Untilted Horny Story

Chapter 1

by claradotpv

Tags: #D/s #dom:nb #microfiction #nb/nb #pov:bottom #sub:nb #blackmail #humiliation
See spoiler tags : #multiple_partners

This is just something i came up within a hour of hyperfocus, i have never done that kind of work before and i have other ideas for this caracters so i hope i will make other chapters ^^

good obedient sub doing some laundry, taking the laundry basket from the washing machine to the dryer.

but right in the middle of the clothes transfert, the toy in their butt start slowly vibrating. They got surprised to a point that they let out a moan and drop some clothes

the toy start vibrating more and more to a point when their are not able to contain their moans anymore. Their brain is melting so strongly that they can't stand up anymore and their cute little cage is dripping some precum

they try to stay on their feet by holding on to the dryer but that's futile, their little subby brain melt so much that they just giving up and fall on the floor on the middle of the clothes

the toy feel really good, little cage is twitching, moans are getting louder and they feel a big frustration up to their chest, it's natural to start fondling their boobs and acording to their moans, playing with boobs and nipples seems really good

but a few seconds later while being such a horny mess laying in clothes on the floor, their Master enter the room, looking at their toy being such a mess

"well, well, well, will you look at that" they say, smirking at them with a small remote control in their hand

surprised, the sub still moaning, twitching from pleasure and playing with their chest turn their head around to the door looking at their dom, while being a horny mess on the floor

"M..Master, w..what a..are y..you d..doing h..here ?" they say, trying to make a phrase with their still not melted braincell they have left

"Well just checking up on my toy. Any problem with that, pet ?"

they look at their Master, uncontrollable moans and brain melting even more and more while still trying to stimulate their chest

"N..no M..Master, i.." they didn't had the time to finish talking that they feel their toy getting faster and faster. Moans resonates throughout the room, and beyond

"Gosh that thing is so fun to match" the Master say, laughing while playing with the remote control

if a human pet could transform into a liquid, they would certainly be a puddle right now. A puddle of moaning and twitchy mess that the Master found really delightful to watch

"Hey Clara, have you seen my... oh..." say a person with a headset on their head entering the room, not expecting to see this

"Oh, hi little thing, are you looking for something ?" say the Master to the girl entering the room

"J..Just wanted to ask Clara where did they put my controller but... damn that's quite fun to watch" she say while laughing at the squirmy mess on the floor

she looks kinda intrigued by seeing their roomate being on the floor all horny

if the toy laying on the floor was able to let out some words, only moans can left their mouth by now

"Such a cute little thing" she say while strocking the squirmy toy on the cheek and strocking their lips with her thumb

the toy being a horny mess can't ressist but suck on her roommate's thumb like it was a penis

"Aww look at them being all slutty, that's so adorable" she say while smiling at the toy with a very subby face

"Wait a sec, i'm gonna grab my phone" the master say while getting out of the room

the girl and the messy thing on the floor are still playing in the room but the toy stops intermittently, maybe a side effects from the dom not being around with the remote ?

but the toy have such a melted brain they can't think about that, what they can only do is whine for the toy to turn on again

the girl found it quite funny how they react so she let out a giggle. "You know the rule, toy" she say

the squirmy mess stop whinning and try to let out some words, "p..p..pl..plea..se, t..tur.." they say with the most pleading face a bottom can do

but they didn't manage to finish that phrase that their master was back with their phone, "i'm gonna record her, it's gonna be fun" they giggle while entering the room

"Ahah good idea" the girl say while removing her hand from the toy and get up next to the master

"Can you take this, please ?" the master say while giving the remote to the girl and being focused on the phone screen

"y..yea sure, can i use it ?" she say. "yeah yeah, go ahead" they say while they turn the phone to take a video

the toy on the floor is squirming, all leaky from their cage and try to let out some words "p..plea..se, m..more..." still pleading for stimulation

"Please who ?" say the girl, now in charge

"P..Please Miss, i need to cum so badly i'm so clo..." the toy managed to mostly make a proper phrase but the girl turned the toy to the max settings with a smirk on their face

Both the Master and the girl laugh while the toy is twitching moaning loudly on the floor

"Can i let her cum ?" ask the girl to the Master, "sure, we did had some good fun we can let them have that" they say while looking at the toy through the phone

both can see the toy is reaching it's limit, the girl as her hand cramped to the remote while looking intensively to the squirmy mess on the floor

when she noticed the thing on the floor was about to cum, they turn off the toy completly but squirmy thing were still about to cum

and oh did they manage to cum a big single load of cum. they can both see the bliss in their face

"Well clothes will need to be washed again, can you take care of that, toy ?" ask the Master to their releived pet

"Y..Yes Master" they say with a big smile on their face

"Good toy, you did very well. Come to my room after for some snuggles"

"T..Thank you Master" they say with now enjoyment on their face

"My pleasure" they say while stoping the recording and going out of the room

The girl was about to get out too but got interupted by the pet : "it's on the drawer of my desktop" they say

"Oh thanks sweetheart" she say before going out of the room too

the pet stay a moment laying in the clothes and their cum to enjoy this blissful moment they didn't had since a long time. It was month but didn't stopped counting to a point

some minutes later, they get up and gather the clothes on the floor and put them on the washing machine again, thinking about the cuddles they will make with their Master

The End :D

i have noted some ideas for a next chapter, stay tuned ^^


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