HypNovembercember 2023

Day 5: Maid (F/F, Maid, Memory Play, Spy)

by Bluesaph

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #microfiction #sub:female #accidental_self_hypnosis #collective_bargaining #comic_book #mad_scientist #maid #memory_play #spy #stage_hypnotist #superhero

“I’m sorry, I truly have no idea what you’re talking about. Now I hate to be pushy, but Mistress has given us a task, and good maids obey. We really should be getting back to work.”
“Good maids obey? The fuck are you-*cough* Oh for the love of God, put down that stupid duster. Agent Saun-...Ash, it’s me. It’s Anna. Don’t you recognize me?”
“Hmmm...nope! Can’t say I do!”
“Don’t you remember anything? Anything at all?”
“I remember…Mistress. And her hiring me, of course! It was my lifelong dream to become the obedient maid of a woman as incredible as her. I followed her for days and days just for the chance to beg her to hire me, and I was so, so happy when she finally said yes! It felt so good to kneel down in front of her, to let her words flow into my ears and wrap themselves around my mind…to think of myself as her good maid…so obedient…so much pleasure…nothing before that matters…”
“Holy shit, are you touching yourself!?!...Ash, listen to me, please. Your name is Ashley Saunders, you’re an agent of an international peacekeeping group sent to infiltrate Delilah Manners’ mansion. We lost contact with you a week ago. You’re my partner, my friend…*sigh* no, dammit…you’re more than that. I love you, Ash, I love you, please snap out of it. Please.
“A- Anna? What…urrgh…my head…”
“That’s right! It’s me! It’s Anna! Come back to me, Ash!”
“Anna…it’s so nice…”
“It’s so nice…to obey…”
“No, no...this isn’t you…”
“It’s me. The real me, I promise. I remember everything. How my heart skipped a beat the first time I saw your face. Every one of our missions. I remember all the things I wasn’t brave enough to say to you before. Gosh, you have no idea how it feels to hear you felt the same way.”
“Then come back with me! The Agency will get rid of whatever that bitch did to your head, and we can finally-”
“I can’t.”
“Ash, that isn’t you talking. That’s-*cough*”
”I also remember the bad times. How hard the job was. How scared I was before every mission, afraid that I wouldn’t come back. Or that you wouldn’t. How utterly empty I felt sitting next to your hospital bed waiting for you to wake up. All the bad people we had to help, all the good people we couldn’t save, all in the name of ‘global peace.’”
“But that…that’s what both of us signed up for. We knew-”
“And I wasn’t lying about how good it felt to kneel in front of her. To obey her. I struggled against her for so long, I really did, but in the end…I saw the light. How much easier and simpler and safer everything would be as her maid. How much better it was to let someone else make all those hard decisions, while I was just…happy. Dusting. Cleaning. Helping. Just simply being happy and making someone else happy. Free of all the fear and the pain and the heartbreak. We can really be truly happy here, with her.”
“Mmhmm! Think about it, Anna! We’d be really together, loving each other the way we’ve always wanted to. We wouldn’t have to hide our feelings. It wouldn’t be like at the Agency.”
“But Delilah...*cough*…everything she’s been doing…”
“Is it any worse than the things the governments of the world do every day? All the things that we’ve been complicit in? At least this way, we don’t have to be in pain anymore. And when Mistress takes over, no one else will have to be either!”
“I know, it was hard for me too. But I promise, it’ll be the last hard decision you ever have to make.”
“.........what do I have to do? To be like you…to be a-...to be her maid?”
*giggle* Didn’t you notice? You’ve already started, silly. Just lean forward, breathe deep from the duster, and relaaaax…”

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