Breast Intentions: Helping The City

by cheesecakeconcentrate

Tags: #clothing #comic_book #dom:female #f/m #sub:male #boobnosis #femdom_hypnosis #gentle_femdom #hypnotits #titnosis

Helena Haiden is a hypnotherapist who sees the best in everyone. She is also extremely busty, but this has nothing to do with her practice. How will she respond when an innocent client is in immediate danger?

The continuing story of Helena, happening a few weeks after the previous story, Breast Intentions: Therapy.

Helena Haiden, licensed therapist and Doctor of Psychology, was hard at work in her office. She sat on the edge of a soft ottoman, feet planted firmly on the floor, legs apart, carefully watching her patient Neil. He was currently on his knees on the carpet, pants around his ankles, masturbating but unable to climax, with his eyes following Helena’s pocketwatch, back and forth. He pumped in rhythm as she swung it gently back and forth, guiding his eyes from one pink nipple to the other. Her enormous, bare breasts wobbled as she swayed her body slightly, side to side. They were making great progress, but his time this week was almost up.

“Neil, you are doing so well for me. In a moment, you will get dressed and walk to your car, and once you get in your car you will wake up. You will then be so alert, and drive yourself home safely. Once you get home you will masturbate while you think about my breasts, and you will cum for me as a reward for being such a good boy. You will really take care of yourself; light a candle. Lube yourself up. Take your time. You will feel great.”

He already felt great.

“One little kiss on each nipple.” She put down the pocketwatch and cupped her breasts, first the left, then the right, lifting them to his puckered lips. It was a testament to the depth of his trance that he stopped with a single chaste peck on each nipple. He could not disobey, and this was what his hypnotist had commanded.

“Alright, get dressed and be on your way! Good boy. See you next week.”

An ordinary looking man with a thin frame and thinning hair emerged from an ordinary-looking building in the city. The sign on the door read “Helena Haiden, Hypnotherapy”, and he had a big vacant grin as he strode towards the parking lot with a spring in his step and not a care in the world.

He did not, could not see the man in the gray jacket approaching him swiftly from behind.

“Everything in your pockets. Right now.”

Neil didn’t respond. He kept on smiling, kept on walking to his car.

“You heard me!”

He didn’t, though. Or at least didn’t act as though he did. Neil looked completely unaware, beaming as he walked. This wasn’t how it was supposed to work, and the man in the gray coat was not sure how to respond. He had seen people try to flee, try to fight, try to ignore him while clearly being afraid. But this was new. He barked his commands again.

Helena heard the yelling, and took a quick peek through her office blinds. She knew she had to help. She grabbed a pocketwatch from her desk, throwing on her dress shirt and hastily doing up a few buttons. No time for her normal bras with their complex straps, no time to rinse off the shiny oil she had applied for Neil’s therapy session. She ran downstairs as fast as she could.

Helena’s mind was racing. She could wake Neil up, but this experience could be traumatizing for him. It might be better if he didn’t know that it was happening. She would have to do her best.

“Neil can’t hear you right now. He’s on his way home.”

“What??” he turned and looked at her, aghast.

“Neil dear, be a good boy for me – sit down and go to sleep right now.”

Neil obeyed, and his head slumped to his chest as he sat cross-legged on the cold pavement, still smiling.

“See, I’m his hypnotherapist, and I put him in a deep trance. Today I used my breasts. Some of my clients find my breasts to be the most hypnotic things they’ve ever seen. They drop right into hypnosis for me at the sight of them. My breasts are so round, so full, so hypnotizing, that they just can’t help but fall deep into trance for them.”

And there they were. Helena had barely had time to button up her dress shirt before she ran outside. Her enormous breasts wobbled beneath sheer fabric, unhindered by her usual two-sports-bras, cleavage glistening.

The man in the gray jacket looked worried, unsure. But his eyes were glued to Helena’s breasts. Her areolae clearly visible through the sheer fabric, her nipples erect in the chilly evening air.

