by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #fantasy #growth #pov:top #sub:female #corruption #dragons #elves #halflings #magic #monster_fucking #monsters #transformation #transgender_characters #wizards

When your adventuring party finds a strange piece of gold after a battle, the world starts to seem…smaller.

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This story was originally released on my Twitter. I hope you enjoy!

Your little party had been through quite a fight. More than you expected a pack of kobolds to put up, honestly. 
They’d crashed into the clearing where you’d been making camp, as if in some terrible rush, drawing their weapons as soon as they realized you were there.
Liansi, the paladin you’d befriended a few months before, had met their charge with her shield, clocking the apparent leader across the snout and shouting to wake the rest of you.
Gwaen, the wizard, had dazzled them with streams of color and bursts of lightning. Kenna, the cleric, offered prayers to the Lady even as she drove two of the kobolds back with broad swipes of her mattock.
And you...well. 
You stuck to the shadows, the edges of your knives gleaming in the firelight when you struck, and did what you did best. 
Even better, fighting kobolds meant they weren’t much bigger than you.
For such a ferocious fight, though, you were surprised to realize no one had died. When the battle began to turn decisively in your favor the kobolds broke and ran, leaving several bags on the ground in their wake.
You’d been helping Lia carry bags back to the fire when something catches your eye. 
One of the bags had torn, and the contents glinted as they caught the light. 
“Huh. That’s pretty!”
You pull it from the bag, and gently run your hands over the flawlessly smooth surface. 
You’d expected the strange oblong chunk of gold to be cool to the touch, but it’s pleasantly warm. As if it had absorbed some of the campfire’s warmth while it waited for you.
“Find something interesting?”
It’s hard not to blush when you look up at Lia. She’s so *tall* and so pretty. Ears like an elf, but skin like blue silk, and hair the color of a sunrise over the water. You’ve never been brave enough to ask where she came from, though.
You lift up the golden object so she can have a better look. “Something shiny, anyway. I thought maybe it was an ingot or something.”
The paladin frowns thoughtfully, running her fingers lightly over it. 
“No...and not a piece of armor, either, though it almost feels like one.”
‪“Huh.” You put the thing back in one of the sturdier sacks, along with some of the coin and food the kobolds had been carrying. ‬

‪There was a *lot* of coin, actually. More than you’d expect. Jewels too. Maybe that’s why they fought so hard?‬

‪“Maybe Gwaen can help,” Lia mused.‬
‪Kenna looked up, a shimmer of divine radiance still wrapped around her fingers. “Not tonight he won’t - he’s got a knot on his head the size of an egg. No magic until he’s gotten some rest!”‬

‪You frown up to Lia, then shrug. ‬

‪“I suppose it can wait until morning.”‬
‪As you go to close the bag again, a glint of firelight off the strange piece of gold mesmerizes you for a second, but you shake your head and clear it, dropping the last of the coins you’d collected into the pouch. ‬

‪“So...time for bed?”‬
‪Lia nodded absently as her fingers played with a little ruby she’d taken from one of the bags she’d recovered. “Yes, but since Gwaen’s hurt...” The ruby went back into the bag, her eyes thoughtful. ‬

‪“Kenna, stay with him, and the two of us will bed down together?”‬
‪“Of course,” Kenna says placidly, but the moment Lia turned to set up her bedroll the cleric gave you an exaggerated wink that makes your cheeks burn. ‬

‪No, your little crush isn’t subtle at all, is it. ‬
At least Liansi doesn’t seem to notice. Or maybe she’s just too good to brush you off.
You sigh as you set the bags of loot down next to where Lia’s set the bedrolls. Gwaen’s usually your unofficial treasurer, but if the wizard’s too addled for magic you’ll bet he’s too addled to count, too.
You make sure the bag with the weird gold is on top. You tell yourself it’s to make it easy to get to in the morning when Gwaen’s recovered, but somehow having it atop the rest of the treasure feels...right. 
You catch one last glint at the corner of your eye as the gold catches the firelight as you take off your daggers and the harder parts of your armor.

