by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #corruption #feeding #solo #transformation #urban_fantasy #exhibitionism #hunger #implied_recruitment #plants

Second Person POV You’ve always been a total wallflower, but after a chance encounter on your way home from work, maybe you finally will have a chance to bloom…

This story was originally written as a microfic on my twitter. Any formatting problems are probably my fault. :)


“Sorry,” you sniff as you fumble for a Kleenex. “I think it’s my allergies.”

Nobody else on the subway really says much. A few sympathetic looks as you blow your nose. A couple of people shifting away from you just in case.
It’s funny, though. Most of your allergies are to plants and pollen. Not much of that down here.

Still, you don’t feel sick. Maybe someone had some flowers in the car before you got on?

You shrug and just try not to bother anyone else.
You’ve always been the type to try to slip through and go under the radar. You got hammered down enough for sticking out as a kid.

Keep your head down. Do your job. Don’t make a fuss.

A real wallflower, honestly. Which makes being allergic kind of funny, right?

Your nose itches and you sniff a few more times on the ride home, but no more sneezes.

Still, as you step off the train and join the crowd headed for the escalator you’re starting to feel a bit light headed and droopy.

Maybe it wasn’t allergies after all?
The feeling finally starts to fade after you step outside into the late afternoon sunlight.

The more you walk you feel refreshed. Satisfied. Energized!

You get so caught up in how good it feels to be outside that you manage to overshoot your apartment by almost two blocks.
You shake your head as you realize you’ve gone too far. What a weird afternoon.

Still, as you start to turn around you can’t feel too upset. The extra time in the sun feels like it’s doing you some real good.
By the time you’ve grabbed your mail (junk, bill, junk, junk, seed catalog? Weird.) and made your way up the stairs you’re starting to lose that warm buzz.

You fumble around for your keys, and you realize your stomach is growling as you unlock the door.
“Okay, okay! Give me a minute!”

You drop the mail on the table, bumping the door shut with your foot. You thought you’d had a decent lunch, but food’s almost the only thing you can think about as you walk inside.
Your eyes land on the blinds covering your windows, and you decide the first thing to do is open every single one, letting the sunshine in.

You stand in the window, basking in the warmth until another rumble in your stomach finally gets your attention.
“Ok, I guess it’s dinner time...”

Every step towards the kitchen seems to make you even hungrier. Your growling stomach is so demanding you can’t even think about what you want to eat!

You open up your pantry and look through it, not even sure what you’re searching for until you spot the peanut butter.
You don’t even waste time with bread, you just grab a spoon and dig in.

The combination of the sweet, smooth peanut butter and the slightly salty and crunchy chopped nuts is almost orgasmic as you chew and savor it, letting it coat your mouth before you finally swallow.
It doesn’t kill your hunger, but it takes enough of an edge off that you feel like you can hear yourself think again.

You don’t even notice that you’re still scooping more peanut butter into your mouth as you open the kitchen blinds.

Time to check out the fridge.
Carrot sticks? No. Cold cuts? Hm. Better, but still not quite what you’re craving.

You remember the leftover chicken and broccoli stir fry from last night, and your brain lights up like you hit the lottery. Of *course!* That’s exactly what you need right now.
You grab the carton, dump the contents into a bowl, and pull out a piece of slightly wilted broccoli.


It’s so good and so satisfying you almost want to just eat the whole thing cold, but the microwave won’t take that long.
You were about to close the microwave door when you realize you still have about a quarter of the peanut butter jar left sitting open, shrug, and scoop the rest out and drop it on the top of the chicken before you start reheating everything.

That’s not so weird, right?
Of course not. People eat peanut sauce all the time. This is just...

Well, ok, it is a little weird. But it still smells pretty amazing when the microwave finally beeps.
You mix the goopy peanut butter, limp broccoli, and chunks of chicken together as best as you can, then fumble to grab a fork.

The food’s a little too hot, but the warmth you feel as you eat seems to start in your brain, not your mouth.
Something about this combination makes you feel incredibly content, the ravenous hunger finally being sated.

The warmth spreads slowly through you, and you can’t remember the last time you felt this content and relaxed just standing in your kitchen.
Before you know it the bowl is empty, and you blink in surprise as you realize the sun has set.

You really are all over the place today, and your mouth is feeling pretty parched after all the salty food and soy sauce.
You leave the bowl in the sink and reach into the fridge for a soda, then stop.

You don’t need that. Too much sugar. Too much acid.

Beer? No. Not beer.

You move a couple of jars aside so you can grab the carton of milk behind them.

The milk is creamy and almost sweet as it cuts through the last of the salt and gurgles down your throat, exactly what you needed for a chaser.

