by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #bondage #consensual_kink #cunnilingus #hypnosis #hypnotic_trigger #implied_memory_play #mantra #nonverbal_hypnotic_trigger #toys

After a rough day at work, Jane doesn’t really want to think any more, and Katie knows just what to do…if Jane will ask for it.

Jane sighed happily as Katie nestled in against her side, shifting her arm so she could hold her girlfriend close in a gentle side-hug.

Katie hummed with approval, nuzzling against the super-soft t-shirt that Jane had changed into before they’d settled together on the bed.

“Feeling better?”
“Yeah,” Jane sighed as she let her eyes close. “Sorry. Yesterday sucked.” 
Some idiot with a backhoe had cut the lines for her job’s data center in three places, and Jane had been the “lucky” incident manager who had been tapped to sacrifice her Friday night  (and early Saturday morning) to the IT gods. 
She had been stuck at work for almost ten hours when she finally talked to Katie to cancel their planned date, and Jane had finally gone to bed a bit after 1am feeling mentally fried and grumpy. 
Katie had been a lot more sanguine, and once Jane had gotten up and grabbed some breakfast, she’d simply shifted their plans into Saturday afternoon. A few errands, getting lunch, doing some early holiday shopping together, and coming back to her place for cuddles. Lots and lots of cuddles. 
“We’re here now,” Katie soothed, and Jane nodded, finding her hand and squeezing it lightly.

“In fact,” Katie said with an audible smile, “we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be.” 
Jane felt her limbs growing heavier as Katie used one of their Goddess’ triggers, and her mind responded automatically.
“We’re exactly where we’re supposed to be…” 
“Good girl.”
Jane let out a soft moan at the praise before Katie shifted so that their lips could come together in a slow, comfortable kiss. Tongues lightly dancing, breaking and rejoining once, twice, three times before Katie gently pulled away and put a little kiss on the tip of her nose.
Another trigger that made Jane giggle, her thoughts going a bit more spacey. 
“I love you,” Katie murmured with quiet intensity, and Jane’s eyes fluttered a bit as she looked up into Katie’s beautiful deep amber eyes. 
“Love you too,” she replied, and some part of her wondered why she was laying down now. Hadn’t she been sitting up in bed a moment ago?
“You’ve been listening to Goddess’ files every night, haven’t you?” 
Jane nodded lazily. “Good girls obey.”

“Yes we do,” Katie agreed as she leaned over to place a kiss on Jane’s bare chest. 
Hadn’t she been wearing a shirt? Jane was almost certain she’d been wearing a shirt. 
For that matter, the loose top Katie had been wearing was gone, and so were her pajama bottoms, leaving her in a bra and panties. 
Jane looked down at herself and yes, she was topless, but her own PJ bottoms were still on.
“That pleases Goddess,” Katie continued with slow, gentle caresses that made Jane sigh and press into the touch. “And it pleases me.” 
“Thank you…”

“You’re welcome.” Katie’s fingers found a nipple and toyed with it, sending ripples of pleasure through her body. “I want you to sink back down now, and remember the file you listened to last night.”

Jane tried to keep her eyes focused on her girlfriend, but it was a losing battle. Her eyelids were getting so heavy, and even when she tried to open them back up they slid back down again, bowing to the inescapable pressure of her conditioning. 
“That’s it,” Katie encouraged. “Just like that. Deeper and deeper for me.” 

Jane’s eyes closed, and she felt the movement of Katie settling in next to her, the warmth of skin on skin. 
“Remember the necklace?”


It was part of one of their Goddess’ files. A beautiful, ancient piece made of platinum and gold, with glittering chips of citrine and other gems that sparkled and captivated. 
A necklace that gave the wearer the power to know your every desire. 
“Imagine it. Picture it. Stare deeply into the gems as they catch the light.”
“So pretty,” Jane murmured, her thoughts slowing and settling as she focused. “Sparkly…”

“It is,” Katie agreed, “and I’m wearing it now. You know what that means, don’t you?”

“Know…what I want…what I’m thinking.”

“Mmhmm. I know you just keep going deeper and deeper with every word I say, and I know that you want so much to submit.”

Jane shuddered with want as Katie punctuated her statement with another tease of her nipple.
“Love to serve…love to submit…” 
“That’s right. Because you know what submission is, don’t you?” 
“Bliss,” Jane sighed happily, and she could feel her clit getting stiff and hard as Katie pressed against her, kissing her hungrily. Pressing against each other until their legs intertwined, and Jane was bucking and pressing against her, always denied more than the barest hint of friction.

