by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #pov:top #sub:female #conditioning #consensual_kink #exhibitionism #fantasies #forced_masturbation #free_use #hypnotic_trigger #masturbation #pleasure_conditioning #polyamory #power_exchange #ripped_clothing #solo #trigger

One lazy morning Dina noticed that her sub’s leggings had a rip, and it wasn’t long before things escalated.

Dina sighed happily from her warm cocoon of blankets and pillows as she watched Jane typing away at an email. 
She loved all of her chosen family, but when you lived in a house with five adults, six cats, 9 fish, a bearded dragon and a teenage boy, sometimes it was nice to escape to a partner’s condo for a day or two of peace and quiet.
She loved the way the screens glinted off the lenses of Jane’s glasses as she worked, and the quiet rhythm of key presses and mouse clicks. 
It was so easy to get lulled into a trance state that way, focused on work to the exclusion of all else, and Dina always enjoyed watching her little Marionette’s eyes get just a bit glassy beneath her glasses, lips parting just slightly, occasionally murmuring something to herself as she typed. 
Dina was just considering taking a nap when Jane shifted in her chair as she reached for her water bottle, and she noticed that her lover’s leggings looked off, somehow. 
She wasn’t going to interrupt her pet’s work, but she started to pay a bit more attention to what the clothing was doing each time Jane moved, shifted, and finally stood to use the bathroom between meetings, giving Dina a clear look at what was obviously a rip in the crotch - and the bare flesh beneath. 
Well, well, Dina thought to herself with a smile. That’s interesting.
She pretended to be engrossed in a book on her tablet when Jane returned, and listened with half an ear open until Jane pulled off the headset she’d been wearing, shaking out her hair a bit and stretching in her chair. 
“Was that your last call for the day, Janey?” 
She loved how Jane always turned towards her, eyes dipping as she nodded and then locking back on to her.

“Yes, Goddess. I’ll need to keep an eye on my emails through the afternoon, but that was it.”
“Good. Would you make me a peanut butter sandwich for lunch?” 
“Of course!”

She waited for Jane to stand, take one, two, three steps…
“Jane. Stop.”
Jane became so utterly still that you could barely see her breathing, and Dina shivered with anticipation. It was almost as fun to control Jane as it was to play with her. 
“Yes, Goddess?”
“What happened to your leggings?” 

There was genuine surprise in Jane’s voice as she looked down, then felt up the inner thigh until she reached the rip and flushed. 
“Oh. Crap, I didn’t realize. I’m sorry, Goddess. Would you like me to change?” 
“Not yet,” Dina said as she shifted into a sitting position, watching Jane’s eyes as she stretched just a bit to emphasize her naked breasts. “Did you not realize you weren’t wearing underwear, either?” 
“Ah, no…well…I mean yes, I knew I wasn’t wearing any.” 
She raised an eyebrow, enjoying the flush on Jane’s cheeks. “And how long has that been going on, pet?” 
“Do you remember when I got that really bad skin rash a few months ago?” 
Dina nodded, resisting the urge to wince. Jane had tried a new brand of panties she’d found online, and even though she’d washed the new pairs before wearing them, something in the fabric or the dye had made most of her waist and panty line break out. 
“Yes, of course. That was horrible.” 
Jane nodded, still not quite meeting her eyes. “Yeah, so Dr. Lawson said I might be a little more vulnerable to yeast infections, especially if any sweat or 'other fluids' get trapped down there, so she told me to leave the underwear off while I was healing to be safe.” 
“Mm, I see...but that was a few months ago, and I know you’re quite nicely healed up down there, pet.” 
If Jane blushed any harder, Dina thought she might need to start getting worried about her blood pressure. 
“Now, I see you’re not meeting my eyes — and I think we both know why.” 
Jane bit the inside of her bottom lip, and Dina went in for the kill.
“We both know that you’re so deeply brainwashed that one look into my hypnotic eyes will put you right into trance, Jane.” 
She scooted herself to the foot of the bed, never looking away. Legs draped over the edge, entire body on display to lure in her prey.
“We know that you’re such a conditioned little toy for me that you can’t resist it. No matter how much you try, you will always look into my eyes. You can’t fight it. You must look.”
“Can’t…can’t fight it,” Jane agreed as their eyes finally met. “Must look.”
“You need to look.”

