Maid For This: a HTPYCL Fanfiction.


by bendy

Tags: #bondage #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #author_self_insert #bdsm #bimbo #brainwash #casual_enslavement #consensual_non-consent #degradation #dom:nb #drones #f/nb #maid #nonbinary_character #petplay #sadomasochism #transgender_characters
See spoiler tags : #dollification

Brandy gets paid, and taken to the mall for a makeover.

Even on her days off, Brandy found herself waking up early. When she had worked retail, she remembered it had always been a fight to get up on time. A fight to roll out of her lumpy mattress, a fight to stand in the shower so small she couldn’t even bend over to wash her feet, a fight to put on clothes, and get out in the morning to catch the bus. She’d find herself constantly swiping in a few minutes late, because she’d only just arrived on time, and she never cared enough to go catch the earlier bus, no matter how many times she told herself she should.

But ever since she started working as a live-in maid, despite being absolutely allowed to sleep in on her days off, Brandy would get up on time and go to the dining room in the worn sweatpants and t-shirt that she called pajamas, Her requested strawberry milk had started appearing in the fridge, so with a tall glass of sweet pink deliciousness and whatever looked good from the breakfast buffet, she would wave to the friends she was making as they went off to their days, and sit with the other servants who had the day off, or the night staff who were settling down before they went to their own beds. They would gossip about the bizarre sights any of them had seen in the mansion. There was something of a weekly ‘contest’ for witnessing the most unusual or twisted thing. There wasn’t a prize, it was just something to talk about. This week, the ‘winner’ so far was a butler named Luke, who had cleaned out a heavy-duty paper shredder filled with nothing but the remains of frilly panties. A maid named Joanna insisted that her discovery deserved the top billing. She had found dildos suctioned onto all the seats of the workout equipment in the gym, but the staff consensus considered that to be just hot, not weird or even particularly kinky.

After breakfast, Brandy would usually spend her free time just resting in her room. As much as she found herself enjoying the structure of her work, there was no doubt that it was hard labor, and her body ached at being pushed so hard for so long, so days off were usually spent soaking in the tub, trying to give some relief to her aching muscles. Still, it was clearly having a positive impact. No wonder all the servants in this mansion were so fit, Brandy thought. 

On the mornings where her dysphoria wasn’t so bad, she would masturbate to the thought of Mistress, and Her Highness. She knew their names now. Jasmine and Diana. But she still thought of them by their titles. Even on days where she couldn’t touch herself, she would snuggle into her bed, and daydream about their voices, and what it would be like to be the object of their affections. Whatever their motivations, and as much as Jenny insisted that they were dangerous, Brandy felt immeasurable gratitude and attraction to her employers.

Today, as she looked through her dresser, Brandy found herself, once again, frustrated by her ‘day off’ clothing options.. Next to her uniforms, all her old clothes seemed like rags… Brandy stood there in nothing but her panties, trying to will her clothing options to just BE better. Brandy jumped, startled, when her door was thrown open without warning.

“It’s Payday Bitches!” Jenny announced, loudly. Then she realized Brandy was only wearing underwear and trying to cover her chest with one arm.

“Shit, right. Knocking,” Jenny said. She turned on her heel, stepped back out the room, closed the door behind her, and knocked on it. “Can I come in?”.

Brandy stared at the door, dumbfounded, before laughing and rolling her eyes. Brandy quickly threw on a green hoodie, and the pair of blue jeans that didn’t have any holes in them.” Yeah, Yeah, Come in Jenny”, Brandy said, still shaking her head.  Actually noticing Jenny this time, Brandy thought she looked like a totally different person. Her hair was down, and brushed out, for one. For another, Brandy could see a half dozen piercings in her ears, she was wearing a red leather jacket, and a black shirt that just said ‘FUCK YOU’ in jagged white letters. Her black jeans had a ‘worn’ look to them, and her boots had more belts than Brandy thought she’d ever seen on footwear before.

