Lover's Quarrel

Chapter 1: Where Are We?

by Skaetlett, bendy, Salacious_Ink

Tags: #cw:noncon #cruel_punishment #D/s #escape_room #exhibitionism #humiliation #multiple_partners #bimbofication #catgirl #corruption #dollification #drones #dronification #f/f #f/nb #group_play #obedience_training #Skaetverse #transgender_characters #video_game

Author’s Note: This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. Additionally, this is not an accurate representation of hypnosis or non-consensual sex at all, as it exists in a fantasy setting. Non-consensual sex/sexual acts and hypnosis of other people in real life is highly immoral and illegal, and I do not condone such acts. All characters in this story are above the age of 18. By Skaetlett, bendy, and Sparrow © 2024, do not repost without explicit permission.

So this is kind of a chaos collab, as I've been calling it! The three of us decided to make a google doc and put whatever in it. It's fun, wild, filled with Zero Escape brain rot, and in case you're wondering whose perspective it's from, the answer is 'yes'. Don't worry about the timeline, it doesn't really exist here! This is based in the How to Pay Your College Loans and Bouquet Bound, with their continuations by bendy (Maid for This) and Sparrow (Indenture). It's recommended you read those first, but by no means required to enjoy a story about subs being tormented and put through escape rooms.

“I’m gonna ask again,” Lisa groaned, shooting daggers at Felicity from the passenger’s seat. “Do we really, really have to go?”

Felicity finished eating the bag of Doritos and tossed it into Kae’s car trash bag. “Technically, you don’t. We don’t belong to Jasmine and Diana anymore.” She picked up another snack bag out of her backpack and threw it to Lisa - a bag of black licorice Twizzlers. “But you spent all week bragging about how you weren’t going to go and how Kae, Anne and I are free to suck your dick, which obviously means you want to go, deep down.”

Lisa pouted and lightly slammed her head against the car window. “Ugh. You’re so annoying, Felicity.”

“Love you too. It’s gonna be a good time, I promise.”

“Yeah?” Lisa asked smugly. “And just how can you promise that?”

Felicity shrugged, leaning back in her seat. “Just a hunch. I did bring the toys I have for a reason, after all.”

“That’s not a reason and that just makes me want to go less!”

“Can you all make out later?” Kae grumbled. “I hate this intersection. I swear, why is the road to this fancy ass mansion made of total crap?”

Lisa snickered, “I mean it’s not as if they own a construction company.”

“But they could pay the government, if they really wanted,” Anne sighed, rolling her eyes. Of course she wasn’t actually frustrated with her former Dommes, and her ex, but it was still amusing how they preferred to spend their money, instead. “Anyways, it’s not like you had any better plans. Besides, I guess Magnolia and her sub are going to be there, and I really want to meet them.”

Absolute silence flooded the car. 

It felt almost painful to Anne, who was clueless about the situation. It wasn’t like she sounded like a monster, or anything. “What? What’s with the faces?”

Lisa slowly turned around to Anne. “Where the fuck did you hear that from?”

“Jasmine herself,” Anne smirked. “What? Is the little kitty a big scaredy cat now?”

Lisa didn’t respond. At least, not immediately. Instead, she whipped around to Kae and shouted, “Kae, can you turn the car around and drop me off back home?”

“Nope!” Kae shouted. “I’m on the highway, and I am not getting off. Should have spoken up sooner.”

“Should have brought that up sooner!” Lisa yelled back, shooting a death glare at Anne. “Kae, just drop me on the side of the highway, I’ll walk home.”

Coward,” Felicity sang, giggling as she stuffed her face with more snacks.

“She can’t be that bad, can she?” Anne looked and sounded incredulous. “Like what’s the worst she could do to you? It’s not like she’ll be any worse than Jasmine or Diana.”

“Ehh…” Felicity clicked her tongue.
        “Debatable,” Kae added.

”Absolutely fucking untrue,” Lisa hissed.

Anne grumbled and leaned back into the rest of the group. “What’s up with you all? It’s like I told you death himself would be there.”

“Can you call them and ask them to bring death, instead?”

“For fuck’s sake, what happened to all that courage and brattiness? Is she really that terrifying?”

The silence in the car answered all of Anne’s questions.

“Duly noted,” Anne sighed. She turned her attention to Lisa, who was now frantically waiting for an opening to leap out of the car. “Hey Lisa, untie this.” She grabbed the wired earbuds in her pocket and threw them to Lisa.