Need to look…”
“Because you are mine.”
“Yours,” Jane half said, half moaned as she slowly lowered herself to her knees at Dina’s feet, never breaking eye contact.
“That’s right,” she purred as she gently stroked Jane’s face. “That’s my good pet. My lovely marionette, always dancing to my pull on her strings.” 
Jane let out a choked little gasp as her fingers found the braided steel chain of her pet’s day collar, pulling just enough to take up the slack.
“In fact you absorb my programming so well that I know you pick up Katie and Dawn’s triggers too, even if I haven’t explicitly given them to you.” 
“Yes Goddess.”
Smiling a bit wickedly, Dina let that hang in the air as she looked deep into her pet’s eyes, watching the resistance and hesitancy melt like ice in the sun. 
“Jane. Confess.
Jane’s eyes went wide and she made a sort of ‘yeep’ noise as Dina released the collar, letting her collapse forward until Jane’s head was pillowed on her thigh. 
“I really kind of liked how it felt to go without the underwear,” Jane said in a dreamy tone, her tongue now running on autopilot while her brain went away. “Especially after I listened to that toy file that Ian made, and after I listened to Your file about capturing and taking me…” 
“Mmmhm. Does my sweet little marionette want to get caught?” 
“Yes, Goddess. I want to get caught. I want to be a toy. I want to be used.”
“Is that why you wore the ripped leggings?”

“I didn’t know they were ripped. But I liked wearing just leggings or tights without underwear to go with my dress or a blouse. I felt…open. It was hot to think about you just reaching in and touching me. I liked the idea of you ordering me to undress and using me.” 
Dina’s mouth had gone a bit dry, and she could feel her own skin heating up with arousal as Jane mindlessly explained her fantasies. 
“Of course you wanted to be used,” she husked as she ran her fingers through Jane’s hair, petting and stroking her head. “Toys always want to be used. That’s what they are there for.”
“Yes Goddess,” Jane agreed weakly.
“Do you know what else good toys do?”
Jane shifted to look up at her, eyes so wonderfully blank as they met hers. 
“Good toys Obey.”
“Correct,” Dina murmured as she lightly pulled on Jane’s blouse, wordlessly instructing her to sit up. 
“Get out of those ripped things, and throw them away.” 
“Yes Goddess.” 
She enjoyed the view as Jane stood and pushed the ruined bottoms off her hips, stepping out of them, picking them up, and throwing them into the garbage can by her desk. 
“Were those expensive?”
“No, they were on clearance.”

Dina nodded to herself. She might order Jane to buy a few more pairs later if they were still available. 
She waited until Jane had completed her task and returned to stand in front of her before she spoke again.

“So you like the idea of being…accessible to me.” 
Jane nodded, shivering as Dina reached out to run one finger along the soft skin of her thigh. 
“Would that extend to Katie?” 
Dina wrapped her fingers around the half-hard shaft of her pet’s clit, and started to stroke it slowly. 
“Y-yes, Goddess!” 
Dina hummed, pretending to be considering that and not paying attention to the fact that Jane had started to leak.

