Saccharine Sweets: Short Fics to Snuggle To

Working for the Weekend

by Cassandra Cavenaugh

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/f #microfiction

Sofia sat at her computer and scrolled through her email. The week had been rough because of the end of quarter rush, but she was almost through every request for proposal. There was just one more email to read from her boss. The subject line was quite simple, but she still wasn’t sure what the context would be: Overtime.

Double clicking on the email the screen went white as the text rendered on the screen.

Sofia, I appreciate all your hard work. Please take the rest of the day off, but first open the attached document. I think you’ll find it a pleasant end to your stressful week, and at the very least relaxing.

Take care,


It was normal for her boss to care about her, sure, but this was strange even for her. Sofia opened the attachment; the word processor application launched and she smiled at the letter. It was a promotion announcement for her new role as her boss’s deputy — except there was an image embedded in the middle. A swirling spiral just silently spinning as she read the words. A singular thought passed through Sofia’s mind: Overtime.

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