Lisa glared at Anne. “Why should I?”

“If you don’t, I’ll tell Jasmine you tried to run away.” The real reason was obviously to get Lisa to shut up and focus her kitty attention on something else, but she wouldn’t tell her that.

“Fuck you.”

Felicity sighed, annoyed heavily by the ruckus. “Are we there yet, Kae?”

“We will get there when we get there!” Kae groaned. “Does anyone else have any stupid questions?”

“I’ve got one,” Lisa started, continuing to untie the wired earbuds, “if I jumped into traffic, do you think Jasmine and Diana would pay for my medical bills?”


The bells jingled with the slightest motion. Every piece of Lily’s carefully tailored ensemble was donned with bells that seemed to sound even at a blink. Not typically one to wear dresses, Magnolia opted to get them an outfit made of red and white fabric, ribbons all around, with a crop top and short shorts. Regrettably for them, weather wasn’t on their side, and so they were shivering and cuddling against their owner for warmth all the way.

“It’s been a while,” Lily murmured. “I don’t think I’ve been here since the Renaissance Fair…”

As the couple walked out of the limousine to the door of the almost fantastical mansion, Magnolia lifted her suit jacket to cover at least part of Lily’s shivering body. “Yes, it’s been a while. They’ve redecorated quite a bit, I’ve heard.” She reached around to grab one of Lily’s asscheeks, making them flinch. “I’m sure they’ll love having you around, again.”

Lily smiled softly at the validation. Magnolia lightly rang the doorbell, echoing lightly inside. Lily lightly tapped their feet against the ground to get the blood flowing — anything to keep them warm for as long as they could stand. Finally, after what felt like literally forever, they heard a click.

“Longer than expected,” Magnolia murmured, “maybe they have an amateur secretary.” Lily didn’t particularly care as long as they were getting inside soon. Magnolia grabbed the door handle, gripping Lily’s leash tight as she dragged them in with an unexpected amount of force. Lily stumbled through the front door after Magnolia, quickly and happily acclimating to the warm interior.

“Good evening,” the secretary spoke, boredom and tedium dripping through her tone. “A maid will be here shortly to take off your coat.”

“Fantastic. I hope they’re more cordial than yourself,” Magnolia sneered at the receptionist, who in turn returned an angry pout. But before Magnolia could go full ‘I want to speak to your manager’ mode, some maids came around the corner. They lightly bowed and moved around to remove Magnolia’s jacket. Another held a shawl to offer Lily, but Magnolia refused on their behalf. Lily turned away momentarily to hide their pout, but at least it was much warmer inside.

The couple was escorted to the main area of the entrance hall, decorated with lavish sofas and comfortable pillows. Magnolia quickly made herself at home – well, not while looking unprofessional – and Lily nervously sat on the edge next to her. Magnolia wrapped an arm around them, pulled them close to her… and then whispered, “I hope you’re ready for tonight, you ditz.”

Lily looked upwards, made a noise of uncertainty, and then nodded. They weren’t quite sure what that was supposed to mean, but Magnolia wasn’t going to elaborate. That was just common sense to them, by now.

“Punctual as ever, are you?”

Magnolia turned to the central staircase as Jasmine and Diana descended, in their most fitting and festive attire… and trailing behind them was their live-in sub, Clara, who was stuck carrying three boxes of decorations and other things down the stairs.

Clara put the boxes down, took a moment to catch her breath, and then she and the maids got to work decorating the place to its best.

“I hope I’m not too early,” Magnolia nodded. “Thank you for having us.”

“T-thank you for having us,” Lily echoed, bowing their head. Diana smirked, ruffled their hair, and then pulled their body back up by it.

Magnolia’s eyes darted to Clara and the maids setting up. “Here, Lily will help you.”


They responded more out of surprise than confusion or disobedience, but either way, it was a good response to earn a swift kick from their Owner. “Did I stutter, idiot? Go help them out!”

“Y-yes, Mistress.” Without a further word or complaint, Lily went over to Clara, looking no less nervous than when they first arrived.

Clara turned her attention to the blushing, stammering Lily, greeting them with a small smile. “Heya Lily. Been a while, huh?”

