Hypnovember 2021 Stories

Day 9: Screens

by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #bondage #consensual_kink #cws_in_chapter_forewords #D/s #dom:male #dom:nb #drones #exhibitionism #f/nb #fantasy #furry #hypnosis #hypnotic_amnesia #hypnotic_bondage #hypnotic_language #hypnotic_machine #lactation #m/nb #microfiction #multiple_partners #nb/nb #pov:top #scifi #solo #sub:male #sub:nb #urban_fantasy

CW: VR, noncon, mantras, programming

Kayo’s body shivered as cool air moved over her bare skin, but the screens kept her mind too occupied to notice. She could feel the weight of the headset. She could hear the tones and the Voice. She could see the Screens.
She could ALWAYS see the screens.
She wasn’t sure how long she’d been staring into the bursts of color, fields of stars, twisting spirals, collapsing shapes, and bursts of color. All Kayo knew was that the Screens would intensify if she closed her eyes, if she tried to look anywhere else, if she resisted…
The softly pulsing, rising and falling tones began to fade, and the Voice was back.
“Calm your mind,” it instructed.
“Calm your mind,” she repeated. She’d learned that not repeating what the Voice said would make the Screens batter her eyes with more light and color.
“It feels good to obey.”
“Feels good to obey.” The screens pulsed and popped, dancing lights seizing her attention and focusing her mind for vital seconds on their distractions while the Voice continued.
“Submission is bliss.”
“Submission is bliss,” Kayo repeated automatically. There was a barely perceptible hum, and a low, rumbling warmth.
“Compliance will be rewarded.”
“Compliance…will…be…rewarded…” The screens were getting more intense again. It was like being at a fireworks show and watching the finale, except the bursts of light and color were bare inches away from her eyes, filling her vision completely as the rumbling pulses thrummed in time.
“Surrender, and become obedient.”
“Surrender…and become…obedient…”
Consciously, Kayo didn’t admit she was giving in. Didn’t admit she was tired of fighting. Didn’t admit she wanted to just let go. But the screens knew.
They seemed to shift, the lights and pulses becoming less intense, and more comforting. Soothing. Welcoming. That rumbling was bringing her more and more warmth and pleasure, a blissful boneless release of tension that was relaxing body and mind.
“Calm your mind.”
“Calm your mind.” It was so easy now.
“It feels good to obey.”
“It feels good to obey.” She felt so wonderful.
Submission is bliss.”
“Submission is bliss.” Her eyes fluttered and her hips rolled.
“Compliance will be rewarded.”
“Compliance will be rewarded.” Her whole body quaked.
“Surrender, and become obedient.”
Kayo’s lips turned up in a blissfully mindless smile.
“Surrender, and become obedient.”

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