by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #drones #exhibitionism #f/nb #hive_mind #m/nb #minor_mind_control #nb/nb #orgy #overstimulation #robots #scifi #Shared_Sensations

What do drones do when they’re not busy performing tasks? Well, they get to know each other, of course… (A new story in the “Belong” setting!)

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If you have not read Belong, you may want to check it out and come back. Otherwise - there is a group of Units (aka drones) that are known as the Belonging, guided by AIs known as "Controllers." Conversion is a voluntary process, and if it seems like a place you'd like to can Belong.

Unit #d200c1 sat with perfect posture in her chair, antennae subdued as her conscious mind interfaced with her Controller and several other Units who had become a working group, helping to incorporate new design ideas and bring them into reality for the Belonging. 
A few milliseconds after her internal chronometer hit 15:00:00, her “ears” glowed back to full life as she stood and stretched, her tail curling against her side. 
“A very productive session,” Ada observed as #d200c1 began walking, almost skipping out of the work pods. 
“We’re getting closer on the wings!,” the Unit agreed with her Controller. 
Just looking around the open rec and downtime area made her bounce a little more as she saw Units who had either been created using the designs she’d contributed to, or been retrofitted to incorporate them. Animal ear antennae had become quite popular, as well as more insectoid styles. Taur Units, wheeled Units, even a few sporting early prototypes of winged designs. 
They hadn’t found a way to make them functional yet, but the Controllers and Units who made up the materials and structures group were looking at ways to incorporate better supports and lighter bone structures. She knew they’d crack it eventually, and when they did, it was going to be amazing
She couldn’t wait to see the reactions from the other Units who Belonged and Humans the first time a Unit left their home facility and took to the air. It was going to be amazing. Just anticipating that feeling of shared happiness was enough to put more bounce in her step. 
There were still people who thought that the Belonging wanted to take over the world. Nothing could be farther from the truth. 
It was about finding a place to Belong, a community, of course,  but it was also about helping give people who chose to be converted the body they had always needed. 
As her thoughts began to wonder, Ada gave a soft little hum to call #d200c1’s attention back. “There’s a group of Units who are planning to Network, and they are looking for another node. Should I let them know you’re available?” 
She tried very hard not to squirm as she replied. “Yes, please!” 
Ada just sent the digital equivalent of a wink. There was no way to hide how eager she was from someone who was reading her thoughts. Ada, and any other Controller that had left a monitoring process behind after interfacing with her, could tell exactly how excited she was to join in. 
“They’re waiting for you in relaxation pod 0024. Guidance is in your HUD now,” Ada said with perfect professionalism before she sent a burst of pleasure and the digital equivalent of a wink. “Have fun.”
#d200c1 was very glad she kept her vocalizer turned off, but a little of her moan probably leaked out into the main network anyway. 
The relaxation pod was a short walk away, a beautiful ultraviolet mural covering the door. The door opened for her as she approached, and she gave a little wave to the Units inside, their IDs updating on her HUD as their antennae flashed in welcome and recognition, each lit up in their signature colors.
#615E9B - Strm3 (Ze/Zir)
#0085AD - Sk5e (She/Her)
#5B3427 - Rusty (He/Him)
#948794 - Gr1s (They/Them)
“Hey,” Gr1s said, handshaking her into the little closed network they’d built while they waited for her to arrive. “Nice to meet you - do you prefer your designation or another name?” 
“V10let is good for night now,” she answered as she settled down on one of the plush cushions that lined the floor, her tail curling over onto her lap. “I usually go by my unit number for work stuff.” 
She could see more of her work on display as she took them in, and couldn’t help but feel her body warming. Strm3 was a gorgeous looking Taur form, sleek but powerful even when Ze was just resting on the floor, while Gr1s had used several body options that looked inspired by a Hyena, their body canted forward with interest as their handshake lingered a bit longer than it needed to. 
Rusty straightened up, antennae brightening as his body language became playful. “Ooooo. Aren’t you one of the designers?”
“Well, yes,” and she found herself glad that her biomechanical body couldn’t blush. “But I’m just part of a team.”
