The Faun

by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #bondage #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:top #sub:female #clothing #consensual_kink #hypnotic_language #rope #tranced_bottom

The Faun looks like the innocent girl next door. If only they knew what she’s really like…

The Faun looks so sweet and innocent on the outside. 
She has the classic sort of “Girl next door” beauty with her falls of brown hair, gentle smile, and glasses that make her sparkling eyes into dark, captivating pools. 
She wears comfy clothes and t-shirts, and the worst swear word you will ever hear from her lips is “Heck.”
She giggles and smiles when you speak with her, and her cheeks turn an adorable rose when you compliment her. 
If you saw the Faun on the train, watching her phone, you’d never even consider that she was looking at her favorite spiral, and a file playing on her headphones to remind herself what a pretty little toy she is. 
We got sucked into a game for a bit longer than we planned, last night. By the time we made it back to the bedroom, it was nearly two in the morning. 
“How are you feeling,” she asked as I pulled my dress over my head. 
“Sleepy, but I’m not too tired.”
The Faun smiled so sweetly as she put her arms behind her back, still in her t-shirt and fuzzy pants. Turning and bowing her head, the metal tag on her collar jingling. 
“Tie me, please?”
“Of course.”
I pulled the rope from the toy box, and wrapped it around her forearms. 
“How’s that?” 
I could feel her shudder as she tested the tie. 
“Tighter, please?”
“My pleasure.”
The soft gasp as I tightened the tie made my own breath hitch. “Better?”
“Yes,” she murmured, and I helped her on to the bed, stroking her hair as I sat next to her. 
“Such a good toy,” I purred into her ear. “Captive.”
“Captive,” she murmured, already drifting into her well conditioned trance. 
The Faun stifled a moan as my hand tightened in her hair. 
My hand slid up under her shirt, and I savored the gasp as I teased her breast. 
She pushed eagerly into my hand, urging me on and rolling up on her hip. Leaning against me as she found my nipple and wrapped her lips around it, sucking harder each time my fingers flexed against her scalp. 
The Faun rolled back onto her back, and I lightly pinched her nipple one last time before I let her go. 
“I forgot a gag, and I don’t want to wake anyone up. Can you…?”
“Of course,” I reassured her as I went to my dresser and pulled out a long silk ascot. I doubled it over, and waited for her to open. 
“Glasses,” the Faun reminded me, and we both had a soft laugh. 
“Right, right.” 
The glasses went on the nightstand. The silk went into her mouth before I wrapped it around her head, carefully tying it to clear her hair.


She nodded, and then asked a muffled “tighter?”
I tightened it further. “Now?”
She nodded again, and I joined her on the bed. Slipping my hands up her shirt again, teasing and squeezing as I kissed her neck and pressed against her. 
She twisted, trying to press her lips to mine, and I knew the facade was falling away. Her breath coming in hot and urgent pants as we kissed around the gag, her moans taking on new hunger when my fingers slid beneath the waistband of her pants. 
I stroked her as she bucked and rocked her hips, savoring the moans, gasps, and sighs.Feeling the faint wetness, teasing with my fingertips,

Hearing her need through the gag makes me so fucking wet and hungry. 
The Faun arched her back, and I pulled her pants and underwear off together. Hunted for the bottle of lube by the bed, and rubbed it gently into her before I slid a finger inside, crooking and caressing her, watching the hem of her  t-shirt ride up on her belly as she bucked.
It wasn’t long before the magic wand joined the party, and when I laid back down beside her I knew she’d tossed away her restraint. 
I was the one holding the wand, but she was in control of her pleasure, writhing against it, pulling it closer, trapping it with her legs even as she struggled to get closer to me, nuzzling against my body and demanding increasingly urgent kisses through slick silk. 
Seeing her in this wanton hedonism was entrancing and beautiful, and my moans started to join hers as my free hand sank down to tease my own clit. 
Eventually, she signaled for a break, and I put the wand on the bed, giving her a moment.
The Faun rolled on her side, turning her back to me. 
“Ready to be untied?”
It took a few moments to undo her arms and toss the rope on the nightstand. 
I didn’t even get the chance to ask her if she wanted me to undo the gag before she was grabbing the wand in one hand, and wrapping her other arm around my neck, pulling me tight to her. 
The Faun wanted control now, and I happily surrendered. 
She turned up the vibe as she urgently pressed her mouth to mine, fingers digging into my neck. Even if I had wanted to escape, I doubt I would have been able to. 
Feeling every movement, hearing every muffled gasp and moan, I fondled her with one hand while teasing myself with the other, feeling her pull me closer as she reached her peaks, tension growing with each one. 
These were her pleasures, and I was along for the ride. 
There’s a moment of ferocity as the Faun’s entire arm clamped down, our bodies flush, her skin radiating heat into me as her muffled cry filled my ears. 
Her body goes slack, limp and satisfied, and we both fall back onto the bed as she switches the wand off, and puts it down.
I pressed kisses to her sweaty brow before I untied the gag, and when she kissed me again I tasted satisfaction and a lingering hint of wet silk.
“Next time,” she murmured into my shoulder, “I should take my shirt off before you tie me up.”
“I dunno, I had fun with it.” 
The Faun blushed so shyly, and I couldn’t stop myself from kissing her nose before I helped her finish getting ready for bed. 
We snuggled together under the covers as the lights went out, and the last thing I remembered were her soft, gentle, entrancing words, guiding us both deeper and deeper down into trance until it faded into sleep. 

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