“It’s been too long, hasn’t it? Since you could just let go and give yourself to me?” 
Jane’s answer came in a gasp and a whimper as Katie reached down to caress her through the thin fabric of her bottoms. 
“Look at me, Jane.” 
Her eyes opened, focusing on Katie’s face, so close but somehow too far to reach up and touch or kiss.
“You are in Goddess’ power.”

“I am in Goddess’ power.”

“You can’t resist.”
“I can’t resist.”
“You don’t want to resist.”

“I don’t want to resist.” 
“You know that the necklace makes you answer me when I ask you about your desires.”

“I do…”
“So - tell me, what do you want right now?”

“Want you to buzz my mind away. Want to be blank and mindless, please, Miss.” 

“Of course,” Katie purred as she reached over to the nightstand where Jane kept a few toys close to hand. 
Jane heard the wand start to buzz, and her eyes slipped shut again with a sigh of anticipation as Katie drew back. 
“Lift your hips.”

“Yes Miss.” 
Jane pushed herself up, pressing her back and shoulders into the bed as she elevated her hips, reaching down to push the waistband down until she felt Katie pulling it down past her thighs and knees.

She had barely gotten comfortable again when she felt the low, rumbly buzz of the wand’s head pressing against her clit, and her mouth opened in a gasp.
“Mmm. Looks like I should keep it right there.”


Jane shuddered as the wand was pressed a bit harder into her, vibrations traveling through her shaft. 
“Please Miss. Please, right there, Miss!”

“Good girl,” Katie cooed as she leaned close, her breath hot on Jane’s ear. “Pleasure.” 
Stars began to pop behind Jane’s eyes as the trigger fired, mental stimulation blending into the relentless buzzing ecstasy.
“You’re going to lose all those thoughts,” Katie instructed as she moved the wand in a slow, lazy circle that managed to keep Jane shivering and gasping without moving her closer to release. “The buzzing takes them. It pushes them away and keeps them quiet, and you know what that makes you.”
“S-soft…and slick…and wet,” Jane moaned out between ragged breaths.

“Yes you are,” Katie agreed with approval. “And what does that make your mind?” 

“Soft…and slick…and w-wet!” 
“Good girl. Pleasure.” 
The bliss was almost overwhelming, but Jane couldn’t find relief. There was no escape. There was no relief. There was just the buzzing, buzzing, buzzing in her body and her mind.
“You love to serve,” Katie repeated.
“Love…to serve…!” 

“You love to Obey.” 
“Because you know what Obedience is…” 
“Oh…oh!...Obedience is…pleasure!” 
“You can’t resist it.”


“You don’t want to resist it.” 
“Don’t…don’t want to…” 
The angle of the wand changed slightly before Jane felt Katie’s hand clamp down on her left wrist like a vice.
“Your arm is bound. You cannot move it.” 
She tried. She really did. But it felt as if her wrist had been glued to the bed.
“Can’t…can’t move it!”
“Your legs are bound. You cannot move them.”

Her ankles were stuck now, too. She could rock and buck against the wand, and her right hand was still free, but Katie had herself pressed close enough that all she could really do with it was stroke and squeeze her thigh. 
“You can’t escape the pleasure,” Katie said as her voice grew husky and hungry. “It’s all you feel, and it’s the only thing you can think about.”

The wand’s buzzing became more intense, and Jane’s words were gone, lost in a needy cry.
“It’s building and building…growing so irresistible…so inescapable…”


“And when I tell you to, you’re going to cum, Jane. You’re going to cum, and it’s going to make all that programming, all that conditioning, go even deeper into you. To be part of you. Every little bit of you knows that we belong to Her, and that is how it should be.”

“How…it should…beeee….” 
Katie kissed her again, hard, before she spoke again.

“And that is how it is. Cum for me.”
Jane cried out wordlessly as she bucked up, hard, grinding against the wand as she shook, gasping for air just before her mouth was sealed again by Katie’s hungry lips. 
She wasn’t sure how long they made out while Katie continued to stroke and press and buzz her thoughts away, but eventually Katie’s voice was in her ear again. 
“Tell me something you need me to know.”

“Keep going…please, Miss, keep going!” 
“Are you going to cum again?”

“Yes, please, please let me…” 
“When you’re ready, then. Let it build, and just let it crash over you, making you go so deep. So blank and mindless…”


“Your mind is my Toy.” 
“My mind…is…your Toy…”
“Your body is my Toy.” 

“You love being buzzed away, don’t you?”

“Let it happen, Toy. Let it wash over you. Let the buzzing take you!” 
The peak hit again, and this time another followed it almost as soon as the second had faded, washing Jane’s mind of everything but the bliss and warmth and pleasure.
“Good Toy. I think that’s enough for now.”

Jane groaned, but nodded as best as she could.

