Lover's Quarrel

Chapter 2: Seek a Way Out!

by Skaetlett, bendy, Salacious_Ink

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The playthings all find themselves in some sick escape game, racing to beat the others. Wait, what?

The fog of trance slowly dissipated from Lily’s brain as they opened their eyes. The first thing they noticed was how much colder they were. With a groan, they tried to stand up -- leading to the second thing they noticed. The floor -- if it could be called one -- was uneven, undone, almost like a cave of some sorts. It was ice cold to the touch, of course. Nothing like the excessively gorgeous mansion they’d been in a few minutes ago.

Where… were they?

“Where is this?” Lily murmured softly as they slowly came to. Their body shivered in the frigid cold of the tunnel. As soon as their arms hugged their body, they realized they had been stripped down to a skimpy set of bra and panties. A satchel was wrapped around their torso, but it didn’t help much with coverage. Magnolia was known to choose such clothes, but the ones Lily was wearing -- they never saw it before. And it left absolutely nothing to the imagination. 

With a yelp, they hid themself as best as they could. Once they looked around, they saw Clara slowly coming to. Clara… Lily remembered her at the renaissance faire quite clearly, but luckily she seemed more grounded. They weren’t sure why, but Lily exhaled with relief.

Notably, Clara had on a locked collar that seemed to be similar to the one covering Lily’s eternity collar. It was metal, mechanical, and words spun across it – “PURPLE TEAM”, obviously in bright magenta text. Well… they supposed that they were the Purple Team, whatever the hell that was supposed to mean.

“The hell happened to us?” Clara murmured. She instantly began shivering at the freezing temperature, but seemed to gloss over that fact. “You’re here too? What did… what happened?”

“I-I don’t know.” Lily’s teeth clattered as they responded. “My Mistress said something and then I… But wherever we are, it’s not the mansion, that’s for sure.”

Clara hissed, and gave Lily a sympathetic look. “Hate to say it, but we probably still are. These are the underground tunnels. At least, one of them, I think…”

Lily blinked hard. The idea of underground tunnels was absurd, but possible.  Regardless, it wasn’t their largest concern. “Hello?” Lily called out. “Is… is anyone there?”

As Lily walked around and called out, Clara began rummaging through the satchel attached to her waist. It seemed to be knotted on tight, unable to be undone, but perhaps that was to their benefit. She opened it, examined the contents, and gasped.

“A note!”

“Huh?” Lily whipped their satchel around and opened it, pulling out the exact same note as Clara’s -- it seemed -- along with a small leather journal, a pen attached to it. What was this, some kind of JRPG? Did Magnolia secretly play the Persona series when Lily wasn’t looking? Lily shook their head and opened the note up, reading it in full.

To our loyal property--

Welcome to our first ever Lover’s Quarrel. We, your Owners & Goddesses, have set up a game for this lovely Valentine’s Day. You will be unable to leave until you complete the game.

The tunnels underneath this mansion have four floors. Puzzles have been set up for each of the floors. Every floor, one team will win and gain a boon in the next round; and an unfortunate team will suffer the consequences of not performing to our standards.

Every floor, the teams will shuffle. Learn to work with your teammate, or you might end up with a useless sack of meat.

Even with some of your idiotic tendencies, you should all be able to figure out the goal of each floor.

In addition, we have given everyone new triggers. You each have a forbidden action that will set off your trigger. That information is not available to you readily; you will have to mash your brain cells together to figure it out. I’m sure at least some of you can do that.

You also have a kill trigger. If the kill trigger is activated, you will be put into a deep trance, unable to act for the rest of the round. This also will not be available to you, however, you may solve puzzles or find treasures that will divulge that information. You may use kill triggers as you wish, as you need to.

Forfeiting is an option, but not in your best interest, because we will make examples of losers and cowards.

Happy Valentine’s Day, playthings.
Entertain us.

Lily read the letter once, twice, and a third time. Every time they reread it, Lily only felt more confused. This was some… game? What was a kill trigger? What were the puzzles? And most of all -- what the fuck? They began to tear up, in part due to the cold and in part due to the insane situation.

Clara looked equally confused. “Well… this sure is new.”

“I’m assuming our Dommes put this together,” Lily mused, wiping their tears off. “Is this something Jasmine and Diana would do?”

Clara shrugged. “Your guess is as good as mine. I don’t understand how this is going to entertain them? After all, who knows if she is actually going to help us, or just use the opportunity to fuck with us more? They didn’t even put me back in Princess mode. But, well, I suppose we have no choice.”

Gosh, this would indeed be worse with bimbofied Clara. They counted their lucky stars on that one. Still, it was hard to hold back their oncoming panic attack. Lily had been put in much more frightening situations, obviously, but the uncertainty, the not understanding whether this was a game or a serious death match… It wasn’t like anything they felt before. Maybe that was the point. With a long inhale and exhale, Lily stilled their nerves as best they could.

Lily looked around at the empty space around them. “I… guess we’re teamed up.” The note did mention teams, after all. Or maybe they misread it somehow… but when Lily opened the note to reread it, they noticed something written on the back. It was in red ink, in decidedly different handwriting, and unlike Clara’s, it didn’t seem to be a photocopy.

My lovely dedicated flower Lily--

As you are the only one owned by one person, sharing your Owner with one person, you will be getting some special treatment. A gift to you, if you will. You have a bud in your ear that will allow myself, your Mistress, to feed you information. It is one-sided, so you don’t need to waste your brain power responding.

In case you’re curious - no, you are not allowed to take it off. You will be immediately eliminated should you do so.

Thank your Mistress later, with complete & utter devotion.

-Mistress Magnolia

Lily bit their lip as they read the note again -- at least, the second note. A hand went to their left ear, and then the right, and they found the bud. It seemed pretty lodged in, like a stuffed earplug, so at least they didn’t have to worry about it accidentally falling out. Knowing their Mistress was guiding them gave them some kind of relief, though not enough to completely put them at ease.

They glanced at Clara, who was looking through her own satchel. She didn’t really need to see it… Lily stuffed the letter back in the bag, and then felt something else. “Hmm?” Lily instantly pulled the object out, seeing a small leather journal with a pen attached to the spine.

“You have one too, huh?” Clara held up her own. Hers was a bright pink, and Lily’s was a deep aqua blue. Notably, both of their names were engraved in gold on the cover - ‘Lily Anderson’ and ‘Clara Longwood’. “I think these are for note taking. At least, that’s what video games have taught me. I wouldn’t let anyone else steal them.”

“R-right,” Lily murmured. “I think we should probably write everything down.”

“For puzzles? Yeah. Feels like an escape room.” Clara stuffed hers away too. She sent Lily a sympathetic look, noticing their eyes and lips still shaking. “We should probably start moving. I’m not sure I want to find out what happens when we get ‘eliminated’.”

Lily paused, and then slowly nodded. They wanted to ask Magnolia to please let them out, but the earbud wasn’t two-way. She wouldn’t hear them even if they cried and screamed. “Yeah… let’s go.” There was only one real way to go -- down a long hallway. Their little corner was at a dead end, so unless Lily wanted to aimlessly dig their way out, they wouldn’t be leaving anyway else.

Lily and Clara walked in silence. The muscular sub walked slowly behind Clara, twirling the string of the satchel in their hands as they walked. Clara occasionally looked back to Lily to see if they were okay -- well, as okay as they could be.

And Lily was, for a while. “H-hey, look, I think something’s over there,” they quietly said, though their voice echoed in the hall. “Let’s get over--”

And then it hit them.

Lily had no idea what they did, or didn’t do. But the second their foot hit the ground, a trigger they knew very, very well hit them.

The fill trigger.

Lily shrieked as it caught them off guard. They dropped to their knees, gasping heavily. The first phase slammed into them like a truck, shattering all their bones. A large phantom tendril of some sort rammed into them, fucking them relentlessly, enough that even standing up wouldn’t be possible.

Clara whipped around and got on her knees. “L-Lily? What’s - what’s wrong?”

