First Time Voter

by bunnyb0mb

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwash #dom:male #f/m #oppression #systemic

Reya is thrilled to help commit her civic duty and vote for the first time after her eighteenth birthday. Only this election women across the country will be compelled to do things a little differently.

All stories are a complete work of fantasy. Characters are not based off of any real or fictional people and all are intended to be eighteen or older. Themes are not reflective of my real life beliefs about politics or human rights. Sex should always aim to be safe, sane, and consensual for all parties involved.

All rights reserved by Bunny Barrett and Wobbegong Print. 

Reya was so excited to vote for the first time. As a fresh eighteen year old, the girl felt like she had waited all her life for this moment. Women had fought for decades to be able to walk through the doors of the voting station and cast their ballot. Today Reya would follow in their footsteps and do the same.

The cool air of the voting station hit Reya instantly as she entered the station. An older gentleman greeted her with a warm smile. He led her to one of the private voting booths. Inside lay the machine where she would carry out her destiny. Before entering the machine the man handed her a pair of headphones, explaining a portion of the voting process was now being read aloud.

The screen of the ballot machine flickered on as soon as Reya fully stepped into the booth. There were two options on the screen, prompting her to select her sex as male or female. A disclaimer was splayed in small bolder text along the bottom: Due to the new ruling of the Supreme Court case Sarrow vs The State of Georgia, women’s votes will now be counted according to the following qualifications…

There was an option to read further about the laws but Reya was too excited to care. She quickly clicked the option to confirm she was female before waiting for the next screen to load. She took little notice of the fact that the ballot machine looked different than what she had seen in movies. The screen faced her almost like a tv and had high definition pictures like one too. The next screen loaded and Reya barely had time to read the text before her eyes were drawn to a spiral below. A pink and purple swirl twisted beneath clear bolded text reading OBEY. A slow and steady tone had started playing on the headphones, soft whispers broke the tones encouraging Reya to be more agreeable. After only a few minutes of staring at the spiral, the first voting screen appeared.

The Nightingale Law is a second round of legislation following the case of Sarrow v Georgia. The law would make women property of their male counterparts. Their status as humans will be shifted to a new class somewhere between human being and property.

Reya was alarmed enough at this idea that she broke out of her trance long enough to vote no on the preposterous law. In response a sharp and nasty screeching started playing over the headphones, making her cringe. The spiral had reappeared on the screen with the message, BAD GIRL, flickering above it. A shot of fear ran cold through her veins each time the words reappeared on the screen.

She had been a bad girl. Good girls let themselves be owned by the most important man in their life. The Nightingale Law kept everyone’s best intentions in mind. After a few more minutes the voting screen appeared again. The Nightingale is a law that will essentially make women property of their male counterparts. Vote for this law? Underneath the text were two buttons reading “yes” and “no”.

This time Reya didn’t hesitate to press the option for yes. Immediately she was rewarded with the warm and soothing tones. The sweet notes filled her already hazy brain further. The spiral had reappeared but this time the flickering text told her she was a good girl.

The arousal that had grown between her thighs was undeniable. She rubbed them together trying to take advantage of any friction her unfortunately loose underwear could bring. Reya was not a prudish girl by any means but getting this turned on in public was a bit outlandish for her.

The next screen had voting options again but Reya was too preoccupied with her horniness to pay it any mind. Knowing that a yes vote would bring the sweet tones back once again she wasted no time reading the text and instead just voted for it. That particular bill had actually signed away her own human rights to her father. As an unmarried eighteen year old she had no other immediate men to take her in.

This time as the tones started playing, Reya could not help the hand that lingered down between her legs. The pressure, even through clothes, made her hips buck. She did her best to stifle the moans but quiet whimpers still escaped her desperate lips.

If the opportunity arose she would even consider letting the old man waiting outside the booth have his way with her. The thought of his old and thick cock fucking the need out of her wet cunt made was almost irresistible. The screen pinged for her attention one more time. This time she was prompted to give her signature. The final nail in the proverbial coffin of her free will. Women around the country were being brainwashed into doing the same. Signing their rights away to fathers, husbands, and brothers that were made aware of the government’s plan months in advance.

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