“And my nipples are the most hypnotic of all. When I show you my bare breasts, your conscious mind will drift right… off… to sleep…”

She lifted her pocketwatch and began to swing it gently in front of her, guiding his eyes from one massive bosom to the other.

“You can’t… I… this is ridiculous…” he protested, but couldn’t muster the concentration to stop her hypnotic assault on his will.

“I’m a professional hypnotist, and I can. You know what happens when a hypnotist captures your attention and makes you stare at something, don’t you. What happens?”

“I’ll… be hypnotized…” he mumbled.

“That’s right, you’re doing so well. You’ll be hypnotized. And you know what happens when you’re hypnotized by a powerful hypnotist. There’s simply nothing to be done about it, you’ll obey your hypnotist. You’ll sleep for her and you’ll obey.”

“Sleep and obey…” he moaned softly, body swaying with her pocketwatch and wobbling tits, which cantilevered out from her small, soft body.

“That’s right, you will sleep and obey. Right to sleep when I show you my hypnotizing, erect, sexy nipples. In three. Two. One.”

Helena quickly undid her shirt and cupped her bare breasts at Neil’s assailant’s sleepy eyes. She wobbled her breasts in a slow spiral in front of his face, whispering “sleeeeeeeep for me. Down you go. Eyes completely shut, totally asleep. You cannot move on your own. Sleep and obey.”

She guided him to the pavement in a sitting position like Neil’s.

She was normally a very modest woman, and would never think to be dressed so lewdly, let alone pull out her breasts on the street like this. But this was an emergency, and she needed to save her client.

She buttoned up her shirt quickly, fairly sure that no one else had seen.

“Neil, can you hear me?”

“Mmmm hmmmmmmm.” he hummed, still smiling, eyes closed.

“Neil, it’s time for you to stand up. Open your eyes, but do not wake up yet. Get in your car and count to one hundred, then wake up and drive yourself home safely. When you get home, do you remember what to do?”

“Maaaasssturbate for your breaaaasssts and cuuuuuuuuummmmm…” he moaned.

“That’s right, Neil. And you won’t remember any of this, will you?”

“Can’t remember, won’t remember. Feeling good. Maaaaassturbate for your breasts.”

“You’re such a good boy. Now stand up, get in your car, and start counting.”

He did. And as he did, she took the man in the gray coat by the hand and led him, still deeply hypnotized, back into her office.

Back in her office, Helena sat on the edge of her soft ottoman, feet planted firmly on the floor, legs spread apart. She had removed her blouse entirely, and applied a fresh coating of slippery, shiny oil to her breasts while the man with the gray coat knelt helplessly before her, staring up into her nipples and watching her hands glide around and around over her enormous, soft breasts.

“The deeper in trance you go, the more you may stare into my breasts. The more you stare into my breasts, the deeper you drop into trance. You are falling, falling, falling for me. Deeper and deeper into hypnosis as you stare into my breasts. When your hypnotist shows you her breasts, you plunge deeper into hypnosis. Repeat this for me now.”

“When my hypnotist shows me her breasts, I plunge deeper into hypnosis…”

“That’s right. So good for me. And when you are hypnotized, you must obey your hypnotist. That’s how it works. Say that for me now.”

“… must obey… my hypnotist.”

“Yes. Stare into my breasts, and be hypnotized, and obey.”

Her bare bosoms, with erect, pointy nipples, waved in the air, inches in front of his wide eyes, tracing lazy spirals. His mind was trapped. His eyes kept almost rolling back in his head, but then locked back onto her hypnotic breasts.

Helena had never felt so good in her life. She had saved her client from immediate danger, and had hypnotized a stranger faster than she could ever remember. She was really helping. She was elated to be able to help, and excited with the thrill of having this dangerous man so helpless so quickly. She felt that she deserved the sexual thrill she was experiencing. She could feel herself getting wet, but maintained her authoritative position, even though she wanted to squirm with joy.

“When your hypnotist shows you her breasts, you plunge deeper into hypnosis. Repeat.”

“When my hypnotist shows me her breasts, I plunge deeper into hypnosis.” He was starting to drool.

