Me Time

by Fractured Puppet

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(2nd person POV) It’s been a rough week, and you just need a little “Me Time,” according to the youtuber you can’t stop watching…

This story was originally written for twitter. Formatting issues may result. Thanks for reading!

I. Preparation

“Sorry,” you text your friends. “Work this week has been hell. I think I just need some Me Time.”
They’re all understanding. You appreciate that, even if they have no idea what you’re really blowing them off for. 

You’ll have to make it up to them later.
As soon as you get home you lock the door.

Preparation makes things more effective, someone told you. Treat what you’re doing as if it’s special and it will be special.

You developed this routine within a few days of hearing Her say that.
You fill up your water bottle in the kitchen. Drink half to make sure you’re well hydrated. Fill it again.

You take an apple from the special bowl and eat it, then toss the core into the garbage and grab another one on your way back to your bedroom.
You shut the bedroom door, too. No reason to think you’d be interrupted, but the point is to make sure.

The water bottle and apple go on the desk, and you take your time undressing. A nice hot shower to help work the tension from your muscles. Loose, comfy clothes after you towel off.
Nothing constricting. Nothing binding. You’re going to relax.

The thought makes you wiggle your toes as you settle down into your chair, and slip the headphones on.
You don’t even remember how you found this channel. God knows it wasn’t the YouTube algorithm, because it turned out to be something you actually wanted to watch.
“Self meditation,” the title promised. “Ultimate relaxation!”

It had seemed like a gift from the Gods. You’d been so stressed out, you wanted to lash out at everything and nothing just for a little relief from the pressure.
You shake your head as you open your browser. You’d hated living like that. It’s so much better now.

The channel loads and there’s a new video waiting. You take one last sip of water, settle back, and hit play.
II: Intiation

“Hello, darling.”

Her voice is like velvet wrapped around your brain, carried to you by the softly pulsing music.

She starts every video the same way, but it always feels like she’s speaking directly to you.

“I hope you had a good week. Did work go well?”
You shrug without really thinking about it. Some good. Some bad. Lots of little annoyances, but you’d pushed through and tried not to let them get to you, looking forward to this instead.
“I’m sorry, I know it’s not always easy. But I’m here for you. Let me help.”

You nod eagerly, and you can hear the smile in Her voice.

“Good. Close your eyes, and we’ll begin.”
“Listen to my voice,” She continues as your eyelids slip closed. “Let me guide you. As I speak, focus on the way you breathe. On the way you breathe in...and out. In...and out.”
“In...and out, until with each breath you can feel your stress slowly fading away. In...and out. Your worries ease with each deep, slow, soothing breath, following my words. In...and out.”
“In...and you’re letting go. Out, and your thoughts fall away.”

You breathe in her words, and with every exhale your mind empties.

“In, and your body is relaxing. Out, and your feet are melting into the floor. In, and your legs go slack.”
Her words slowly travel up your core, a soft warmth left in Her wake.

She relaxes your shoulders, letting the warmth spill down your arms and into your hands, and you cannot help but shiver in anticipation for what you know follows.
“In, as you release all your tension from your neck. Out, as you let your head fall to your chest.”

Your head feels impossibly heavy as you let it roll forward. You focus on Her voice, and your breathing follows.
“In, as you let your jaw go slack. Out, as your mind empties. In, as there is no tension left. Out, as your will becomes Mine.”
There is a long pause where there is nothing but the music’s beat, every rise and fall synced with your breathing as you wait, perfectly empty.

Perfectly Hers.
“I’m going to count down from five,” She commands, “and when I finish you will sink deeper for me. Entirely mine, my good little pet. You will sink deeper and deeper into trance, guided by my voice.”










The warmth totally engulfs you, and you slip completely away.
“My perfect Pet,” She murmurs. “So sweet and empty.”

You can feel your lips pull into a happy, mindless smile.

“I want you to lift your head, and open your eyes.”
III: Transformation

You slowly unfold, like a flower seeking the sun.

As your eyes open, that uniquely pink radiance pouring from your screen bathes everything in it’s light, sinking into the deepest recesses of your freshly opened mind.
“Good pet,” She coos at you, and when you focus on the screen, she is staring deep into you, as if carefully inspecting Her work. “Are you ready for more, darling?”
You don’t think before you speak. You can’t, and wouldn’t want to. Your words simply fall out of your smiling lips, just as She expects.

“Yes, Mistress.”
“That’s very good, Pet. You’ve made me very happy.”

You whimper with pleasure at her approval, filled with delight at her affection and praise.

“Do you still feel relaxed, Pet?”
“Yes, Mistress.”