The knot must have come loose, but no harm in leaving it until morning, right?

You put it out of your mind as you settle yourself as well as you can on the ground.

No. No harm at all.
Because you and Lia both wear your undershirts and smallclothes, there’s no real harm in curling up against her in the night.

If you had been in an inn, instead of in camp, perhaps you’d have been bold enough to undress more.

Perhaps not.

But if you had...perhaps someone might have noticed the little glints of gold beginning to appear on your back.
The morning sunlight is warm, making you stretch happily as you begin to wake. 
The feeling of a hand coming down to gently stroke through your hair, though? That was new. Good - *really* good - but new. 
“Mmm? Wha…?”
As you push yourself up a bit, the hand rests against the back of your neck, and the warmth makes you hum happily before you finally open your eyes to see Lia’s blushing face, her expression adorably mortified.
“Oh...ah...good morning!”
“Hey,” you manage to say as you own cheeks burn. “ Sleep well?”
“Really well,” Lia admits as the blush deepens, her pale blue skin nearly purple now. “Sorry. I just..kind of…you were just…you’re really cute, you know?” 
“Me?!” You almost can’t believe what you’re hearing. “I mean...really?”
You stare at each other in mutual shock until the sound of a soft snicker grabs your attention, and you can see Lia’s ear’s twitch as her eyes go wide. 
“Dammit Kenna!” 
The cleric just shrugs unrepentantly as you roll to your feet, already dressed in her armor and vestments. 
“Do you two have *any* idea how long I’ve been waiting for you to get on with it?”
You mutter the most obscene and blasphemous curses you can think of as you dress and repack your gear, but the embarrassed little smile on Liansi’s face helps.
It almost distracts you from the glint of the you open the bag to make sure everything’s where it should be.
“Oh. Right…” You raise your voice as you heft the bag. “Gwaen? How’s your head?”
The wizard’s head rises from his bedroll. “A bit fuzzy, but mostly fine.”
“Fine enough to cast a spell or two?”
Kenna’s eyes narrow. “Not if he’s still saying that after a full night’s rest.”
“Mm. Well…” You look over to where Lia’s nearly done strapping her breastplate back on. “We were headed to Dayspur. Two more days, right?” 
The paladin nods, a distracted look on her face. “Yes...yes, that’s true. Plenty of mages there too.” Her expression turns a bit sly. “Gwaen can enjoy his vacation a little longer, I suppose. After all, what harm can two days do?”
You nod, taking one last look at the gold before you close the bag again. “Not much, I suppose…”
The rest of the day was quiet, but as you traveled on the road you couldn’t help but feel a bit ill at ease. As if the world was slightly off kilter, just enough to be noticable. 
Gwaen and Kenna didn’t seem to notice, but Lia watches the road warily when you stop to eat lunch, her hand never far from her sword.
You don’t really talk about what had passed between you that morning, but when you finally set bedrolls up for the night, you set up next to her again, putting the head of your bedroll next to hers so you can talk quietly.
“So...have you been feeling odd today, too?”
Lia’s pensive hum makes you want to reach out and take her hand, and tonight you’ve got just enough boldness to actually do it, squeezing as much as you can.
“Things feel...bigger, somehow. Or maybe I feel a little smaller.”
You can’t help but laugh a little. “Welcome to my world.”
Lia smiles, but when she turns onto her shoulder to look at you her eyes are serious. “ scare you sometimes?” 
You don’t even have to think about your answer.
“Not as long as I’m with you.” 
You hadn’t even realized how close you were until her lips find yours, and you find yourself melting into the kiss.
She gasps as you deepen it, and a part of you is surprised at how aggressive - how *possessive* - she makes you feel. After crushing on her for so long, knowing that your feelings are returned gives you a giddy sort of boldness, and you want to make her yours in every way.
Well. Every way you can on a bedroll alongside the road, anyway. 
“When we get to Dayspur,” you murmur into her ear between kisses, “we should get a room in a real inn.”
You would swear you can hear the candle being lit in her mind. “With a real bed?”
“With a *big* bed,” you confirm as your fingers slide down her chest. “Nice and soft, with lots of room to _move._”

