Magical Bimbo

Chapter 1

by Dancing Minds

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/f #f/m #magic #pov:bottom #sub:female

This is a work of erotic fiction, featuring themes of hypnosis and mind control. Read it only if you enjoy this type of fiction, and if you can tell the difference between fiction and reality, and understand why it would be a very bad idea to try to recreate the plot in this story in the real world. As a fantasy, though, it's different, so - enjoy!

Therese closed the door quietly, and let her magical senses reach out into her dark apartment. The door hadn’t been touched, her wards informed her, but she knew well enough that there were many other ways to get into an apartment. Especially for her enemies.

As usual, traces of unintentional magic drifted through the astral space, along with bits and bobs of more or less random impressions, thoughts and desires that her neighbors had set in motion and then forgotten about. No traces of intentional magic. She stood still. On the street below, sirens blared as a police car raced past. The apartment was quiet.

There was... something, though. Like a scent, or the hint of a scent. A ghostly dream-image of a perfume, except it wasn’t a smell. It was magical, but it was so faint and subtle she wasn’t sure it was there. It could be her imagination, playing tricks on her after a tiring day. They had tracked a woman by her perfume today, so it wasn’t that far-fetched.

She wavered. If someone had been here, to spy on her or to set a trap, the traces would be subtle. On the other hand - if she was making it up, it would be subtle too. She drew her perception back to herself, and then imagined ice - cold, hard, perfect ice. That would clear it. She reached out again. No scent now, no dream-images. 

With a sigh, she turned on the lights and let the matter drift out of her awareness. She was really, really tired. It had been a long day, and a stressful one, with one long-running case suddenly interrupted by no less than two emergencies. They’d managed to deal with them, in the process saving a young store clerk from being enslaved by the new upstart among the city’s magical criminals. It had been a pretty close call. Partly because Therese and the others hadn’t taken him very seriously. The Great Steve – really?

Cheesy Steve, rather. He was unexpectedly competent and dangerous, though. He seemed to have a thing for bimbos, and Therese shook her head as she remembered the spell he’d been trying to push onto the poor young woman. She would have looked like a living sex doll. 

Too bad that he’d gotten away, and so easily. It hadn’t seemed easy  at the time, when he’d used the confusion of the moment to flood the store with screams and moans. Everyone had been disoriented, and in the brief instant it took Therese to unravel the weirdly twisting spell he’d gotten away. By running out the door.

Nobody had said anything, but she’d sensed the Magical Justice Squad’s reputation as superheroes had taken a bit of a bruising. Not that they were superheroes, she thought and made a face at herself in the mirror. Just people, with some magical skills. And very tired muscles.

Perhaps she should take a bath? A nice, hot bath. 

She hesitated a moment and decided bath first, dinner later. She had some leftovers she could heat, it would be quick. She went to her bedroom to undress and get her robe.

She knew she’d screwed up the moment she opened her bathroom door. One, she never closed her bathroom door. Two, there was a necklace hanging from the light fixture, emanating a complex, subtle spell. And three, there was a naked, voluptuous bimbo in her bathtub.

Therese had frozen mid-step, her foot still in the air, and  fought the pull of the spell. The shielding had been very good - she could feel the spell pulling at her, but it was cut cleanly in half and did not reach her back at all. She was right at the border, and she wanted to look up and see the enchantments that cut the spell off so cleanly. She couldn’t, she knew. Any loss of concentration could be fatal.

The spell was urging her towards the bimbo. Who was striking, even without the spell manipulating her eyes. Blonde, of course, with long, wavy blonde hair spilling over her shoulders, cascading over the edges of the tub. Blonde, and blue-eyed, with plump, red lips and a blazing, stunning smile. She was sitting in the tub, her lower body beneath the foam, and her enormous, perfect tits rose out of it, with foam suds sliding across the swelling expanse. 

“She’s perfect,” a voice whispered in Therese’s mind, “a perfect bimbo. She’s made for pleasure, for sex, for fucking. Go fuck her, go kiss her, go lick her pussy, go lose yourself between those marvelous mounds.” It was the spell, pulling at her body and tempting her mind. It was having an effect, too - her pussy was starting to warm up. 

“Hello lady,” the bimbo said, her eyes wide and trusting. Her voice dripped like honey in Therese’s ears.

She had to step back. Get out from the spell, close the door, and then... And then - what? She wasn't sure. It was not trivial. It might be better to wait for a man to come around, to take care of it. Men were good at fixing things, taking care of things. Broken light bulbs, leaky faucets, unwanted spells in the bathroom. She was just a woman. She should let the men handle things. She could go over to the bimbo and enjoy herself, while she waited for a man to fix things.

No, she told herself. That’s the spell. It’s trying to manipulate me. I can fix this. I will fix this. I am just as capable as a man.