They couldn’t respond. Physically, they couldn’t. Lily could barely even register Clara’s words as the trigger moved onto phase two. A load of imaginary cum filled their cunt, going through their entire body, invading their bloodstream. Their gasping intensified, their legs twitching together. Their face was flushed entirely red, and a small strand of drool dropped from their lips.

“Are…” Clara shook her head. “It’s -- it’s okay. Just take deep breaths, deep--”

Her words fell on unlistening ears. Two, three, four, and then the third part hit Lily harder than ever. The shock of the whole thing made their body freeze as they felt an egg and strand of cum meet, and the trigger knocking them up. Their gasping quieted, but they still couldn’t breathe, feeling the sickening growth in them.

After an agonizing couple of seconds, it all started to fade away. And on the tenth second, the trigger had passed.

Lily, still catching their breath -- and their mind -- shuffled against the wall to gather themself. What had they done wrong? How the hell was that trigger activated? Was…

Yeah. That must have been their forbidden action.

Or, well, the forbidden action’s consequence. What they actually did to cause it was still an enigma.

“Are, uh, are you having a panic attack, or are you just horny?”

Lily scoffed. They knew Clara meant no harm and just wanted to make progress, but she could have been a bit more tactful. “I… one of my triggers was set off. I don’t know what I even did! You didn’t even say that word! Did… I walk weirdly, or something?”

Clara furrowed her eyebrows. “I didn’t see you do anything weird…”

Lily pursed their lips. They sighed heavily. Finally getting some semblance of feeling in their legs, they began to stand up. Shakily, slowly, but eventually, they stood up straight. Clara reached out a hand and helped Lily back up to their feet, groaning as she dragged their weight up.

“Damn, you’re heavy.”

“It’s all muscle,” Lily pouted.

“I don’t doubt that.” Once Lily was steady on their feet, Clara loosened her grip. “You good?”

Lily nodded with more than a bit of hesitation. “I guess. I wonder what caused it.”

“Maybe we walked too fast,” Clara mused. “I guess we can try walking a bit slower.”

That sounded reasonable to Lily, too. It was the best guess they had thus far. Besides, it wasn’t like Lily was going to be comfortably running after that trigger went off, even once.

As Lily began to walk, they heard just a bit of static in one ear, the one clogged by the audio device. A split second later, their Mistress’ voice sounded in their ear, clear as metal.

“I see you discovered what happens if you break your forbidden action.” Magnolia’s voice was drenched with nothing but sadism and mockery. Lily could hear her smile on the other end. “I wonder what you’ll do to stop it? I’ll make sure it gets tripped up many, many times. Good luck!”

And with that sing-song farewell, the line cut out again, and Lily grumbled an explicative incomprehensibly. This was not fair in the slightest, but was anything fair, in their life? At the back of their mind, they wondered if this gift was less a blessing and more a curse.

The two proceeded with caution. Lily kept their eyes to the ground, guided on by the light in the other room. It was hard to tell, but it didn’t exactly look like white light. In fact, it seemed multicolored, shifting from one to the other.

But before they could fully make it in, the trigger slammed Lily’s brain. 

It hit just as hard as before, if not more so, and the added intensity only made Lily writhe and whine more. Their legs thrashed around as they pleaded “stop, please, make it stop…”

Clara grimaced. Feeling awful for Lily and angry at herself for not being able to figure out what to do, even when she was “smart”. As Lily calmed down, panting and clenching their legs together, Clara began to muse. What could Lily’s forbidden action be?

Clara’s eyes darted down the hallway they came from. It didn’t look like any secret traps were activated. But she had to figure out how to prevent it or otherwise she was at a high disadvantage.

“Wait right here.” Clara didn’t wait for a response as she walked back to the initial spot Lily fell down. There were dirt marks where they collapsed, but nothing else of note. Maybe it was something back in the room… Clara took a look back at Lily and then hurried down the hall.

For some reason, Clara’s head fogged up somehow. With a familiar pink mist. What was happening now? Before she could answer that, she came to a stop.

What was it? What was it? Clara wanted to figure it out to help Lily, but also to save her own ass.

The distance where it was set off seemed to be equal… maybe…

Clara began to walk back, carefully stepping at an even pace. Making it back to the first spot took 47 steps. Did it have to do with distance? Step count? God, that was a painfully evil trigger. Clara couldn’t say she was envious. She walked slowly, cautiously back, and it also took 47 steps. So it had to do with step count. But Clara was a tad taller than Lily, so that would impact step count, but not distance. And yet…

Clara thought she figured it out. She credited that to her science degree. But to really figure it out, they’d have to test it. Collect data. Which meant…

She looked to Lily with a twinge of sympathy. Would they go with her? She hoped so. For both their sakes.

Clara inhaled. “I think I know what your forbidden action is.”

Lily’s eyes lit up with relief. “You do?”

“Well, we have to test it first. Unfortunately…” Clara bit her lip. “We have to do something that will set it off again.”

Lily shook their head with fervent refusal. “No!” Lily protested. “I’m… I’m not doing that intentionally! It hurts and feels all gross and sticky and - and violating! Why – why is this happening to me?!”

Clara grimaced, and cautiously wrapped an arm around Lily. Their breathing stilled. “I know. But if we don’t do this, you’re going to keep tripping it up. Besides, uh…” Clara scratched the back of her scalp, looking away. “It didn’t look like you… totally didn’t enjoy it…?”

Lily got even more flustered at that horrifying and correct insinuation. They looked down, inhaled deeply, and holding back tears, agreed. “F-fine. I’ll… I’ll do it.”

“Alright.” Clara slowly turned back to the room. “Walk slowly and count your steps. I’ll keep track of the distance. When I tracked it, it was equidistant, so it might be the same for you.”


Clara winced. Ow, that stung. “Meaning both times, I walked either the same distance or the same amount of steps. So… if I’m making an educated guess, I think the trigger might be set off like that. But we have to see. I can’t know for certain.”

“Feels like a science experiment, kind of.”

Clara smiled lightly, a nostalgic blink crossing over her face. “I do have a science degree, after all. I’m more than a little familiar with the scientific process.

“Setting off my impregnation trigger is scientific?!”

“Well, figuring out what does it is!” Clara shouted back, though there was more than a hint of playfulness in her voice. Lily eventually cracked a gentle laugh. They supposed they could go along with it… for now…

“O-okay,” Lily sniffled. “But if this doesn’t work, I’m forfeiting!”

“Uh… sure. Good luck dealing with Magnolia after that, though.”

Fuck. Clara was right, she would be waiting for them afterwards, and she’d probably be quite unhappy with the outcome.

Walking felt like standing on thin ice. They could still feel pseudo cum dripping from their cunt. The pounding had disappeared, but Lily could still feel it, anticipating it coming again. As they walked, they held their stomach, almost to protect it from being used and thrown away again.

They lightly counted as they trailed behind Clara. One, two, three, four, five. It was nigh impossible to stay focused on the counting, what with their fight or flight triggers signaling off or with the impending doom of one of the most terrifying triggers Magnolia had given them. But they tried their best. They had to know.



Clara glanced back to Lily, but the anxious sub stayed focused. Focused as possible.

A part of them had already figured it out.





Lily knew what was about to come.

Forty-nine… and then they paused. Lily shut their eyes, braced themself, and…


Immediately, Clara’s hypothesis was proven correct. In the worst possible way.

Knowing what to expect this time made the visceral trigger a little easier to manage, but that wasn’t saying a ton. Lily gasped sharply, and slumped over the wall to soften their fall to the ground. If they could think, they’d be surprised they were able to come up with that. Lily bawled their fists as they tried to ride it out as quietly as possible – a feeble effort – their eyes and legs twitching violently. Clara slowly knelt down to their level, cautiously putting a reassuring hand on Lily’s shoulder. Lily froze up, knowing deep in their mind that the trigger had almost passed, and bracing themself for the last phase.