“What is your name?”

“Ted Harris.”

“And what were you doing before I found you, Ted?”

“Mugging that guy.”

“Why did you do this?”

“It’s funnnn.” he droned. “I like to make people afraid. Annnd I take their money.”

“Alright Ted. It is so good that I found you, because you have a real problem. And you need a doctor to help you. You can trust me, Ted, I am a doctor. Keep watching my left breast and I can help you. My left breast will hypnotize you even deeper. Into sleepy, obedient hypnosis for my hypnotizing breast.”

She put down the pocketwatch on the ottoman and cupped her left breast with both hands, lifting a generous mound up in front of his mesmerized eyes. It wobbled lewdly in her oily hands.

“You need a doctor to help you, Ted. We need to help you relax deeply so that you can heal, and the best way to relax is to keep staring at my hypnotic breasts. When your hypnotist shows your her breasts, you plunge deeper into hypnosis. Repeat.”

“When my hypnotist shows me her breasts, I plunge deeper into hypnosis.”

“That’s right, Ted. You’re doing so well for me. Watch my nipple trace hypnotic spirals before your eyes. Nothing is more relaxing and healing than being hypnotized by my breasts. Say it for me now, Ted. My breasts make you deeply relaxed, so you can heal.”

“Your breasts make me deeply relaxed so I can heal…”

“Yes. So good. You may rub your cock now, through your pants.”

He was fully erect, and had been since she first started her induction by the parking lot, but had been told to be still and stare, and he had to obey his hypnotist.

“We will wash away your need to hurt and frighten people. And help you grow the real you, the you that is caring and loving. Say, thank you Doctor.”

“Thaaank you, Doctor…”

“The real Ted wants to help people and lift them up, doesn’t he? Say, yes Doctor.”

“Yesssss Doctor.”

“The real Ted can feel good about himself by being kind, can’t he? Say, yes Doctor.”

“Yesssss Doctor.”

“Ted, when you do something nice for people, it feels good, doesn’t it? You can agree with me.”

“Feels gooood…”

“And you would never hurt or frighten people, would you?”

“I… frighten… people…”

“Ted, I have to tell you something important. The next time you think about hurting or scaring another person, you will instead replace that thought with how you could do something nice for a stranger. It could be something small. Anything really. Opening a door. A kind word. And when you replace that thought, you will think back to my breasts hypnotizing you, and how good it feels. And you will find a private place, and you will masturbate for my breasts until you cuuuuuum. You would love to cum for my breasts, wouldn’t you Ted. Say, yes Doctor.”

“Yesss Doctorrrr. Love to cummmmmm…”

She needed to get him out of her office so she could attend to her own needs. She was so wet. This was the hottest she had ever felt; she was doing so much good for the city, for humanity even.

“Ted. In a moment, you are going to forget all about what happened tonight, you will forget what happened with Neil. You will forget coming into this room. But you will remember, deep inside, how you will replace thoughts of harming or scaring people with kindness, and how when you do this, you get to masturbate to the memory of my hypnotizing breasts…”

She had been tracing spirals around her left nipple with a manicured fingertip, dropping him deeper and deeper into trance. And then she cupped her right breast.

“When your hypnotist shows you her breasts, you plunge deeper into hypnosis. Repeat.”

“When my hypnotist shows me her breasts, I plunge deeper into hypnosis…”

“And my left breast made you relaxed, and pliable, and obedient. So you can heal. Now my right breast will make you cummmm, and forget, and remember your priorities. Cum for my breast now. Cum for your hypnotist. Cum for me Ted.”

She tweaked her right nipple, and he exploded, more than he ever had before. She sent him out the door his semen soaking through his pants; his instructions were to go home, clean up, and sleep it off.

Alone finally, Helena had her own pleasure to attend to. She had earned it.

In her post-orgasmic haze, Helena thought about what she had just done. She had rescued her client when he was vulnerable.

But she could rescue other people too. She could do so much more good for not just Neil, not just Ted, but for everyone in her city.

She was going to need a costume.


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