You realize you must have zoned out again as you drank, because before you know it you’re lifting an empty carton to your lips.
It’s not really that late, but the idea of going back out to the grocery store doesn’t really appeal to you.

Thank god for the internet.

You unlock your phone and settle down on the couch, flipping through options.
Bananas sound good. More milk. Peanut butter. Lots more peanut butter. Broccoli. Spinach. Chicken. Salmon. Ice cream. More bananas. Fresh mozzarella. Bacon. Grass fed butter. Greek yogurt. Hummus. Brussels sprouts, oh *god* yes.
You’re ignoring a lot of your usual favorites, and by the time you’re done you’ve spent well over two hundred bucks on the order but what the hell, it beats going out.

Before you put the order in, you absently flip back to the home goods, and add some full spectrum light bulbs.

You’d planned to just veg out in front of the TV while you waited for your delivery, but something made you decide to drag your couch over so you can sleep by the big windows tonight.

Once you finished that, you’d worked up an appetite again.

Back to the fridge.
Nothing really felt that exciting until you realized you had a couple of potatoes sitting in the bottom of the pantry, and by the time you’d finished washing the dirt off, you were so hungry you ate them raw.
That finally seemed to hit the spot, and you dozed off on the couch until the sound of the bell roused you with a start.

“One second!!”

Your mouth feels odd. Sticky. Like your saliva got thicker, somehow.
You stumble a little on the way to the door, but get your feet under you by the time you unlock it.

“Hi, sorry! I fell asleep!”

The delivery guy nods, a wary look in his eyes.

“No offense, but are you sick?”
“Don’t think so. Just allergies.”

He doesn’t look convinced as he hands across the first couple of bags.

“You might want to get looked at anyway - you look pretty green.”

You shrug. “Stomach feels fine. A little tired, that’s all.”
“You say so,” he shrugs. “Mind if I just drop the rest inside the door and bail? I really can’t get sick right now.”

“No problem,” you assure him. “I can take them into the kitchen.”

“Thanks - and hey, feel better!”

“I appreciate it!”
Honestly, with the way your stomach rumbled while you unbagged the first load, you’re not sure the rest are going to make it to the kitchen!

Still, you at least want to get the frozen and refrigerated stuff put away properly before you pig out again.
Once you have things put away, you pick up a banana and peel it, munching on your way to the bathroom, thinking about the delivery guy’s concern.

When you finally look at yourself in the mirror, you can see what he was worried about.
You really do look green, not just pale or peaky, and it almost seems darker around your eyes, nostrils, and lips.

You reach up to rub at your eyes and it feels odd. Like your skin is smoother, somehow. The texture feeling off, almost like it’s a little slick, but not sweaty.
Your fingers seem ok still, and when you pull off your shirt it looks like the green is spreading slowly down into your chest...but there’s another big rash of green rising from your stomach to meet it.
You should be freaking out.

You should be freaking out and calling 911.

You should be freaking out and going to the hospital right now.

But you aren’t, and you don’t.
Something inside of you is telling you this is normal. There is nothing to worry about.

You should put those full spectrum bulbs in.

You decide to start with the lamps by your couch.
The light tastes better once you’re finished swapping out the bulbs, and the warmth combines with your full stomach to make you feel almost blissful as you strip completely naked, put a blanket down on the couch, and settle down, propping your head up on a couple pillows.
Your eyelids feel heavy.

So, so heavy.

Usually it takes a little time to get comfortable in bed, let alone sleep.

You would expect the couch to make it worse, but tonight you slip effortlessly away…

You dream of green.

Lush and verdant forests in an endless cycle of death and rebirth.

Fields of sweet grasses, protecting and enriching the land.

Flowers greeting the sun with their outstretched petals, offering their nectar so their pollen will spread.
You dream of vines, twisting and climbing, winding their way up to seek the light. Budding and branching, wrapping and weaving around each other to create something stronger than the individual could ever be.
You dream of white.

Hungry roots spreading through rich earth, digging deep and anchoring themselves into fertile soil as they thicken and spread, eagerly consuming the rich cocktail of nutrients you were kind enough to provide them.
You dream of red.

Rivers of pulsing, flowing, rushing red that flow past your roots, making you shiver with the intensity of the sensation, the iron and oxygen being stripped away as you drink deep.
Every dream takes you deeper and deeper, until the dreams and colors blend together to form a new whole.

White bones picked clean of flesh, still stained with red and brown from where muscle and sinew had been anchored.
The roots spread first, spreading out of the skull like a nervous system, clinging to everything before they finally begin to sprout vines that begin to replace muscles, with thick buds and pods taking the place of organs.
You watch, fascinated, as the bunches of vines begin to grow symbiotic moss that quickly thickens until it has formed a skin, while tough glossy leaves imitate finger and toenails.