Everything disappeared once again. They were - what - fifteen minutes into the game? They already felt totally exhausted, like they ran three marathons in a row. Not knowing how long this game would last only made it harder to process. But slowly, they stood up, gathering themself as elegantly as possible.

“Fifty steps,” Lily exhaled. “That trigger goes off every fifty steps I take.”

“That’s pretty mean, for such an intense trigger. Does she do stuff like that often?”

Lily grimaced. “Define ‘often’.”

Clara gave Lily a pained look, before sighing and nodding. “Point taken. Anyways, you should write that in your journal. I’ll do the same.”

“Huh?” Lily cocked their head. “Why?”

“Well, I dunno,” Clara shrugged. “They might take our memories next round. I think if they gave us all such fancy notebooks, it might mean they want us to take notes, y’know?”

Lily sighed and relented to Clara’s undeniably sound logic. They pulled the journal back out, flipped to a random page, and scrawled — “breeding trigger every 50 steps.” Fan fucking tastic. Now all they needed was a way to stop it or at least subdue the feeling.

Lily noticed Clara tap the pen to her chin a couple times. She looked left and right and drew some lines. Lily slowly walked over, counting their steps carefully, and took a peek.

“Making a map,” Clara answered their question before she could even ask. “Makes a bit of sense, doesn’t it?”

“I… suppose.” Lily quickly copied Clara’s work. With a heavy sigh, they closed the book. “So how am I supposed to stop it?”

Clara looked unsure for a moment, before offering a suggestion, ‘Maybe you can try doing something on that fiftieth step, like hopping or skipping? As long as it’s not a step, you should be able to work around the trigger and reset it.’

‘That … how would that work?’

‘I dunno,’ she shrugged, ‘But I don’t really have any other ideas right now.’

Lily gave a hesitant sigh. If Clara didn’t have any better plan, then Lily absolutely didn’t. They gripped their fists tightly. At least they were paired with the harem member they knew the best, leaving them somewhat reassured.

“Just let your mind fog and count when it happens,” Clara reassured. “Ten seconds isn’t a terribly long time.”

“Easy for you to say.”

Clara laughed. “You’re right. Come on, let’s try this.”

Lily nodded cautiously. Forty nine steps and then skip. Their stomach dropped with the knowledge that if it didn’t work, the trigger would get set off again. Clara wasn’t entirely wrong — the trigger was hot, exciting, and set off Lily’s fear response in the sweetest possible way. But it also felt physically painful — putting it gently — and left them out of breath.

The two began walking, slowly, making sure to count every step Lily took. At the forty ninth step, Lily sighed and looked down. “That was forty five. Right?”

“Yeah. Now try hopping or skipping over I guess what would be your fiftieth step.”

“You… what if this doesn’t work? What then?”

Clara tried to give her best reassuring look to Lily. “Then we think of something else and try again.”

Lily inhaled and held their breath. “Okay.”

They looked at the ground and the distance they’d need to skip. In a way, they were lucky to be of above-average physical strength. A skip every fifty steps. They could do that.

Closing their eyes and preparing for the worst, Lily skipped.

They braced themself for the trigger to hit, steeling their legs, their womb, their mind…

But it didn’t come. Slowly, Lily opened their eyes and looked down. “I feel… fine?”

“So skipping over it fixes it then?” Clara mused. “Try taking another 5 steps.”

Lily grimaced. Maybe they weren’t totally out of the woods yet, but at least they were making progress. Still preparing mentally for the trigger to hit them, Lily did as told, and held out one hand to remind them they’d taken five steps.

Clara tapped the pen to her chin and nodded. “Okay. So if we’re correct, at the next fiftieth step you skip it and it resets.”

“So… we can continue, right?”

“To who knows where, yeah. Just keep count of your steps and try not to get lost in thought.”

Lily chuckled lightly. “If Mistress were here she’d probably say something like, ‘Lily lost in thoughts? That’s just impossible, have you looked at Lily?’”

“I see it. Let’s go, find a puzzle or something to do.”


Kae hadn’t had a hangover in quite a while, but it sure felt like he had one now. He and Anne woke up from their pseudo trance, quickly understood what was happening - or tried to - and then started trying to maneuver their way through the puzzles. Lucky for them, they woke up in a messy office-like space, so writing down some preliminary notes in their journal wasn’t too hard – and they managed to stuff some extras in their satchels. They were ready to play this weird game and go home.

At least, that’s what they wanted to do. But Anne would not leave the goddamn room.

Kae couldn’t even begin to understand why. Hell, Anne wasn’t even explaining. Whenever Kae would ask, she’d go quiet and say ‘I don’t know’. Kae had some inkling that a hypnotic trigger was at work – perhaps Anne’s forbidden action, or whatever?

With nothing to do, and a need to look for answers, Anne compulsively tidied up the room. Kae reluctantly helped, more so just using the time to bitch and moan about their current situation. Before they knew it, they were now trapped in a clean room instead of an untidy one. At first, that didn’t seem like a particularly huge change, but Anne wandered out of the room for… some reason, Kae wasn’t listening. And then it clicked.

Ah. So this is what they meant by forbidden actions.

In a way, it was an act of mercy on the Mistress’ part. They learned Anne physically could not leave rooms untidy. Passing by another smaller room showed the same thing. They wouldn’t have to waste their time figuring it out, which would instantly put them at even more of a disadvantage.

“When I get my hands on Jasmine, she is getting a piece of my mind. Not literally,” Anne grumbled.

Finally, the two of them found their way to the next room. Constantly cleaning the rooms behind them and staying on top of the clock was hard to do, but at least they were making some progress. Neither of them still had any real understanding of what was going on, but at least they started.

Besides, Anne having to clean and tidy up everything wasn’t all bad. In the first room alone, they found both Lisa’s kill trigger and what Kae’s forbidden action was. Not being able to lift more than 15 pounds was annoying, but not awful to Kae. It was easily avoidable, and not nearly as much of a hindrance as Anne’s was. Besides, being paired with Anne wasn’t that bad. Both were rather level-headed and had some smarts in them – Anne in particular.

Kae quickly looked around the new room. On the walls were black and white sketches of each of the playthings – not entirely realistic per se, but well drawn enough to be decipherable. It helped most of them were painted in monochrome – according to Anne, at least.

Below each portrait was a whiteboard with three facts about the submissives. At least, they initially looked like facts. But Kae’s darted to his own – two of the facts were unfortunately true and extremely embarrassing – but the last one was a blatant lie.

  • The last time Kae got blackout wasted, he impulsively booked a trip to Japan and left all his belongings at home
  • Kept a Mean Girls inspired burn book when first joining the mansion
  • Never actually passed high school math

“Ohh,” Anne hissed, “I see what this is.”

“Do you?”

“Uh-huh,” Anne’s annoyed frown became a wild and devious smirk. “We’re about to get some nice blackmail on the other contestants.”

Kae sighed and shook his head. “How?”

Anne pointed above all the portraits. Kae squinted, reading the text–

Find the lie!

“Really?” Anne turned back to the walls and shouted into what she believed were cameras. “Two truths, one lie? What is this, an awkward corporate ice breaker?”

As Anne kept complaining and attempting to tease or offend the Mistresses, Kae went to do some actual work. Instantly, he pressed the button next to his lie. The button glowed green and stayed that way. “One down, seven to go,” he spoke. “Anne? What’s your lie?”

“You kept a Burn Book?” Anne grinned wickedly. “Oh, that is something I have to see.”

No. Absolutely not. Kae opened his mouth to retort, but–


“Huh?” Kae saw something pop out from under his portrait, a compartment of some sort previously hidden. “Now what the hell is this…”

Before Kae could reach for it, Anne snatched it away. Seeing the cover, it quickly became obvious to him exactly what that was.

“Hey, give that back!”

Anne was already flicking through the pages, gleefully cackling, “Oh my god, this is it, isn’t it!”

Kae’s face flushed deep red as he couldn’t help but cover his face in embarrassment. He tried to grab it out of Anne’s hands, but she managed to keep him at an arm’s length as she flipped through the hand-written book.

