Hypnovember 2021 Stories

Day 24: Tea Party

by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #bondage #consensual_kink #cws_in_chapter_forewords #D/s #dom:male #dom:nb #drones #exhibitionism #f/nb #fantasy #furry #hypnosis #hypnotic_amnesia #hypnotic_bondage #hypnotic_language #hypnotic_machine #lactation #m/nb #microfiction #multiple_partners #nb/nb #pov:top #scifi #solo #sub:male #sub:nb #urban_fantasy

CW: Drugged beverage / drug play, TF, “Dronification”, tight spaces / claustrophobia

Lea couldn’t stop staring as she was escorted through the hive. The rows on rows of hexagonal cells were captivating, particularly as she watched the bee-girls moving in all three dimensions around them. She didn’t quite remember how she’d gotten an invitation to tea with the Queen, but she was excited to see the inner core of the structure.
The two drones who had silently brought Lea in through the cavernous main entrance lead her into progressively smaller tunnels and chambers, the cells growing more tightly packed each time, the buzzing of the drones growing from an imperceptible murmur to a constant hum.
Finally, in what seemed the densest, almost claustrophobically crowded chamber, there was a door made from cells that seemed to be made of what Lea thought was some kind of glass, but as they came closer she gasped when she realized they were solidified honey.
“Indeed,” a voice came from within, warm and amused. “You might even say they’re…Bee-utiful!”
Lea chuckled, and somehow she felt like the buzzing of the hive was tittering along with her.
“Please, dear, come in! You’re right on time.”
The “door” retreated into the neighboring cells and Lea stepped inside, barely noticing the door closing behind her as she took in the Queen’s Chamber. The lighting was as warm and inviting as the Queen’s voice, the tightly packed cell walls set up to make the space feel cozy. There were ornaments of wax and honey crystals that decorated the room, and a plush floor that made Lea ache to take her shoes off and rub her toes in it. The Queen herself was seated on a chaise lounge, her heavy abdomen supported by the cushions as she set out teacups.
Lea crossed to the chair that had been set out for her across from the Queen’s table.
“Thank you for the invitation, your Majesty.”
The Queen smiled and waved one of her hands in a polite wave while another picked up the teapot and began to pour.
The dance of her four arms pouring, steadying the cups, and eventually offering the first cup to her.
“I was delighted to have you, darling. It’s so nice to get to know our neighbors!”
“I had no idea the hive was so big,” Lea admitted as she took a sip.
The tea was pleasantly floral, and had sweet aftertaste that lingered on her tongue. She would almost swear she could feel the warmth of the drink as it pooled in her belly, but that was silly.
“We love getting to know our neighbors,” the Queen explained happily, “and the more the Hive grows, the more space we need! Particularly when it’s time for me to lay.”
Lea was suddenly captivated by the image of the Queen shuddering with ecstasy as each egg was deposited.
“O-oh my. Will that be…soon?” She wasn’t sure why that was suddenly so captivating, but the chamber felt a bit warmer.
“Oh, not for a bit longer.” The Queen’s smile seemed to make her compound eyes brighten. Had she noticed Lea’s fidgeting? “Still, it’s good to be prepared.”
Lea nodded, raising her cup for another drink before she realized it was empty. “Of course, sure…bee prepared.”
The Queen giggled, and Lea was absolutely squirming now.
“You’re catching on! How wonderful! Now - may I pour you another?”
Lea nodded and offered her cup, and the Queen poured more tea before her upper arms began to undo the buttons of her silky blouse to expose her breast, pulling and fondling until golden honey trickled into the cup.
“Mmm…yes. I do love offering my finest honey to Our guests.”
Lea made a point of taking an appreciative drink, humming with pleasure as the warmth in her belly spread, making her feel loose and relaxed.
“It’s so good, Your Majesty. I’ve never had anything so delicious.”
“I’m so glad!”
The Queen watched with delighted interest as Lea finished the drink, then gasped. “Oh, where is my head at today! I forgot to offer you a honey cake!”
Lea blinked, suddenly feeling so warm and drowsy. “That…sounds nice…”
“One of our finest delicacies,” the Queen assured her.
As she watched the Queen reach for a plate of cakes, Lea couldn’t look away from her gorgeous unbound breasts, the warmth in her belly spreading lower. She ran a finger against her shirt collar, but it barely gave any relief.
“Oh, you don’t have to keep covered on my account, dear. Please, bee comfortable.”
Lea gave the Queen a relieved smile before pulling her top off with a groan of pleasure, then slipped off her shoes too, letting her toes dig into the floor.
“Mmm, yes, that’s much better. Now, eat up!”
The cake was sweet and sticky, saturated with the Queen’s honey. She’d meant to go slow and savor the first taste, but it wasn’t long before she was licking the crumbs and sucking the honey from her fingers.
The Royal Honey was so *good*, and she just couldn’t stop herself. The Queen didn’t seem to mind, though. If anything, she seemed delighted.
“Oh, I had a feeling you would be one of our special guests,” she buzzed happily.
Lea could feel the air shift as her Queen’s wings began to beat, the hum of command sinking into her mind.
((Come to me))
Lea stumbled from the chair, her legs shaky and mind numb, crawling across the floor like a little larva until her head rested against her Queen’s thorax.
((Feed,)) the Queen ordered and She obeyed. All that mattered was drinking more honey as her eyelids slid shut.
She didn’t feel the Queen lovingly wrapping her in a bundle of her own wax, or the honeyed kisses that would help her rest until her she awoke in her new form.
((Sleep now. Sleep and become.))
The drones who had escorted her in returned to gently lift her from the floor, placing her in a cell where she would rest until her body was ready to Serve.
The world was dark, warm, and filled with sweet song, and the drone that had been Lea slept soundly in their embrace.

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