Snatch and Grab

by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #sub:female #abduction #bondage #brainwashing #conditioning #consensual_kink #consensual_non-consent #conspiracy #drug_play #drugged #kidnapping #multiple_partners #pov:top #restraints #rope #rope_harness #tranced_bottom #VR

Katie knows that her partners are picking her up from the airport, but she has no idea she’s about to have a long-held fantasy fulfilled.

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Some of my stories are based on real life events. Others are made from the seeds of my ideas and a bit of 'What if...'

This one is more the former than the latter. 

Jane kept herself from growling at the asshole who’d cut her off from a spot at the baggage claim curb, maneuvering through the snarled traffic as she tried to find a new place to pull over.

She didn’t have to check the backseat to know that Dawn was looking at her with a gently indulgent look. 
“She hasn’t even gotten off the plane. It’s going to be fine.”
“I know, I know…ah!” Jane put the turn signal on as a SUV pulled away from the curb and managed to get their spot. “Can’t believe it’s so busy on a Saturday afternoon.”
Dawn made a little hum of agreement as she pulled out her phone. “I’ll let her know which door we’re at.” She looked up once the text was sent and met her eyes in the mirror. “You did great.”
Jane couldn’t help her smile. “Thanks. You know how I am. It’s fine if we wait, but I don’t want to make her wait.”
Dawn grinned. “Especially today.” 
Katie had been gone for more than a week visiting her relatives in Virginia, and they’d been glad she’d finally had a chance to see them after the last year, but they’d still missed her.
Today would be all about showing her just how glad they were to have her back.
Jane had started drumming lightly on the steering wheel with her fingers before motion by the door and a familiar silhouette caught her eye. 
“There she is!”
She watched Dawn put down her window to wave her over, then unzip the duffle bag by her feet.
Katie’s whole face lit up when she smiled back at them, and Jane melted just a little bit as she watched her half walk, half bounce to the car, backpack over her shoulder and rolling suitcase trailing behind her. 
“Hiiii,” Katie announced as she popped the trunk open, then grunted as she hefted the suitcase in with a heavy thud.
“How many books did you bring back, Katie-kat?” 
Katie’s ears went a bit red as she shrugged the backpack off. “Only forty eight pounds…”
Dawn and Jane shared an amused look while Katie closed the trunk, and a moment later she was sliding into the passenger seat, leaning over to give each of them a hug and kiss before she started to buckle up.
“Welcome home,” Dawn informed her with a smile, and Jane nodded agreement while she put the turn signal on. 
“It’s good to be back. I was glad to see them, and to go up to the mountains, but it’s good to be home.”
The traffic opened up, and Jane pulled around a couple of the stopped cars. “You text your mom yet?”
“No,” Katie admitted as she fished her phone out of her jeans. “Need to do that.”
“Sounds good.” 
Jane focused on getting them out onto the exit road and headed for the highway, looking up to meet Dawn’s eyes in the rear view mirror again before giving her a nod. 
As they left the airport groups and hit the on-ramp towards home, she tapped the side of the steering wheel three times.
Katie finished with her phone, then set it down in the cup holder before starting to unbutton the flannel she’d worn over her t-shirt for the flight. “OK, that’s done.”
Jane focused on the road, but it wasn’t hard to hear the grin in Dawn’s voice. “Well then I guess that leaves one question, Katie.”

