Chapter 2

by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #drones #f/f #pov:bottom #scifi #AI #dronification #latex #robots #sub:female #transformation #transgender_characters #wholesome

It took a little time to work up the courage to go.

You had a few friends that you trusted with the news, once you made your decision.

Mostly the same ones who knew who you really were, and not who you had to pretend to be.

The closest center wasn’t far from your office, but you were afraid of getting recognized by coworkers.

(Would you have to go back to work? Would you even need money anymore?)

You decided to visit a center a couple of hours away, just to be safe.

You gathered up all your clothes and donated them. Kitchen stuff and everything else you assumed you wouldn’t need.  A few people noticed. You told them you were doing the konmari thing.

If only they knew what was really sparking your joy.

Even when you knew you were certain,  it took a certain amount of courage to overcome your fear. 

You spent the night in a hotel. Had a cab drop you off at a coffee place a few blocks away.

Your last cup of coffee was a cinnamon mocha with extra whipped cream.

You tried to walk casually towards the center. Tried not to think about the people you passed. Could they see what you were thinking? Could they tell how nervous you were? Would there be protestors outside?

It turned out the answer to all of those was “No.”

A pair of units stood outside. One with a tall, lean build and deep green antenna “ears”, the other broad with generous curves and glowing fire engine red.

Somehow you knew both of them were watching as you approached.

“Hi,” you manage to get out as you reach them. “I’ want...can I come in?”

Green doesn’t exactly nod to you, but something in his(?) body language seems to signal agreement.

Neither of them are actually blocking the door. It’s just up to you to step through.

You take a deep breath and go inside. What you assume is a lobby seems pretty much like any office. A tile floor, a reception desk, a set of chairs, and a couple of doors leading further in.

The only thing that hints at the purpose of this place is what’s on the desk.

A row of clear plastic headsets with some circuit boards inside, resting in what must be charging cradles. The earpieces look a bit like the base of the antennas you’ve seen, and as you approach one of the doors opens up, and a unit with electric blue antennas comes out.

You wait for it (him? Them?) to reach the desk before you speak. “Hi. I’m...I want to join. To belong.”

They don't respond in words, of course, but he does lift a headset out of its cradle before offering it to you.

Something in your gut says this is the point of no return.

You could turn around. Say you want to come back later. Pretend it never happened. Apologize to everyone if you had worried them. Decide it was a mistake. 

But as you stare at the unit’s beautifully sculpted hands and arms, you know that it’s not a mistake at all.

You reach out to take the headset, adjust the band so it will fit comfortably, and slip it over your ears. 

For a moment there’s nothing. Then a burst of static, a series of several musical tones, and finally a voice speaks to you, soft, warm, and clear.


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