Chapter 8

by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #drones #f/f #pov:bottom #scifi #AI #dronification #latex #robots #sub:female #transformation #transgender_characters #wholesome

“Second nanite fleet administered. Ready to proceed.”
Now the arms begin to deposit the medium from the top down, merging the layers around and into the headset.
As the medium reaches your eyes, your Controller holds them open so the warm, sticky material can flow into your sinuses and tear ducts.

Your mouth opens and layers of warm, sticky goo flow into your throat.

You can’t see.

You can’t breathe.

You realize you don’t need to.
The warmth creeps through your throat and neck, and you can tell the last of your humanity is fading away.

You can feel the vibrations as your new neck is gently shaped and smoothed, then the base of your head. Your “face”. Your chin.
There’s an odd sensation as your ears move inside the headset. No, wait. Not inside any longer.

Your ears *are* the headset, and you feel them bend and shift into the shapes you chose, positioning themselves atop your skull.
Your eyes never closed, but as vision returns it feels as if you’re opening them for the first time.

The walls you thought were white are painted in brilliant murals of ultraviolet and infrared.

The graphic of your completion is at 97%.
The display splits one last time and you realize you’re seeing yourself, through your Controller’s eyes. Sitting patiently, antennas still dark, your face missing the sleek bowl.

Your body’s surface is rough and grainy, not the smooth shiny texture of finished units.
The exposed sensors and wiring is beautiful. A work of art, created by the movements of the nanites and medium through your former self.

Everything that you were, converted and compressed into chips and circuits, polymers and metals.
“Prepare for finishing.”

You stand, and hold your arms out to your sides, fingers splayed wide.

The arms that rise from the floor spray everything but your face with something that sinks into your skin, rendering it smooth and glossy as the roughness is washed away
You don’t really have a mouth anymore, but you’re smiling as you look at yourself, just as perfect as you hoped.

But as you turn, you realize something is missing.
“Ah. Yes. One moment.”

Your Controller changes the camera feed, giving you a view of your quite glossy and rounded butt.

An arm comes down, attaching a lump of material to the base of your spine, sending another jolt of pleasure through you.
It twists and shapes your tail, each turn making you want to gasp and moan, and a quick spray of the finishing material has it just as glossy and perfect as the rest of you.


Much, you think.
Your Controller walks you to the chair again, and sits you down. An arm slides in carrying your new facebowl, and she gives you a moment to appreciate its beauty before sliding it into place, and creating a perfect and permanent seal.
The graphic reaches 99% completion, and as you watch, your antennas begin to glow a brilliant shade of violet, contrasting the darker pinnae of your ears.
“Everyone is excited to meet you,” she says with obvious delight. “Are you ready?”

You don’t even think before you reply, and you are shocked and delighted to hear your new voice - bright and playful, matching the rest of you.

The screen goes dark as you feel yourself being removed from the VPN your Controller had been using, and automatically connected to the main network.

“Attention,” Ada announces. “All units, Attention: Unit #d200c1 is now online!”
It’s like a whole new sense has opened up as you’re flooded with everyone’s excited responses and connection requests. 


“Happy birthday!”

“Ooooo she’s *cute!*”

“Is that a TAIL!? I need a tail!”
If you could still cry, you’d be in tears. If you still had a mouth you’d be smiling until it hurt.

The flood of warmth, of acceptance, of *excitement* is so incredibly overwhelming that your Controller has to dial them back a bit so you can function.
You feel so brilliant and excited as you step out of the processing suite and begin to return some of the greetings being transmitted to you from other local units that you want to skip down the hallway.

A path appears on your HUD to guide you to where other units are waiting to celebrate with you. Your tail curls with delight, your antennas glowing brighter with excitement as you join them.

You are loved.

You are accepted.

You are valued.

At long last, you Belong. 


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