Wonderful Things

by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #D/s #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #bondage #clothed_sex #consensual_kink #cuddles #dom:nb #exhibitionism #f/nb #fractionation #hypnosis #multiple_partners #power_exchange #ropes #sub:nb #switching #tranced_bottom #undressing #Unintended_side_effects

Three friends get together to “Cuddle and Watch Movies or something” - and trance each other, and bring out toys, and several other things. Very few movies get watched, but there’s rather a lot of “Or Something.”

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This story features The Faun, and could be considered an indirect sequel, since the same person was involved in both events. Written at the request of my Goddess, who I hope will enjoy reading it.

“We should hang out. Doesn’t need to be anything big. Maybe just watch some stuff and cuddle?”
The Wilding had a way of making such innocent sounding requests. It had been much too long since either of us had seen them - the last time I think all three of us had been in the same room was getting a pizza at a local joint we loved back in the Before Times where the Faun had demonstrated some simple induction techniques, and they’d been interested in experiencing more.
We all knew that we could just watch some stuff and cuddle, and have a great time. But we also knew that the Wilding was interested in more, and so were we.. We’d spent more than a bit of the last year and a half sending each other risque selfies, NSFW art that was up each of our respective alleys, and making no secret of the fact we all enjoyed where it had been going.
I didn’t expect too much, but I’d just gotten some new ropes, and I knew it would be fun to try them out. 
Even if the Wilding wasn’t feeling like it that evening, I knew the Faun would happily let me tie her up any time I wanted.
(Deepening relationships is fun.)

When I arrived to pick the Wilding up, they stepped out of their house wearing a bodycon dress that was giving me all sorts of fun ideas, and as they got in the car I noticed they’d put on some nice eyeshadow, liner, and a cute violet lip color.
It was pretty clear they didn’t plan to just watch stuff, either. 
We chatted and caught up as we drove to pick up the Faun. She was running a bit behind schedule, but I know my lover and I assured the Wilding that things were going to be fine. Especially when I was able to pull up my phone and share the picture of all the fun little gadgets and shiny things she was packing for the night. 
She very clearly had plans to do more than just watch stuff, too, and the energy in the car took on a pleasant extra buzz.
Conversation was kept light as we grabbed dinner and said hello to my temporary housemate, flipping around to a few different things on the TV as we ate, but avoiding a few things that looked “a little too fascinating,” as the Wilding put it. 
“Oh,” I said as I put the remote down and slipped my necklace off, “I think we can make you focus.”
I let the gold and blue resin pendant dangle in front of their eyes, gently rocking back and forth, drawing their attention in. The Wilding leaned forward, tracking the pendant as their world focused down, and the Faun happily began murmuring suggestions in their ear. 
“Doesn’t it feel good to watch and let yourself go deeper? To feel your thoughts dropping away as you follow the pendant back and forth…?”
The Wilding mumbled a soft ‘Yes’, and I was just about to tell them to Drop when one of my cats jumped into their lap to demand attention.