“Y-yeah. Here, lemme…” Lily held their arms out, taking the box from Clara quickly. Clara gasped her breath, kneeling over to let her back recover. Strange to Lily, considering how the box of decorations and… who knew what else didn’t feel super heavy. They took another glance at Clara, remembering their… interesting time at the Renaissance Fair. Seeing Clara as an actually normal person instead of a vaguely annoying, very bimbofied princess, was actually quite refreshing. “It’s nice to see you as you and not, well, Princess Clara.”

Clara groaned with a sarcastic chuckle. “You say that, but they’ll probably turn me back to Princess mode once more people come in. Making me entertainment and all, y’know?”

“Aha… right,” Lily chuckled nervously, glancing back at the Dominants once more. Hopefully they weren’t going to do anything too humiliating to Lily and the others. But with them, it was always a possibility. “Well, um, thank you for, um, for having us. I’m excited to spend the day together!” Lily spoke cheerfully as they forced the anxiety down into their stomach. Maids continued to seamlessly pull stuff from the boxes, one of them being grabbed from Lily’s arms. They were always surprised by how the maids just… didn’t ever question anything. They barely acknowledged the guests’ existences unless they had to.

Lily put the two boxes on the floor, and opened the bottommost once – by far the one responsible for the most baggage. Lily continued conversing with Clara, struggling to meet her eyes, as they peered inside…

“…What are these?” Lily raised an eyebrow, pulling out a variety of puzzles and gadgets. Some of them looked like electronic collars, but turned off, and there were a bunch of toys whose uses were quite obvious. Blushing, Lily turned back to Clara, who looked none the wiser herself.

“I, uh… I don’t know, actually. Here, I can take a look—”

At least, Clara wanted to do so. But almost as if to cut off their conversation, a maid took the box from them before either of them had a good chance to peer through the contents. As soon as Lily turned around, the couple disappeared from view down a hallway. The maids walked quicker than usual, almost a run, yet looked no less elegant. Still, what was the rush…? “Ah, wait, I—”

In trying to stop the maids from stealing away the goods, Lily and Clara got a glance back to their Mistresses. All three of them were looking at them with a sense of caution, like they had almost opened Pandora’s Box only to have it swiftly relocked. Magnolia leered at Lily, who eventually got the hint and turned to the other box on the ground.

Clara whispered, “what do you think they have planned?”

“Y-you don’t know? Don’t you live here?”

“Doesn’t mean they tell me everything.” Clara glanced one more time at Jasmine and Diana, who had quickly turned back to their drinks and finger foods. “Well, I guess we’re not gonna find out. Let’s just finish our jobs so we can chill a little, sound good?”

Lily nervously looked towards the way the maids disappeared. They bit their lip, almost drawing blood, before slowly responding, “yeah. Leave the heavy stuff to me.”

“Sweet,” Clara grinned. “We’ve got time before everyone else arrives, I think. So no need to rush.”

For some reason, Lily had a vague feeling that there was actually some rush.

Jasmine reached into her jacket pocket, withdrawing a pocket watch and checking the time. She gave a frown.

“Damn it Agatha, you'd think she'd learn to be more punctual by now…” she muttered under her breath before excusing herself from the conversation, “Clara! A moment, if you would.”

Clara immediately snapped to attention as Jasmine approached, putting the watch back into her pocket. Lily eyed her cautiously.

“Yes Mistress? How can I help?”

Jasmine looked at her, the extravagant pink gown befitting her Princess. Though something was missing…

“Pink, pink, pink,” Jasmine smirked, relishing the sight of Clara's intellect vanishing in front of her very eyes, “Clara, why don't you be a good princess and find Aggie for us? She should have been ready by now, and I'm looking forward to introducing her.”

Clara giggled brightly, “Yes Mistress, I can totally like, go get her for you!”

Lily watched Jasmine give Clara a demeaning pat on the head before sending her on her way. Before she turned to leave, Jasmine decided to answer the question Lily may assuredly have.

“The newest plaything of our house is Agatha, our hypnotist trainee. I was hoping she could maybe learn a thing or two from Magnolia while she was visiting.”

Lily swallowed a pebble of tension in their throat. They didn't entirely know if they liked the idea of someone learning to be more like Magnolia.


Agatha hissed in a twinge of pain as her concentration slipped, her straight razor biting into the skin under her chin.