Dawn’s hand came out of the back seat to press a cotton cloth to Katie’s mouth and nose. 
“Does this smell like chloroform to you?”
It didn’t, really. The cloth smelled like the lavender essential oil that Dawn had soaked it in, but the powerful scent and the suggestion were all Katie’s mind needed to make her struggle against the seat for a moment with a muffled cry of surprise before she began to relax, her head drooping and her body melting into the seat.
“Good girl,” Dawn purred as she put the cloth back in the duffle. “That’s right. Just sink down, letting the scent melt your hazy little mind.” 
“melt,” Katie murmured sleepily, and Jane could see her expression turning blissful out of the corner of her eye.
Fuck, that is so hot…
“You’ve had such a dry spell,” Dawn continued as she reached out to gently tilt Katie’s head back, supporting her and rubbing her shoulder. “You had to think so much, but now you don’t need to think anymore.”
Katie made a soft little ‘mmm’ of pleasure that made Jane have to focus twice as hard on the road. 
“Don’t need to think…”
“Your brain can just get all squishy and soft, taking you deeper and deeper down, because your deep self knows that we’re going to keep you safe.”
“All you have to do is surrender.
“That’s right, pretty girl. Because your deep self knows that we wouldn’t let anything happen to you, even if we’re pretending to be kidnapping you right now. You get to enjoy that little edge of danger, maybe that little zing of fear at the edge of your mind, but deep down you know that you are loved and protected, and it makes it so easy to just surrender and give up control.”
Katie made another happy noise as Dawn leaned the seat back slightly. “Greeeeeen.”
“Good girl,” Dawn purred, and Jane couldn’t stop herself from squirming a bit in her seat. “Now, tell me something you need us to know right now.”
“Was going to text TJ,” Katie said sleepily. “Let them know I got home OK.”
“Then you can wake just enough to do that,” Dawn ordered. “Send them a message that you’re home and everything is fine, because that’s exactly what we’d make you do in a kidnapping. You'll let everyone know you’re ok, even though you know we’re taking you somewhere, and you have no idea what we have planned for you.”
Katie shifted herself so she could get her phone and type while Jane signaled for the off-ramp. 
By the time she’d finished sending the message, they were only a few minutes away from the house. 
“Now you’re going to be a good hostage when we get to the house,” Dawn instructed Katie, one hand against her shoulder. “You will wait for us to get you out of the car because you know that you can’t move, can you?”
“Can’t move,” Katie agreed as her eyes fluttered shut. 
“You’re Drugged.”
Katie shuddered in pleasure. “Bound…”
“Good girl,” Dawn praised her, and despite her focus being on the traffic, Jane could feel her attention shift.  “And Jane has been such a good girl too, hasn’t she? Being so careful while she drives with our precious cargo.”
“Mmmhmm,” Katie murmured.
“Just wait until you see what else she helped with while you were gone,” Dawn promised.
Jane could feel her face burning as she opened the garage door, and turned into the driveway.
Once they were parked and the garage door shut, Jane unbuckled and brought the bags back to the bedroom while Dawn put her duffle bag on the coffee table and started to pull out the rope they’d been practicing with most of the last two days.
Jane was usually the one to handle rope topping, but Dawn had been interested in learning, and it had been fun to be a combination of teacher and demo bottom as Dawn worked to master knots and ties.
She unplugged her laptop and brought it out to the living room, plugging it into the AC adapter kept there and running cables to the part of the surprise she’d prepared. 
“Ready to go get her?”
Dawn didn’t look up from the rope, her face a mask of concentration as she finished getting the rope laid out and her first tie done. “Soon as I finish...yeah. Does that look right?”
Jane grinned. “It does! Good job!”
They stole a quick kiss before heading back to the garage, Jane waiting by the back passenger side while Dawn opened up the door for Katie. 
“Now - I want you to get out of the car, and close your eyes.”
“OK,” Katie agreed.
“Back up a few steps - Jane’s waiting for you.”
Katie did as instructed, and Jane let her hands rest against Katie’s hips. 
“Got you.”
“Got me,” Katie sighed happily, sagging back against her. 
“That’s right,” Dawn agreed as she closed the car door. “And now I’m going to take your hands, and you’re going to follow me. We’re both keeping an eye out for you, and we won’t let you fall. Just do as you’re told and everything will be fine.”
“Do as I’m told...everything’s fine…”
“Good girl. Now follow me.”
They led her out of the garage with Jane just a few steps behind, ready to catch Katie if she lost her balance or tripped. Fortunately it wasn’t necessary, and in a few moments they had brought her to the living room.
Dawn kept Katie in trance while telling her to take off her shoes, and Jane took up position behind her, reaching out to steady Katie again as Dawn reached for the rope. 
“Hold still,” Dawn instructed before she slipped the long loop of the harness over Katie’s head, then adjusted the fit while Jane kept her hair out of the way.
“Scrunchie in my pocket,” Katie murmured, and if Jane might have copped a little feel as she reached in to grab it, Katie didn’t seem to mind. 

