Maid For This: a HTPYCL Fanfiction.

Chapter 2: First Day

by bendy

Tags: #bondage #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #author_self_insert #bdsm #bimbo #brainwash #casual_enslavement #consensual_non-consent #degradation #dom:nb #drones #f/nb #maid #nonbinary_character #petplay #sadomasochism #transgender_characters
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Brandy starts to learn exactly what she's gotten herself into... and she thinks she likes it.

Brandy threw everything she cared about into her backpack. It wasn’t much, just a stuffed animal from childhood, her clothes, and some toiletries. Before leaving, she took a moment to look around at the shithole that had been her home for the past few years.

“Good riddance,” she muttered.

She locked the door behind her, and dropped the key in through the mail slot with a satisfying shove. That was it. She wasn’t getting back in. She was committed now.

It was earlier in the day than she would have liked, especially given the lack of sleep from the past two days. At least this night she was awake because of excitement instead of fear and worry.

The car pulled up to her driveway exactly on time. The driver, a tall, dark haired man, stepped out of the door.

“Miss Brandy Thompson?” he asked. She nodded.

“And this is everything?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. She nodded again tensely, but he didn’t say anything more, instead opening the back door for her and putting her small luggage in the trunk. The vehicle smelled new, and the leather seats were heated. It seemed an impossible luxury, one that made the ride out to the mansion very cozy, and let Brandy catch up on some much-needed sleep on the way. She was awake in time to take in the sheer scale of the mansion all over again, though. The driver took her around to a different entrance - the servants’ entrance, Brandy presumed. There was no reception desk here, though the décor was still incredible. Waiting just inside the door was the woman Brandy only knew as her Mistress. It was a dangerous thrill to realize she had a Mistress. Something about that made Brandy feel very special. It energized her, pushing away her fatigue.

Her Mistress indicated to Brandy that she should follow, then led her into the parlor. Standing there was a woman dressed in the same maid uniform as the ones Brandy had seen the previous day. Her Mistress introduced her as Jenny.

Jenny was slightly taller than Brandy, with dirty blonde hair a little darker than Brandy’s own, and wore very minimal makeup. 

“Jenny has been with us for four years now. She’ll be the one training you during your trial period. Listen to everything she says. She will be reporting your progress to the head maid, who will decide if we should consider keeping you on or not. But ultimately, the choice belongs to me and my wife. Good luck,” she said. Brandy wasn’t sure, but she thought that last bit had been genuine.

Jenny motioned for Brandy to follow her, and once they were out of earshot of their Mistress, Jenny leaned over to whisper conspiratorially. “Hey, new girl. Welcome to the kinkiest place on earth. What kinda fucked-up shit are you into?”

Brandy was stunned. It was a stark contrast, so many swear words from a person who looked so sweet and innocent in her uniform. It must have been obvious from her face, because Jenny just laughed.

“Trust me, you’re gonna have to get used to worse than people just asking what kinda kinks you have if you’re gonna last very long here. Just wait until initiation,” she chuckled, shooting a wink at Brandy, who returned the chuckle nervously as she followed Jenny through the halls. Jenny waved a hand to placate her. “I’m fucking with you. There’s not really an initiation. You just get a little less... shy about things, after you’ve seen your bosses double teaming a sex slave in the dining room. You know?”

“So that’s a... common thing to see here?” Brandy asked hesitantly.

Jenny shrugged. “Depends where your bar for common is.”

Brandy shook her head. “No, what I mean is, like... they were serious about the slaves?”

“Oh, that? Yeah. I think they’re up to, uh, five or six now? It’s hard to keep track sometimes. We don’t really talk to the property, and the property is usually too fucked up to even think about talking to ‘the help.’”

“Huh,” was all Brandy could manage. It was a lot to take in.

But Jenny seemed to know exactly what Brandy was thinking. She’d probably been in the exact same position when she started here. 

“Yeah, this place is like a real-world porno, sometimes. But most of the time, for us servants, it’s just living in a really big house, getting paid a stupid amount of money to clean equally stupidly expensive shit. Speaking of,” Jenny trailed off with a smile, then gestured for Brandy to follow. 