In all the months you’ve traveled together, you’ve *never* heard her make a noise like that before. 
You’re really looking forward to hearing more of them.
Shame the room will probably be expensive, though. A part of you just hates giving someone else your hard earned gold.
As you cuddle up to her, your fingers brush something a bit firmer than you’d expected. Not muscle, though. Harder - almost like mail. A piece of her armor? Some added protection you hadn’t noticed before?
You don’t pay it much mind. She’s clearly comfortable sleeping with it on, and you’re incredibly comfortable sleeping on *her*.

That night you dream of somewhere dark and warm, like the underground homes you grew up in, but much larger. A cavern, perhaps, but without the dank, wet smell of an underground lake or stream.
It’s warm and dry, and there’s a pleasant, slightly metallic smell you can’t quite identify. 
Lia’s there, relaxing on a particularly good and warm rock, but the angle Like you’ve never seen her quite this way.
It takes you a moment to realize it’s because you’re taller than her. Which feels...oddly right, actually. 
She’s really quite cute this way, your little Lia. Her sparkling eyes, the adorable snout, the shy smile as she looks up at you. The dazzling blue of her scales dusted with gold, and the way her crest rises into a lovely pair of horns. 
She seems to know you’re admiring her, and turns over to show you the softer hide of her belly, the color of a cloudless sky, and the way her cocks rise for you, a flush on her face as your tongue darts out with an approving growl…
“Come on, time to get up!”

Kenna? What was she doing in your lair?
“Hey!” A hand shaking you, rousing you from the dream and back to cooler, damper reality. “Are you two going to sleep all day?” 
Groaning, you blink the sleep from your eyes as you stretch, and for some reason you feel...bigger. 
“I was having a really nice dream!” 
Liansi grumbles and nods as she reaches for your hand, her eyes still closed, and you give her a squeeze. Something about her size feels a bit odd, too. Like her hand shouldn’t be so large in yours. 
“You can dream all you like in Dayspur.” You’re not sure if Kenna doesn’t notice the strangeness, or if she’s just putting it down to the two of you being lovesick. “I’ll need to spend some time in the Lady’s temple and Gwaen will take some rest - *if he knows what’s good for him* - so you two can just go enjoy…whatever you care to do for a few days.” 
Lia finally opens her eyes to give you a look that mixes hope and nervousness, and you give her a little wink before you stand up to grab your cloak and daggers. “OK, ok, Kenna. Is there breakfast?”
The cleric grins, leaning on her mattock like a cane. “It would be rather rude to wake you and not have breakfast, wouldn’t it?”
The last of your trail bread and salted meat isn’t the finest breakfast you’ve ever had, but something about the meat was especially good today. Maybe it’s just the promise of reaching the city and getting to that inn.
Still, your stomach rumbles just a bit as the four of you walk the road, as if not quite satisfied by what should have been a hearty meal. 
The bird you catch and help cook for lunch helps, as does sitting with Lia, stroking her leg as she leans on you. 
“Oh,” she says as you get ready for the last leg of the trip. “I almost forgot!” She undoes the little sack of coins and gems she’d been carrying since the fight from her belt, and hands them to you with a little wink. “You should hang on to these. For later.”
Warmth spreads through your chest as you take the sack from her, and when you open the bag you’ve been keeping the rest of your spoils in, it gives you a surprising little thrill to watch the gleaming coins and sparkling gems pour in, mixing with the hoard you’d already acquired. 
That strange gold chunk glints again in the light, and you reach out to stroke it absently, still enjoying how warm it feels against your skin. 
You really should get it looked at, but...well. You’ll have time. 
You give Lia a grateful smile, and she doesn’t have to stoop down much for you to stretch up and kiss her cheek. 
“Thank you, lovely.” 
The blush that spreads across her cheeks makes you feel even better than the gold, and you find yourself smiling through the mud and the rain all the way to Dayspur.
The rain isn’t much better in the city, but at least there’s more cover. It’s not hard for you to flit beneath awnings and overhangs to keep dry, though you feel a bit awkward at a few points - almost like you were covering ground faster than you expected, or your body a bit slower than you thought it should be. 
Kenna virtually drags Gwaen into the Lady’s temple with her so he can visit the healer’s hall, leaving you with a beautiful woman, two nice heavy sacks of coin and money, and a mystery you still ought to solve.
You take Lia’s hand like it’s the most natural thing in the world, and she adjusts her grip just slightly so your palms press together, the tips of your fingers just sliding between hers as you walk through the streets.

