A Collective Bargain

by comfurtable1

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A league on the brink of collapse. Can the players and owners make a deal, or is there something holding negotiations back?

Will departs from his hotel bathroom in the direction of a rented meeting hall. As the commissioner, he is set to detail the latest changes of his proposal to the player's union today. The previous encounters with them have been dicey at best. Today is most certainly not going to change that dynamic. To end the previous day, his sit down with the owners came to the conclusion to propose very minor alterations in their package. They also have thought to request intervention from the government. What used to be a decent bond between the league and players has seen a dramatic increase in stress levels. The pandemic sped up the frustrations, but that unfortunate uncontrollable barricade on the season induced an increase in the symptoms that already plagued the league.

He steps into a boardroom that will soon consist of the team owners, the head representative of the player's union, and a dozen players. At the front of the room, Will sets down his papers on the podium and announces. "I'll be ready to inform the players of the new offer in ten minutes. If everyone could be in their seats before then, that would be splendid."

In the middle-left of the front row of seats is one of the more vocal owners, Jenna. She's a minority owner of her club, but does most of the heavy lifting. The others in her investing group like to focus on other ventures outside of the sport, and have high trust that she will bring them all a hefty profit. The team is her puppy, and she took it to heart. Will admires that drive, among other things.

The short-haired blonde with juicy curves struts forward to greet the commissioner. Her chest is covered well, but that doesn't exactly stop him from imagining what's underneath. "Mr. Franklin, do you need one last reminder of what we wanted to emphasize to them?"

"I don't suppose it would hurt. Here's my notes," he says while stepping aside to let the woman have a look. There were a few main points he would cover today, and much of the compromise will remain unchanged.

She traces a pointer finger along the paper. When she ends reading she lifts a centimeter before tapping her glossy red nail against the stanchion. "Perfect!" She looks at him with easy blue eyes to brighten his day, and orders, "That first bullet point is very important in order to keep the pressure on them."

Will gently nods and repeats the key words, "It's very important," in a low drone.

She giggles and steps off stage, her butt jiggling the entire way back to her seat.

After he comes back to his senses, he taps the mic. "Is everyone present? Fantastic. I'll start by saying thank you all for attending once again. I hope today we can start to come to a conclusion to these tense negotiations and leave this series of bargaining sessions with our heads high. Unfortunately, time is of the essence in order to have a full season this year. I would like to inform the players that the owners have unanimously decided that this Friday is the deadline for a deal to be made in order for that full season to be conducted."

A few groans could be heard from the player's side of the room, but Will is not finished with the big, very important demand. His monologue persists, "In the event regular season games are cancelled, players will not be paid for the missed games. With so much to discuss and so little time, we fear that a deal will not get done, and that a governmental mediator should be appointed to help us come to an agreement that benefits both sides."

He pauses to have a view of the player's reactions, and is surprised to find they don't get any more rowdy, containing their frustrations well. His eyes glance back to Jenna, who is smirking as normal. This calms Will and allows him to finish the rest, which aren't nearly as important. The owner's stances on increasing minimum salary, establishing a draft lottery and more all remained similar. Their money is precious and every dollar they concede is a nightmare.

With the owner's offer laid on the table, the union responds with justified questions about the terms. They understand that the recent play stoppage brought economic obstacles for a majority of the ball clubs the year previous. Their issue remains that the previous agreement aged extremely poorly, and that market inflation and the league's reluctance to pay more for contracts, among several other factors, outweighed the rise in annual salary for them.

The meeting lasts another hour, and again they fail to construct any meaningful compromise. Following the twenty minute press interview, Will leaves with the ownership group, feeling uneasy and tense.

A familiar soft voice is there once again to cheer him up, "You did very well today in keeping the peace, Mr. Franklin."

"Thank you, Jenna."

"Remember, these are the measures we are taking to avoid financial burden, and to prevent a player strike. That would look tragic for us owners." Her coos to him have been frequent over the past few years, knowing exactly the reactions he can and will show.

"I don't want anyone to have to sell because they can't afford the costs." The poor man is so easily led on by her soothing words.

"That's right, and they are rising all the time. We need a sizable emergency fund just in case tragedy strikes again."