“Let me show you to your room.”

It was a surprisingly long walk. Brandy was worried about how she’d manage, since without Jenny, she would have easily gotten lost in the twists and turns of the massive building. They passed a few other maids and butlers, who just gave Brandy a quick glance before returning to their work. Brandy kept an eye out for the red-haired girl who had given her that warm smile the day before, but was disappointed when they had arrived at her room without seeing her. She didn’t need to be told it was hers. It had her name on the door, on a little wooden plaque. Looking down the hall, she saw every room in the hallway had a similar plaque with a name engraved on it. 

“Welcome to your new home. Wanna go in?”

Brandy held her hand on the doorknob for a moment. This was a big moment. On the other side of this was her home for what she hoped would be a very, very long time. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath in, and opened the door. 

The bedroom was bigger than her entire apartment had been. That wasn’t saying much, but still, it was far more luxurious than Brandy was expecting for ‘servants’ quarters.’ She could only describe it as fancy, decadently so. In the center of the room was a four-poster bed with beautiful white sheets, accented with silk curtains hanging on the sides. There was a chandelier, a crystal one, too. Brandy stepped in, and marveled at her room. This was her room. Hers! A gorgeous dresser sat against the wall, and an ornate lamp sat on the side table beside the bed, and there was a beautifully carved desk tucked behind the door... it seemed far too grand for her. There was another door in the back corner of the room, too. It had been left open, so Brandy peeked in.

I have my own fancy bathroom too? she gasped.

She opened one of the desk drawers, following a hunch. 

“There should be... here it is,” Jenny muttered, pulling out a clipboard that had a sheet of paper with lines across it and a pen. 

“This is where you put down everything you want,” she explained. “Like, if you want a different color of bedding, or a certain scent of shampoo, or like, a TV or something? You write it down here. Once they decide to keep you on, then you’ll get a lot more room to ask for things. Until then, you get the generic stuff. We’re responsible for our own rooms, and there’s a little more leeway for how messy things are allowed to be in here, but you still gotta keep the place decent. No dishes in your room, no crumbs, nothing like that. WiFi password’s in the drawer by your bed, but don’t let anyone catch you on your phone when you’re supposed to be working.” 

Brandy walked over to the drawer, pulling out her phone from her purse on the way.

Jenny took a sharp breath through her teeth. “Uh... that screen’s more cracks than whole. About time you replace that mess, don’t you think?”

Brandy shrugged. Obviously the phone needed replacing. But still, she was oddly attached to the damaged little device. Familiarity over time, perhaps. But after trying to get her phone to register her button presses for long enough that it started to get uncomfortable, Brandy gave up, and just put her phone on the bedside table. There would be time for that later.

Jenny rolled her eyes. “Look, you finish getting unpacked, and get washed up, okay? I’ve gotta get you fitted for your uniform, show you where to go in this place, give you the general layout, and then you have an appointment with the doctor just after lunch. After that, we’ll see if you can actually follow instructions and do this job.”

“Wait, a doctor’s appointment?”

Jenny raised an eyebrow. “Yeah. Didn’t they tell you?”

Brandy frowned. “Does... everyone get a doctor appointment on the first day?”

“Nah, Usually, we only go if we’re actually sick. Dunno what’s so special about you. You dying or something? Asked the Make-a-Wish foundation if you could be a maid to some sexy rich lesbians?”

“No, I’m pretty sure I’m not dying, Jenny,” Brandy sighed, stepping into her bathroom. The tub (she had a tub!) was enormous - easily big enough for three people, with room to spare. The cupboard was already filled with all kinds of oils and salts and scents, making her feel silly for bringing her own toiletries. The sink was equally magnificent, and the toilet did ‘porcelain throne’ justice.

“But... maybe I already did, and this is heaven,” Brandy sighed dreamily. Jenny snorted.