“Ooh, this one’s good! ‘Lisa has to use cat litter to go to the bathroom?’ No way! That’s so rich!”

Kae flushed a deep red and shouted, “just pick your damn lie already!”

Anne groaned and walked over. She immediately paled and clasped her hands over her mouth reading her facts.

  • Does not actually know how to get stains out of clothes
  • Once begged Jasmine on her hands and knees to be used by Diana
  • Slept with a faculty member to get tenure

The first one was a lie. Sadly, the first one was also the least embarrassing. None of the other participants would see this… right? 

With a heavy groan and an angry “what am I even doing with my life anymore”, Anne reluctantly picked the first one. Sure enough, it glowed green, with a compartment popping out. Which made sense. Anne knew herself, so she knew what facts were unfortunate truths and some were utter bullshit.

Kae turned to the head maid and snorted, “you slept with a faculty member to get tenure?”

“Fuck off!” Anne shouted, her face a deep red blush.

“Who was it, even?”

“Like I’m ever telling you,” she sneered.

“Hey,” Kae glared at her but grinned widely, “you made fun of my burn book, so I get to make fun of your slutty history.”

Anne grinned widely, grabbed a fistful of Kae’s hair with the speed of a tiger, gripping it tightly and wrangling him by it. “Yeah? Any other smart comments, Mr. Funny Guy?”

Kae screamed and shouted, eventually getting a hold of his voice. “S-stop! Stop! I get it, I won’t make fun of you anymore Anne!”

Miss Anne,” she said, scrunching his hair harder. The sound of hair ripping finally got Kae to relent, obeying anything Anne ordered.

“Yes, Miss Anne!”

“Good.” Finally, almost an act of grace, Anne let go of her grip, and Kae tenderly petted his head to soothe the aches and burns left. Reveling in Kae’s annoyed growl, Anne turned her attention back to the matter at hand.

Kae’s Burn Book was in the last one, so Anne could almost certainly guess what would be in hers. Instantly she was proven right. She took a quick glance at the slightly blurry photo of herself and her professional crush-turned-hookup, and quickly stashed it away while Kae was distracted. He didn't need to see.

“Alright. What else is there?”

With lighthearted, exhausted sighs, Kae and Anne turned over to the other options. They scanned the options quickly, matching them to the playthings above them.


  1. Got on her knees and begged Mistress Jasmine and Her Highness to buy her when they met
  2. Spends more time on Petfinder than any social media website combined 
  3. Once threw five molotov cocktails in one night


  1. Played the entire Zero Escape Series in 5 days, getting a total of 15 hours of sleep
  2. Feels a spiritual kinship for Roombas.
  3. Does frequent art commissions for furries, mostly NSFW


  1. Was in a PhD biology program, but dropped out a month in
  2. Obsessively collects dumb or horny face stickers, a special collection of phallic ones
  3. Sold a nude calendar of herself to pay for the last bit of her tuition


  1. Injured an attendee at a VIP party by instinct, breaking the restraints in the process
  2. Wrote MCR self-insert Vampire goth fanfic in middle school, circa 2007
  3. Was forced to wash their life-sized Darkrai plush after Magnolia saw what they’d been doing to it at night.


  1. Has written novel-length self insert fiction of her being dominated and used.
  2. Only began practicing self-hypnosis because no one would domme her consistently.
  3. Enormous fan of the Twilight series growing up.


  1. Once electrocuted a former co-worker into topping her.
  2. Has a standing offer to work at a consent-form Haunted House
  3. Regularly shoplifts just for the thrill of it

The first thing after Kae heard was Anne’s exacerbated sigh. He turned to her and saw her dramatically rolling her eyes. “Really? They could have made Clara’s at least a little harder.” 

Hastily, Anne noted that Clara did, in fact, get her PhD – though she was considering dropping out near the end. Unfortunately, she never got to use her hard-earned biology degree; instead, she was playing in a weird escape game, with her professor as her opponent and fellow plaything to two hot rich lesbians.

Without much pause, the compartment popped out. Much to their surprise, what popped out was not her PhD, but rather a scrolled up copy of her nude calendar. Two, to be precise. Kae flushed a hot red looking at it as Anne stuffed it in hers.

Eventually, Kae got his head out of the gutter, put the pocket in his sad excuse of a backpack, and looked back up.

“Precious does not shoplift,” Kae murmured, slamming the relevant button. Sure enough, it turned green. “She’s far too much of a goody two-shoes.”

“Hey Ken doll, don’t be mean,” Anne snarked.

Kae grunted. “Did you not see the button turn green?! Besides, that’s not a bad thing. Better than Lisa getting everyone into trouble on purpose.”

“Oh come on! Shoplifting is fun, everyone should try it at some point!”

“Everyone except dolls who are brainwashed into complete devotion and obedience.”

The argument fizzled out shortly after. There wasn’t much point arguing – Kae’s guess had been correct, and they didn’t have the time or patience for a two hour debate on the ethics of shoplifting. They had been ‘rewarded’ with a set of photos of Diana helping put on Precious’ halloween costume. The pins in it’s head weren’t make-up.  Anne hummed for a while, before speaking up once more. “Lisa is not smart enough to make a molotov cocktail, let alone five.”

“You sure?” Kae raised an eyebrow, “I feel like she’d learn so she can cause more chaos.”

“Well, what do you think it is?”

Kae hummed, deep in thought and contemplation. “I have a hard time imagining her begging Mistress and Her Highness for anything, at all, ever.”

Anne clicked her tongue. “I suppose that’s a good guess. What else do you think it would be?”

Kae shrugged and shook his head. He couldn’t justify the Petfinder fact himself, but it was easy to see why Lisa would like it, featuring dogs named ‘Dante from the Devil May Cry Series’ and cats named ‘Tony (short for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2)’. Then again, Lisa was the kind of impulsive that if she saw a chaotic cat name she liked enough, she’d have an apartment full of cats within a month.

It was common belief throughout the harem that Lisa – and by extension Felicity – would be the first to adopt a child, out of Lisa’s sheer impulsivity and occasional refusal to take ‘no’ for an answer.

Kae was about to deliberate between the other two before hearing a familiar pleasant chime. He whipped around to see Anne having pressed the molotov cocktail option. Before he could ask or protest, she shrugged – “You were thinking too hard and I got impatient.”

“You should have asked first! What happens if we hit the wrong one?”

Anne grinned wickedly, almost taking his indignation as a challenge, before hovering over a random button – one of Agatha’s. “Wanna find out?”


“Too bad, I’m curious.”

The option Anne hit read ‘Only began practicing self-hypnosis because no one would domme her consistently’ – one of the truths, thus incorrect. They were fed this information not by an error noise or red circle, but as a sadistic shock from their collars.

“Augh! Fuck!” Anne shrieked. “What the actual fuck, Jasmine?!”

“Oh shut up! Mistress didn’t hit that button just to fuck with us, you did, you dumb bitch!” Despite his words, Kae couldn’t hide the clear arousal the shock gave him, his boxers looking almost visibly damp. He was a plaything, after all, at the end of all this.

Anne’s face darkened. Kae’s quip was obviously made from the shock of the electrocution and not from actual disdain towards the maid, but it wasn’t an excuse to her. Her own annoyance at being electrocuted was overridden by her fury towards Kae. “Uh-huh? And that’s a problem, because…”

Kae’s eyes went wide as Anne’s hand hovered over another random option. “Wait, don’t–”

Anne’s hand hit the button.

No shock came. Instead, the button lit up green, indicating a correct answer. A 50/50 chance, but luckily the coin flipped in their favor. Agatha, in fact, was not a huge fan of Twilight. Somehow that was both surprising and unsurprising, though neither toy could explain why.

“Hey,” Anne grinned, “I got one.”

“Fuck you.”

“Oh yeah?” Anne approached Kae, a menacing grin on her face. “Is that a challenge, you thick-brained himbo?”