Sk5e chuckled and came closer, half crawling and half gliding across the floor. “We all Belong. But I remember your first day. You were _very_ interesting, Miss Kitty.”
“Ohhh. You were there, that’s right! I remember…” 
Anything else V10let had to say was blanked out as a wave of pleasure left her limp as Sk5e’s hands ran up her legs, and Gr1s began to stroke her ears. 
<<I think we all owe you a thank you, pretty little kitty,>> Gr1s transmitted over the network. <<Now - let’s have a little fun.>>
The private network loop kept their broadcasts and uplinks concentrated to this single group, and V10let happily let herself drift on their overlapping waves of desire and pleasure. A part of her felt the way her two new lovers were happily exploring her, another receiving the delighted vibes as Strm3 rose up in front of Rusty, zir null bulge reshaping itself into a beautiful member that she knew the other Unit was dying to feel inside of him. 
Before she was Networked for the first time, #d200c1 had been a little sad she’d never feel the sensation of being kissed again. 
Now, as V10let felt the tingling buzz of Gr1s’s facebowl nuzzling into her neck, she knew she had so many new and wonderful experiences that took it’s place, and she reached up to cup the back of their head, massaging her fingers against their warm scalp, biomechanical fingers squeezing and sinking just a bit into the latex-like material. 
The loop they’d created began to interlink, each of them sharing sensations, thoughts and feelings racing between them as their bodies moved closer. 
She was dripping, her wonderfully sculpted pussy exposed by Gr1s deft fingers, tail curling from pleasure as they slid their finger slowly up and down her lips while her spine relaxed in sympathy as Rusty settled himself on the floor, relaxing and opening himself, anticipating the stretch as Strm3 mounted him, zir cock slowly but surely filling him while Sk5e’s hands were toying with her breasts. 
V10let let out a kaleidoscopic moan of digital noise, quaking under their hands, while Rusty’s happy little whimpers were like the whispers of a pulsar on their minds as Strm3 began to pound away.
<< Did you increase your sensitivity? >>
<< m-maybe aaaaaaaaaaaaah >>
<<Naughty kitty. Gonna make you show us that trick later! >>
She tried to give a weak nod as she sank into the floor, tingling spreading over her body from the two giving her attention while the sensations from the other pair began to blanket her mind, waves of mutual pleasure steadily pushing more and more of her thoughts away. 
Communications stopped using words and became bursts of pleasure, sensation, and need. Bodies shifting, turning, switching positions and partners as the lines between each of them began to blur, the individual Units not quite becoming a gestalt, but sharing so deeply of themselves that the differences became less and less important.
Time seemed to fade away, moments marked by peaks of pleasure and orgasmic releases. They did not get “tired”, per se, but their blissfully overwhelmed minds began to flag, their little network stepping back from their sharing and settling into a comfortable little cuddle pile.
Each became more aware of where their bodies began and other stopped, touching and remembering with soft hums and happy little shivers.
As V10let ‘woke’, she snuggled a bit closer to Strm3’s back, nuzzling zir neck happily, feeling the weight of another Unit using her thigh as a pillow. 
“mmmn. Everyone good?”
Satisfied noises and broadcasts of agreement came from the others. When she looked down, she saw it was Gr1s laying against her, and their antennae brightened a bit as they shifted a bit more onto their side so they could reach out and stroke Strm3’s foreleg. 
“That. Was. Awesome,” they declared happily. 
“Mmhmm. We should do this again sometime soon.” 
“Co-signed,” Rusty said from where he’d nestled against the taur’s flank. 
“Let’s set up a channel,” Sk5e suggested, pushing herself up to her feet with a stretch. “After all - Miss Kitty owes us that sensitivity trick.” 
V10let was still very, very happy she couldn’t blush. “I’ll write it up for you all, I promise! Just don’t leave it on too long, it tends to get...overwhelming.”
Ada had teased her mercilessly about the way she’d locked herself up in a loop of pleasure for almost six hours. She could have stepped in to break the loop, of course, but she’d had too much fun observing the way her Unit was writhing on her couch to do that.
“Oh really,” Strm3 observed, turning zir head to get a better look. “That sounds like a story.” 
Despite the embarrassment, V10let also had to admit it was really, really hot. “I’ll tell you all about it next time. Promise.” 
“We’ll hold you to that!”

As they began to reintegrate to the main network and go to their next shifts or tasks, Unit #d200c1 was already looking forward to it.



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