Date Night

by cantfindthebeat

Tags: #dom:female #f/nb #hypnosis #memory_play #pov:bottom #alcohol #consensual_non-consent #implied/referenced_drugs #sadomasochism #sub:nb

Lea wants Ellis to be hers for the night. Ellis doesn’t even remotely have a clue what’s in store for them.

This story contains elements of covert hypnosis and other such mind games, edgeplay, drugs, alcohol and CNC themes. Both characters very enthusiastically enjoy what they're doing, but please consider these warnings before reading. This is a work of fiction. I do not condone attempting any of this IRL.

Ellis opened their eyes, looking up from where they were laying on their girlfriend's stomach , gazing into her gentle eyes. Lea's hand was tangled in their short hair, nails gently scritching at their scalp. A playful smile danced on their lover's lips. "Would you still like to be mine tonight, like we discussed?" she asked. Ellis nodded, barely stifling a little whine as the scritches stopped. "Be good for me and fetch your collar, then, habibti. I'll wait here for you," she murmured, encouraging Ellis to disentangle themself. They got up with a sleepy stretch, planting a sweet little kiss on Lea's lips before heading off.

Lea had been rather vague in discussing her plans the other day. She'd only said she wanted to play, that she wanted Ellis to be hers for the night. Ellis trusted her more than they'd ever trusted anyone. If anything, it made them feel safe, in a way, knowing that as soon as that collar was on, all the decisions would be hers to take. Knowing that they didn't really need to know what would happen. They knew she'd never do anything they hadn't discussed in one of their lengthy conversations about kink and consent, where they told each other all the things they did and didn't want. Even if something went wrong, they had their safeword. Ellis reached the bedroom, obtaining the collar from its usual spot in the closet, next to Lea's. Theirs was a soft, black leather with a relatively big metal ring at the front. Lea loved it because it made it easy to tug Ellis around, Ellis loved it because it was comforting to fidget and play with.
Lea was waiting downstairs, getting up from her position on the couch as Ellis approached. Her look told Ellis all they needed to know, open and expectant, a gentle smile on her lips. They sunk to their knees before her, initiating a ritual they'd done many times before, offering the collar to her lover. They bent their head a little, but Lea's thumb gently brushed over their chin, tilting their head up until they were looking into her gentle eyes. She held their gaze as she fastened the collar around Ellis' neck. It felt like a warm blanket had just been draped over them, feelings of safety and comfort washing over them. Lea's fingers trailed up from their neck into their hair, soft nails scritching affectionately before nudging her pet's face into her thigh. They sighed happily, leaning into the soft warmth of their lover. "You're so good for me, sweet love. I want to take care of you tonight. You wait here, okay? I'll make you a drink," Lea murmured, letting go of her partner and heading into the kitchen. The offer sounded innocent enough, but the mischievous twinkle in Lea's eyes suggested otherwise.
Ellis fidgeted with the buttons on their shirt, waiting for their lover to return. A gentle kiss on the top of their scalp pulled them out of their daydreams, a glass pressed into their hands. "Thank you, Mistress," they murmured. They looked down at their glass to see a mango martini, a little wedge of lime inside it. "Ofcourse, pet. Come sit on the couch with me." Ellis obliged, getting up from their kneeling position to settle on the couch, pulling their legs up on it and leaning into Lea's side. She was holding a drink of her own.
Curiosity and anticipation were buzzing in Ellis' mind. This wasn't usually how their scenes started out. A slow, cozy start like this could mean one of two things: either Lea wanted to simply be together and have a slow evening, or she was planning something far more mischievous. Judging by the mischievous glint they'd spotted earlier, Ellis was inclined to believe it'd be the latter tonight. 
The gentle touch of their Mistress pulled them out of their thoughts. "Where's that sweet mind of yours wandering, pet?" she inquired, her knuckles gently stroking Ellis' cheek. Ellis responded with a grin. "Trying to figure out which sinful plans your mischievous looks are hiding," they responded. This caused the hand on their cheek to shift, gently yet firmly gripping their chin to make them hold her gaze. "You'll just have to wait and see, now, won't you, pet?" Her tone had a hint of challenge in it, and she gave a playful little tug on Ellis' collar before withdrawing her hand. The playful grin on Ellis' lips did nothing to hide the blush creeping up their face, so they took a sip of her drink to try and obscure the view a little. "Do you like it?" Lea asked. Her tone was casual at first glance, but Ellis had known their lover for long enough to be able to tell she was feigning innocence. This only caused more confusion. "I... yes? It's - good. Like it always is," they replied. They'd made this cocktail for each other numerous times.