Brandy was excited to get to try out that tub. Just relaxing, and floating... But she didn’t want to keep Jenny waiting. So, she just washed her face and brushed her hair again, trying to look like she wasn’t some homeless woman that had wandered into the property. Which... was what she was, come to think of it.

It didn’t take very long to unpack the rest of her things. A few sets of clothing and pajamas, a barely working laptop, her own toothbrush and hairbrush... she put the stuffed moose, the only truly personal item left in her life, right between the pillows on the bed. She stared at it fondly. With crudely sewn rips in the fabric, and a stain on the left arm, its worn appearance felt so out of place with all the luxury around it. But it was still hers.

Jenny glanced at her phone, then groaned. “You ready to go, new girl? I really got to get you going.”

Brandy felt a pang of guilt for how much time she had spent in admiration. “Sorry... I hope I’m not making you have to do a bunch of extra work,” she sighed.

“Are you kidding me? I basically get an entire week off because of you. If I weren’t showing you around, I’d be dusting one of Her Highness’s libraries today. Instead, I get to watch you get all teary eyed, because of a bed,” she smirked.

Brandy wasn’t sure Jenny was making the best impression. “I’m fine,” she said to defuse the conversation.

“Okay then. Let’s get you to the tailor. They flew him out here just for you! It’d be rude to keep him waiting.” 

The tailor was a tiny old man, very, very well dressed, with beady black eyes. He took Brandy’s measurements. It seemed he needed to know every inch of her body, which Brandy supposed made sense... It was uncomfortable when he measured the inseam, but if he thought anything was odd, he was the consummate professional. He spoke in a very thick accent that Brandy couldn’t even guess the origin of.

“Tomorrow?” he asked Jenny.

“If not sooner,” she replied. He nodded and scribbled something down in the same notepad.

“How many?”

“The usual seven.” He nodded again, and then looked at Brandy, with a big smile on his face.

“I make you very pretty, like doll,” he said kindly. He sounded like a grandparent promising candy. Then, his tone quickly turned stern, though the smile remained. “Now go, go! I have work to do.” 

As Jenny led her throughout the mansion, Brandy got a description of each area, and what she’d be expected to do. She was shown the gym, the pool, guest rooms, parlors, wine cellars, the supplies closet for the servants, and the dungeon right next to it. Jenny explained the cleaning supplies were always kept next to the dungeons. “It’s just less work that way,” she smirked, enjoying Brandy’s blush. Thankfully, Jenny admitted that there was too much, and that it wasn’t expected that she actually remembered every detail. “They make this job fairly idiot-proof. Every kitchen has a list of their favorite drinks, and easy guides on how to make them. If they have guests, we’ll be given information beforehand. Their first name, the right way to talk to them, all that kind of stuff, available for us to check before we go out to serve. Pretty much anyone with a brain could do this job, if they were willing to try. Discretion’s the real reason they’re so selective.” 

Finally, as the tour wrapped up, it was nearing lunch time, so Jenny took Brandy to their final destination: the servant kitchen and dining area. “Technically, we’re eating late, so no buffet for us today,” she sighed. “The food here’s to die for, really.”

The servant kitchen was not as extravagant as any of the ‘public’ rooms Brandy had been shown. Instead, it was very cozy - though not sacrificing function. It had all kinds of food preparation tools, top-of-the-line stand mixers and toaster ovens and regular ovens, and even more she hadn’t ever seen before. The fridge had a digital display on it, and Brandy noticed a button on the screen labeled ‘Requests.’ She tapped it, and a new window opened up.

“Want something not here? Put in a request!” Jenny nodded, so Brandy slowly typed in ‘Strawberry Milk’ and hit enter. A green cartoon happy face appeared on the screen with a message. “Request placed, check back in 3 days!”

Some tall young man with deep blue eyes was standing in the corner of the room in front of a cupboard, sipping on what Brandy assumed was coffee. “Morning, Mitch. This is the new girl,” Jenny said. He grunted in her general direction; she nodded politely back.