“You can open your eyes again, but you are still deep in trance.”

Jane looked up, and then turned her head to the side until she was looking at Katie again. 
“How are you doing?” 
Jane needed a moment to string words together again.

“Need some water. Part of me wanted more, but…good to stop there. Might have been too much.”

Katie nodded. “Your water bottle is on the dresser, and I am going to unbind you now, so you can get a drink.” 
Jane felt the restraints disappear as quickly as they’d secured her in the first place, and stretched a bit as she sat up and reached for the bottle. 
When she’d finished three blissful swallows, she set the bottle back down, and turned back to where Katie waited. 
“I want your tongue,” she announced as she slid her panties away. “I want you to lick and suck and taste me.”

Jane nodded eagerly as she started to slide down towards the end of the bed. “Yes Miss!”

“Will you be comfortable, or do I need to move?” 
“Can you lift up and we put a pillow under you, Miss? That should be fine.”
“Of course, Toy.” 
Katie passed the pillow to her, and once she lifted her hips Jane carefully slid it into place, settling down on her elbows.

“This is good?”
Jane’s eyes fluttered again as she took a deep breath of Katie’s scent, tinged with heady arousal.

“Oh, yes, Miss.”

Katie’s answer was to put a hand on top of Jane’s head and push her firmly down against her, and Jane happily complied.
Her tongue slid slowly along her lover’s labia, tasting and teasing her way up to Katie’s clit. Little gasps and moans let her know that her work was being appreciated, and she gently licked and sucked and tongued, blissfully happy and blank as she served and pleasured her proxy owner. 
The occasional tightening of fingers and increase of pressure guided her to exactly where Katie wanted to be touched, and Jane delighted in focusing her efforts.

“Oh…oh god, Toy…feels so good…you feel so good!” 
The encouragement spurred her on, and Jane switched up her techniques every so often, but kept her focus exactly where she’d been told, face growing slick with nectar every time she went back in for more.
“Want.. the wand…”

Jane slid back as Katie brought the head of the wand to where she’d so diligently been tasting her, turning her attention to Katie’s thighs with kisses, nibbles, and gentle bites to compliment the vibrations.

“Not sure…I can cum right now…but so good.”

“Thank you Miss,” Jane answered between kisses. “Love you miss.”


“So hot…so fucking beautiful, Miss!” 
They continued for another stretch of time that Jane had no ability or interest to measure before Katie pulled the wand away and shut it off, beckoning Jane back to her.

This kiss was just as deep, but not as furious or desperate. A slow, satisfied, embrace that transformed back into a cuddle pile of gentle touches and little kisses until Katie suddenly reached for her phone.

“Oh. We ordered food.”

Jane tried to think back to some of the fuzzier patches of memory, and realized that yes, they had in fact done that after they’d finished watching a movie.

“You’re still deep in trance,” Katie observed, and Jane realized that she was. 
“I am still deep in trance.”

“Go put on your clothes so you can get the food from the porch.”

Jane nodded happily as she unwound herself, finding where the pants and shirt had landed and pulling them on.


She paused, and turned back to where Katie was sitting up with a bit of nervousness in her eyes.

“This is still green, right?”

Jane nodded enthusiastically, matching Katie’s smile as it emerged from the moment of doubt.

“Super, super green.”

“OK. Good.”

Jane let herself out of the bedroom, dodged the cats, and picked up the delivery bag of noodles and dumplings, making a quick stop in the kitchen for a fork, spoons, and chopsticks.

“Got it, Miss.”

Katie took the food, and put it on the bed before she stood up. “Sit in your chair?”

Jane complied, not sure what was going to happen now.

“Still feeling good?”

“Oh yes, Miss.”

“Still deep in trance?”

“Yes, Miss.”

Katie leaned close, hands settling onto Jane’s shoulders as she looked deep into her eyes.

Jane’s body went rigid as she gasped, then bonelessly limp under Katie’s hands.
Katie leaned in and kissed her forehead. “Good Toy. Want to come up to eat?”

“Probably should,” Jane admitted even as she felt Katie’s gaze compelling her back down again. 
“Want me to count you up?” 
Jane managed to nod, breaking the eye contact as she took a deep breath.

“One…two…three…coming back…four…looking at me…almost there…and Five. Wake up.” 
Katie stepped back, and Jane blinked a few times as her brain rebooted.



Jane grinned as she moved back over to the bed and reached for the bag of food. “That was awesome. I love when you decide to be toppy.”

Katie ducked her head with a blush. “We hadn’t in a while, and you’ve been doing a lot between work and everything else. I wanted to give you a nice surprise.”

Jane set the takeout containers on the bed before leaning over to kiss Katie’s cheek.

“You certainly did.” 

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