Swearing under her breath as she set down the pointed Spanish razor, she splashed some of the steaming hot water from the basin over the shallow cut before liberally rubbing it with a stone of alum to seal the wound. She admitted that she was nervous, but the Mistresses were insistent that she was to look her best.

They were having guests tonight.

When Jasmine and Diana made the announcement to the gathered manor-bound Playthings, Agatha had noticed a feeling of import sink in, even if Clara needed some not-so-gentle reminding. Clara, to credit her dim intellect, at least seemed quite excited for it, so maybe it wouldn’t be all bad. But whoever Lily and Magnolia were, they seemed to have had a strong impact on the others, so Agatha had to at the very least look her best and make a good impression.

Finishing her close shave and splashing on some almost assuredly expensive lavender aftershave her Instructors had gifted her, Agatha inspected herself in the mirror, running a hand over the smooth skin, exfoliated from the deadly edge of the razor.

Calm yourself. This won’t be any different from any of the other guests who have come and gone.

Agatha breathed in a deep sigh. Through some practice and meditation – and no small amount of trance – she’d begun hearing the inner voice of another side of her, Lilliana, more clearly. It was odd to think that her borderline obsession with Yu-Gi-Oh from when she was a kid would lead to this.

Oh please.

Hey, it’s not totally inaccurate. You’re the confident sexy one and I’m the cute one that never wins, Agatha thought as she carefully put away her shaving kit and moved to her adjacent room to find out which outfit her dominants had deemed fit to bestow on her this time, a brown box left at the foot of her cage-surrounded double bed.

It had better not be pink, or I swear I will have words with that so-called Queen of yours.

Not like anything you say could dissuade her anyway, Agatha tried to remind her. Agatha had more than enough to worry about with her own mouth getting her into trouble more often than not. She absolutely did not need Lilliana chiming in to get her into even deeper shit.

At atop the cardboard box was Agatha’s witch hat, its point bent down at the back and the pin-on bow replaced with a satiny black ribbon wrapped around the crown. At least Lilliana would be happy it wasn’t anything bimbo-flavored.

The box contained an older-styled garment, a white high-collared blouse with puffed sleeves at the shoulders and a form-fitting bodice and cuffs. A ruffled skirt patterned with maroon paisley, shorter at the front and lengthened at the back, and fishnet stockings to decorate her legs, as well as the pair of pointed heeled boots Agatha had bought on one of her earlier shopping trips with Diana. A silken scarf of crimson fabric decorated with heart-shaped stitching lay neatly folded at the bottom of the box.

I suppose this is better than that hideous “teatime” outfit she made us wear last time. I never want to see another hoop skirt in my life.

Agatha tried to cast her mind back to the event, one of the “informative” lessons about princesses and bimbos Diana had walked her through with Clara. It was hard to remember given how her intelligence had been drained, but those feelings of genuine giddy glee at even the smallest things still lingered.

She had to quash an involuntary giggle by clearing her throat.

The aspiring dominant began getting dressed, hoping that this whole Valentine’s party wouldn’t inspire any performance anxiety in her. There was a loud, enthusiastic knock at the door. Agatha didn’t even need to open her mouth before the door opened again to reveal Clara, her own outfit all pink and white and ribbons and lace, giddily prancing into Agatha’s room.

“Hiya Aggie!” Clara said brightly, “You ready for the party?”

“Just about,” she said, adjusting the scarf across her shoulders like a shawl, “and aren’t you all excited?”

Clara gave a delighted squeal, “It’s gonna be so good to see everyone again! And Lily and Magnolia!”

Agatha allowed herself a small chuckle. In the short time she’d found herself at the Mansion, she’d initially thought Clara was an annoying idiot, just like the Mistresses had made her. Now though … well, she could absolutely still be that annoying idiot. But somehow it had become more endearing to her.

“Oh, Aggie?” Clara began, “Are you gonna be a pretty pretty princess tonight too?”

Agatha felt familiar pink bubbles popping in her brain as an involuntary giggle slipped out from her, before shaking her head to banish the suggestion. How the hell Clara was able to remember that trigger but barely anything else was a complete mystery to Agatha.

“Clara! Cut that out,” she chided, “Master wants to introduce me to Magnolia personally, so I can’t afford to mess around tonight. You guys can enjoy the party though, it sounds like it’ll be a great time.”

“Awww, okay,” Clara huffed.