Anne raised her hand to strike Kae’s cheek, but his cardio regimen worked in his favor. Kae swiftly dodged the attack, feeling for a moment like some kind of fighting game character. The first thing he could think of, adrenaline controlling his movements as opposed to a hot rich Domme, was to try to shock Anne. He took a one-in-three chance on Felicity’s chart, and hit the middle. Unfortunately – fortunately? – for him, the answer was correct. Kae’s momentary shock gave Anne a chance to take over his body, grabbing it and throwing him to the ground. 

The anger, frustration, and sheer cold of the basement had finally smashed into Anne’s brain, her veins, all those heightened feelings turned into arousal and sexual tension. She almost felt herself going feral, acting on pure instinct, wanting nothing more than a punching bag to take her horny anger out on.

Kae’s emotions clearly hadn’t affected him any differently, as he babbled a few words as Anne continued to advance on him. She leaned down, held his face, and kissed him roughly. At first, Kae was thrown off by the sudden passion instead of sadism…

Until Anne bit his lip.


Kae screamed and shouted into Anne’s mouth, writhing under her vicegrip. Anne only bit harder the more he struggled, but as Kae continued acting on instinct, he couldn’t stop struggling and writhing. Anne tortured him, tearing off the flesh on his lips, both of them tasting his blood in increasing amounts…

Before she got bored.

Anne kicked Kae’s crotch with her knee roughly, giving him one last scream, before she got up and brushed herself off.

“Think about that taste in your mouth before you call me a dumb bitch,” Anne said smugly.

Kae growled, but took his sweet time before getting back up. Anne grabbed him again – but not to torment him. She petted his head softly, looking at him so sweetly. “You’re okay, right?”

“Yeah, I’m–”

“Get it? Oh-Kae?”

Kae stared at her longsufferingly. He turned to the last round, the round they’d decidedly have to use random chance. Lily’s.

“What the fuck is a Darkrai?” Anne grumbled.

“Some Pokemon from what I know,” Kae shrugged. “I don't see why anyone would have a body pillow of it, though…”

Anne shrugged. “That’s the best guess I have.”

Sure enough, the last question was the lie – meaning, thank the gods, they were done with this stupid puzzle. Kae and Anne felt some mercy from Lady Luck. The last chamber opened. Anne opened it swiftly, ready to get up and move the fuck on. Aside from a strange purple token, a crumbled piece of printer paper took up most the space.

“We did it,” Kae sighed, moreso with relief than pride. “Thanks, Anne.”

“Don’t mention it. You needed someone smart here, after all,” Anne purred. “So… I’m guessing this is the aforementioned old MCR fanfic, ain’t it?”

Kae ignored that, “so we got my Burn Book, your photo with your one night stand, Clara’s nude calendar…” Kae mused to himself, thoughtfully rubbing his chin with one hand and flipping the token compulsively in the other. Anne continued to roughly unfold the crumpled up paper. “Seems like we’re just getting a ton of blackmail on the other players.”

Anne shrugged. “How bad could it be? Who uses old fanfiction as blackmail?” Despite her own words, the college professor was curious as hell, and what else were they going to do with fanfiction Lily wrote circa 2007?

She opened it. And instantly started cackling.

“Oh. My. God.” Anne laughed, instantly becoming unable to breathe. “Kae, you have to see this.”

Kae sighed. “Fine, show it. And then we gotta get going, probably.” Anne held out the paper, and Kae instantly joined in the laughter – though he clearly felt much more terrible about it.

MCR Rox Fic!! By D3ltaSkullXXX2007

A/N um all of u fuckers were saying that billy joe armstrong is a better goth than gerard way and u’re all WRONG like did u even pass elementary school????? I bet none of you have even looked at gerard way he is a total hottie. You don’t know anything about literature or music and goth stuff i bet u all shop at home depot. MCR ROX GERARD WAY HUSBAND 5EVA <3 <3 <3 <3 fuk off u preps!!!!!!!!


It was a dark & stormy night & i was crying in my coffin. My bed is a coffin and every night i cry in it. It was 5 days ago when kellin quinn dumped me. But before he dumped me he bit me turning me into a vampire. And now i am going to spend every day crying alone because im immortal. I stay away from the sun and only get up to drink my daily dose of blood and cry. My bff hayley williams told me that i needed sum new clothes because hot topic just announced they were making clothes of bring me 2 the horizon which made me go OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. So me and hayley <3 <3 went to hot topic and i saw…… gerard way!!! The lead singer of my chemical romance!!!!!! I dont have a heart but if I did it would be beating so fast.

“Come talk to him delta!!!!!” hayley yelled

“No i can’t!!! I’m a vampire and he’s a hot human”

“But you’re a totes hot vampire!!! You’re so goffik, he’d totally luv u”

“Ok………… ur right” i gathered my confidence and went to gerard way

“Hey” i said

“Hey” gerard way said back. “Whats ur name??”


Ur going to have 2 wait for next week when i’ll post chapter 2!!!!!! PREPS DONT READ!!!!!!!

Anne was doubled over in laughter, unable to form any kind of coherent sentence. Every line she read out made her laugh harder, and when Kae took over he’d only get a couple lines in before he’d start laughing beyond comprehension as well.

“I changed my mind,” Anne declared through breathless lungs, “this is the best game ever. I’m not angry anymore. I’m saying it now, whatever else we go through was worth it for this.”

Kae tried to pause his laughter and get his brain off of Lily’s abysmal fanfiction. He needed those brain cells. “We… you should probably wait until we’ve been here for longer. Let’s not speak worse shit happening in this fucked up game into reality.”

Anne, ready to stuff the piece of paper in her satchel, noticed something blaring on the back of the paper. “Hey, what’s this?”

Another message, handwritten this time:

There are 83 more chapters of this. It’s still online. I just ran out of printer ink

Anne grinned like a wolf and turned to Kae. “So we know what we’re doing after we get the hell out of here, right?”

“Oh. One hundred percent.”

“I told you we shouldn’t have come back,” Lisa loudly complained, “I kept trying to tell you, ‘Jasmine and Diana are up to something’ and ‘There’s no way they’re just going to host a party’ but did you listen to me even once? Noooooo.”

“You’ve made your point, Lisa. A few times now, actually,” Felicity groaned, rubbing the back of her head.

The pair had found themselves in much the same situation as the others, Lisa stripped down to leopard-print lingerie and matching cat ears, a few whiskers marked across her cheeks, and Felicity now wearing only a latex bra and panties. Ever since Lisa had read the note in their satchels she had been a nightmarish combination of vindicated, indignant, and smug.

The room they’d eventually found had been filled with pictures of each of the different playthings, as well as a number of coloured dildos scattered around the room. Felicity had worked out the puzzle pretty quickly, though Lisa wasn’t in any particular mood to help and had been loudly complaining whilst Felicity had been trying to match which coloured toy to the pictures.

“Okay … Clara’s obviously pink, Lily’s red because of the streak in their hair, Kae is probably blue because he’s a guy, so who is yellow supposed to be … Come on Lisa, help me out here,” Felicity pleaded.

“No fucking way. You got us into this mess, so you can get us-” the whine of Lisa’s collar charged up in the room before delivering a sharp jolt to Lisa, causing her to yelp in pain as she fruitlessly tugged at the collar, its electronic display marking her as member of Yellow Team, “Ow! Fuck! God damn it!”

Felicity massaged the bridge of her nose. Lisa’s stubbornness has been getting her electrocuted almost since they’d woken up down here.

“Come on Lisa, we’re in this situation now so we’ve got to at least get through this,” she tried to reason, “You can’t just spend the whole night getting shocked.”

“Can too!” the brat argued, “This is bullshit, and they can’t make me-” another shock rippled through Lisa, “Fuck! God damn it!”

“They can’t, but that collar will eventually,” Felicity warned as her voice became tender, “Lisa, please. I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“I…” Lisa seethed, her shoulders eventually dropping as she rubbed at the tender skin of her neck, “Fine. But I’m not doing anything weird!”