“It’s Payday bitches!” Jenny announced, again, “And I am taking you into town!” Brandy blinked, trying to process this.

“Wait, we can just… go?”

“Heck yeah we can! I’ve got a truck, and I bet you’re just itching to blow some of that cash!”

Brandy honestly hadn’t even considered looking at how much money she had. She didn’t have to pay rent, and all her food was taken care of… She went to her bedside table, pulled out her phone, fussing with its cracked screen, she finally managed to open the online banking app. For a moment, the number just didn’t seem right.  As if they had someone accidentally added a zero. She clicked into the more detailed description, and it confirmed, yes, that money had been transferred to her. It was hers to spend. Quickly, she did the math in her head.  If she made it through her entire contract, she absolutely could afford her surgery.

Brandy was about to start trying to placate Jenny, give some reason why these clothes were fine. Something like it’s not like she was really planning to go anywhere, and she did have ONE set of nicer things to wear if for some reason she did need something more suitable for the office… But before she could open her mouth to talk, there was another knock at her door.

Liz’ voice called from outside the room “Is she coming?”

Jenny replied before Brandy could speak. “I dunno, come on in, maybe you can convince her!”

Liz walked into the room, and they were also barely recognizable. They’d brushed all their hair back, and Brandy guessed Liz was wearing a binder because they were totally flat chested. Liz’ outfit was bare armed, with a sleeveless top and a tan vest adorned with gay, non-binary, and pansexual pride pin buttons, a pin of a cartoon lizard monster, and a metal pin that said ‘They/Them”. Something about their pants and boots made brandy think ‘Medieval’.  They had a small backpack on too. Compared to these two, Brandy felt she looked like a homeless woman.

“Told you, our girl needs a shopping day”.  Jenny said, as if she had won some serious argument.

“Yup, you’re right”, Liz agreed, with a joking tone.

“It’s okay, really… it’s not like I’m gonna be-“ Brandy started to try to explain, but Jenny interrupted.

“Nuh-uh-uh” Jenny scolded. “Let me tell you something! We spend all this time in the mansion, dressed the same, talking the same, it wears at you! You gotta make sure that when you’re on your days off, you are the most YOU that you can be! Are you really gonna try to tell me that ‘Brandy’ is all about ratty fucking sweaters and pants that are 2 inches too short?”  

Brandy looked down at herself. Her clothes usually came from thrift stores, if it ‘fit’ and cost less than 10$, that was enough. Majordomo Seymour’s voice echoed in her head too, that stern British accent “your appearance reflects upon your primaries” … That was true even when she wasn’t working…And Jenny was right, this wasn’t how she ‘wanted’ to dress.

“No”, Brandy said, finally.

Jenny grinned, “Damn right! So, we’re taking you shopping! Girls -and Liz- day out!”

“Wait!” Brandy said, a little more loudly than she meant to “That sounds like a lot of fun, but, I’m saving up for something! I can’t just go buy a whole new wardrobe just because I have the money!’.

Jenny brushed her off.  “I’ll pay, I’ve got enough set aside unless you decide you wanna dress like”, Jenny’s voice turned to a mocking tone, “her Majesty, the Queen”.

“You shouldn’t make fun of her Highness like that”, Brandy said, surprised at how defensive she was on Diana’s behalf.  Jenny scoffed but let the point drop. Brandy continued, looking at the ground, “And… you can’t just pay for everything.” Accepting help had always been hard. The first time she’d gone to a food bank, Brandy remembered she’d broken down in tears, her father’s voice echoing in her head, telling her she just wasn’t working hard enough.

Jenny reached into her jacket for a wallet on a chain, opened it, and pulled out more cash than Brandy had ever seen at once in her life. There had to be at least three thousand dollars there. Jenny made an exaggerated show of counting the bills out.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure I can”, Jenny said, stuffing her wallet back in her pocket. “So that’s settled. Come on”, and she headed off towards the servant’s entrance.