Ellis set aside their confusion for now, not yet sure whether something was actually going on or if they were just overthinking things. They continued enjoying each other's presence for a while, chatting and kissing and lazing about. Lea's legs had ended up in Ellis' lap at some point and they used one hand to gently rub over her calves as they talked. Every time they took a sip, though, that mischievous twinkle reappeared in her eyes. She'd been glancing at Ellis' glass and generally seemed more... observant than usual, watching her pet a little more intently than Ellis was used to. They took another careful little sip and payed extra attention this time, to Lea's reaction and the taste of the drink both.
They were quite certain at this point that this was one of Lea's little games, but they hadn't yet figured out the specifics of it. This was part of the fun, though: the mystery, the mischief, the way they danced around each other, trying to catch the clues. Ellis felt a little more scatterbrained than usual this time, though. Almost as if the booze in the drink was going straight to their head already. They swished the liquid around in their mouth, trying to determine if there was something unusual going on with it. "What's the matter, pet? Something wrong with your drink?" This caused Ellis to squint harder, tilting their head and studying Lea's face intently. They weren't... sure? Hmm... did it taste different? Their eyes trailed to Lea's drink, a barely-noticable difference in colour between the two. It could have just been from the mixing, or it could be - "Did you... Is there something in this?" They asked, making a mental note to pay closer attention to their own feelings and reactions. They knew they weren't gonna get a straight answer from Lea right now, but that was half the fun.
Lea looked back innocently, her expression neither confirming nor denying. "I don't know, pet. You tell me," she teased. "Go on. Have another sip." Ellis obliged, a little more nervously this time. Confusion and doubt had settled in their mind like dust, clouding their judgement, the alcohol no longer the only thing affecting them. Was there something in there, or was Lea just messing with their head? Ellis' mind started racing for more clues, backtracking to the endless negotiations they'd had. They knew Lea really enjoyed messing with their head in many ways, planting little seeds to exploit later, using her lovely eyes and her sweet voice to lull her pet into a trance. They also vaguely remembered discussing drug play with her, having agreed a long time ago that this is something they were both open to try.
Before their mind could connect any dots, though, a tug on Ellis’ hair snapped them back into the presence, a disapproving little tsk accompanying it. Ellis’ breath hitched and they barely stifled a whimper, looking up to meet Lea’s grin. “What did I tell you about those wandering thoughts of yours, habibti?” She warned. This only confused Ellis more. Usually, this would be the point where she’d just start using that tone of hers, guiding Ellis’ wandering thoughts down into the direction she wanted them to go, getting into their head properly and messing with it however she pleased. She wasn’t doing that right now, though, instead almost seeming to challenge her love, daring them to... to what? Keep on daydreaming? To try and keep their mind in one piece? Ellis wasn't sure.
An insistent little tug at their scalp prompted Ellis to utter a “Sorry, Mistress,” eager to play her mind games but not willing to risk ending them too soon by attracting punishment. They bit their lip, mulling over the way Lea had avoided the question. Lea chuckled, a dangerous sparkle in her eyes, her hand not letting go of Ellis’ scalp, using it instead to guide their head upwards until their eyes were meeting her own.
At some point, Lea must have moved, because she was straddling their lap now. Ellis’ heart raced, their cheeks flushed. Lea had a hint of that look in her eyes as she kept their gaze captive. The look that meant trouble; the one that signified Ellis' thoughts wouldn't be their own for much longer. Ellis would have noticed it if they weren’t already stumbling to keep up with their own thoughts. It was getting a little harder to keep track of all the clues and hints they'd gathered. They knew they'd need to figure it out soon, feeling the way Lea had a grasp on them already. She got in their head so easily, influencing their thoughts before they could even notice it. Ellis tried to backtrack for a minute, figure out when this change in position happened, but they were grasping at straws, unable to come up with anything. They were just snuggled up, talking about...
What had they been talking about?
...had Lea been in their head already? Or was it something else?
“What's up, honey? Feeling a little... woozy?” She asked innocently. Now that she mentioned it, they were feeling a bit woozy. They nodded, brows knitted together in confusion. They tried reaching their free hand up towards Lea, but it felt slower than usual, like moving through liquid. It felt like the usual effects of the alcohol were amplified, somehow. “Aww, but you’ve barely even had half your drink yet,” she mused in a mocking tone, an amused grin on her face. Ellis’ eyes narrowed.