“That’s our good Katie-kat,” Jane praised her as she put Katie’s hair up, then reached out to take the ends of the rope for Dawn as she passed them under Katie’s arms. 
“Would you do the crossover?”
“My pleasure,” Jane assured her as she crossed the ropes around each other, brought the overlap snug to Katie’s back, and then passed the ends back to let Dawn finish the harness. 
“Now, turn around, pretty girl.” 
Katie did as instructed, and once Dawn had the harness knotted off Jane pulled out her phone to take a few pictures. Katie always looked so perfect in rope, and seeing Dawn’s satisfied smile was an added bonus. 
She took a few shots, then leaned in to kiss Katie softly, savoring the softness of her lips before her tongue gently probed into her mouth. She felt more than heard the hitch of Katie’s breath as Dawn tugged on the rope leash at the back of the harness to tease her.
After they disengaged, Jane looked over to see that Dawn had the next part of the surprise ready.
She leaned against Katie again, and whispered a throaty ‘Kneel’ into her ear.
Katie lowered herself with a whimper, and in moments Dawn was strapping the velcro ankle cuffs on, clipping them to a T-shaped strap before running it under her arms and binding her elbows.
“Is that secure enough?”
Katie tested her ankles and arms before nodding. “Can shift, but not move.”
“Good girl. Don’t be afraid to shift when you need to - we want you to be comfortable. Is everything green?”
Dawn and Jane exchanged a look. Katie was so cute when she was in trance, especially when she’d been bound up.
“I’m going to take off your glasses,” Jane explained to their tranced lover. “Then I’m going to put the brainwashing machine on you.”
Katie tried to sound shocked when she gasped, but the aroused excitement was peaking through the trancy bliss in her voice. “Brainwashing machine…?”
“Just for you, cute little hostage…” 
Dawn slipped the glasses off and put them on the coffee table, and Jane adjusted the VR headset before she slipped it onto Katie’s head.
“...little tighter. It’s fuzzy but I can see…”
Jane nodded, and adjusted the straps before sitting down to fire up the new program on her computer.
BrainSpin 2.21, it announced as she opened the window. Start VR Mode?
Grinning, she clicked Yes.
Katie gasped as the VR headset switched on, displaying a pleasant meadow scene until Jane loaded up the file they’d prepared.
HypnoSlut Conditioning flashed on the laptop screen briefly before it faded away, and Jane saw the session begin on the headset, a little window showing her the pulsating spiral that shifted colors and patterns every few cycles, soft voices in the headphones telling Katie how good it felt to be a happy little hypnoslut. 
“God that’s hot,” Dawn murmured as she joined her on the couch, Jane snapping a few more pictures as Katie swayed and gently rocked on her knees, body relaxing as much as the harness and straps would allow while her mind was gently fucked by the VR programming.

“How long will that run?”
“Ten minutes.”

“I’m getting my good camera,” Dawn decided, and it didn’t take long before she was snapping away with her DSLR, capturing Katie’s blissful smile where it peeked out from the headset, her mouth moving silently along with the mantras.
By the end of the file Katie was murmuring “Happy Hypnoslut” to herself as Jane stopped the program and removed the headset.
“There we go…how was that?”
“So good,” Katie sighed as she flopped forward so her head could rest on the couch. “All fuzzy with no glasses but I could see the spiral and the colors…”
Dawn snapped a few more pictures, then set the camera down so she could gently push Katie back upright. 
“And now you’re nicely programmed, aren’t you?”
Katie didn’t even get to answer. As soon as her mouth opened Dawn kissed her hungrily, one hand wrapping around Katie’s ponytail to tug her head back. 
Jane shivered as she took a few more pictures on her phone. The sight of Dawn being so dominant was incredibly hot, and her heart was bursting with compersion.  She was toying with the idea of joining in when her watch buzzed with an alarm.
“It’s quarter to eight,” she informed them as Dawn slowly released Katie, but not without another whispered trigger that made Katie quake and moan with pleasure. 
“Right,” Dawn sighed. “The cookout.”
Katie mumbled a soft ‘awww’ against the couch as Jane reached out to stroke her back. 
“I know, but we told them we’d come by after picking you up.”
Katie managed to wiggle onto her side, her puppy dog look magnified by her wide blissed out pupils and fractionated voice. 
“Can I stay in trance in the car?”
“Of course you can,” Jane reassured her before leaning over for another kiss. “But you will drift back up while we drive, so you can wake up when we get to Jo and Wilson’s house, ok?”
Dawn moved around to sit behind her, and reached for the rope. “Ok, time to get you untied, love.”
Katie’s pout was entirely unfair.
“Awwwwww, yellow.”
All three of them went silent for a moment before the laughter began. 
“Oh my god, you dork…”
“Love you…”
“We love you too, you goof.”
Once she was out of the restraints, Jane brought Katie her glasses with another kiss. 
“Feel up to walking to the car?”
“I can walk…”
Dawn winked, putting her hand on Katie’s hip as she started aiming her towards the door. “Good little hostage.”
Jane savored the sound of Katie’s whimper as they got into the car. 
“So was this everything you hoped for?”
Katie sighed happily as she melted into the seat again. “Thought you forgot…”
Dawn chuckled as they pulled out of the driveway. “Never. Just needed to wait for the right moment.”
“Very yay,” Jane agreed as she put the car in gear, and the very happy kidnappers and their victim sped off to their destination. 

Thank you again for reading! I hope you enjoyed it, and that you may consider buying me a coffee or two!


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