The pair continued to fiddle with the puzzle, Lisa growing more and more frustrated with each passing second.

“There’s not even enough toys to solve this stupid puzzle!” she spat, “Look, there’s eight portraits and seven toys! Are they hiding one of them?”

“Maybe. That’d be pretty evil, even for the Mistresses,” Felicity nodded, trying to examine the toys closer, holding one up to the light, “Hold on, they’re semi-transparent.”

“So what?”

“I think there’s a chip in this one.”

Lisa rolled her eyes, “Isn’t that how they know which toy goes on each shelf?”

“Normally I’d agree with you, but if that’s the case why is it in the tip? And from how long they are it looks like they’d just about reach the middle of our collars.”

The brat’s face became mortified, “Nuh uh. I’m not doing that.”

Felicity shrugged, “Suit yourself.”

Opening her jaw wide, Felicity took a breath and slid the dildo smoothly down her throat. On her own portrait, a thirty-second timer appeared and began counting down. Once it hit zero, Felicity let the dildo slide out of her mouth with a gagging gasp, breathing heavily as the yellow outline around her portrait remained.
From the look of the room, nothing else had changed.

“Cool. Looks like we just wasted our time,” Lisa scoffed.

“I think,” Felicity said, catching her breath as she held the toy towards Lisa, “I think we both need to do it.”

‘What!’ Lisa exclaimed, “No fucking way. No! Absolutely fucking not!”

“Lisa…” Felicity began, her tone like that of a disappointed parent.

“No! You can’t fucking make me!”

“You know damn well that I can, brat,” she said, her voice becoming increasingly severe.

“Well … yeah. But I’m not using that one! I want a clean one!”

“You’ve got plenty of choices,” she said, gesturing to the other toys as she put hers on the shelf beneath her portrait.

With an indignant huff, Lisa plucked the pink dildo off Clara’s shelf and jammed it down her throat, eyes already watering as the countdown on her portrait passed its first few seconds. But she only got about halfway through the timer before she had to push it out of her, the moment she did the timer disappearing from the picture.

“What’s wrong?” Felicity asked.

‘“Ran out of breath, duh,” she gasped, “It’s not like I do this every night!”

“Would it be easier if it was pussy then?”

“Fuck you.”

After a deep breath Lisa jammed the toy back in her throat, eyes going wide as she saw the timer had now jumped up to forty five seconds.

“Ooooh, so every time you fail the timer it must add more time to the next attempt. That sucks,” Felicity laughed.

Lisa let out a muffled expletive, trying to keep both hands forcing the toy deep enough for the collar to register. Even through watering eyes and the gagging sensation in her throat, she was able to finish the timer, immediately whipping the toy out from her throat when it finally reached zero. As she did, a red cross flashed across her portrait before disappearing, nothing seeming to have changed.

“What the fuck?!” Lisa yelled, balling her hands into fists.

“Told you.”

Lisa whipped around, her face utterly livid, “What?”

“We’re on the yellow team. You gotta use the yellow one,” she said, gesturing to it.

“N-no! I already did this stupid puzzle! It must be broken. Let’s just find a different one.”

Felicity closed her eyes, took a slow breath, and grabbed the yellow dildo, “Lisa. Be a good girl for me and open your mouth.”

Lisa took a step back as Felicity began advancing on her, “H-hey. Come on, this is dumb, right? We don’t have to do this.”

“Be a good girl. And open your mouth,” Felicity said slower, her pace not changing, “I know you want me to force you to, but let’s just make this easier for both of us, okay?”

“No! Felicity, this is stupid! I’m not-” the sudden shock of her collar stunning her for just a moment, “Ouch!”

Felicity lunged forward, one arm pinning both of Lisa’s to her sides as she forced the yellow toy down Lisa’s throat, keeping her still as she writhed and struggled.

“It’s okay Lisa, it’ll be okay,” Felicity whispered in a soothing tone, “It’ll just be thirty seconds. I know you can do this.”

Lisa squirmed and shook, tears already squeezing out of the corners of her eyes. She glanced back at her portrait. A sixty second timer was counting down before Felicity wrenched her head away.

“Don’t look at that. It’ll just be thirty seconds. Just let your mind go blank, don’t think about anything. You can do this for me.”

Her vision started blurring as the seconds ticked by, eyes fogging from the tears. She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t fight it. Even as she shook and struggled and mentally pleaded for it to stop, she knew Felicity was just too strong.
It was starting to go dark. Desperate fear filled Lisa’s brain as she ineffectually struggled, feeling weaker and weaker until suddenly Felicity pulled the dildo from her, leaving her light-headed, gasping for air, and face covered in her own drool.

“There! Knew you could do it,” Felicity grinned, pointing at the portrait. At the central pedestal a compartment had opened inside it, revealing a small box.

Felicity tenderly held Lisa, giving her a gentle hug as she let her recover, kissing her softly as her reward.

“You’re … the fucking … worst…” Lisa panted.

“Love you too, pretty kitty.”

“What the fuck did we even get from that?”

“Good question. Let’s check it out.”

After Lisa had caught her breath, the pair looked into the compartment, opening the box within to find a stun gun resting on a satin pillow, next to a yellow token indicating their win.

“Oh what the hell,” Lisa scowled, “I’m not touching that thing.”

Felicity shrugged as she took the taser and token and deposited them into her satchel, “Fine by me.”

Riotous antics say hero!

Lily and Clara had stared at the pink paint splatter on the wall for way too long. Below it were a set of large Scrabble pieces and a place to pin the letters.

Luckily, since figuring out the trick, Lily hadn’t set off the breeding trigger again. They thought it would be harder to keep count, but Clara counted their steps too, and it became a rhythm at some point. Still, they were wiped. The bizarre sentence only doubled their exhaustion, multiplying it with bewilderment.

Riotous antics say hero. What did that even mean? What were the antics? Who was the hero? What?!

“It’s an anagram,” Clara said, a lightbulb going off in her brain. Of course she figured it out first. Every time she out-witted Lily in any way, it felt like a punch to the stomach. Another withering blow to their self-confidence. Clara was outsmarting Lily? Clara?!

“O-oh,” Lily nodded. Unfortunately, Clara was right. “I… guess it is.”

“But…” Clara looked down. Some of the letters were missing – four, to be precise. Four letters. Where would they even get those? Her eyes landed on the walls, and Clara gasped. “Over there! This could be a hint?”

Lily looked to see thin veils of dust covering some kind of handwritten text engraved on the walls. “It could be. Maybe it’s just construction notes?”

“Or maybe it’s not?” Clara shrugged. She walked over to one of the clear indentations and wiped away the dust with her hand. After a pause and a flustered gasp from Clara, she spoke with her hands over her mouth. “Definitely not construction notes.”

“What?” Lily looked over her shoulder. “What does it–”

Dare: Insert this plug

Almost immediately after they were done reading it, a small compartment opened, revealing said butt plug. It was not particularly small to say the least, and with neither of them having much experience in that department, that was quite a tall order. On the end of it was a long fox-like tail, soft and deceptively comfortable to the touch.

Lily grimaced. “W-well… let’s see what, um…” They picked a random spot on the wall and brushed off the dust there too. Unfortunately, what Lily saw was not much better.

Truth: What are you most afraid your Owner will do to you?

Obviously, they were being watched, and potentially listened to. There was no question that they’d get what they stated. The truth wasn’t necessarily to Clara, it was to the Dominants.

“S-so, what should we – ah!” Lily clasped their hands over their mouth, their question dying in their throat. Clara was bent over, had her panties scooched to the side, and was wincing as she put in the large plug slowly. “W-what are you doing?!”

“Isn’t… that obvious? It’s a dare, so I’m… putting it in.” Clara bent over further, trying to make things somehow more comfortable for her.

“Why? Shouldn’t we be looking around first?”

“Science,” Clara hissed. 

“This isn’t science! This is anal sex!” Lily shouted back.