Of course she was. She was a competent, professional woman. Not like that bimbo over there, who was just a sex toy. Therese’s lips curled up in a contemptuous smile. Such a vapid, sexy thing, rubbing her own tits and moaning softly with pleasure. Therese should show her what a real woman could do to a plaything like her.

No! She shouldn’t. She should take a step back, just a step, out of the room, and close it. Ignore the bimbo.
She gritted her teeth. The spell was unusually adaptable. It shifted its approach instantly when she countered its proposals. Well, she was adaptable too. Let’s see how it handled this. She should step back, she thought again. Just step out of the room. 

Exactly, her mind continued, the spell continuing the train of thought for her.  That was the ticket. Ignore the bimbo. Leave it alone. All alone, all lonely and pathetic with only its own hands for pleasure, to rub over those awesome boobs, and into that warm, soft, wet pussy. Let it play with itself and feel sorry that nobody wanted it. It was made for pleasure, but nobody liked it. Nobody wanted it. That served it right, the dumb thing. Therese wasn’t a bimbo. She was an independent, free woman, who ruled herself. She wasn’t ruled by her pussy, like silly miss big-boobed fucktoy over there. 

“Lady?” the bimbo said, in its high-pitched, girlish voice. “Do I not please you, lady?” The bimbo sat up, and Therese inhaled sharply as the bimbo’s chest rose out of the foamy water. The bimbo cupped her gigantic, gorgeous, perfectly round breasts and smiled hopefully at Therese. Her eyes were uncertain, sad. 

Therese struggled to look away from those breasts. They were amazing, and impossible. She’d never seen anything like them. They had to be magical, to float in the air like that. And so big. Larger than volleyballs, almost like basketballs, but they looked soft and juicy as the bimbo softly kneaded them. Not at all like fake, plastic silicon boobs. 

They’re perfect, the spell whispered to her. She gritted her teeth and tried to ignore it. It was probing, trying to find a way to sneak under her defenses. She had to think about something else. Anything but her inconvenient, secret fascination with really huge tits. She wasn’t a lesbian, but she’d always had this secret attraction to impossibly big breasts. Just looking, though. She had no urge to touch.

Why not, she thought. No, that was the spell. Why not touch, it said. Or at least look close up. She’d never see a pair like these again, and they were right here, right in her bathroom, in her bathtub. She was heading there anyway, to take a bath, and the bimbo had already poured the hot water for her. Just go over, and have a look. The bimbo wouldn’t mind. It was made to please, to be on display. 

It was just an object. Nothing to worry about. Therese could go in and order it out of her bathtub, command it to stand beside it while she herself slid into the hot water. And then she could finally relax. She could let her hand drift down between her legs, and play with her pussy while the bimbo stood beside the bathtub, at obedient attention, and

Therese could look up at it, up at those glorious tits. 

She could send the bimbo away, later. That was better than sending herself away, than backing out of her own bathroom. This was her place. Her apartment. She lived here. 

Damn! This was too close to her own thoughts. She was angry about the intrusion, and about her own failure to detect it. How had they gotten past her wards? They’d signaled everything was good. 

Therese closed her eyes and tried to marshal her thoughts. The spell had whispered so much in among them... Which were her own? She’d come home after a tiring day at work, right. Had decided to take a relaxing bath. Had found a bimbo in the bathtub. She couldn’t take a bath as long as the bimbo was there. So get the bimbo out. Then take the bath, and relax. After that, send the bimbo away, and fix things up. Right. So, step one. Tell the bimbo to get out.

“Yes lady,” the bimbo said.

Therese opened her eyes and stared as the bimbo got out of the bathtub, rising from the foamy water like a sex goddess. Those tits... and the rest of the bimbo. It was a walking wet dream, with flaring hips and tapering legs.    It spun around slowly, giving Therese a good look at its perfect, heart-shaped ass, with that thick, lustrous blonde hair pouring down its back. Then it came to a halt facing the wall, its tits jutting out, floating impossibly in the air over the bathtub. It gestured toward the water.

“It is ready for you, lady.”

Right. Therese set her foot down, and had an awful moment of too-late realization as she felt the spell enclose her. She’d let herself be drawn by it, drawn into its scenario, and now she’d stepped into it. The spell flowed into her, and she blinked as her mind adjusted. Nothing to do now, but to go along with it, and fix it later. Fix it later...

“Thank you,” Therese said and strode up to the bathtub. She let her robe fall to the floor and climbed into the tub. The water was the perfect temperature. She sighed happily as she let herself sink into the soft, foamy warmth. The view was amazing, with the beautiful, lovely bimbo standing beside the tub, cupping her astonishing breasts.

Therese grinned up at it - her, the bimbo was a woman just like her, she reminded herself - as her hand started teasing her pussy, down under the water. 