“Mage’s guild or the inn first?” 
You weigh that decision, then grin as you open one of the bags and draw out enough gold to cover quite a nice room indeed, carefully counting out the coins before dropping them into Lia’s hand.

“You get the room. I’ll see the mages.” 
Lia’s eyes light up like little suns, and if it weren’t for the weight of her armor, you suspect she’d be skipping as she makes her way down the street. 
You can’t help but watch her go, smiling at the sight of her excitement, absentmindedly scratching your arm through your tunic. 
There’s something hard under there. Not unlike what you felt under Liansi’s undershirt, in fact.

With a shrug, you make sure the bag is well knotted, and turn to make your way down towards the guildhalls. 
With any luck they’ll know what the thing is. With the way those kobolds fought for it, it *has* to be valuable, after all.
You managed to save a little time on the trip to the Mages by hopping on a cart whose driver didn’t mind a passenger. Even had a brief conversation about what’s been happening in the city. Seems there have been more kobolds approaching the city walls, too. Strange to hear. 
Maybe you can take Lia and settle them down.
That thought gives you a moment of pause. Why would they listen? You’re just...well. You were never much of anything but a thief and a knife in the dark, letting everyone underestimate you because of your size. 
Lately, though, you have felt a bit bolder and stronger than your average smallfolk. Almost like…
No. You shake your head as the cart stops, carefully hopping off the back. That’s a silly idea.
Isn’t it?
There’s more than a few adventurers, men at arms, and sellswords wandering the guildhalls. Some looking for work, others to find allies. Not so different from how you and Lia met, really.
The line at the Mages’ Guild for identifying items and artifacts is fairly long. You nearly decide to go meet Lia at the inn and try again in the morning, but you really would rather spend the morning in a lovely, soft, occupied bed than getting up at the crack of dawn. 
By the time you reach a mage who can do magical identification, you’re nearly hopping from one foot to the other, bored and antsy. 
“Well - what do you have for us today?” The mage has all the trappings, a robe that covers him from nearly head to to, arcane runes sewn into the fabric, long hair spilling out from under his hat, and a loupe in one eye. 
You get the feeling he came really close to calling you ‘little girl’ there, but thankfully for both of you he stopped himself. You take a breath through slightly gritted teeth, then heft the sack up onto the bench, opening it up so he can see your strange spoils.
“Took it from some kobolds - none of us really know what it is.”
You expected some curiosity, or maybe the snooty sort of “Oh you found one of _those_, how droll” reaction so many mages and ‘educated’ people had when you brought things around to get identified, appraised, or sold. 
You did not expect the mage to shoot up off his chair like a ballista bolt, his face turning pale as wax.
“Have you touched it with your bare hands? You, or any traveling with you?”
“Uh. No,” you lie. “Usually handled it with gloves or armor on.” 
The mage gives a sigh of relief, but he doesn’t come back to the table. “Close the bag - quickly!”
You do as he says, knotting the drawstrings three times before the mage finally seems to calm down.
“So - what is it?”
The mage’s face is a grim mask, his voice grave. “It is a curse.” 
“Well, it’s a big lump of gold, so can’t you...un-curse it?”
The mage shook his head. “How familiar are you with dragons?” 
You frown, not quite sure how this got from one to the other. “Uh...big? Scales? Breathe fire?”
 “Those would be the basics, yes,” the mage replies with a tinge of dry amusement. “But...there are important differences between them. Particularly in how they reproduce.”
“...don’t they lay eggs?”
“Some do,” the mage seemed to enjoy giving a little lecture. “Particularly with a mate or a compatible species to breed them. But in certain special cases...they have been known to find alternatives.”
So many things began to make sense. “Alternatives?”
“Their very heart, removed by magic, with the power to change those who come into contact with it.” The mage shook his head. “Very rare and very dangerous.”
“Huh.” Your hand strays to the bag, but you don’t dare open it in front of the mage again. “So those kobolds…”
“Stole it, perhaps, hoping to become dragons themselves. Or served the dragon who gave up its heart, I suppose, and were seeking some poor souls to taint with it.”
“But if it’s a heart, why is it gold…?”
“A golden dragon, surely,” the mage’s hat tips back as he wipes his brow. “It must be burned - and the bag as well, I’m afraid.” He paused, then peers carefully at you again. “You are _certain_ none touched it with their bare hands?”
“It hasn’t left this bag.”
“Mm. Even so - You may wish to have the temple cleanse and purify you.”
You pretend to give that some thought, then nod, taking the bag off the tabie. “Well - I’ll make sure this is dealt with properly.” 
The mage looks a bit nervous, but it’s clear he doesn’t want to come too close while you’re holding the bag. “And your companions? We can send word to have them cared for.”