“S-stop talking so I can do this,” Clara muttered, gasping and huffing in a sick mix of pleasure and pain. “Unless you want to put it in for me.”

Immediately, Lily protested – or at least, started to. Their face turned a bright crimson as they turned their head to the side awkwardly, biting their lip before making any stupid comments. They couldn’t tell if Clara was genuinely onto something, or if she was just fucking with Lily, but any progress was good progress, in some way.

Their eyes flicked back to Clara, who paused and looked up at Lily expectantly. Her face looked hot, her tense breath visible in the cold air. “I-I’ve never… what, um, how do I…”

“Just push it in,” Clara grunted impatiently, “we don’t have all day, I don’t think.”

They definitely didn’t have all day. They didn’t even really know what they were supposed to accomplish anyways. But at least this seemed to be part of the puzzle? “Fine,” Lily mumbled, going around to Clara’s backside. With a shaking palm, they took over the base of the plug and started pushing it in. Or trying to. With their level of strength and the size of the plug, Lily couldn’t help but worry about hurting Clara. Especially without any kind of lubricant.

“It’s…” Lily winced. “Doesn’t this hurt? I don’t have anything to–”

“Spit in your hand and use that!” Clara exclaimed. “Come on, you taking your time is only making it worse for me!”

“What?! That’s disgusting!”

“Then you wanna shove it in your asshole?”

Lily groaned and shook their head. They paused, and then spat in their hand, grimacing in disgust as they rubbed it over the parts of the plug not yet in Clara’s ass. As demoralizing as it was, at least it did make it go in easier. Lily’s face flushed a deep, hot pink, pink like the random quote taunting them, as they finally inserted the plug, Clara moaning loudly and gasping indecently. After a second, she shouted in pain and surprise.


“It… expanded?! It’s… I can’t get it out now!” Clara tugged on the tails uselessly.

Just before either of them could protest or complain any longer, a small compartment popped open from under the challenge’s text. Clara winced as she stood up as straight as possible, and pulled from it one of the missing Scrabble pieces.

“I suppose that’s what we have to do.” Clara, feeling a bit more relieved from her earlier predicament, put the letter along with the others. “There are probably some others. What did that one say?”

“T-this one? Oh, uh… it was a truth prompt, asking, um, ‘what are you most afraid your Owner will do to you?’” Lily paused with hesitation, looking back to their earbud. “You… think we’re being watched? What if – um, what if they hear what we say?”

“We probably are, but… I dunno if we have much of a choice.”

Lily sighed. “It’s my turn, isn’t it.”

“I can’t do all of them,” Clara shrugged.

They crossed their arms and sighed heavily. What were they most afraid of? They could probably count the things they weren’t afraid of better. There were a myriad of terrible things Magnolia could do to them, realistically, this escape game included. She could destroy one or more of their limbs and permanently disfigure them, but they doubt she’d go so far as to damage them that much. She could forbid them from going outside on their own volition again, cut them off from all outside contact, or shut them in a closet for the rest of their life.


“I’m most afraid…” Lily gulped, their voice going quiet, “of my Mistress getting me pregnant.”

Instinctively, Lily felt up the earbud. There didn’t seem to be any recording functions, but then again, it was hard to tell with it being jammed into their ear. 

“Yeah, I see that,” Clara sighed. “Doesn’t seem she wants that though, right? At least, that’s the impression I got. She seems like a busy lady.”

“I… I hope you’re right.” A knot of fear tightened in Lily’s heart. Clara was right, and that was probably why she stuffed that trigger in Lily and abused it like a Staples That Was Easy button. That fear was probably excessively pronounced by their recent forbidden action.

Before long, another click happened. As expected, another Scrabble piece was soon dug out from it. Lily sighed with relief, gave it to Clara, and set it on the table to be reorganized.

The usually stupid princess quickly counted the pieces. And then turned back to the walls and counted the walls of dust. “Two down, two more to go. At least, I think.”

“Okay,” Lily sighed. Once again counting their steps, desperate not to lose count or forget the number, they sauntered over to another place and wiped away the dust. The next prompt was revealed.

Dare: Make a 30 second sex vid with each other

“Y’know,” Clara mused, “Maybe we should erase all the dust first so we can pick our options. Or our poisons, I guess.”

Lily blushed and looked away. “Yeah. Then we can pick the ones that… don’t utterly humiliate us.”

Clara shrugged. “I have a feeling they’ll all do that. But here we go.”

One by one, the pair brushed off the walls, each dare or question seeming more humiliating than the last. Clara and Lily kept looking at one another when the other wasn’t paying attention, trying to decipher what they were thinking. They were both mind-scrubbed pieces of human property to their Owners, but almost in two completely different worlds.

Dare: Pick 3/10 humiliating photos from this stack, they will be sent to the rest of the playthings

Upon brushing off the dust, a compartment popped out once more. Two sets of 10 lewd, humiliating photos were enclosed, one set of Lily and the other of Clara. Both sets were clamped together with a glimmering paper clip. 

Clara looked through her own, blushing a furious red, the butt plug seeming almost more present as Clara felt her skimpy panties grow wet. Some of the photos were of her parts in hyperfocus; some were photos of herself covered in a variety of bodily fluids or unknown substances; two were from the time Lisa convinced her to microdose on acid (a big mistake). Out of respect, she left Lily’s photos intact and placed it back in the compartment.

All of the photos were somehow equally humiliating, in different ways entirely. But Clara had to choose. She picked a photo of her making an ahegao face with cum all over her face, a photo of her legs spread apart with the focus clear on her sex, and a photo of her and Lisa – with Lisa cropped out – having the most mind-numbing sex imaginable.

“I’m not sure how they want me to put these back,” Clara mused. “Maybe…”

She bundled up the other seven photos and put them back in, along with the three loose photos. The ear-piercing screech of the metal drawer as it slid back in nearly broke Clara’s eardrum. But as soon as it fully closed, Clara heard another faint series of clicks.

Sure enough, upon opening the drawer once more, the photos had disappeared – replaced by yet another missing letter. She exhaled with relief. Thankfully she did that right. Otherwise, at least one of the other playthings would get to see those photos a bit earlier than she’d like. Clara experimentally touched the bottom of the cabinet, finding a hatch leading to god knows where in it. She wouldn’t get much use looking any further, though, so she closed the cabinet and tried to forget about it.

“Alright,” she exhaled, “let’s see what’s next.”

Truth: If you could have one day of kinky sex with any fictional character, who would it be?

“Oh boy,” Lily exhaled.

“Your turn, flower girl,” Clara teased. “Or, flower them. Uh, flower… person? Flower enby?”

Lily didn’t answer. “Do I have to?”

“Listen, if we split them up, we’ll each have to do the same amount. Unless you’d like to take all the remaining ones?”

“Point,” Lily sighed. 

They leaned against the wall, closing their eyes and sighing contemplatively. One day of kinky sex with any fictional character. Any. They racked their brain trying to pull out a semi-honest answer. The problem wasn’t necessarily admitting it – the cringe factor wasn’t pleasant, but it was only Clara and whatever microphones may or may not have been in the room.

Lily groaned. Clara was learning way more about Lily than they would have liked. “Well… what else is – is there?” They turned their attention to another prompt, reading–

Truth: What food would you be most excited to clean off of your dominant?

A hefty groan tornadoed out of Lily’s throat, their stomach making an equally angry noise. Lily didn’t feel so much hesitant to answer that question so much as realizing how hungry they were. Any food would taste like heaven right about now, and Lily couldn’t deny the possibility of eating them off their Mistress would feel even more divine. 

The clearer Lily thought of which food they’d love to nom off of their Mistress, the more pronounced their hunger grew. Whipped cream, maybe? But that was the obvious choice. Maybe if they paired it with strawberries or grapes… it would sure add into that godlike light they say their Owner in. Maybe they should have had some finger foods before the games started. Maybe… Clara would be willing to take that one. Then again, answering the other questions or completing the other dares didn’t seem much better.

