among us? The possibilities are there.”

Lili looked at Father Bael with a puzzled expression. Why did he talk about demons all of a sudden?

The priest noticed the girl's expression, and explained, “I mean compared to demons walking on earth, someone repurposing church as a cover for whatever nasty activity they had in mind has a bigger chance to happen. Do you think this city has one?”

“My mother had tried her hardest to fight sex cults, and exploitation of women. So, of course, I want to say that this city doesn’t have something like that, but who knows, as you said, the possibilities are there, but we, the Kohls Foundation, are always ready to fight it so women aren’t exploited by them,” Lili answered full of confidence.

Father Bael just look at Lili with a wide grin on his face responding to Lili's answer. 

“We arrive, your mother is inside,” Father Bael pushed the door with the “Staff-only’ sign open.

Lili's eyes grew wide in disbelief at what she saw. Her mother was dressed in nothing different than the whore she saw before. Wait, the brunette whore she saw before in the lobby was also there, naked, and ravished by her mother.

Lili couldn’t believe that her ‘women-right fighter’ mother was doing this.

“Mom, what are you doing? And what kind of clothes you are wearing? You look like a whore.”

“Don’t you know that whore was a noble profession for a woman in ancient times? Even the bible teaches us not to belittle whore and honor them. You should be proud if your mother was dressed like a whore and acted promiscuously. It empowering,” Father Bael interjected.

Lili’s outrage died down after hearing Father Bael’s words. That feeling of inexplicable wrongness swept her mind once again, feeling that the words of Father Bael were wrong but she was unable to refute it, and could only accept his argument as the correct thing.

“Ivy, do you want to fuck your daughter?” Father Bael asked Ivanna

Ivanna or she went by the nickname ‘Ivy’ now licked her lips as if she was thirsty and hungry for it, "Yes, Daddy, if it please you."

“Mom, even if you are whore, this is wrong!” 

“Who said that is wrong? Loving your parent is one of the ten commandments, and parents loving their child is normal,” Father Bael interjected once again.

Lili couldn’t refute his argument and gave up on resisting her mother’s advance.

The two soon locked in a passionate kiss. And it didn’t take them long from just a passionate kiss to full-blown lesbian sex with them 69-ing each other.

“I love you so much, sweetie, do you also love me, baby? ” Ivy said before she nuzzled on her daughter’s pussy.

“Me too, I love you so much, Mommy,” unlike Ivy’s aggressive approach, Lili was starting slow, she never ate someone's pussy before, so this was her first experience, and she was licking Ivy’s cunt all over the place while trying to not engrossed with the experience from having her cunt eaten by her mother

Miraculously, despite the differences in their experience, the Kohls' ladies cumming at the same time as if they were in sync. 

Meanwhile, when the two were busy eating each other, Father Bael just watched the pair of mother and daughter engage sinful in carnal activities from beginning to end without interrupting them.

Unnoticed by anyone in the room, Father Bael’s eyes change to snake-like slit-eyes; Father Bael was a powerful demon who was fortunate enough to sneak onto earth without being noticed by the angel and God in heaven. He was lucky enough to possess the body of Robert Bael when he ran from hell. Since then, he had played tricks on other humans. Nothing big usually, only slowly corrupting them into sexual deviants and the worst version of themselves. People with high values of morality and justice like the Kohls' mother and daughter pair were his favorite target to add to his collection of thralls.

He usually appeared as an old elderly priest, but it was not the only form he had. He stood up from his seat and walked toward these two, his body began to bulk up, and his appearance rejuvenated into Robert Bael in his prime.

He unbuckled his belt and let his pants drop to the floor, showing the two women his hung-as-horse cock. 

“Now, it’s time for you two to worship your new lord, whores.”

A month later since that.

It was unexpected news when Ivanna Kohls announced that she would retire from the foundation, and let the not-so-competent-anymore Lilian take full control of the foundation. After the transfer of authority, Ivanna was rarely making an appearance in public any longer. People just assumed wildly that Ivanna was seriously ill.

Only Lilian knew the truth, her mother wasn’t ill in the slightest, on the contrary, she looked better than ever as if she regained her youth. Ivanna, or Ivy, as she likes to be called, dressed gaudily and slutty like a cheap whore, nobody would assume that she was one of the richest people in the state. Nowadays, she worked as a Madame in the brothel that their lord, their Daddy, the demon, Bael, owned. The whore stable of Madame Ivy's brothel came from several sources. First; some selected employees of the foundation and company that Ivanna owned, and second; the women their foundation previously would help, but now, instead of helping them, their foundation trapped them further and pushed them down to the abyss of whoredom without chance of coming out from it.  Nobody suspected or guess that the once champion of woman's rights was now the forefront corrupter and exploiter of women. 

Meanwhile, the mastermind behind this,  the demon Bael, after making the biggest foundation charity in the city his own, had set his next sight on a convent of nuns.

He commanded his loyal slut, Madame Ivy, “Let one of your whores run away to the convent, I have a plan.”

The End.

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