You think about that for a moment, but not a very long one. “Kenna, a cleric of the Lady, and Gwaen, a wizard. They’re already at the temple - I’m sure they’ll take care of them.” 
The mage writes their names on his parchment anyway, and gives you a nod, dismissing you before he hurries off to tell someone about what’s happened. 
You keep walking sedately until you’ve left the halls, and then you run for the inn where Lia’s waiting for you.
After all, there isn’t much time.
You’d swear your legs are getting longer as you run, your chest heaving as if someone’s working the bellows for the furnace inside of you, stoking it higher and higher. 
The dragon’s heart hangs heavy against your back, the bag slung over your shoulder so it won’t get in the way while you run. 
You’d think knowing what it was - what it would do - would make it frightening. 
Part of you might be, you suppose. But the rest is demanding every ounce of your self control to keep from tearing the knots apart and seize the enchanted gold in your hand.
With a bit of an effort, you slow yourself down a few streets before the inn where Lia is waiting for you. You manage to ask the inkeep for your key without stuttering, and you swing the bag slowly back and forth in your hand as you walk to the back. 
A few days ago you would have needed to hop to make your way up the steps. Today, you have to stretch, but you manage to climb them without nearly as much effort. 
When you get to the door, you put your key in the lock only to feel someone pushing back holding the door closed.
“Hey, it’s me!”
“Wait! Don’t!” Liansi’s voice is almost panicked, and as you rub at the scales you can feel forming under your sleeve, you’re pretty sure you know why.
“It’s ok - just let me come in.”
“I’m don’t want to see this!”
“Lia,” you straighten yourself up, and it seems to add a little confidence to your voice when you do it. “I think I know what’s going on. Let me in, please.”
“*Please,*” you repeat, and a moment later you can feel her stop pushing on the door. 
The curtains are drawn when you come inside, with only a single candle casting it’s light into the room, but it is enough for you to see the light glint and reflect off the scales that now cover Lia’s bare chest, and the crest already beginning to poke up through her hair.  
“Please...don’t look…”
“Why wouldn’t I? You’re beautiful.” 
You’re not quite of a height now, but where you might have been just slightly shorter than her waist before, you can look up easily into her eyes, tears gleaming wet in the firelight. 
“Even...even now?” Her voice is soft and shy, so nervous and uncertain. Your lovely Lia could hold off a thousand brigands with her shield and a broken sword, but she never did seem to quite know how to handle matters of the heart.
Not that you were much better, really, but of late…

“Even now,” you assure her, taking her hands with yours. 
“I’m turning into a monster.”
“You’re changing. *We’re* changing,” you correct yourself. “But you would never be a monster.”
“You too…?”