The moment was lost, but as we all laughed and they started to pet the cat, it was clear none of us minded too much. 
Once the cat was satisfied and moved on to other things, the Faun and I scooted apart on the couch so the Wilding could sit between us.
“Since we have a moment,” they said as we got comfortable, “I wanted to tell you that if you want to touch me, anywhere, it’s OK. I am here to be enjoyed.”
I grinned over their head at the Faun, and reached out to gently stroke their thigh while she snuggled into their side. 
“I think both of us feel the exact same way.”
The Wilding gave a soft sigh and a satisfied hum as our hands wandered over their body, tracing the hem of their dress, teasing through fabric.
“Oh,” the Faun said as she grinned mischievously. “I know what you need to see.” She reached for her bag, and a moment later produced a squat silver cylinder, checking the battery at the base before flicking it on.
“This is called an infinity mirror,” she explained as the inside of the cylinder suddenly turned into a dazzling kaleidoscope of strobing and shifting LEDs, the pulsing light dancing across the Wilding’s eyes as I dimmed the living room lamps. 
Groaning, they leaned forward as the mirror captivated them, and I stroked their hair, encouraging as the Faun continued to speak.
“The lights just draw you in, don’t they? Deeper and deeper, making your mind go so fuzzy...making your eyelids get heavier…”
“You’re trying so hard to follow the lights that you don’t even realize that you’re already in trance.”
“Already in trance…” 
I leaned back and smiled at them both, my heart fluttering as the Faun continued her gently mesmerizing patter. 
It’s so fun to watch her work.
“And your body feels so sensitive,” the Faun continued as the Wilding began to shiver. “The lightest touch sends tingles down your spine. Waves of pleasure,” she emphasized, “washing over your body and mind, and each one takes you deeper and deeper, because it feels so good to go deep.”
I ran my fingernails down the Wilding’s bare arm, and they let out a gasp that turned into a blissful groan as their eyelids fluttered.
The Faun reached out with her free hand to play with their breasts, and I could see the bulge in the Wilding’s crotch begin to tent up. I reached out, my hand hovering over it but not touching. Not yet. 
“Is this green?” 
The Wilding nodded, then shuddered again. “Overwhelmed,” they gasped, and I withdrew my hand as the Faun turned off the mirror. 
“That’s ok. Take a moment.”
“It was a good overwhelmed. I tend to like that kind of thing. Fills my brain up.”
The Faun grinned. “Oh! Well, in the case there’s a couple videos I can show you.”
We settled down in a sort of triple snuggle, the Wilding leaning against me and the Faun draped over both of us as she pulled up some music videos on the TV. 
It didn’t surprise me at all that the Wilding ended up entranced again, and both of us enjoyed their reactions when we nibbled and stroked and kissed them until the video ended.
As the Wilding moaned into my skin, I looked over their shoulder to the Faun.
I grinned at the Wilding as we began to sit up. “Have you ever tried walking while in trance?” 
“Not really…” 
I watched their eyes unfocus as the Faun whispered in their ear, and I held out a hand to lead them down the hall. 
“Such a fractionated little toy.”
I opened the bedroom door and let the Wilding flop onto the mattress. 
“I got some new rope. Would you like to get tied up, little toy?”
“Yes please…”
I reached for my rope kit as the Faun closed the door to keep the cats out, and it didn’t take long to put the Wilding’s hands into rope cuffs.
“Feels good?”
“Feels amazing.” 
“Too tight?”

