Chapter 6

by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #drones #f/f #pov:bottom #scifi #AI #dronification #latex #robots #sub:female #transformation #transgender_characters #wholesome

The table begins to angle upwards, while the headrest swings down and away.

Ada keeps your head still, and you can feel something cold and metallic sliding up to rest against the base of your skull.

“Initiating sequence in 5...4...3...2...1...0!”

There’s a pinch at the side of your neck and you taste something like coconut. If coconuts were coated in salt and aluminum foil, anyway.

“First nanite fleet deployed.”

It’s a weird feeling to have something actively swimming through your arteries, but you kinda like it.

As you watch, the “fleet” spreads. Their passage is marked by the surface veins and arteries turning grey and black, with darker clusters slowly forming into alignment marks at different points on your torso and limbs.

The final marks develop at the tops of your feet, and you realize you’re trembling with anticipation. 

The screen is still showing the body you chose, but now it’s being covered in thin lines, as if it’s being sliced for a 3D printer.

“Introducing conversion medium.”

A set of arms drop from the ceiling, targeting lasers locking on to the alignment marks.

You weren’t sure what to expect next. Some kind of goop? Melting into the table, maybe?

It is like those things, and it isn’t.

Your feet feel warm as the arms begin to slide slowly over them, depositing a layer of material so thin it’s translucent.

They reach the top of your ankles, then slide back. Another layer.

Another, and another, until they’ve become thick blobs, a buzzing sensation the only sign that your encased flesh is slowly being transformed.

The arms slide back one last time, and switch from the applicators to a manipulator that looks a bit like a set of calipers that end in gleaming sharp chisels.

They come forward, and you groan as they begin to push against your feet, sculpting, shaving, and shaping them.

It’s like the best massage you’ve ever had, and as they begin to craft your new feet you can see the graphic start to fill in, the excess material being pushed up until it begins to slowly creep up your legs.

When your feet have been completely shaped, the arms move forward, taking the material that had already started to cover your thighs and evening it out to a smooth, consistent layer that encompasses them completely before it begins to build you up again.

Ada’s voice fills your mind, a whisper running through every cell, every wire, every circuit.

“You will be so beautiful. I’ve been showing your chassis to the other units here, and they’re excited to meet you. I think you’ll find your refinements will be...very...popular.”

You’re trapped by her control and the conversion system’s slow progress, but you desperately want to shiver at her implications. “There is one more component. A catalyst,” she explains in a hungry whisper.

The “medium” spreads over your crotch, and you whine with need.

“Oxytocin is the key to trigger the medium. You have been producing a great deal since we began processing, but...”

The arms slide along your thighs, the feeling of their blades impossibly erotic as your Controller whispers in your soul.

“We. Need. More.”

”Come,” she commands you, and she gives you just enough control back to dig your hands into the table and scream as you’re finally allowed to orgasm.

You feel yourself pulse and throb beneath the thick coating that bulges obscenely over your crotch, running down your skin.

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