“Don’t expect much conversation out of him before he has his cup,” Jenny whispered. “Mitch is a night-shift boy. Speaking of coffee, do you want any? Best coffee in the world. Best everything in the world here, honestly.”

Brandy shook her head. “Just water, thanks.”

Jenny opened a cupboard and pulled out two glasses. “This cupboard is for our stuff. If this is the nearest kitchen to one of the Mistresses, and if they tell you to get something, you serve it to them with the stuff over in that one.” She pointed, without even looking, as she filled a glass. “That’s the actual silver and crystal stuff.”

Even the water somehow seemed... purer than normal water. She filled her glass three times before she was satisfied. Jenny grabbed a couple of what looked like packaged granola bars from a cupboard, and handed one to Brandy, then gestured for her to take a seat at one of the small tables.

“Soylents,” Jenny explained. “They’re pretty tasteless, but they make sure we get all the proper nutrients and everything. Good if you’re in a hurry, and honestly, some people just prefer them.” She shot a glance at Mitch, then rolled her eyes at Brandy. After they’d finished their bars, Jenny motioned for Brandy to follow her over to a desk in the corner of the kitchen. There was a colorful digital display with a schedule on it.

“So, first thing every morning, you come here, and you look at the schedule. It gets posted every day. So you just type in up here... see, there’s my name, and here’s you right under me. That means we’re working together. Then what we have to do is here, right under us. It’s listed first by floor, and then by room. We’re listed as working on the whole mansion, for onboarding, today. The servants work on a cycle through the house. It keeps the work from becoming too monotonous. This place is so big you might not clean the same room for a month. Here,” she pointed, indicating a three ring binder sitting on the counter, “is the chore list for each room. They are very, very detailed in what’s expected, so as long as you do exactly what is written down on here, you’ll do a pretty good job. One of these books is on every cart, too, so you don’t have to memorize it.”

There was an odd chime that seemed to come from the ceiling.

“Really?” Jenny groaned. She straightened up immediately, then started walking briskly out of the room. Brandy followed her, unsure what else to do. This time, they cut through other rooms, and made it to the other end of the mansion in no time at all. The room they were in was a massive library, and there - sitting in what could only be described as a throne - was Her Highness, sitting by a pile of books on a table. Today, her gown was, fittingly, a royal purple. Her hair seemed more done-up than it had been when Brandy had seen her during the interview, and her tiara was different too. How many did she have? 

Her Highness didn’t look up from her book to speak. “Bring me my favorite, if it’s not a problem.”

Jenny curtsied. “My pleasure, your Highness.”

She started to turn, but Her Highness shook her head. “Not you, Jenny. Your trainee.” Jenny turned to look at Brandy, and for a moment, seemed just as stunned as she was. She shook that off, and gestured insistently for Brandy to do something.

“M-my pleasure, your Highness,” Brandy stammered nervously, and tried to curtsey herself, though it was far less graceful than Jenny’s. She felt herself almost fall over at one point. Then she turned, following Jenny back through the mansion.

Jenny leaned over, whispering sharply. “Okay, I’ll show you the book of drinks. You just do exactly what it says, okay?”

Brandy nodded. Her heart was practically beating out of her chest. It was her first order from one of her Mistresses. She had to get this right.

In the kitchen, Jenny shooed Mitch out of the way of a cupboard, then pointed to a list that was pinned to the inside.

“I’ll hand you the ingredients. You just follow those instructions.” Brandy nodded. 

She tried her best, but she had never mixed a drink before, and some of the terms were completely foreign to her. Jenny eyed the result with apprehension - it wasn’t quite as pretty as the sample picture beside the instructions, but Brandy hoped it would suffice. 

Jenny quickly led her back through the mansion. It hadn’t been more than five minutes, but it felt like an eternity. Jenny didn’t lead the way into the room this time. “She said you, so you have to be the one to give it to her,” she whispered. “I’ll be right behind you.” Jenny put a hand on Brandy’s shoulder, and then, steeling herself, Brandy went inside. 

She walked up to Her Highness and held the drink out towards her, cringing in apprehension. Her Highness looked at the drink, then past the drink, examining Brandy with that same judging eye that Brandy remembered from the interview.