Ah, this was good. This was the perfect way to relax, with a beautiful bimbo in the bathroom. She should have her own bimbo, she thought leisurely. Maybe she should even be a bimbo? She giggled, but pushed the thought away. It returned immediately. 

Seriously, it said, if she was a bimbo, she would have her own bimbo. Herself. Have a bimbo, be a bimbo. The bimbo was just like her, she’d thought so herself.

No, no, she thought as she circled her thumb over her clit. She liked pleasure as much as any bimbo, but she didn’t want to be a bimbo. Bimbos were dumb and obedient and couldn’t really do anything but please and pleasure others. She was a... a professional, that’s what. She could do a lot. A lot more than just lie in a bathtub and play with her pussy. 

Although that was wonderful, she thought, and giggled. Her eyes roamed the bimbo’s perfect body where she stood, still cupping her tits. The bimbo was a professional too, she thought. Just like her. A professional plaything. The woman was made for pleasure, made for toying with. And it - it was really an it, wasn’t it, a professional plaything - it had a pussy too, yes, there, a pretty, shaved pussy, glistening from the bath, and, just maybe, from its own internal juices.

Such a waste, Therese thought as she watched the bimbo’s pussy. She was playing with her own pussy, and the bimbo was idle. Nobody was playing with it either. Poor bimbo. It was probably cold out there as well...

“Hey bimbo,” she said suddenly.

“Yes, lady?”

“Are you cold?”

“Yes lady.” The bimbo sounded sad.

“Then come down here with me. Let’s warm each other!”

“Yes, lady!” The bimbo squealed with joy and climbed right down into the bathtub.

Up close, the bimbo was almost overwhelming. It lay down on top of Therese and kissed her on the mouth. Therese kissed back, happily, hungrily. Oh, the bimbo was so beautiful! So wonderful! They kissed, and their hands began sneaking across each other’s bodies. Those tits - Therese caressed, gripped, fondled. The bimbo teased her back, flicking her nipples, grabbing her butt, and oh! - tickling her pussy, her clit. 

Therese let the pleasure flood her. Bimbos were made to pleasure, and oh fuck yes was she being pleasured by the bimbo now! She moaned into the bimbo’s eager kisses as she had her first orgasm. 

Therese and the bimbo made love - no, they fucked, eagerly, enthusiastically - in the bathtub, splashing water everywhere. Therese was in heaven. She loved bimbos, and she loved this bimbo. She’d always felt bimbos were the perfect women, what all women aspired to be, secretly or openly. Therese herself had been in the secret category.

She’d known she loved big tits, but she’d never known she loved everything about bimbos. It was all so obvious now, when her hands could touch, caress, hold and stroke every inch of this perfect bimbo, and when she could kiss, lick and nibble at the bimbo’s toes, nose, nipples, ears - everywhere. 

Therese had lost track of her orgasms when the bimbo, on shaky legs, climbed up and stood with her legs spread in the bathtub. Therese scurried in between those legs and attacked the bimbo’s pussy with enthusiasm. She could just see the bimbo’s tits bounce if she strained her eyes upwards. Bimbo pussy juice flowed down her face, and she worked her own pussy furiously. They were both cumming now, and the bimbo was moaning. Good, Therese thought. Bimbos were really mindless cumming machines, and she was determined to turn this particular bimbo into that now.

Suddenly the bimbo cried out.

“Oh!” it  said. It stepped out of the bathtub, and when Therese, disoriented, managed to turn around, she saw the bimbo kneeling on the floor, cupping its breasts and smiling joyously towards the door.

“Sir!” the bimbo said. Therese followed the bimbo’s gaze, and saw a man standing in the door opening. She gasped and climbed out of the bathtub too, water and foam dripping off her naked body. She hesitated. 

Should she kneel? It felt like the right thing to do, but... The man looked vaguely familiar - but just then he pulled down his pants. All other thoughts dropped right out of Therese’s mind. A smile matching the bimbo’s grew onto her face as she stared at his cock. 

Even the bimbo disappeared from Therese’s consciousness as her attention zeroed in on the cock. A cock. A real, live, man’s cock. They’d had fun, she and the bimbo, but they could never have as fun as she could have with a man. Or a man with her, rather. 

The man walked into the room. She followed his cock with her gaze. Her eyes were locked onto it. Her pussy was already warm and wet, and - she realized as she stared at the cock - empty. Achingly empty. It needed to be filled. It needed cock. And here was a cock.

The man lifted her head with his hand on her chin. “Much better,” he sneered. 

“Um, sir?” she said, confused. “I’m... sorry?”

“No no,” he said. “Forget it. You’re pretty horny, yes?”

“Oh yes,” she said.