You unlace your bracers, and drop them to the floor. Loosen your belt, then pull your tunic off so she can see the brilliant shimmering scales beneath as you move. 
“The mages say it’s a dragon’s heart,” you explain, looking up into her shocked eyes. “Poor thing was dying without a mate. This was the only way she could hope to have a child.”
“Kenna? Gwaen?”

“Safe,” you assure her as you open the sack and take the heart out. “They never touched it.”
“No,” Lia murmurs, her eyes drawn to the heart, her fingers hovering just out of reach. “No, they didn’t…” 
You can feel the magic still coursing through the heart now, the power seeping into your fingertips and flowing into you. “The mage said we would have to destroy it to stop this. We’d have to go to the temple and let them try to cure what it’s done to us.”
“Then we should. Shouldn’t we?” There’s none of her usual conviction in those words.
You shake your head, and your free hand finds hers with a squeeze. “I don’t want to, Lia.” 
“You don’t?! But…it’s going to change you. You’d never be able to go back. To go home.”
“What home?” You shake your head. “ you think I was wandering the guildhalls looking for work because I had a place to go back to?”
“...I suppose I never quite thought to ask,” she admits quietly.
“I didn’t fit in there,” you explain. “Because I wanted to go out in the world. Because I liked girls better than boys. Because I would rather learn to fight than learn to garden. It’s not a *bad* place, don’t get me wrong...but it’s not home.”
“I’ve never fit in anywhere either,” Lia sighs as she gestures to her skin. “Even before...this. I don’t know where I came from. I was raised in the barracks and the temples.”
“You’ve always fit in with me,” you tell her as you look deep into her eyes, trying to put every ounce of love you’ve held for her into your voice. “Come with me. Wherever this leads. And we’ll make a place for us, together.”
Even if she’s not as tall, it turns out Liansi’s still strong enough to pick you up off the floor when she embraces you, lips finding yours in a kiss that makes your toes curl, the power of the dragon’s heart turning from a tingling in your hand to a thrumming pulse that seems to spread through both your bodies.
“My Lia,” you gasp when you finally come up for air. “My little lovely Lia!” 
“Mine,” Lia groans happily as she starts back towards that nice lovely bed, just as you’d planned before, pulling you along by your free hand. “Mine, mine, mine to me, my love.” 
You fingers are still swift and deft, and it isn’t long before the few clothes she was wearing are gone, joining your increasingly ill-fitting ones on the floor. 
You hold the heart in your hand, feeling you own chest starting to beat in time with it as you kiss your way across the scales that cover Lia’s still sensitive breasts, her gasps and moans even sweeter than you imagined. 
The scales that had begun to appear on your biceps have made their way down your arms, and when you use one to pin Lia’s arms above her head you notice the first scales beginning to thicken and grow out of the back of your hand. 
Your legs feel thicker and stronger, and there’s a pushing, itching, scratching feeling as your spine begins to realign itself, muscles and ligaments forming that will support your new wings, the first hints of a tail lightly tickling your bottom. 
With every kiss and caress you leave shimmers of gold against her blue hide, marking her as your own even as Lia’s hands pull you closer, nails thickening into claws as they drag down your back, digging into flesh and helping to reveal the scales beneath. 
“I...something is...aaaah….changing…!” Lia’s voice rises as you feel her against your flank, her eyes closing as she lets her head loll back, drifting on a wave of pleasure as her jawbones begin to lengthen and shift. 
What had been a rather cute cock had risen up as it grew thicker and curved, the flesh smoothing in some areas and developing interesting looking new ridges in others. 
You understand what she meant when you notice a twin now seems to be growing, pushing slowly out from her crotch just below the other. Smaller, but as you reach out to experimentally rub the tip, still quite sensitive judging from the way her hands tear into the sheets and mattress. 
“Oh...I think I can make good use of *these*...” 
Before, you would have struggled to get your mouth around her original form, but as you’ve started to shift and grow your own jaw has gotten wider and flatter, your tongue extending out even as the golden heart shrinks with every beat in your hand. 
You encourage Lia’s new member to rise and develop with long slow licks of your tongue, delighting in her cries as she moans and bucks into you. You watch her hair shrink and fuse into bone, the crest scratching up the headboard. As you pleasure your new kobold servant and mate your body continues to grow, limbs extending and wings beginning to drape down your back and over the bed. 
“We’re going to find a lair worthy of us,” you promise her as your voice deepens slightly, a trilling growl beneath the words. “Fill it with beautiful things...”