It hurt to see her disappointed, so Agatha gave a sigh, “Don’t worry Clara, I’m sure the Mistresses will want to play princess again soon.”

“Yay!” she clapped enthusiastically before a rare thought caught her in the back of the head, “Oh! I remember now, Mistress wanted to know if you were ready. The guests should be arriving soon!”

Agatha did a quick double take, quickly turning her attention to lacing up her boots, “Now you tell me?! How long do we have?”

Clara had to think for a minute before giving a ditzy little laugh, ‘Dunno.’

“The fuck do you mean, “dunno?!”’ Agatha shouted, “God if you weren’t such a klutz I’d get you to do up my other frickin’ shoe…”

Clara blushed lightly and squirmed as Agatha hastily stood, catching the princess by the wrist and dragging her from the room.

“Come on, I hope we’re not already late to our own party.”



“There,” Felicity huffed with pride, “nice and secure.”

Lisa glared at her as Felicity stuffed the key into her jacket pocket. She shook her head experimentally, but of course the collar wasn’t going to magically unlock. Nor was she going to escape from Felicity’s shockingly firm grasp on the leash. “I still don’t get why I have to be on a leash. But Kae and Anne are fine unchecked, huh?”

“Yeah, because I don’t break things just to stir trouble,” Anne smirked, giving Lisa a ‘reassuring’ pat on the back. Kae didn’t respond, and simply locked the car door before heading inside. 

The four wore attire that was at least semi-relevant to their former transformations; Felicity had opted for a sleek red latex dress, with long gloves covering both her arms, under which a catsuit covered the rest of her body. Kae had dressed as jock as physically possible while not looking hideously underdressed. Anne, somehow, still kept her latex head maid uniform from her sabbatical at the mansion, and had chosen to wear that.

Lisa wore standard black cat ears. She refused to wear anything else remotely catgirl-like. 

They all sauntered up through the lightly snowed path, exchanging simple fantasies and expressions of excitement, but Lisa trailed behind. Her fingers were wound together nervously, as though she were still untangling the headphones that she fixed in seconds. Anne turned around and gave her a cruel, knowing smirk.

“You’re such a scaredy cat,” she teased.

Lisa fumed red. “The fuck did you just say to me?”

“She’s not wrong,” Felicity called out.

“You wanna prove me wrong, kitten?”

Lisa cracked her knuckles, a fuse burning in her fiery heart again. “More than anything. Punching you in the face is second.”

“Fine,” Anne sang. “Ring the doorbell for us.”

Lisa raised an eyebrow. “Huh? That’s all?”

“No,” Anne said, “I also dare you to be as annoying and obnoxious as you physically can be, and to insult whoever opens the door for you."

Lisa rolled her eyes. “Jeez, you could at least give me a challenge.” Without even the slightest hesitation, Lisa ran up, dragging Felicity along, and began ringing the doorbell incessantly like an excited child. The grin on her face widened as she began thinking of harsh insults and witty comebacks. Finally, the door clicked, and Lisa retracted her hands. She held them out as if baring her claws.

The door opened, Precious, the only other member of the harem that hadn't moved out when offered the opportunity, She seemed to have been nearly finished getting dressed for the occasion when the door chime went off. instead of  any of the elegant wigs that usually adorned her head, Precious’ shaved short brown hair was exposed, and only one of her eyes had any eyeshadow on. Precious was squinting; apparently she also hadn't put in her contacts yet. 

“Hey dolly,” Lisa snorted, holding annoying laughs back. “Nice outfit you’ve got on, did you pick it in your sleep?”

Felicity rolled her eyes. “Really,” she sighed, “that’s really all you had to say?”

Precious had started beaming once the others had started speaking, and seemed to just ignore Lisa's insult, “Hi everyone! Come, it is so nice to see you all! Can I get anyone anything? Cute ears, Lisa!”

Lisa looked back at Felicity, Anne, and Kae, and mouthed “Oh come on!” 

Kae’s face beamed, taking a total 180 from his frustration in the car ride, when he saw Clara in her beautiful dress and makeup as per usual. “Clara!” He ran past Lisa and Precious.

Kae scooped up the princess in his arms, spinning around as both giggled from the sheer glee the other’s presence induced.
Agatha – slightly out of breath – watched as she leant against the reception desk with a sentimental, vaguely bitter expression. They really did look happy together. Like a fairytale princess and prince, albeit a bit dumber.
Why the hell did she have to choose to be a self-styled Maleficent?