“No. You can go harder.” 
I picked up another length of rope. 
“Want your ankles bound too?” 
“I think you should,” the Faun spoke up. “I think they should be all bound up,” she continued as she started to play with the Wilding’s hair. “I think they should be a helpless, tied up toy as we play with them.” 
Technically all of us were still wearing our clothes, but I could see a spreading stain on the Wilding’s panties as I turned them on their side and began to bind their ankles together, wrapping the rope between and around their calves.
“Doesn’t it feel good to be helpless,” the Faun murmured to the Wilding as she stroked their face. “Doesn’t it feel good to just submit…?”
Their moans were all the answer we needed. 
As I finished the tie and gently helped to turn them onto their back, I had a sudden flash of inspiration, and went to rummage in my nightstand’s drawer.
“What are you looking for?”
I held up the magic wand in answer.
“Oh,” the Faun said with a slowly growing smile. 
“Fuck,” the Wilding exclaimed. “Fuck, fuck, fuck yes!!!” 
I carefully positioned the wand’s handle so  it would be held inside the ankle ties, then undid my knot and tightened the rope just a bit more to make sure it would hold the wand in place. 
“Still green?”
“I am so green right now,” the Wilding gasped as the Faun played with their chest. “Green green green yes please - ah!” 
I turned on the wand and let the head of the toy rest against their crotch, and was delighted to see that no matter how the Wilding moved, the wand moved with them to send buzzing waves of pleasure through their body.
The Faun reached down to pull up their dress, and the Wilding gave us both a skeptical look. “Can you - ahaaa - can you get that off while - mmm - while I’m tied up?”
The Faun smiled as they pulled the dress up until it was resting behind the Wilding’s head to act as a makeshift cushion. “I can get it off enough.” 
“Ooooh yeah ok…” 
My hands roamed up and down their bare calves and thighs, squeezing and stroking, while the Faun played with the Wilding’s breasts and face, her voice soft and low and seductive. 
“You can’t escape this. You are trapped by the rope, just as your mind is trapped by the pleasure. Every time you move that buzzing takes you deeper, and the deeper you go, the better it feels, because the better it feels the deeper you go…”
It was so easy to just get lost in the moment, watching them get deeper and deeper into blissful, orgasmic trance as my own mind drifted with the Faun’s words, feeling more than a bit of a contact high from our endorphins. 
The Wilding bucked and cried out, gasping and shaking until their body went taut and then slumped against the bed, panting and gasping. 
I yanked the power cord from the wand to shut it off, pulled it away, and started to untie their ankles on reflex more than conscious thought as the Faun scooted back to give them room to breathe. 
“Do you need anything?”
The Wilding took a moment to gather their breath and scooted into a more upright position as I released their legs. 
“Need some water, and I was going to check in with my wife around now.” 
The Faun nodded. “I’ll get some water for everyone - that’s a good idea.” 
I nodded in agreement as she left the room, and pulled the knots of the wrist cuffs free, sliding the rope off their arms. “I brought your phone back here for you.” 
“Oh wow, really?”
“Hey,” I grinned as the Faun returned with water, “this is a full service shop.” 
The Wilding laughed as they accepted a cup of water, and I handed their phone over. “OK. Lemme get a drink and step out really quick.” 
As they left to make their call, the Faun and I settled back on to the bed to snuggle, and I kissed her forehead as she curled against me. 
“That was fun.”
“Mmhmm. But this is good. Time for cuddles.” 
I let my eyes drift close as my hands stroked her back, not really paying attention until I heard the bedroom door open and we both sat up a bit. 
“Everything’s good,” the Wilding said as they came in. “I should probably plan to head back in another hour or so.” 
I nodded, and set an alarm on my watch to remind me, just in case. “Gotcha. We can do that.” 
I looked down and realized I was still wearing the leggings and shirt I’d put on this morning. “Anyone else feel overdressed?”
“Just a little,” the Faun agreed as she reached up under her shirt to undo her bra, then sent both to the floor at the foot of the bed. 
The Wilding cleared their throat. “Can bottoms stay on?” They let the dress fall to the floor and looked at both of us with undisguised hunger. “We didn’t really talk about this in advance and I’m not sure I could control myself if we go too far.” 
We both nodded as we left our panties on, and the Faun rubbed herself lightly through the sheer fabric. “I don’t mind if you see - you know I’ve got a bit of an exhibitionist streak, and I like showing off now that everything is healed.” 
The Wilding bit their lip, considering that. “Tempting...but can we start with this?” 
“Of course,” we both assured them. 
I scooted up into a mostly seated position against the wall as the Faun relaxed back onto me, and the Wilding slid in to make it a sandwich, hands roaming as we kissed and explored each other. 
From the way the Faun gasped and sighed, I knew she was enjoying the feeling of my softness against her back and the Wilding’s lean strength sliding and rocking against her body, and I hummed happily as I peppered kisses against her neck, occasionally shifting so the Wilding could taste my lips as well. 
