I'm Starting to Think That's All You're Good For

by d4rkntwisted

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #gangbang #hypno #slut_transformation #urban_fantasy

Ashley learns a new purpose in life after lying too much.

Ashley was startled when she heard the voice boom behind her. It was dark out that night, and she didn't see or hear anyone on the stairs when she was walking up to her apartment. When she turned around to see who was calling for her, she felt a twinge of panic flow through her body that it was her neighbor, Trevor, who had summoned her that evening.

"Ashley," Trevor said. He was staring at her; into her. She felt her heart start to race. She wondered why she felt so strange, but she brushed it off. Trevor was a peculiar guy, and she thought it could have been his vibe that was throwing her off.

"Hey Trevor," Ashley said.

"Where were you tonight?"

The question was abrupt. It came out as soon as Ashley finished the word "Trevor". 

"Oh, out with some friends..."

"What friends?"

"Uh... Callie and Dana..."

"You're lying."

Ashley looked at Trevor, confused. Trevor was always shy and quiet. He rarely left his apartment. Also, when they did talk with one another, he rarely raised his voice over a whisper. Sometimes Ashley wouldn't even clearly hear what he said, she would just laugh and nod so that he would leave her alone.

She also lied to him, constantly. Ashley liked to go out and have fun, and she didn't like divulging those details to weird creeps like Trevor. So she kept those stories to herself. But now that Trevor was asking about her lies, she felt a huge knot growing in her tummy.

"No, I swear..."

"You always lie to me. You were out with Michael and Shane."

"I... How did..."

"What did you three do together?"

"Well... We..."

Ashley tried to feed Trevor one of her usual lies, but she felt her throat tighten and she couldn't get the words out. Trevor had a strange expression on his face, one that Ashley had never seen before. When her mouth opened up, different words than she intended came tumbling out.

"They both fucked me... For a few hours, actually... I called them up... And then I went over and they both fucked me."

Ashley was surprised at what she had just said. Something was wrong. It was as if her brain had short-circuited. Things she never wanted to relay to Trevor were coming out.

But what Ashley didn't know was that Trevor was the one who was doing it to her. Trevor had been in warlock training over the past few weeks, and one of the first powers that he was being taught was mind control. He had been talking with Ashley shortly after his lessons began, and when he peeked into her mind, he saw that she was lying to him. He had seen that Ashley liked to go out and fuck her male friends, and sometimes she even fucked strangers. He knew that she let her friends come inside of her while she had strangers put on rubbers. Trevor learned this information and got angry, but after the anger subsided, he actually began to plant more subliminal messages into Ashley's brain.

He was the one who made her call Michael and Shane. He wanted her to go and get fucked. He had been having her act sluttier towards any male she came across. She was unaware this was going on.

Trevor stood before her and tapped his foot as she relayed her tale of debauchery. 

"Well shit, Ashley... What can I even say about your behavior? I guess right off the top of my head: you must be a huge whore, huh?"

"I... I guess?"

"Well, what else would you call someone who just lets men treat her like a doorknob? Come here."

Ashley stepped forward. She was wearing a plain white T-shirt that was a size too small and had no bra underneath. Her skirt was almost non-existent, and she had no panties on. She hadn't even noticed how odd her attire must have been. In fact, she had slowly, over the last few weeks before this event, thrown out all of her clothing that wasn't provocative. She had seen no need in keeping them. 

Trevor reached under her skirt and began to play with her. His other hand went up her shirt. Ashley stood there and allowed him to touch her. She had always thought that Trevor was off putting, to say the least, but now that he was touching her, she began to see him in a different light. His hands were amazing; skilled and strong. Just barely touching her made her cunt begin to drip.

"You just allow men to have their way with you?"

"Yes, I do."

"Well, Ashley... I'm starting to think that's all you're good for. Being used by men, and nothing else."

"Yes... That is all I'm good for..."

"Come into my apartment with me."

Trevor led her over to his door, and after he opened it in front of her, she was pushed inside. Once Trevor had the door closed, he then placed Ashley on her knees right near the doorstep and took his cock out of his basketball shorts. Then, he was inside of her. She slobbered all over his cock with glee. It just felt right. Her heart felt full of joy while Trevor used her mouth. 

Trevor fucked her mouth while staring down at her. He was happy with the changes Ashley had made. It was good to be out in the open. It was horrible that she felt the need to lie so much about her deeds. From that day forward, Ashley would be a proud slut. She wouldn't hide herself from anyone. In fact, she would be a slut for whoever wanted her. 

Trevor had that flowing through his mind as he moved her so that she would be on all fours. Then, he got behind her and fucked her hard. He reached around and grabbed her massive tits and held on tight as he blew his load inside of her. She grinned wide and felt ecstatic when she felt him come. She wondered why she had been so averse to letting Trevor come inside of her before, and she made a mental note to always allow him to do so from that day forward. 


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