Agatha was first interrupted from her thoughts by a not-so-polite cough from the receptionist who pointedly looked at Agatha’s hand on her desk.
She took her hand away with a scowl.

“This used to be my desk, you know,” Agatha said before turning her attention back to the others.

“Heya Aggie,” Felicity said as she strode into the mansion, Lisa in tow.

“Felicity! Great to see you. Awesome dress,” Agatha smiled as she strode to meet them, “Does your pet still bite?”

“I dunno, why don’t you try me?” Lisa asked, opening her mouth and baring her teeth.

Agatha gave a chuckle, “Maybe when you learn to ask nicely.”

“God, Agatha. You can just say no,” Lisa snorted.

Agatha gave a good hearted chuckle but her ears pricked up as she heard something. The click of heels against the mansion floors. But it wasn’t the familiar tone of Jasmine’s authoritative step or Diana’s own hidden sound. This was different.
Agatha looked up to a bannister where the noise was originating from, and heard the rattle of a chain from Lisa. To her surprise, Lisa’s expression was fearful. Not one of the playful terror between her and the Mistresses, no. She looked genuinely horrified, pale from knowing what she was about to see.
Agatha looked back to the floor above to see the source of the unfamiliar footsteps. A woman, tall and smiling, leaned against the bannister. Light glinted off her thin glasses as she idly played with a red streak in her hair. Immediately Agatha felt something was … different about her. Dominant, obviously, but genuinely sinister in a way Jasmine or Diana never were.

“Hello Lisa,” she said with a delighted grin, “It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

Lisa, to Agatha’s shock, said nothing. A period of silence passed, the tension in the air, and the smirk on the lady’s face, only growing more suffocating. Eventually, the brat nodded meekly, staring up at this woman with … what was she feeling? Disbelief? Some kind of terrified reverence?

The woman’s smile widened more, “What’s wrong, kitty? Cat got your tongue? Why don’t you show me that little trick I taught you, for old times’ sake.”

To Agatha’s shock, Lisa almost immediately sank to her knees, a meow pushed out of her body like it was pulled to the surface with a fishhook. The woman grinned wider.

“That’s a good kitty. I look forward to catching up with you. And the rest of you, of course.”

Agatha couldn’t help but glance at the others present. All of them had more or less the same expression as Lisa, though Felicity looked like she was doing a slightly better job of keeping a straight face.
As she felt like there was a lot of context she was missing, Agatha watched as the woman straightened up from the bannister and gave some parting words.

“I’ll see you all at the party. I’m looking forward to it.”

She stalked off, the sound of her heels disappearing back into the mansion. Lisa exhaled a breath she didn’t realize she was holding. Kae held Clara closer. Even Agatha realized that some cold sweat had been beading at the back of her neck, despite not even being addressed by that woman. She wasn't sure if she'd even looked at her.
Anne was the first to break the silence.

“So that was Magnolia, huh?”

“Yeah,” Lisa said, voice cracking as she stood.

Agatha cleared her own throat, “She seems … interesting.”

“That’s a word for it,” Felicity stated.

“I want to go home now,” Lisa muttered.

Precious quickly hurried off, presumably to finish getting ready for the event. Agatha heard the voice of Lilliana at the back of her mind.

I don’t like her.

You don’t like anyone, Agatha rebutted, Let’s just try and be diplomatic here. She’s a friend of Jasmine and Diana, so it’s important we play nice.

She has the eyes of a cannibal.

That’s… Agatha felt an involuntary shudder go down her back, You’re being dramatic.

I feel exactly what you feel, Agatha, Lilliana warned, Don’t let yourself succumb to your urges. She will sense your weakness, and won’t hesitate to take advantage of them. If you let her, she will devour you.

Agatha’s internal duologue was shaken away as Felicity gave her a friendly pat on the shoulder.

“Hey, I don’t wanna break up the conversation, but we’d better get going. The Mistresses will be waiting for us.”

“Right,” she nodded, straightening her hat and scarf.

“Now I really wanna go home,” Lisa mewled, to which Felicity responded by tugging on the chain attached to her collar.

“Come on, this’ll be fun! It’s a party after all, what’s the worst that could happen?”