Liz followed behind, stealing a kiss on Brandy’s cheek, “Come on, cutie. I wanna take you for lunch”, they said, taking Brandy’s hand in their own, and pulling her forward.

There was a small parking lot in the servants entrance. Brandy hadn’t really taken note of it when she’d been brought to the Mansion, but it made sense. Jenny’s truck was a 4 door pickup. Brandy didn’t know much about trucks or cars, but it seemed like this must be a pretty nice one.

Brandy automatically got into the back seat, thinking she would let Liz take the passenger seat… but then Liz got into the back as well, right beside them.

Jenny climbed into the driver’s seat and turned around to face the two of them “Now you two kids keep room for the lord” Then she snorted, seeing Liz and Brandy’s blushing faces. “God you two are so fucking cute, nah, do whatever you want back there, I don’t give a shit”.

Jenny turned on the CD player as she pulled out of the parking lot and headed out to town. Jenny’s choice in music caused Brandy and Liz to raise their eyebrows. It was loud screeching, as far as the two of them were concerned, but Jenny seemed to enjoy banging her head to it and growling with the lyrics. Her driving was just as aggressive, and caused Liz and Brandy to jostle into each other, as Jenny took corners while barely slowing down. It was a relief when they finally arrived at the mall.

The trio walked into the mall, and Jenny immediately took charge of them. She’d booked all 3 of them appointments for haircuts at the same time. ‘get it done first thing so we don’t have to worry about it’ The hairdresser that Brandy ended up in the chair of was a woman in her 40’s, with very dark hair. She took Brandy’s glasses and set them aside in front of the mirror, leaving Brandy’s vision blurred.

“Alright dear, what are we thinking today?”. She sounded tired, Brandy thought.

“I um… I don’t really know, shorter for sure, it’s been a while since I had a haircut”.

Liz called over from their chair, “If you like, I think I know what would look good on you!”

Brandy was relieved that someone had an idea. “Yeah, yeah, do whatever they suggest”, Brandy agreed. 30 minutes later, her hair was cut in a cute bob, it framed her face nicely. Jenny and Liz left with, essentially the same hairstyles,  just with the split ends cut off, though Liz had her hair spiked with product.

Jenny had also made an appointment to get her eyebrows done, and offered to pay to have Brandy’s done as well. ‘Well, if Jenny is paying for it’, Brandy thought it would be nice. It had always been one of those luxuries that she tried to make do without, plucking her eyebrows as best she could. Liz tagged along just to watch, and laughed when Brandy flinched, and her eyes watered from having the eyebrows

“Aw, come on cutie, I know you’re tougher than that”, they grinned and winked.

It was nice to see herself in the mirror after getting through it all. Her eyebrows had been shaped into a subtle arch, and with the haircut, Brandy really thought she looked cute. It was…nice to see the face looking back at her in the mirror. It surprised her, how the little things made such a big difference, and she promised to herself that she would keep this up.

The rest of the shopping was a blur. Brandy started looking for things in clearance racks, things that were good enough. But Liz would bring her some dress or a cute top and say ‘I want to see you in this’. Liz had even talked Brandy into wearing an entirely new outfit out, a lovely purple dress, cute tan shoes. Brandy’s underwear was the only thing she’d worn into the mall that day and was still wearing by lunch time. Jenny had thrown the too-short jeans into the garbage and stuffed the sweater into a bag. Before Brandy knew it, all three of them had their arms filled with her new clothes.

Probably the most shocking moment was when Jenny had asked to borrow Brandy’s phone, and then immediately threw it on the ground, shattering the cracked screen entirely.