The Wilding scooted back and hit a particularly good spot that made the Faun begin to cry out, and I reached for the bundle of rope as an idea flashed across my mind.
Open,” I husked in the Faun’s ear, and as soon as her jaw dropped I put the improvised rope gag between her teeth, the Faun biting down and holding it in place with a shiver as the tags on her collar jingled.
“Oooo, this is fun…” The Wilding shifted to straddling the Faun properly, legs positioned to drive their hips as they began to thrust - still not really penetrating thanks to the last scraps of clothing, but more than enough to stimulate them both. 
I was in the best seat in the house, particularly once I reached out to hold the Faun’s arms down, giving her an extra level of restraint, knowing from the increased cries of pleasure she gave that it had been the right call. 
They rutted and pressed against each other, the Wilding pulling in close to kiss and touch me as well, reaching out to fondle my arms and legs when they weren’t learning how to pull exquisitely muffled noises from the Faun. 
The rope finally fell away when the Faun let out another long cry of satisfaction, and I saw the light in the Wilding’s eyes turn feral as they backed up to release her legs, then helped her turn so they could pull her body tight to them, mounting her from behind as one hand dipped beneath her waistband. 
“Green,” she sighed in pleasure, then gasped as the Wilding pulled her back tighter, eyes wide with shock and delight as the Wilding nipped at her throat. 
“Call me Mx,” the Wilding growled, and both of us responded immediately with a “Yes, Mx!” 
I was reaching out to touch them both when I noticed the Faun reaching for the discarded wand. Plugging it back in, I held it out, expecting for her to use it on herself as Mx. pulled her hair and bent her to their pleasure, but instead I quaked and cried out as she pressed it to me, making me go boneless with the sudden intense sensation. 
“Isn’t she pretty,” the Faun murmured between her own gasps and sighs. “She’s been so good.” 
Mx. didn’t respond with words, but deft fingers teasing and tugging at a nipple, and lips finding mine, their tongue exploring and claiming as I arched up into them both. 
Shaking with pleasure I finally added my own cries to theirs, vision fuzzy at the edges as they both combined their attentions on me to prolong that delightful agony.
I slumped back into the pillow and they joined me, trading kisses and touches as Mx. murmured “Hey, don’t freak out, OK?”
I didn’t even have a chance to say anything before they started to lick our faces in something that was cutely possessive and surprisingly hot. 
I didn’t even think about it - I licked them both back, because it just felt like the right thing to do, a happy rumble buzzing in my chest. 
We cuddled again, coming down a bit from the high while the Wilding idly teased the Faun’s bush, her panties pulled down to give them access. I didn’t even remember her underwear coming off, but before I could say anything the Wilding was sliding them back up her legs, the Faun lifting her hips so they could be put back in place.  
“Well. So. We kept the clothes mostly on, but...that was totally fucking,” the Wilding observed.”
They nodded, and licked their lips. “That was a lot. Good - but a lot.” 
We murmured agreement as we shifted positions a bit, letting them both lay against me and putting our arms where they seemed to fit best.
“I like the cuddles. It feels very good right now,” they concluded. 
“Cuddles are good,” the Faun repeated, and I kissed them both again to agree. 
“How long have we got before we need to get dressed?”
I angled my wrist to check my watch. “Fifteen minutes? Ish?”
The Wilding nodded, the role of Mx. clearly put back aside. We’d happily fallen into submission to them, but now was about relaxing and coming down more than about power dynamics. 
“We should probably plan a bit more before next time, but wow.” 
I grinned as I squeezed their bottom. “That can be arranged.” 
They murmured a happy noise of agreement into my chest, and we all slipped into a little nap, content to rest until my alarm buzzed me back to wakefulness.
We dressed and traded a few last kisses before driving the Wilding home, chatting, plotting, and reassuring each other along the way that while that little orgy hadn’t been planned, everyone was quite happy with the outcome. 
The Wilding made a point of mentioning how well I had been serving them both, and only a great deal of practice kept my focus on the road as my brain lit up from having my praise kink and service kink buttons pressed at the same time. 
They gave us each one last embrace and quick kiss before leaving the car, and the Faun moved up to the front seat while we watched them go, making sure they got in without any problems before turning the car back towards my place.
A snack and watching a few videos online later, the Faun and I were back in bed, tucked into each other as we got ready to turn out the lights. 
“You know, it just occurred to me that there’s someone who was wonderful tonight, but didn’t get to spend any time in trance,” she said with a grin. 

“Oh. Ah…” 
“Shhh.” Her finger reached out to press against my forehead, and my words disappeared. “That’s it. No words. Just...drop.”
The world narrowed to that single finger sliding down my forehead, guiding me down into trance, and my mind went blank even as the bedroom lights went out.

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