“Would that extend to anyone else you have permission to play with?” 
“Ha…I..if-if that’s ok, yes.” 
She squeezed just a little bit more, but kept the strokes slow. 
“I think we could discuss that more later. Do you want to just be used, pet? Left at a party and given a sign that says you are free to be played with? For them to use and fuck and command you?” 
The strangled whimper that got from her was adorable. 
“If…if it’s people we know…people you gave permission…aaaa…yes-yes-yes please Goddess, yes!” 
Dina nodded, and gave one last firm stroke before releasing her. “You want to be offered up. A toy to be played with. Used. Taken. Enjoyed - but always brought back home.”
Jane knelt again without needing to be told, and Dina hummed with approval for the gentle little butterfly kisses that she started to leave on her thighs.
“Always home, Goddess. Always.” She looked up, eyes filled with thoughtless lust, her brain lost in pleasure. “I am where I belong.”
“Yes you are,” Dina agreed. “Lie back, pet.” 
Jane scooted until she was laying on the floor, legs spread as she looked up at the foot of the bed. 
“I want your pleasure. Give it to me.” 
“Yes Goddess!”
Shuddering from the intensity of the command, Jane reached down to play with herself, her other hand reaching up under her blouse to squeeze and grope at her breasts while Dina watched, savoring every moment of it.
“My lovely toy. My slutty little marionette, desperately touching herself for me.” 
“Use your words, pet.”
“I am your toy,” Jane gasped. “Good toys obey!” 
“Good toys love to be played with.”

“Good toys love to be played with!”
“Good toys want to give pleasure.”
“Good toys want to give pleasure!”
“Good toys Obey.”
“Good toys Obey!”
“You are a toy, and good toys Obey!”
She could practically hear the click as Jane’s brain locked on to a new Mantra. 
“I am a toy,” she panted as she continued to masturbate for her, “good toys Obey! I am a toy! Good toys Obey!” 
Dina thrilled as she watched, discreetly stroking her own breasts and thighs as Jane repeated the new instructions in increasingly breathy and desperate tones. She watched as Jane’s body flushed and her eyes closed, stroking faster as her breathing began to hitch.

“C-close, Goddess…getting close.” 
“Give it to me,” she ordered. “Your pleasure belongs to your Goddess. Give it to me now!”
She could almost feel Jane willing herself over the edge, back arching up as she let out a cry of release.
Jane squeezed and pulled at her clit until it started to throb, spilling out onto her hand and the curve of her belly, still trying to gasp out the mantra as she shivered and shuddered, shaking with what Dina had learned were the tells for her pet reaching overstimulation. 
“Good girl,” she praised as she reached out to take Jane’s hand off of her clit. “Good toy. Very good toy.” 
“Thank you Goddess,” Jane murmured softly, letting herself sprawl bonelessly on the bedroom carpet. 
“Do you need to come up?” 
Jane was quiet for a few seconds before she finally shook her head. “‘M ok, Goddess. Can I stay down for a bit?” 
“Of course you can, beautiful. But you should get off the floor and clean off.”
“Mmhm. Just a sec…” 
Jane slowly pushed herself up and onto her side, then used her clean hand to grab the bed frame for stability and a bit of leverage as she got back to her feet, disappearing into the ensuite bedroom to wash off while Dina scooted herself back to the middle of the bed.
“Good pet,” she cooed as Jane emerged from the bathroom, then beckoned her to the bed. “Come cuddle.”
“Cuddles are good,” Jane sighed happily as she slipped back into bed, letting Dina guide and position her until she was snuggled in just right. 
“We’ll talk more about your little confession after you’re really up and awake,” Dina promised.”
“Mmm, ok,” Jane sighed happily, eyes slipping closed. “Love you, Dina.”
“Love you, pretty girl.” 
“...wake me up so I can check my work stuff in a bit?” 
“Of course. I still want you to make me lunch after your nap, too.”
“Good toys obey…”

Dina snorted with amusement, then leaned over and kissed Jane’s temple. “Sleep, silly.”

Jane murmured something that might have been ‘ok’, then cuddled a little bit closer before her breathing began to slow and even out.

Dina let herself have a few minutes of just petting her sleeping marionette’s head and side, then made sure an alarm was set on her tablet before settling against Jane’s warm softness.

She’d have to discuss things with Katie and Dawn to make sure they would be on board, but she was already having some wonderful ideas.

If you enjoyed this story, Dina, Dawn, Katie, and Jane have been featured in my stories Snatch and Grab, A Little Preview, and several of my 2021 Hypnovember prompts!


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