“Oh no, I’m so clumsy” Jenny said, in mock horror “Guess I’ll have to buy you a new one that actually works”.  It was hard for Brandy to stay irritated with Jenny when she knew it was being replaced, but... She still found her mentor exhausting at times. After they had finally exhausted every clothing store in the mall, and replaced Brandy’s phone with something that actually worked. Jenny offered to take the bags all back to the truck, while she went to do something else on her own. “

You kids are great, but I wanna go get some ‘me’ time. Meet me back at the entrance in a couple hours, if something goes wrong, Liz has my number”.

Liz and Brandy agreed to be back on time, and Jenny went off on her own way.

“You know I’m older than her, right?” Liz said, once Jenny was out of earshot, rolling their eyes. “Come on, I’m starving, let’s get lunch”.

Brandy loved food courts, everyone being allowed to just get whatever they wanted, even totally different styles of food, but still sit and eat them together. Liz had grabbed some Chinese dish that had way too many different things mixed up together for Brandy’s tastes. She had just gotten a few slices of pepperoni pizza.

“So”, Brandy said, but not really sure what to talk about.

“So”, Liz replied, apparently equally lacking in conversation topics. The pair looked at each other, blushed, and looked away. Somehow, their hands found each other on top of the table. Liz’s thumb gently making small circles on the side of Brandy’s hand. They sat, quietly, occasionally enjoying a bite of food, or a sip of their drinks, making eye contact, blushing, looking away, and repeating the cycle. When their meals were done, and they stood up together, Liz held more firmly onto Brandy’s hand. They blinked, and wordlessly invited Brandy closer.  They stole a quick kiss from Brandy’s lips.

“That was… the first time I’ve been… kissed, like…on the mouth” Brandy said.

Liz smiled, “Ever?”, they asked

“Well, the first time since I became…me, you know?” Liz nodded with gentle understanding, and then kissed her again, reaching a hand around to squeeze Brandy’s ass.

“I want you”. They said.

“Wait… now?”. Liz’ expression allowed for no debate, and they pulled Brandy towards the washrooms, into the ‘family’ room, and locked the door behind them. It was all so fast, Liz bent Brandy over the counted beside the sink, and quickly pulled Brandy’s new dress up over her back, and pulled her panties down, just under her cheeks, just enough to expose her ass to the air. Liz put their hands between Brandy’s thighs and encouraged Brandy to spread her legs. For a moment, Brandy stood there, exposed to Liz, her head, resting on the bathroom counter was too low to see in the mirror and get a glimpse of what Liz was doing. Brandy heard an unzipping sound, the sound of Liz digging through their backpack, and then, the sound of a rubber glove being put on and snapped.

“Perfect” Liz said.

Brandy felt a cool wetness push between her cheeks, Liz’s fingers teasing her asshole, lubing her, and then slipping her middle and ring fingers inside, firmly thrusting them in and out. Brandy done this to herself, so the size wasn’t surprising or painful, it was how much deeper another person could get, how incredible it felt. Brandy grabbed the underside of the table to try to steady herself, her hips pushed back into Liz’ hand. She moaned and was starting to get quite loud. Liz pulled brandy’s hair, forcing her into a standing position, her back pressed right against Liz, who was still fucking her ass with one hand, and with their free hand covered Brandy’s mouth, holding it shut.

Liz whispered into her ear, “Quiet, slut, we don’t want anyone to hear you, do we?”  Brandy tried to stifle her moans. Which wasn’t helped when Liz took the chance to bite down on her exposed shoulder, sucking and growling possessively, leaving a massive red and purple mark

Then someone banged on the door, and the two of them froze. Rapidly, they started trying to get presentable again, Liz took off the rubber glove and threw it in the wastebin, they washed their hands, tried to get their hair to smooth out, and rushed out the door. A woman with 3 children, one an infant, was standing there, and she shot daggers at the two of them, while pushing her way past into the bathroom. She didn’t say anything, but her opinion of the two of them was quite clear.

“I’m so sorry!” Brandy said, as Liz pulled her by the hand past the woman. Once they’d gotten far enough away that they didn’t feel so directly embarrassed, the two held each other and laughed.