Her Highness took the glass from Brandy, stirred it slightly with the straw, then took a sip. Brandy felt as if her heart had stopped, and she watched, hoping quietly that she had done a good job. Then her heart sank as Her Highness’ face scrunched up in a look of disgust. She politely swallowed the sip she had taken, but handed the cup out towards Jenny, who was standing to the side. “Go make it properly, and teach her how she is expected to serve drinks,” she said, shuddering from the taste of what she had just consumed.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“I’m so so sorry, Your Highness, I really tried, I-,” Brandy cut off, as Her Highness stared at her with a cold intensity that seemed so out of place on her beautiful face. She didn’t say anything, and just motioned for Brandy to leave with one hand. Brandy followed Jenny through all the shortcuts, back to the kitchen. Jenny quickly got to re-mixing the cocktail.

Brandy started gasping back tears. “Jenny, I’m so, so sorry, I didn’t... I need this, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t lose this.”

“Shh, it’s okay, Brandy. Really. You aren’t gonna get fired for one bad drink. Some of this stuff is just time. They don’t expect you to get things the exact way they like things right away. They were just testing you... and me,” she added. “Deep breaths. Grab a cloth and wipe your tears, Her Highness probably doesn’t want to see you crying.”

The drink finished blending, and Jenny poured it without even looking into the glass, her other hand already reaching into a drawer for the garnish. It was amazing to see the seemingly automatic process. Brandy hoped one day she could be so fluid about doing what was expected of her...

The drink Jenny mixed was picture perfect. “Take this back to Her Highness, hand it to her, head bowed, with both hands on the glass, on her right hand side. Keep your head bowed until she takes the drink. She’s probably not going to say thank you, so once she takes it, curtsey, and just come back to me, okay? You are trying to be invisible to her.” Brandy nodded nervously, but she really wanted to correct her mistake. So together, they hurried back to the library.

She took deep, intentional breaths the entire way there. She counted the breaths in. One, two, three, four, five... and holding it, one, two, three, four, five... and out, one, two, three, four, five. She hoped she looked less nervous this time. She walked into the library again, and with deliberate steps, approached Her Highness’s right-hand side. Brandy did everything exactly as Jenny told her. Head bowed, both hands on the glass, waiting until the drink had been taken before standing straight again... It was going exactly as Jenny had said... until Her Highness took a sip of the drink, sighed with satisfaction, and spoke.

“Thank you, Miss Brandy.”

Brandy stumbled for a moment, and reached for the only thing she knew that might be acceptable.

“My pleasure, your Highness.” The royal Mistress looked up from her book, right into Brandy’s face. Her eyes were so beautiful. Brandy thought she could get lost in them forever... It was only when Her Highness spoke again that Brandy shook herself out of mindlessly admiring her employer.

“Are you settling in okay?”

Brandy’s voice came out as almost a whisper. “I love it here, your Highness.”

Her Highness smiled. “It makes me so happy to hear that. I do look forward to seeing you once your uniform is done. You are going to be so very pretty. Go on now, I am certain Miss Jenny is worrying about you.” Brandy tried to curtsey again.

Her Highness laughed, a small, restrained chuckle. “We’ll have to give you special training for that lack of grace, I think,” It seemed she was mostly speaking to herself now, as she had turned back to her book.

Her Highness was right. Jenny was pacing back and forth outside the room.

“Are you-“ Jenny started, but the bright smile on Brandy’s face answered every question she had. 

Brandy wasn’t sure what she expected a personal doctor’s office in a mansion to look like, but it was a surreal experience to step into a room and go from the epitome of luxury to sterile whiteness, broken by the usual medical charts on the wall. Brandy waited in one of the chairs for the doctor, who came a minute or two later.

“A pleasure to meet you, Brandy! I’m Doctor Owens. It seems your employers had a few concerns about your hormone replacement therapy.”