That settled it, right? There must be something in their drink, then… right? Why else would they feel like this after only half of it? It would explain Mistress' odd behavior, her careful monitoring, her mischievous smirks. Ellis swallowed thickly as they processed this new information, Lea’s eyes continuing to hold their own captive, pinning Ellis to the couch with that unrelenting stare. Challenging them to try and look away. Ellis was growing more and more sure now that their drink had been tampered with, but before they could think about the implications, something cold pressed against their lips. They'd already raised the glass to their lips again without even thinking about it. Their desire seemed to be winning from their reason and with Lea's expectant gaze on her, they took another sip, their body trembling from the tension, the fear, the arousal. A dark little chuckle left Lea’s mouth, and it was all the confirmation Ellis needed for their theory.
“Oh, Ellis, you insatiable little slut,” she purred, the grip on their hair tightening, her other hand stopping Ellis from bringing the drink down, wrapping around their own hand to hold it in place at their chest. “Clever pet. You've figured it out, haven't you? I can see it on your face. You're practically begging for more already." Ellis' mouth opened in protest, but the dangerous look Lea shot them was enough to stay quiet. "Tell me, pet. What's the conclusion you've managed to come up with?"
"I-I think you spiked my drink, Mistress."
Lea raised an eyebrow, looking incredibly pleased with herself, her tone dangerously sweet.
"Do you, now? And what did you do immediately after coming to this realization, habibti?"
There was no wiggle room here. No getting themself out of this. Ellis had sealed their own fate and they loved every second of it.
"I... took another sip, Mistress," they mumbled, not daring to avert their gaze.
Lea looked at them like the cat who'd gotten the cream, her iron grip refusing to budge. "That's right. Oh, you love this, honey. You love this feeling. You enjoy watching the control slip from your dainty little fingers, don't you? Your mind getting foggier and foggier with every minute that passes, every sip you take. Your limbs getting heavier and heavier, your tongue getting thick and heavy in that pretty mouth of yours. I bet you're soaking wet right now just thinking of how completely molten you'll be once you've finished up every drop."
A pathetic little whimper was all that managed to escape Ellis’ throat in response, looking at their Mistress like a deer in the headlights. “Answer me,” Lea commanded, but Ellis’ tongue felt a little more difficult to control. “Y-yes, Mistress,” they managed, their speech a little slurred as Lea’s words wormed their way into their brain. “Having some trouble talking, little pet?” Lea asked, not bothering to wait for an answer. Instead, her hand guided Ellis’ glass back towards their lips as she smirked. “Maybe another sip will help, hmm?” She offered innocently, holding Ellis’ head in place and tilting the glass up until more of the intoxicating liquid was moving down their throat. All they could do was swallow, squirming weakly under their Mistress, an insistent heat spreading between their thighs.
Lea made them finish the rest of the drink that way, slowly, using that captivating tone of hers, that prying gaze, to make Ellis even more pliable and soft, telling them all about what would happen, how the room would start spinning, how they’d just start feeling so heavy and soft and dazed. How the drink would make their mind so squishy and malleable and slow, until they couldn’t even try to catch up with their thoughts any longer. Ellis had weakly attempted to protest a few times, but Lea's voice always shushed them, telling them to be good for her, to finish their drink for Mistress. It wasn't like they could fight her, considering how unwilling their muscles were at this point to follow Ellis' orders. They only really followed Mistress' guidance, following along as she held their head up, as she kept her hand over their own on the glass to keep guiding it up to their lips. By the time the last drops were sliding down Ellis’ throat, holding a thought for more than a few seconds felt like trying to hold onto a cloud. They felt so drugged and dazed and floaty, weakly slumping back against the couch. Thankfully Mistress was there to take care of them, to tell them what a good little pet they were being.
It was only when Mistress’ hand snuck down their pants, rubbing through their boyshorts, that Ellis realized once more just how turned on they were, just how horny this situation had gotten them. They couldn’t stop themself from moaning, going through the effort of fighting the heavy weight on their body to buck their hips up into the touch. “Enjoying ourselves, are we?” Mistress purred, withdrawing her hand again with a taunting look on her face. Ellis whined in protest, but it wasn't long before Mistress tugged them up from the couch. They giggled at how everything spinned around them, clumsily stumbling along towards the bedroom, leaning into Mistress for support.
Ellis must have flopped onto the bed at some point. They were sprawled over it now, nuzzling into the impossibly soft sheets. They felt so sensitive, every touch on their skin like electricity. They must have lost their clothes somewhere in between the couch and the bed, because their front rubbed right up against the fabric of the sheets. There were so many holes in their memory. It made them giggle, feeling so silly and soft, everything so hard to keep track of. They rubbed their slick thighs together, struggling to fill in some of the gaps. They vaguely recalled watching Mistress get off earlier, their stomach tying itself in knots all over again remembering how she moaned their name, how she'd touched herself. It had been delicious torture for Ellis, whining and mewling in frustration the whole time, longing to touch and please their Mistress. They'd been allowed to clean off Mistress' fingers afterwards, though, happily licking every last drop of cum off of them.