“That was such a bad idea” Brandy said.

“Fun though, right?” Liz asked.

“Well…yeah”, Brandy admitted. It had been rather thrilling… Brandy looked down at her new phone and realized the time.

“We’re running late!” Brandy realized, and the two of them sprinted to where they were supposed to meet Jenny.

Jenny was leaning against the wall beside the mall’s main doors. She didn’t seem angry exactly, but impatience was evident in her body language, a tapping foot, checking her phone with furrowed brows. When she noticed Liz and Brandy approaching, that quickly faded, and her expression turned into one of wicked amusement.

“You got a little something there” Jenny said with a smirk, pointing to Brandy’s neck. Brandy flushed red and looked down at the ground.

When they got back to the mansion, the sun was setting, sending deep orange light across the grounds.  Jenny and Liz were helping Brandy with all the bags of clothes and make-up they had bought for her, the three of them all had their arms full, walking down through the halls of the mansion.
Jasmie happened to be walking through the halls of the servant’s quarters as well, the distinctive noise of her heels across the floors echoing long before their paths crossed.

“Stop”, she said

“Yes, Mistress” all three of them said together. Jasmine seemed to enjoy that, she smiled at the three of them. Somehow, even though Jenny had a couple inches on their Mistress, thanks to her boots, the impression was distinctly that Jasmine was looking down at them through force of personality, looking the trio up and down. Her eyes narrowed at Jenny’s shirt, and she clicked her tongue disapprovingly, but said nothing more. Jasmine’s eyes focused in on Brandy. She reached out with her hand, tucking some of Brandy’s hair behind her right ear, delicately tracing across Brandy’s cheek with her manicured nail as she did so.

“Your presentation is much improved”, Jasmine said, and continued on her way, and allowing the three of them to do so as well.

Liz spoke in a hushed voice,  once they thought Jasmine was out of earshot, “Why do they give you so much attention?”

Brandy shrugged. “No idea”.  

“Be careful with how much of their interest you attract”, Jenny warned. She said nothing more, but the tone of her voice was deadly serious. Brandy thought back to Jenny’s outburst on her first day.

When they got to Brandy’s room, for a moment, Brandy thought they had accidentally walked into someone else’s room… But, no, it was hers. The bedsheets were her favorite shade of purple, her aged stuffed moose carefully placed on top of all the new bedding. A small TV had been put on the wall, the remote sitting on the bedside table.  There was an ornate full-length mirror in one corner of the room.

Neither Jenny or Liz seemed surprised by this, and Brandy wondered if getting her out of the mansion had been entirely planned so that whoever made all these changes could do so. Together, they walked into the room, and dropped their armfuls of packages on the bed.

Brandy opened the bedside table, planning to put her phone away, and was greeted with an unexpected sight. It still contained all the mementos she had accumulated in her time at the mansion so far. The letter than came with her uniforms, the pin she’d worn when under consideration. But there was also a brand-new object hidden in there. A picture frame, with a photo of Jasmine, standing behind a seated Diana, one hand gently, but protectively resting on the Queen’s shoulder. It looked like it had been taken for a magazine, or for a portrait of the two of them. Brandy quickly shut the drawer before Jenny or Liz noticed. ‘I guess I didn’t scratch it out as well as I’d thought’, Brandy thought to herself.

It took a good part of the evening to put away everything, and Liz and Jenny dismissed themselves after the clothing was finally put aside, all of them exhausted. Collapsing into her bed  Brandy scrolled aimlessly through her phone, awed by how crisp and clear all the images were, and enjoying the ease of it all, being able to actually type something in on the first try, without the frustration of having to hit the same spot over and over again to see something new… as the exhaustion overcame her, and Brandy started feeling like it was time to sleep, she pulled the photo out, and kissed it softly.

“Goodnight, Mistress. Goodnight, Your Highness” she whispered to the photo, placing it back in it’s safe, hidden place.

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