"I would be horrified to see it."

"And you won't have to. Instead you'll see something far greater tonight, for being so good for the owners, and more specifically for me."

"S… so good… for… for you, yes…"

Jenna playfully takes hold of Will's tie, and whisks the troubled little man away from all eyes. His gaze remains very much on her, while hers are set on the path to further manipulation. The minority investor of the premier ball club would do damn near anything in order to ensure her profit margins continued to rise exponentially, and the most effective way to do so is exactly what she's about to do. It's what she's done several times a week ever since she bought in.

"If you really want to be good for me, then I suggest you kneel, my pet."

"Yes…Jenna…" His weak knees shake on the way down.

"Good boy…" Using her hold on his necktie, she forces his neck rearward. Will's gaze shifts back up to Jenna's at the angle set by his tie. His eyes remain on her devilish face. "You know what time it is, dear?"


"That's right. Now why don't you be a good boy and beg?"

"I'll say whatever you want, Jenna. You're all I care about. The game is dead, so you might as well reap all of the benefits while they exist, including my service…"

"Silly pet, you think your service is worthy of any value?" She turns and shakes that large ass in his face, teasing him further.

"Absolutely not, I'm only worth anything because the world thinks I have some form of power in the league."

"That's right, pet. Who has the power?"


"We are alone, pet. What do you call me when we are alone?"


With that, she takes her throne. Her fatty rear covers the pathetic commissioner's face, and she rubs it in, making him understand that she in fact has the power and all of the right to do anything she desires. "I'm sorry, I couldn't quite hear you."


"You're going to have to speak louder."


"You didn't get any louder, pet."


"Nope, still very weak. You must be tired from saying exactly what I asked of you. From only following my orders. You're such a stupid little boy. Unworthy of anything more than this. Is that right?" He continues to be silenced, unable to do anything more than be her stupid little seat. His failure to continue responding calls for Jenna to hit him in his ribcage. "Pet! Answer me."

"Hhhmmmphhhh…" He cowers due to the pain endured, and the vocalisation is all she wants out of it.

"Much better. The best part about this is you'll never cum without my say. Is that right?"


"Because doing that doesn't feel the same for you, which is exactly why you always come back to me. You need me, my pet. Which is just so sexy to me. I've completely tamed you, and you'll never be released from my training. All I had to do was look pretty one day, and you came running. Such a good pet."


"What is that? You need to cum? You know what needs to be done, pet. Owners get theirs first. Are you ready to give me mine?"

"Yyyppphhh…" Will begins stage two of the process, kissing her posterior with high effort, as well as fingering her clit in the ways only she demands. There is no need for him to think about any of it, as he's pleasured Jenna thousands of times exactly in this manner.

After 10 minutes of warm up, a finger slides into her pussy and gently slides around the outer wall. Will can feel how slippery it all is. He once sought to stick his shaft inside, but Jenna made adjustments to his desires for that connection. He knows that the mere mention of his own arousal to this will leave him locked in a cage and unable to release for two weeks at minimum.

Just before she releases, Jenna always stands and turns to her pet, letting him see how wet she became in the session. Every time Will is required to do even more in order to get his Mistress to the same amount of pleasure. Today is a very good day, his ministrations along with fulfilling his duties in the bargain room have pushed Jenna to the edge.

"Go," she commands. Her final order of the night is what her pet eagerly awaited. The Commissioner tastes the true source of her power over him, her addictive essence. This succulent supply of lust juice grants him instant gratification. He never makes it through eating her out without climaxing himself. Such a weak little pet.

The negotiations between the owners and players stretch out as long as possible. For Will Franklin, it's a blessing, as it's the only chunk of the year where he can be so close to her for so long, for so many days in a row. For Jenna, the opportunity to get a large bonus to her pocket is always a plus. The only downside being some angry players and fans of a sport that's losing popularity, perhaps that is the real collective bargain.

Yes, this is inspired by the MLB lockout situation that lasted just over three months. That doesn't exactly mean this will end in a similar fashion, as it is fiction. Hehe. Please do not take this story as an example of what my opinion about the lockout. I have plans to make this longer.

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