Looking over the party room for the fourth time, Jasmine mentally checked to see if any of her specifications were even an inch out of place. Of course they weren’t – she and Diana ensured their staff was only the best – but she needed to do something to soothe her energy. She hadn’t seen Magnolia in person for what felt like years, this whole idea beginning as her suggestion for a “double date” between her own plaything and Jasmine and Diana.

Not that she minded the dramatics of throwing such a lavish party, but even Jasmine had to wonder for a moment if this was a bit much. This was taking valuable time away from her company. Still, with everyone telling her that having at least some time off could be good for her, she relented.

Besides, what they had planned for their playthings was simply too delicious to pass up on.

Their Princess, cherished Clara, and her doll, Precious, were giving Kae a massage in a large plush chair, a gentle suggestion to help make sure that he would be at his best for the entertainment. Her Queen, her everything, was the liveliest she had been in weeks. That was why she had agreed to all of this.  The cloudy weather never helped Diana's mood, despite the warmth of the mansion and the bodies of their live-in toys. She’d even taken an extended holiday vacation (2 extra days!) All of this was to fulfill her promise to  better manage her own work-life balance and show Diana she really did want to be here for all of this.
She bit the inside of her lower lip to prevent the smile escaping. Not even the slightest slip-up, a hint of her pride could be allowed to show.
Even as the last maid silently exited through a side door, and their final guests entered the lounge, Diana took over the task of ensuring that everything was ready.

Diana sighed in fake exasperation, noting, “it’s so difficult ordering these maids around to set everything up exactly as we want.”

Anne gave a slightly snide expression which was quickly wiped away as she moved to Diana’s side, “If you’d like, your Highness, could I provide refreshment?”

Diana gave a gracious flick of her fingers to set Anne on her task. She crossed the room quickly, latex petticoats brushing past Lisa who’d been curled up at Felicity’s legs since they’d arrived. Anne gave a side eye to Agatha who’d picked up a glass of champagne, causing her to quickly scurry away. Anne permitted herself an internal smirk, followed by more of a frown. She still had no idea why the Mistresses had decided to take on the former secretary as a trainee. Frankly she annoyed Anne, in a way different to that complete idiot Clara – perhaps because Agatha was only a partial idiot, which made her all the more frustrating – but she knew better than to question her Mistress or her Highness. At least, to their faces.

As Anne provided her Majesty with refreshment, she gave a thankful nod.

“Could you kneel beside me, Anne?” Diana asked, though it was more than clear her question didn’t truly have any choice to Anne’s answer, “I don’t have anywhere to put down my drink.”

Anne’s eye couldn’t help but briefly rest on a side table next to the plush couch, which had found its way just outside of Diana’s reach. Rather than argue, Anne begrudgingly knelt beside the ostentatiously dressed woman, the delicate crystal of the champagne flute coming to rest atop her bowed head.

“Thank you Anne, that will do nicely,” Diana said with a smug grin.

Across the room, Agatha had found some refuge in staring out at the snowfall through the windows, a glass of champagne keeping her company. Kae, having finished receiving his massage, sidled up next to her.

“You like snow?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Agatha nodded, “Back home you had to go all the way to the mountains like Falls Creek or Dubbo to get snow, but here it falls right on your doorstep. It’s amazing.”

Kae gave a chuckle, “Clearly you’ve never lived anywhere you needed to shovel snow out of the driveway.”

Agatha returned her own sardonic smirk, “Fortunately for me, I still don’t. Once you have maids to cater to your every need it’s hard to go back, isn’t it?”

“Sorta yeah. Still keeping up with your strength training, Aggie?” Kae grinned, “You look a little more well defined than last time.”

Agatha rolled her eyes at the pet name, “Yes coach,” she said, “But speaking of the weather, what’s with the polo shirt and short shorts? You look like you’re dying to tell me about the yacht you bought.”

“Says you. Are you going to give me a tarot reading after tonight?” Kae smirked.

Agatha gave a good-natured snort as she lightly punched Kae in the shoulder, “Only if you’re lucky, you big jerk.”

“Oh, are you trying to give me a massage too?” Kae laughed at the ineffectual punch, “Well I just had one, but you can give me another later tonight if you really want.”

She gave a dramatic scoff, “In your dreams, buddy boy. I’m supposed to be on top, remember?”

“Sure you are, Aggie.”

The pair continued to banter, unaware of Precious making her way towards Agatha with even, measured steps. Once the doll was close enough, it addressed the domme-to-be with her summons.