Doctor Owens was a chubby woman. When she was sitting down, her stomach rested on her legs. She had a lined face, but the most prominent of those lines were clearly from smiling. It put Brandy at ease.

“They say you’re taking pills?” Brandy nodded, confirming.

“And just estrogen, no progesterone?” She nodded again. The hormones cost so much already without insurance, it just wasn’t possible on her crappy retail wage to afford the ‘extra’ of progesterone.

Doctor Owens scribbled something on a notepad. “That’s all fine enough, it will get things done for you. But, in my experience, you can do better. That blocker has such awful side effects, and besides, I’ve been told it tastes awful.”

“Yeah, it’s um... hard to swallow, sometimes,” Brandy agreed.

“So, with your permission, of course, your employers have given me leave to update your prescriptions. They will be covered under the terms of your employment, so don’t worry about cost. We’ll get you on better pills, injections, or patches, your choice, and I think the progesterone should help finish up that breast development for you. If you want to pursue hair removal, we can discuss electrolysis or laser once your medical transfer is more finalized. Does that sound good?”

It sounded unbelievable.

“We’ll have to draw some blood of course, on the regular, for bloodwork. Your employers want to make sure this is all good and healthy for you, but I see no reason, at least not based on the medical records they provided me with, that we shouldn’t be able to switch you over immediately.”

For the second time that day, Brandy had to wonder if she had been murdered responding to that ad, and if this was her personal heaven.

The first time she saw something unusual, it took Brandy a few minutes to even register it, she was so focused on her work. As Jenny led her to the next room they were expected to clean, they walked by a woman crawling on all floors in a black bodysuit with cat ears and a tail. There was a little bell on her collar, and it gently jingled as she crawled by. The girl meowed at them. Brandy said hello automatically and followed Jenny into the next room with the cleaning cart. It wasn’t until she was settled into a routine dusting through the office that she really processed the encounter she had just been through.?

“Jenny?” Brandy asked, still working.


“Who... was that?”

Brandy didn’t look away from her work to see Jenny’s face, but an edge crept  into her tone. “I think that she was called Lisa. I don’t remember for sure, though. She’s one of the slaves - or I guess you’d call her a pet, now.”

“... Was?” Brandy asked, confused.

“The slaves... don’t really stay the same very long once they get here. It’s easier for me to just... think of them as different people.”

“I mean, it makes sense you would change. Living in this place, it’s amazing!”

“No. Not like that. Like, they start out like... normal people, and then they’re here, and they start being into all kinds of weird stuff, doing things like... well, like what you saw, all the time, just because Mistress and Her Highness want them to.”

Brandy rolled her eyes. “Don’t kinkshame, Jenny. Besides, they agreed to it, right? Same as we agreed to work here?”

“Yes, they did, but... Not like that. The slaves... what they want changes.”

“Look, I mean, shouldn’t we let people like what they like? I know there’s stuff I never thought I would be into, but then-”

“No, you don’t get it!” Jenny snapped. She didn’t quite yell, but it was close. “She’s not fucking playing, Brandy! It’s not some fucking kink! She doesn’t meow because she thinks it’s fucking hot! Or maybe she does, but she didn’t, and it doesn’t fucking matter, she can’t help herself now! Mistress, Her Highness, they did something to her! Brainwashing or mind control bullshit, or some other fucked up thing, I don’t fucking know!” Jenny immediately quieted down as she realized how loud she’d gotten. “But she really is just their pet now. They do it to every single one of their slaves...”

Brandy stopped cleaning and turned to look at Jenny. She was clutching her rag firmly in her hand, pointedly looking away from Brandy.

“I’m sorry, Jenny... I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Jenny sighed, and rubbed the bridge of her nose. “Look, I get why you would like it here. I did too, for a long while. The money is great, and you’re not the first person with a shitty life out there in the real world that they’ve tricked into coming here. But... I’m getting out as soon as my contract is up. I’ll finally have enough to get... somewhere else. Anywhere else. As soon as you get what you need from the Mistresses, you should leave, too. Before they decide they want to make you into something you’re not.”

