A Little Preview

by Fractured Puppet

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #blindfolded #bondage #clothing #consensual_kink #happy_polycule #polyamory #romantic

When Jane’s Goddess asks for her to sit down and close her eyes, she has no idea what to expect.

Jane blinked at the sound of Goddess’ voice from the bedroom down the hall, then looked down at where Katie was cuddled into her side. 
“Hey,” she murmured as she leaned down to kiss the top of Katie’s head. “Goddess wants you.”
“Mm,” Katie nodded as she stretched her arms, straightening up and raising her voice. “Yes Goddess?”
“Are you awake?”
Katie ducked her head with a blush, and Jane felt her heart melt into goo. “Mostly?”
“Would you please come in here?”
Jane gave Katie one last squeeze, appreciating the view as she watched her stand and walk away.
Goddess had wanted to take them out for a pedicure, and it had been fun to watch Dawn experience that particular form of pampering for the first time. 
They had originally planned to go to do something more after the nail salon, but it was another hot July Saturday, and the four of them had decided to go back to Goddess’ house for a break instead, their domme choosing to lie down in her room for a bit while the three subs had planned to watch something on streaming. 
That plan had lasted about 30 seconds after Jane had settled down on the couch, and Katie decided to curl up on her. 
Dawn had made a cursory attempt to find something to watch, but once Katie’s eyes closed she had decided it would be better to just make a nice cuddle pile with them and whisper suggestions into their ears before getting comfortable on the floor.
Jane wasn’t surprised that Goddess had called Katie in for whatever she needed. They were all Hers, but Katie had been her collared Handmaiden for years, long before Jane or Dawn had gotten into relationships with them. 
What did surprise her was when Katie came back with a gleam in her eye. 
“Goddess wants you both.”
Jane looked over at where Dawn had sprawled out. Judging by the surprised look on Dawn’s face she hadn’t expected that either. 
“Ok, one sec…”
When they reached the bedroom, their Goddess was sitting up on the bed with a smile, her emerald eyes shining. 
“Good girls. Janey, would you come sit down with your back to me?”
Jane ducked her head and did as she had been asked. 
“Close your eyes. Glasses off.”
She wanted to know what was going on, but Jane was a good girl. She closed her eyes, and bowed her head slightly, feeling deft fingers lift away her glasses.
“Good girl. Katie? Get the blindfold.”
Jane could hear movement on and off the bed, and a moment later she felt the padding of a heavy “sleep mask” being set on her face.
“Oh, shoot,” Katie said as she pulled it away. “I had it upside - wait. No I didn’t. Sorry!” 
Jane kept her eyes closed, but she tried to smile in the general direction of Katie’s voice before she felt the blindfold being put back on and snugged into place against the back of her head. 
“Good. Can you see anything?”
“No, Goddess.”
She heard Goddess chuckle. “Are you keeping your eyes closed under the blindfold?”
The blush she could feel rising on her cheeks was the only answer Goddess needed. 
“Good pet.” 
Jane shivered at the touch of lips against the back of her neck, and the feeling of her hair being taken up and held out of the way.
Someone took her hand, and she felt another set of fingertips stroking her arm before there was the sound of something being opened. 
“I just want to make sure this fits before your ceremony at GlamourCon,” Goddess explained as she reached around Jane’s shoulders.
Jane’s breath hitched as she felt cool metal against the base of her neck. The hand that had taken hers was squeezing, and she squeezed back hard as their Goddess brought the collar up to her throat.
“Is that too tight?”
Jane’s brain was going a thousand miles an hour, but somehow she made herself focus and answer the question.
“No, no...it feels good.” 
“She’s glowing,” Katie observed with quiet delight, and Jane knew Dawn said something too, but Goddess chose that moment to latch the collar and pull back on it just enough to make Jane straighten up, her mind blanking as heat spread through her core.
“Oh, that’s perfect,” Goddess purred happily. “Just the right amount of room, and I’ll be able to put your charm on it, too.”
“T-thank you Goddess!”
She could hear Dawn giggling from behind her. “You are fucking adorable. You have no idea.”
“I am so turned on right now,” Jane admitted, and was rewarded with kisses on her hand and shoulders. 
“Just imagine what it’ll be like when I collar you permanently,” Goddess observed, and Jane let out a soft little whimper as her brain did just that.
They had a moment of quiet, and then Jane felt Goddess undoing the clasp. She let herself relax, slumping forward just a bit to make it easier for her to take the collar away.
Jane instantly missed the comforting weight of the metal. She already loved her collar, even if she had no idea what it actually looked like. 
“...originally, waiting until the new year so we could do the collaring at the con didn’t seem so bad,” Jane admitted as she squeezed the hand in hers again. “But now it feels like it’s gonna be a long wait.”
She could hear Katie and Dawn both humming sympathetically, and a moment later the blindfold was undone and taken away. 
“I know, Pet. But you’ll make it. You already spent a year on your Quest, Jane. This is just a few more months.”
Jane took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh before she opened her eyes. “Just a few more,” she agreed as she turned to see that Katie was the one who had held her hand, and Dawn was reaching out to put a hand on her shoulder. 
She turned enough to have all three of them in her field of view, and smiled.
“I love you. Thank you.”
Goddess reached out to pull her in for a hug, and kissed her forehead. “Love you. Love you all.” 
The four of them shifted around until they could snuggle together, and Jane let herself relax into the warmth and feel of Katie and Goddess’ bodies against her. Dawn reached across from the other side, and Jane shifted so they could hold hands.
The collar was a symbol, she reminded herself. A representation. As much as she looked forward to the ceremony, and being able to show the world that she was one of her Goddess’ chosen, what really mattered was right here.
Jane was Hers.
Jane was theirs. 

An effervescent feeling of compersion, love, and safety filled her as she let her eyes close again, floating on that happiness and committing it to memory just as she would remember the feeling of the collar around her neck. 

This is another story that is 90% based on real events, written at the request of my Goddess. <3


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