Taken Away

by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #dom:nb #memory_play #mind_control #pov:bottom #consensual_kink #monster_fucking #monsters #tentacles #urban_fantasy
See spoiler tags : #consensual_non-consent

Second person POV: You wake up, trapped, with a hungry monster looking to feed…

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You wake up with a jolt. You’re not sure where you are. 
Your legs and arms don’t want to move. 
You’re trapped.
“Shhhh,” a voice comes from behind you. “You don’t need to worry about that.”
“Uh. Sorry,” you say with more than a bit of sarcasm. “I think I do, actually.”
“Is the bed not comfortable,” it - she? - asks. 
“The bed is great, aside from not being able to leave.”
“Also, uh, pronouns?”
“It. She. They. All are true. And yours?”
You answer, and you get the impression she’s nodding. 
“Very well. Did that ease you?”
“A bit, yeah.”
“I am glad. What else is causing your distress?”
“Well, I’m chained up.”
“No, not chains. Just bonds.”
“Ok, I’m bound. Is that better?”
This is the weirdest kidnapping you have ever heard of. 
“Sooooo could you, you know, un-bind me?”
There’s a hint of regret in their whispery, strangely echoing voice. 
“No. Not yet.”
You wish you could see it. You think that might make things easier. 
“Not until I have fed.”
“Ok, back to being afraid now.”
They don’t respond to that with words.
You can feel ...something... moving. Sliding sinuously away from where it had been wrapped around your chest and caressing the side of your face with a strangely tender intimacy before you feel a warm, slightly slimy sensation coating the shell and entrance of your ear.
Your fear intensifies, making you tremble as the _thing_ slips into your ear canal, and then...the fear is just gone, leaving you with a strange sense of calm. 
“What just happened?”
“I told you there was no need for that. So I took it.”
You could swear you heard the sound of tongues running along their teeth. 
“It was delicious.”
Something about that is oddly satisfying, even as it’s really, really weird. 
There’s an odd chuckle, and the tentacles you now realize are wrapped around your body turn as they slowly shift to give a lazy squeeze.
“It’s quite nice,” she continues. “Such rich flavor. Should I keep you?”
Even without fear, that feels...odd. Surprisingly...right?
That’s so weird.
Their tentacles wiggle with what seems to be amusement as you feel the weirdness fade. It’s a sort of fizzy sensation, when you concentrate. Like champagne bubbles in your mind. 
She giggles as you feel that weird sensation disappear, leaving that same warm, comforting calm.
“Was that tasty?”
“Extremely,” they confirm. “Quite...pleasurable.”
It leans over you suddenly, a body you can’t really define, with swirling eyes of green that flow in and out of focus, as if her pupils are smoke slowly swirling through her irises.
“Do you like my eyes?”
“Yeah,” you murmur softly. 
“Good.” You think it’s smiling down at you. “Look closely. Watch them swirl. Watch them change.”
It’s all going fuzzy. You’re not sure if it’s something they’re doing, or an effect of her eyes.
“Sink for me, pretty pet. Stare and sink, deeper and deeper. The deeper you go, the better it feels, and the better it feels, the deeper you go.”
It’s right. Some part of you knows it’s always been right. 
You let yourself just keep floating downwards, deeper and deeper, as the swirls take you.
“Yesss,” they murmur with satisfaction. “That’s it. Just keep sinking. Just let me take control.”
“Mmmhmm. And you know I take such good care of my lovely pets.”
The swirls have gotten deeper. 
Deeper to gaze into. 
Deeper for your mind to submerge itself in them. 
Deeper and deeper as she engulfs your will with her own.
“That’s right, pet.”
You think you nodded but you’re not sure. 
You’re not really sure you’re thinking, either. 
Because they don’t need you to think. 
They will think for you.
It’s tentacles pulse slowly, wrapped around your body, your mind, and maybe even your soul. 
You start to gasp as some of them slide down, flexing and caressing you, stroking and pulsing and squeezing slowly as they fill you with so. much. Pleasure.
“Does it feel good, pet?”
You don’t so much answer as drool and mewl back to them, your incoherent voice unable to find words. 
Or maybe she took them away, as she took so many other things from you tonight.
“Mmmm. Yes. I enjoy this very much, too.”
It makes a throaty noise somewhere between a groan and a moan as it writhes against you, the tentacles twisting and throbbing. 
“There’s only one thing I enjoy more, Pet. Can you guess what it is?”
You make a quizzical noise, but can’t reply with much else. 
She seems to understand, and you hear another echoing laugh. 
“Of course you can’t,” they say with something that might have been a giggle. 
The tentacles in your ear do...something, and your mind starts buzzing.
“I love feeling your pleasure,” it says as the tentacles pulse again, “as I put all those thoughts back where they belong.”
You don’t understand what it means until the tentacles seem to throb, and it’s like a neon waterfall that spills out of your mind and washes over you.
You gasp, your breath hot and quick as that brilliant pleasure fills you, and the creature that had pinned you to your bed shudders with orgasmic joy. 
You get a moment to enjoy the aftershocks that ripple through you, and then her tentacles throb again.
It shudders, laughs, and shivers with pleasure as the feelings, the words, the memories return.
Your body quickly becomes overwhelmed, the sensations blanketing your mind far past orgasm and into a complete whiteout, everything running together until you completely pass out.
When you finally wake again, you stretch out and yawn, and your partner snuggles closer, her tentacles wrapped around your waist. 
“...want cuddles,” she murmurs sleepily, and they’re so fucking adorable when they’re sleepy.
You giggle and nod, putting your arms around and sort of through her, and she squeezes you just a little closer as you kiss her forehead. 
You nuzzle it’s neck, kissing against their shoulder. They make a rumbling sound somewhere between a purr and a growl.
You snuggle a little while longer before you feel like it’s time for a trip to the bathroom and a snack. 
Once you have a PB&J made, they snuggle against your back, a tendril of their form teasing the shell of your ear.
“Was i good?”
“Magnificent,” you confirm before you turn to kiss the tendril’s tip. 
“Mmm. Good.” Another tendril comes up to stroke your cheek.  “You were really scared.”
“Seriously! I didn’t remember anything until you put my memory back.”
It makes that happy noise again. “I like being scary.”
You take another bite of your sandwich before you grin at her. “It’s hard to remember when you’re being so cute.”
You watch as her cheeks burn purple, and she puts her hands over her face.
“Getting cuter,” you tease. 
“Not truuuuue!”
They can’t hide the giggles when you start kissing their hands and face, though. 
“Love you, my cute little monster.”
It takes your hands, wrapping them in tentacles before pulling them away. 
“Love you too, tasty little Pet.”
She makes a happy little rumble, and wraps you up in more tentacles to carry you back to the bedroom. 
You can’t wait to be wrapped up with them all night.

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