Brandy just stared at Jenny. She tried to think of something to say, but all that came out was, “I... don’t...”

Jenny sighed. “It’s okay. I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have said all that. Look, let’s just... finish up the work for today, okay?”

For the rest of the evening, they worked in silence, barring the occasional instruction from Jenny. When they finished the last room, and had made sure the cleaning cart was fully stocked for tomorrow’s tasks, Jenny sighed.

“Hey, Brandy?” she said hesitantly.

“Uh... Y-yes?” Brandy said, nervously.

“Look, I’m not mad at you, and I’m not even really mad at Mistress or Her Highness. I’ve just... been here too long,” Jenny paused, looking as though she was struggling to find the words to say. “I gotta write up everything from today still, give that to the head maid. You’re done for the day, and... you did good today. I mean it.”

“Th... thank you, Jenny,” Brandy stammered, afraid to look the woman in the eye, but she smiled, hoping that didn’t set her off again.

Jenny just sighed again. “Go get some sleep, Brandy. Tomorrow, I’ll be a better teacher.”

Brandy was so rattled that it took her a few laps up and down the corridor to find her room. The luxury of it still shocked her. She stepped inside, and instinctively moved to lock the door behind her, but her hand just grasped empty air. The doors didn’t lock? She supposed that made sense, in a way.

A little apprehensive now that someone would come in, she stripped down and crawled into her bed. It was nice and cool in the room, even under the blankets. She stared up at the ‘tent’ of her absurdly fancy bed, and tried to reflect on everything that had happened today. She had been working so hard, and had been so focused on trying to do a good job, that stopping to think about any of it hadn’t been possible.

Let’s recap. I got a new job as a maid, a thing I have no idea how to be, for a pair of beautiful rich lesbians who do whatever they want to do to their slaves, including, apparently, brainwashing them. She thought back to Lisa crawling on the floor. There was... something else to that image, something Brandy couldn’t describe. Now that she knew that it wasn’t just playful, that... Lisa was being made to...

“Mewr,” Brandy whispered to herself, a small, teasing smile on her lips. She reached a hand between her legs, as she imagined it being herself crawling on all fours... gently, with just the tips of her fingers, she started stroking herself.

She remembered the clik-clak of her Mistress’s heels, how vast and deep Her Highness’ eyes seemed to be... She gasped into her pillow, covering her face to try to stifle her moans. She imagined herself kneeling in front of the two beautiful women, pulled between their legs, fucking her ass with strap-ons... and even more, she heard their praise, that they adored her, that they enjoyed using her. Brandy thought about them teasing her. She could almost hear Mistress’s voice... You want this, you slut. And Her Highness... Such a good little plaything.

She moaned into the pillows, “Yes Mistress... Thank you, your Highness...” Her hand moved faster and faster. She remembered what Jenny said. The slaves never stayed as the people they arrived for very long. That thought was what did it. Something about that idea,  the idea of being one of those slaves...

“Changemechangemepleasepleaseplease,” she babbled, drawing closer to orgasm... “Yours, I’m yours, Mistress, I’m yours, your Highness, yours, yours, yours...” Brandy’s entire body tensed up, and she felt as if she’d stopped breathing for a few seconds. She collapsed into her bed, feeling the warm stickiness in her hand with a faint sense of dissociation. Post-orgasm... was usually hard for Brandy. It was when the disconnect between the way she saw herself and the body she had struck her hardest. But tonight, thankfully, it wasn’t so bad... she could just catch her breath and relax in the afterglow.

After a few minutes, Brandy wiped herself up, then washed her hands in the sink. She was about to crawl back into bed for what might actually be the first decent night’s rest she’d had in years, but then she caught sight of the clipboard where she was supposed to write down anything she wanted if they kept her on. She stared at it for a moment, then picked up the pen and wrote something down. 

A bedside photo of Mistress and Her Highness. She immediately scratched it out.

“You’re just their maid. Just another employee. Don’t wish for what you can’t have,” she reminded herself sternly.

Her dreams didn’t listen to that reminder.

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