A weight dipped onto the bed, snapping Ellis out of their little daydream, and suddenly there was hot breath on the back of their neck, making them shiver. Mistress straddled Ellis’ hips and teeth snagged onto their earlobe, causing a squeal. They squirmed as gentle fingers traced over the top of their shoulders, nails teasing at the sensitive skin. Mistress ground her hips down insistently to keep her lover in place. “Where are you going, pet? Did you need something?” Her voice was husky and filled with desire. One of her knees nudged Ellis’ legs open, a thigh sliding in between them and grinding firmly downward, providing a deliberately frustrating angle. Ellis' breath hitched and they wiggled underneath her, trying to move, to buck her hips, to do anything that'd provide them with the sensation they longed for. “Aww, are you trying to struggle, habibti? How adorable,” she murmured, her tone sickly sweet. “Don’t worry, baby. I know just the thing that’ll help clear up your mind a bit.”
Ellis barely had time to mull over that statement before the fingers at their shoulder were raking down their back, the other hand settling on their neck to hold them in place. They arched into the touch a little easier, the sharp pain cutting through the fog in their head just enough for them to squirm, to really feel the sting as it mixed into pleasure. Ellis shivered, gasping as their Mistress scratched up their back, nails leaving angry red marks in their wake, little trails of heat. Their hands balled into the sheets as they arched and squirmed, barely able to tell whether they were squirming further into the touches or away from them. Mistress showered them in praise as she marked up her pet, telling them how well they were doing, how good they were being, how pretty they looked squirming and whimpering underneath her.
Eventually, the scratching ceased, a hand trailing lower, a pair of soft lips touching the heat on Ellis’ back. They mewled and moaned as Mistress’ fingers found the soaking heat between their legs, feeling two of them slip inside with ease. All the built-up arousal from the evening was more than enough to get them impossibly wet, and they felt a third finger being added with ease. The kisses on their stinging back felt so good, trailing up and down along the scratched lines. Any fog the scratches had cleared up immediately clouded their brain again when a thumb touched their clit, sending sparks through their whole body.
“Who do you belong to?” Mistress asked, her voice right up against Ellis’ ear again.
“Y-you, Mistress.”
“That’s right, pet. You’re mine. Your body is mine. Your delicious little moans are mine. Your thoughts are mine. Your pleasure is mine,” she growled, fucking them faster and faster, arousal building up until Ellis was gasping and quivering.
“P-please, Mistress,” they mewled.
“Please what, sweet pet?”
“Please. I’m s-so close, I – please, god, let me cum, Mistress, please-“
That was all the encouragement Ellis needed to topple right over the edge, riding out their high on Mistress’ fingers, their back aflame, their body almost as thoroughly fucked as their mind. And then the fingers withdrew, leaving Ellis panting and gasping for breath, a useless little pile of limbs on the bed as they came down from their high.
Ellis felt Mistress’ arms wrap around them, helping them shift to their side to snuggle into their lover. She draped a blanket over the both of them and then her voice was in their ear, soft and gentle, guiding Ellis until the fog was lifting from their head. Slowly but surely it got easier to move again, to think again, until the only remaining effects left were easily written off to the soreness from getting fucked, the exhaustion from the scene. Ellis happily snuggled in closer, nuzzling into Lea’s neck as she soothed them, gently combing fingers through their hair and letting them gather themself back up. They stayed like that for a long time, coming down from the high of the scene together, until finally Ellis felt ready to speak again.
“You didn’t put anything in my drink, did you?” they mumbled softly into Lea’s skin.
She giggled, kissing the top of her lover’s head. “Nope. You were plenty suggestible on your own, habibti,” she gently teased, eliciting an indignant little grumble. “You did so well for me today, you know that? You’ve been so good. I love you so much,” she muttered. “I love you too, Lea.” Ellis sighed happily.
“Let’s go shower, hmm? I’ll put some cream on your back. Sadly, I don’t have anything to treat your shattered ego with.” Lea grinned, more than happy to accept the little smack on the shoulder. “You are insufferable,” Ellis groaned, reaching up to kiss their lover’s chin. “You’re lucky I’m head over heels for you, or I would’ve killed you already,” they muttered, begrudgingly allowing themself to be guided upright.
“I love you too, habibti.”

Thank you for reading! I only recently got back into writing smut, so I'm feeling a little rusty. Any feedback is welcome! English isn't my first language so grammar tips are much appreciated.


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