“Good girl,” he said, and a rush of warmth filled her. “Turn around.” She obeyed. “Get down on your knees.” She was trembling as she obeyed. It felt great to obey. She should obey. She should obey men. Women should obey men. “Lean over, get down on hands and knees.”

She was very aware of her ass and pussy opening towards him as she did. It was right. It was so right. He was there, he had a cock, and she had a pussy. It was all that mattered. It was almost as if she was a pussy. A pussy, and then some other parts needed for some things. But the pussy was the main thing, the pussy, and his cock.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked as he knelt behind her.

“Yes!” she gushed. “Yes yes yes, fuck me, fuck my pussy, I am a pussy, fuck me, I need it, I need your cock, I need cock, I am so horny!”

He laughed as he pushed his cock into her. Her pussy was already sopping wet. She opened her mouth wide but made no sound. She’d never felt anything like this before. It was perfect. His cock, in her. In her pussy. This was what she wanted. This was what she needed. This was all she needed, all she’d ever needed, all she’d ever need.

He didn’t fuck her for long, or very hard. He just thrust his cock in and out of her, in a calm, steady rhythm. She didn’t mind. As long as she had cock in her pussy, she was in heaven. Her pussy loved cock. She loved cock. They were of one mind on this, her pussy and her. They were one mind, almost. 

“Cammi, dear,” the man said. “Put it on her.”

“Yes sir,” the bimbo said from beside Therese. Therese heard her move, and then felt something being hung around her neck. It was cool against her skin, a cool metal chain. She realized it was the necklace that had been hanging from the shower head. Now she was wearing it. 

She didn’t think more about it. She was completely focused on the wonderful cock driving in and out of her pussy. She could stay here forever, just getting fucked, calmly.

Soon, though, much too soon, the man fucking her pulled his cock completely out of her. She pouted, feeling awfully empty and abandoned.

“Come with me, both of you,” the man said, slapping her ass.

Therese scrambled up and followed the man, along with the bimbo. They walked out of the bathroom and into a living room. Therese vaguely recognized it, but didn’t think about it. She didn’t think about anything at all. She followed the man into the center of the room and stopped. He looked her over with a huge grin on his face.

She grinned back. She was so happy to see him. She was always happy to see a man, any man, as long as he had a cock.

“Nice to meet you again under these circumstances,” the man said. Therese nodded enthusiastically, even though she didn’t understand what he was talking about. Had they met before? She would have remembered his cock, surely. She never forgot a cock.

“You are quite pleasant, with a little attitude adjustment.” He reached out and touched the necklace hanging around her neck. She lifted her chin to give him access, and tried to look pleasant.

“I’ve got some questions. Answer truthfully. Do you want to discuss your job, or do you want to fuck?”

“I want to fuck, sir.” 

He chuckled. “Good. Do you want to talk about how you want to be fucked, or do you want me to fuck you the way I want to?”

She frowned, not understanding. “I... want you to fuck me, sir?” She had no opinions. He had the cock, he was the one who fucked. She was just a pussy.

“Good, good. Do you understand why I’m standing here talking, instead of just fucking you?”

“No, sir. I don’t understand.” She felt very stupid. She clearly didn't understand anything.

“Cammi,” the man said, waving his hand in front of the bimbo, who seemed to have zoned out. She blinked and smiled happily at him. “Do you understand why we’re talking instead of fucking?”

“No sir!” Cammi chirped. 

“Right. So Cammi here is a bimbo, and she doesn’t understand. And you don’t understand. What does that mean?”

“Uh...” Therese really couldn’t follow all these complicated discussions. 

The man shook his head, but he looked very happy. “It means that you are a bimbo too. Right?”

“Yes sir,” she said happily. Finally something that made sense. “I am a bimbo too,” she said.

“Yes, you are. A good, dumb, horny bimbo, made to be fucked.”

“Yes sir.” She nodded vigorously.

“Cammi, being fucked is the second most important thing for a bimbo. What’s the most important?”

“Obeying her Master!” The answer was quick, and Cammi looked proud at being able to answer.

“Exactly. Good girl! Remember that.” He let his hand move slowly across Therese’s breasts. She managed to stand still, almost, even though his touch felt soooo good. “We need to give you a new name,” he said. “Not right now. Therese!” He snapped his fingers in front of her. She’d almost zoned out too.

“I am your Master. You are a bimbo. What should you do?”

“Obey you, sir!” She felt as proud as Cammi had looked.

“Good girl too!” Master’s praise made her pussy flare with heat. 

“Girls, now follow me to the bedroom, and I will fuck you!”

“Yes sir!” the two bimbos chorused, and pirouetted gracefully to follow their Master.

Thank you for reading! I appreciate any feedback or comments, whether suggestions for improvements, lists of typos, or just a note that you enjoyed the story! Post it here or send an email to

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