Longer, more pliable vines become roots of hair, leaves and blossoms creating body and color.
Breasts swell with nectar, tiny blossoms opening to entice with their sweetness, their pistils low and round in imitation of nipples.

Broad sepals decorate the crotch as lush petals form the vulva, filaments and anthers of their stamens replacing pubic hair.
You watch the receptacle and pollen tubes form within, meeting the broad thick style that protects new ovules, ready to be fertilized.
As you watch, you realize a face is slowly forming, the features rising and shaping themselves until you realize they are a match for your own.

Your plant-self opens her eyes and smiles peacefully up at the sky.

You feel happier than you’ve ever been.
You are so beautiful.

You begin to cry over her perfection, and you see sap welling in her eyes, too.

You don’t really understand.

You don’t need to.

What was left of your old self is fading quickly, and before long you slip into the darkness again.

The dreams fade until you are left in formless darkness, sleeping peacefully until a gentle wave of warmth washes over you, lapping at you like the sea.

At some point in the night you curled into a fetal position on the couch, and now you unfold towards the warmth.
You smile with lips as supple as rose petals, your eyes still closed as you yawn and stretch, finally facing the windows just as the dawn breaks, and you open your vividly green eyes to greet the sun.
As you drink up the light you feel invigorated, every part of your body filled with delight and energy.

You watch the sun until it has fully risen, then pad off to the bathroom to get a good look at yourself.
To your immediate disappointment, your transformation isn’t quite as complete as it was in your dreams.

Still - your skin is now a very pleasant olive shade, and your lips dark and glossy green.

Your eyebrows are still changing, but you can see the green at the roots.
The leaves and fronds of your hair have come in nicely, though, and the buds of flowers are starting to open.

Another day of filling yourself with the nutrients your body needs to complete the transformation, you think, and you’ll be in bloom.
Your fingers slide down your belly, and you shiver as they linger over your damp petals.

You can feel the potential for life inside of you, waiting to be fertilized.

Grow, something whispers inside of you.

Grow and spread your seed.
Let your pollen attract the mates you will need, to change them as you have changed.

You let out a little moan as you imagine bringing the delivery guy from last night inside and enthralling him with your nectar, images filling your mind of letting him pollinate you. How good it will feel as new life begins to grow within you.
Your pistil begins to rise and thicken from where it had hidden inside of you, a firm pseudo-cock covered in veins and ridges that you lovingly stroke as you imagine plunging deep into fertile “ground” and planting your seeds where they’ll germinate and flourish.
You flush a darker green, flooded by pleasure, and before you can stop yourself a spurt of milky phloem bursts from your tip, your hips bucking as you shudder with release.
You can’t resist the urge to run a finger through a little and taste it before you start cleaning up - sweet and delicious, just as you knew it would be.

Your stomach rumbles as you finish wiping the counter down, and you smile as you gently pat it.

“Ok, ok. You’re next!”
Your stomach growls again as you walk to the fridge, your root system aching for the food it needs to help finish your metamorphosis.

Peanut butter, eggs, spinach, milk, and  a salmon filet go into the blender, and a brown sludge of a “protein shake” comes out.

You slurp down the nutritious slurry, humming happily at the taste. You can feel the taproots that now line your stomach soaking up everything your body needs and carrying it through their systems.

It’s probably a little silly to spend some time doing dishes while you work on digesting your meal like a human, but it makes you happy.
You reward yourself for adulting with a banana and some yogurt, but before long you begin to feel like you’re dragging as you listlessly trudge towards the couch.

Your instincts are telling you it’s time to soak up some more sunlight.
You begin to perk up once you are back under the full spectrum lights, but their warmth is nothing compared to the glory of the sun’s rays.

The more you absorb, the more you feel awake and alive. No wonder you looked so ghastly yesterday! You obviously needed more sun!
Warmth. Light. Heat. Food. Water.

Everything you need is here in abundance.

You close your eyes and let yourself sink into dreams of green again as more changes take root.
You begin to feel a bit of a chill that rouses you from your slumber. The sun is fading beneath the horizon again.

You feel like a quick shower, and then it’ll be time for another meal. After all, you need to keep your energy up.
You almost can’t believe what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Your blossoms are open, the petals vibrantly red and gold against the rich green of your fronds.

Your skin is flawless now, and your eyes gleam like polished emeralds.
You’re pretty sure you gained a cup size in your sleep, and your hips and ass are equally plumped.

You barely recognize yourself. Who is this bombshell?

You smile as you step into the shower, drinking up the moisture as the spray runs over your body.
As you luxuriate in the steamy water, you don’t quite know how all of this happened, but you’re so, so grateful.

The wallflower is finally in bloom.

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