“Fill it with our *treasure!*”
“Fill it with the *eggs* I’m going to lay after I _fuck you senseless!_”
Your hips easily let you straddle her now, and part of you registers the bed breaking beneath your newly combined weight as you fill yourself with her, Lia fitting in you like the key into a lock. 
You throw your head back on a newly sinuous neck and keen with pleasure as you take your mate, and some instinct guides you to take the heart, easily less than half the size it was before, and raise it to the light.

It glints one last time with what might almost have been satisfaction before you place it in your mouth and swallow it, the last of it’s magic spreading through you like a sunrise as your transformations complete, your tail striking hard against the floor and walls as you thrash it with pleasure, reaching down to pull your little Lia tight to you, your greatest treasure, your dearest love. 
You mind the little wings that have developed on her back, relishing the reversal in sizes as you lick and nuzzle at her snout, her own tongue darting out in-between her cries of pleasure, pumping and thrusting into you as your new sex pulls and massages at her, until she finally fills you with a wail that the whole city must have heard, spending herself inside of you even as you milk out every last drop. 
The floor shakes as you fall onto your side, but doesn’t buckle. 
You already can tell you’re small and young for a dragon, but you don’t mind. You’ve got a few hundred years to grow, after all, and the perfect company to spend them with. 
“Mmm…” You nuzzle at the side of Lia’s head, placing a little ‘kiss’ with the tip of your snout and tongue on her temple. “Thank you.”
“...think I should be thanking *you*,” she murmurs back, her voice a bit rough from crying out and still a bit dizzy with pleasure. “Never felt..._anything_ like that.” 
You give her a toothy grin, wrapping yourself just a little tighter around her. “Oh, don’t worry - you’ll be feeling it again soon…” You let out a yawn that nearly snuffs the candles, and huff a little laugh at the end of it. “After a nap.”
“Mmhm. Nap...cuddles,” she insists with a little nip against your jaw, wrapping one arm around your forelimb. 
“Sounds like a plan,” you agree as you settle in, feeling the beat of your heart against hers.
You know, somehow, that you can return to your old form now should you need it, and the proper enchantment to help Lia temporarily retake hers. 
You can wait until dark and sneak out, leave the town and find that lair you dreamt of. To lay the brood you know will grow within you, letting them mature and hatch as you fill it with gold to glint and shimmer, perhaps someday to return to adventuring - maybe even finding your friends again - and see the world from a rather different perspective. 
As you sleepily watch the firelight glint off blue and gold scales, you smile as you think about all the things you unexpectedly have to look forward to. 
Your eyes slip closed, and you let out a contented sigh that snuffs out the remaining candles, Lia giving a happy little rumble as she snuggles closer in her sleep. You’re warm, sleepy, and have your arms full of your treasure. 

Everything else will take care of itself. 

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