“Whipped cream,” they answered, saliva already piling up in their mouth. “Which… I now really, really want to eat.”

Clara gave a devious smirk. “Funny that you picked something that looks like cum, huh?”

Lily yelped and began to blush furiously. They wanted to say Clara ruined it instantly, but no, that only made it more appealing somehow, to the degradation gremlin hiding deep in their womb.

“L-let’s just move on.”

“How convenient,” Clara teased, “but you’re right. Let’s see…”

Truth #3: What’s the most humiliating thing that’s been put inside of you?

“Hmm… now it seems it’s between ‘what’s the most humiliating thing that’s been put inside of you’ and making a 30 second sex video with each other,” Clara noted. “The first one would be far easier and far less incriminating if it ever got to… someone else, but…”

Clara trailed off, her eyes turning to the ground as another hot blush covered her face. Lily tilted their head and spoke up, “you’re right, the truth one would be easier. But… you don’t… want to answer either, do you?”

The princess bit her lip and replied, “My Owners might not be as outwardly sadistic as yours, but Diana, her Highness… god when she gets a devious idea, she sees it through to the end.”

“Uh…huh?” Lily cocked their head. “So what did she put in you?”

“What hasn’t she put in me is the better question. She could look at the Eiffel Tower and consider it a challenge. For me, not her.”

Lily gulped. “Was it… large?”

Clara groaned. “I guess you could say that. The ER doctor had to go to some drastic measures to get it out. Oh, yeah. I had to go to the ER.”

Lily winced, grateful nothing like that had ever happened to them. Their Mistress always showed some restraint with what she forced in them. Then again, Lily couldn’t say much better for what their answer would be. The sharp, spiked dildo didn’t exactly send them to the ER, but it didn’t exactly not injure them, either.

They shivered, remembering how she made them guess what it was while blindfolded before ‘showing’ them.

“Uh…” Clara sighed. “How open would you be to us making that sex tape?”

“I’d… prefer not to. In part because I think we, um, may be on a time crunch.”

That was a good point, Clara supposed. She covered her head in her hands, averted her eyes, and mumbled something.

“W-what did you say?” Lily cocked their head.

Another sigh. Clara spoke, a bit more clearly through her fingers. “I won an award – a trophy – for one of my projects… one that was published in a paper…”

“Uh… huh?” Lily tilted their head again. “And… how – how is that relevant?”

“Well Jasmine and Diana, they, um… yeah.”

“They… what?”

“Oh my god, do I have to spell it out for you?” Clara finally removed her hands, revealing her beet-red face. “They used it as a butt plug! And it was  not a small trophy!”

Lily recoiled. “What in the – why would they do that?”

Sometime during their conversation, another click distantly sounded. Neither of them acted on it, but both probably noticed. “They wanted to – to, like, use it to prove I’m not a smarty pants like I used to be!”

“That’s… what – what did you do with it?”

Clara groaned, going back to reluctantly pick up the scrabble letter. “Well after the doctor sedated me and pulled it out, they cleaned it and now have it just, sitting in their world, like it’s their trophy now.” She examined the letter, continuing to talk. “Of course, it wasn’t not hot, like, that’s what I signed up for y’know, but it was the most humiliating thing that’s been put inside of me. They didn’t even use a ton of lube.”

“Did they use their saliva?”

“Ha. Ha. Very funny.”

Lily was at a loss for words. Luckily, they didn’t need to say much as Clara dropped the letter next to the others.

Somehow, that story made them feel even worse that Clara was constantly outsmarting them.

“There,” Clara almost dramatically waved her hands towards the full bar of letters. “That should be all the letters. Now we just gotta rearrange them.”

Before Lily could even begin to think what the anagram could have been, Clara had already started haphazardly rearranging the letters, trying to get a word – any word. All Lily could do was stare with confusion, thinking of the many possibilities. It was like there was a wall of rocks on whatever tracks their train of thought moved.

Was it something horny? That would make sense, given the nature of the trials they’d just been put through. Maybe… if they put together ‘hero’ and ‘riotous’ they’d get… nothing.

Lily sighed in frustration. All this thinking was too much for them, especially at this hour of the night, and especially after the start of the game. Just how long was this going to last? How many humiliating tasks were they going to be forced through?

“Uh… I got it, Lily.”

Lily whipped around. A pleasant chime and unlocking sound went off as they did. But Lily hardly noticed it when they saw what Clara had spelled out.

A traitor is amongst you!

“Well. That’s not ominous or anything,” Lily murmured. “Uh, I mean, thanks for doing that, Clara.”

“D-don’t mention it,” Clara blushed. “Yeah, it’s… foreboding.”

A second after they saw it, a small click reverberated through the room. Below the anagram and above the solution, a small drawer unlocked and popped open. Clara reached up, and grabbed whatever was in it. She pulled from it a couple pieces of paper, along with a purple token.

“Do you think it’s true?” Lily asked with anxiety heightening their tone. “It’s… they’re just trying to mess with us, right?”

Clara bit her lip. She didn’t answer, instead turning down to the prizes they received. But before she could, something inside of her shifted. She let out a shocked gasp as the butt plug in her grew small, smaller and smaller, until it just fell out. Clara’s previously calm composure had broken, and she stumbled, her breath growing heavy. 

Lily’s eyes widened and they ran over to help Clara’s weight. “Are you okay?” They asked with a sudden raise in concern. “That… um, the plug came out?”

“Yeah,” Clara huffed. “I’m alright. It just… surprised me! I-I mean, it feels…”

She didn’t need to say. Her cheeks were fire red and her entire body was shivering. Obviously the physical reactions weren’t from despair or violation.

Lily sighed in relief. “I… I get it. Glad you’re, um, alright.”

“T-thanks. And, uh, thanks for doing this room with me. It wasn’t easy for… for either of us.” Shakily, Clara stood back up on her feet. “Now, let’s see what we got for all that trouble.”

The token seemed like something indicating their win. Simple enough. If people get tokens for each puzzle, they only got one? Maybe they were colored different for different points? This whole situation was so shockingly intricate and confusing that Lily was beginning to stop questioning things.

As for the papers… Clara undid the tie and folded it out.

Kae’s kill trigger - Drop and give me 100

Clara quickly brought out her notepad and jotted it down, though her face showed no less amount of questioning. “They’d just… give this to us?”

“I guess… it’s another prize for winning?”

Clara chuckled sarcastically. “So they’re pitting us against each other. I dunno if I’d feel great sabotaging my boyfriend, but, it’s worth taking anyways.”

Lily, after a moment, copied Clara’s work, writing the trigger into their notepad. “I mean… I, uh, guess you never know?”

After writing everything down, Lily pulled out the other piece of paper. They gasped in surprise.

“It says… ‘the next round will involve baking cupcakes, with a scavenger hunt for the ingredients and recipe. The first ingredient will be three eggs and it will be in the tools closet.’”

Clara furrowed her eyebrows. “So they’re giving us a hint now?” She scrawled it down as well. “I guess that’s pretty damn helpful.”

“It would help if I knew where the tools closet was,” Lily sighed.

Clara gave them a reassuring pat on the back. “Don’t worry. If we keep doing puzzles, we’ll keep getting points – I assume – and maybe even more hints to give us an edge in the next round.”

Lily grinned wide. “And kill triggers.”

“You seem pretty happy about that,” Clara laughed. “And with all luck, maybe the puzzles will be something I do regularly, like sudoku.”

It took a minute for that notion to hit Lily. Specifically, “a-are you saying you, uh, do sudoku daily? You?”It was nearly impossible for them to imagine that, the typically bimbo of a princess doing a puzzle that Lily struggled to get halfway through.

“Of course I do sudoku every day! Well, when I’m not a bimbo princess I do. Sudoku, or a crossword, or even just reading. Don’t you do anything similar? It keeps your brain sharp, you know?”

They didn’t answer that question, instead choosing to painstakingly reply with - “I liked you better when you were stupid.”


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