“You’re going to stay relaxed as you focus on my voice. Completely relaxed as my voice sinks deeper into your empty mind, until your entire body begins to change. Completely relaxed, as you become my Pet. Completely relaxed as you become who you truly are.”
The first few times, you struggled. As if your body wasn’t sure how to follow Her commands, without Her will to shape you. Without Her voice to guide you.
Sometimes it felt as if your skin was becoming hard and dry, an itching rippling through you as if scales were growing and then receding when they found themselves a poor fit.
Feathers, horns, chitin, hooves. Each unique, each indescribable.

Eliminating every possibility until only the truth remained.
(Completely relaxed)

as your skin softens

(Completely relaxed)

as you feel the thick pads slowly forming, pushing their way out of the soles of your feet and the base of your palms
(Completely relaxed)

as the short soft fur grows beneath your clothes

(Completely relaxed)

as the bones in your legs shift and your hips widen

(Completely relaxed)

as your tailbone lengthens, extends, pushes out, your skin flowing to allow your tail to grow
(Completely relaxed)

as the thicker, fluffier fur covers it, and you curl your tail against your leg

(Completely relaxed)

Your ears shifting, lengthening, the headphones somehow adjusting with them as the tufts of fur rise up on their tips
(Completely relaxed)

Your mindless smile broadens as your face begins to shift, muzzle forming, whiskers growing, tongue lolling out as your irises begin to reflect that sweet, comforting, perfect pink light
(Completely relaxed)

as your fingers and toes thicken and fuse into paws

(Completely relaxed)

as your claws slide out, tracing the grooves they’ve worn into the armrests of your chair

(Completely relaxed)

as you tremble with delight, knowing She is watching
“You’re so beautiful.”


“Isn’t it nice to truly be yourself?”

(My Pet)

“Can you feel my fingers as I run them down your neck?”

(My perfect, perfect Pet)
The purr starts somewhere deep in your chest, rumbling with happiness as you feel Her touch dragging through your fur. Caressing your neck. Stroking, petting, comforting you.

“So very lovely. I’ve missed you.”

(This doesn’t have to end)
“I think you’re almost ready,” She smiles at you, and you feel her fingers wrap gently around your neck.

“Would you like a collar? Would it make you happy to show everyone you’re mine?”

Your purr intensifies, your eyes gleaming with desire.

“This is who you are,” she asks softly, “isn’t it?”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“All Mine.”


“All Yours.”

“You’ll get to choose soon, Pet.”

(Join Us)

“The Korps would love you,” she murmurs.

(Join Us)

A clawed fingertip lightly teases your cheek.

“And you take instruction *so* well.”

You don’t remember ever being so happy. So loved. So wanted.

(Completely relaxed)

So deeply, perfectly yourself.

(Completely relaxed)
IV: Return

You could stare into Her eyes for hours. You could listen to Her voice for days. Perfectly happy to sit curled at her feet as she pets and pampers you. Commands and uses you. Trains and teaches you.

But you know She has plans for you.
“I’m very pleased with you, Pet. You’ve come so far.”

There’s a tinge of sadness in her voice. It makes your ears twitch as you softly mewl at her, afraid you’ve disappointed her.

“Shh. Be a good Pet.”
You fall silent. Staring into the screen, waiting for Her words.
“It’s time to put you back,” She says, and you can feel one last lingering caress.

“Close your eyes, and focus on the sound of my voice as I guide you out of trance.”

Reluctantly you close your eyes, and let your head fall back to your chest.
“Listen to my voice as I bring you back to who you are outside of this room. Feel the changes fade as I count you back up, rising from your trance to a peaceful, relaxed state.”

(The claws receding)


(Your tail shrinking)


(Your fur fading)


(Your face flattening)


You focus on the music again, chest rising and falling, your whole body warm and soft, completely pliable.

(So Completely Relaxed.)

“As you breathe, focus on the sound of my voice.”
“In, and you will forget everything that happened while in trance.”

“Out, and you will just remember listening to my voice as I guided you through meditation.”
“In, and you will forget this video.”

“Out, and you will return to see me next week.”
“In, and you will forget the light.”

“Out, and though you will not remember, you will always be my Pet, darling.”

“Focus on the sound of my voice as you breathe, and I will count you back up, rising until you wake.”









(Wake up)
V: Recovery

You sigh happily as the music fades, and roll your neck carefully from side to side.

The headphones slide off, and you shiver as you run your fingers through your hair.

It feels so good.
You take a drink of water, and it’s cool and refreshing as it pours down your throat. A bite of the apple and it’s so, so sweet.

You hum happily to yourself as you get out of your chair and stretch, then shake yourself out.
The tension is gone. Your worries are miles away. You feel so much energy, so wonderfully relaxed.

This was exactly what you needed.
You check your phone. It’s not that late, really. Maybe you should go see everyone like you’d planned.

Humming to yourself, you send a text asking if they’re still hanging out.

You start getting dressed while you wait for an answer, looking forward to a fun night.
All you really needed was a little “Me time,” after all.

The Korps is a shared setting created by @KorpsPropaganda. Thanks for reading!


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