Slowly Turning the Entire City into Sex Slaves

by d4rkntwisted

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #fantasy #hypno #magic #sub:female #gangbang #hypnokink #hypnotic_gaze

Ken turns one woman into a sex crazed, zombie, but he can’t stop at just one.

Ken had been turning different girls into bimbos for a few weeks before that day. He had been bored one afternoon and he saw a woman at a gas station with a great ass and he knew she would make a perfect sex slave. He just wanted a taste but after he was done with her, he figured he would just leave her as she was, just for kicks. He thought it would be funny to have some sex-crazed slut just running around, fucking everything that moved. 

She was a tiny brunette with pale skin. She was walking toward her car and Ken whistled over at her. She looked at him with an angry glare and then got into her car. That's when Ken walked up, quickly, before she pulled away. He knocked on her window and she rolled her eyes as she lowered it. 

"Yeah?" she said. "What is it?"

"I was wondering if you could help me with something?"

Ken dropped the trinket that was hiding in his palm and it swung to and fro; the woman set her eyes on it and that was all it took. After a few more seconds of her gaze and a few words from Ken, she was opening the passenger side door and let Ken inside. 

They pulled away from the gas station and found a neighborhood they could park in. The woman pulled into an alley and they both got in the back seat when Ken instructed her to suck his cock like she was addicted to tasting cum, she did so. 

Ken had been learning to hypnotize people for a short time, but the trinket made things much easier. People always focused on it right away. It was bright pink with a silver chain and he kept it clean so that it would catch the light immediately. The brunette woman looked right at it. She got his cock ready and then when he told her to turn around and get on all fours, she did that as well. He pulled her shorts and panties off in one go, and then he entered her hot pussy. She was fucked like that for a few minutes, with her ass in the air and her hands running under her body, rubbing his balls and getting him to come even faster.

"That's it, Master," the woman said. "Keep on going until you come right inside of me!"

The encouragement and the way her amazing ass jiggled with each thrust were what sent him over the edge. Ken shot a fat load into her. His body seized and he felt sweat forming on his back. He laughed as he finished up inside of her. That was when the thought hit him.

What if I just leave her like this? See what happens?

The thought of one of his slaves out in the wild was enticing. He pictured the woman somewhere later that day, begging for cock on a street corner. For some reason, it made Ken feel ecstatic. He pictured not just this random woman, but many, flooding the streets and being taken by men all over town. It sounded like a service to the community.

So the brunette was the first one who was left to her own devices after the change. Ken smiled as he told the woman to be on her way, and then he got out of the car. 

It didn't take him long to find another woman to hypnotize.


Ken was walking next to a yoga studio that had recently opened. A tall blonde with amazing legs and pretty blue eyes was walking to the front entrance with her mat under her arm and Ken was able to get her with his trinket while passing her on the sidewalk. He also made it so she wouldn't activate for a minute after the sight of Ken, so she was already in the studio when it hit her.

Her body froze as the magic of Ken's powers overtook her body. The changes were always subtle, at first. The blonde was slipping out of her flip-flops and placing her mat on the floor of the studio when it kicked in. She felt her pussy light on fire, with a shock of pleasure followed by a numbness that could only be fixed by the touch of another. She looked around the room and saw that the class was small. It was only one other woman and then three men, the instructor making it four. She tried to shake the feeling of lust that was growing in her chest but after only two minutes or so, she was consumed by it.

The blonde was very pretty, and the man who was behind her that day had thought of her often. He had even jerked off to her image a few mornings before that day. So he was incredibly happy when she turned and smiled at him. She crawled over to where he was seated, with his legs crossed, awaiting the class to begin, and then she laid across his lap and looked deep into the man's eyes.

"Hey there," she said. She was rubbing his face with her hand. The man didn't know what to do. He definitely didn't want her to stop. Her leg then found the body of the other man who was sitting near them. Her toe began to rub him and when both men looked at one another, they couldn't believe what was going on.

The blonde was tearing her clothing off. She was pawing at one cock with her hands and mouth while trying her best to rub the other one with her foot. She wanted all of the cocks in the room inside of her, that instant. The magic had finally taken over. The men all seemed to realize what was happening right then. They all began to stare at the young woman as she begged them all to fuck her. The other woman got up, disgusted, and gathered her things in a huff, But when she tried to walk out of the door, Ken was waiting right at the doorstep. He let his trinket dangle in front of her eyes, and the woman did an about-face. She walked right back in there and took off her clothing. 

"I'm ready to be fucked too!"

The other woman was a redhead with big, natural, and soft tits and one of the men turned immediately and took her in his arms. The men, who had seen the first woman turn so quickly, accepted the second woman's instinct to join in without question. The women were stunning. The group had been going at the same time each week to ensure they would always take it with the same beautiful women. Now, they were stripping down and offering themselves to them. Who would turn that down? 

Two men got the redhead on all fours, one in her mouth and the other taking her pussy from behind. The other two men had the blonde one on her back. The women were insatiable. They kept on coming and coming. But, they also kept on begging for it as well. The blonde was screaming that she wanted cum on her face. She wanted to be someone's cum-slut. That's when the instructor pulled out of her pussy and blasted his seed all across her cheeks and lips.

That was also when Ken moved on to the next experiment.

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