“Miss Agatha, Mistress requests our presence so we may be formally introduced to Miss Magnolia.”

Agatha paused for a second, quickly fidgeting with their clothes and adjusting her hat before turning back to Kae.

“How do I look?”

Kae gave a moment of consideration before saying, “Like I should pin you down an–”

Okay that’s fine,” Agatha fumed, thoroughly flustered as she snapped her fingers – purposelessly but more out of habit than anything else – and turned to leave, “Come on Doll, let’s go.”

“Certainly, Miss Agatha,” Precious nodded, escorting the witch back to Jasmine.

While they prepared, Magnolia was enthusiastically catching up with Diana, an ice cold glass of sparkling mineral water in her hand as her other lightly stroked the back of Lily’s head. Lily’s eyelids were relaxed, half-shut, with a light, content smile across their face.
“You’ve met my lovely Lily, obviously,” Magnolia smiled, gesturing to her plaything with her glass, “They’ve just been filled with excitement to be here.”

Lily winced at the word so close to one of their actual triggers, knowing just enough to understand Magnolia wouldn’t say such a serious trigger accidentally. But of course she would teeter on the edge, simply to subtly fuck with Lily whenever she could.

This was going to be a rough night.

A trio of footsteps crossed the floor, Jasmine gesturing to her witch and doll as they stopped at the fine couches the others were seated at.

“These are our latest acquisitions, Precious and Agatha. A mindlessly obedient little thing and our hypnotist protégé,” she smiled.

Magnolia studied the pair. She wasn’t impressed, but she was at least amused. They looked like a pair of toys to her. A delightful Before and After of what Jasmine and Diana usually did to these people.

The first was some twerpish little goth, eyes darting around like a scared herbivore. Her top and skirt were cute enough, she supposed, but what was with that goofy witch hat? Still, she was at least trying to look presentable for an introduction, even if she was failing miserably. Magnolia couldn’t help but wonder how easily she would break if she tried to crush her in her hands.

The other toy was dressed up for the occasion.  All in all, it was an example of diminishing returns on ‘themed’ outfits, Heart shaped clips in her braided hair, heart patterns in the lace, heart shaped embroidery on the corset, by the time Magnolia’s eyes took in the red heels with the heart shaped lock, she was already stifling a laugh at the latest acquisitions.

Taking it from ‘themed outfit’ to pornographic parody was a heavy amount of make-up, particularly rosy blush, imitating the look of a cartoon doll. Special contact lenses gave her eyes the appearance of having heart shaped pupil and pink irises, and a lip stain drew attention to the fact that the doll’s mouth was fixed in a tempting ‘o’ position, the deepest red shimmering like plastic as Precious found its place following behind Jasmine to come make introductions. Even without the contacts, Magnolia knew those eyes would look just as deliciously empty by the way they vacantly stared straight ahead.

“Hm. I don’t think I need to guess which is which,” Magnolia said, gesturing a hand to Precious, “At least this one can hold eye contact for more than a few seconds at a time.”

Agatha looked to Diana for guidance, who gave her a prompting look.

“Uhm … actually Miss Magnolia, I would be the dominant. Well, dominant in training,” Agatha gulped, “I’m still learning of course so I’m having to work on my confidence as well.”

Agatha’s heart sank as Magnolia turned to her with a fiery expression, “Are you presuming to tell me that I made a mistake?”

Agatha’s mouth opened to speak, but another tongue forced its way past her own words.

“Yes, actually. It’s dishonest to think of oneself as perfect.”

Magnolia’s eyes flared as she immediately strode to Agatha, grasping the back of her jaw in her hand as Agatha started in terror from Lilliana piping up suddenly, and how immediately it had gotten her in trouble. Behind her, Lily’s hands were clasped over their mouth as they watched the consequences of Agatha’s mistake from a distance.

Jasmine pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration. She knew this would happen. She looked over to Diana, letting her hand drop back to her side. Of course Diana was smiling gently. She also knew this would happen, she just wanted it to.

“Care to repeat that? Because it sounded like you were calling me a liar, too,” Magnolia seethed in a threatening tone.

“I’m sorry! I-I actually um … I didn’t mean to-”

“So what, it just slipped out? That’s too pathetic to believe. You think I’m just going let you get away with trying to fuck with me?”

Lie now and you’ll get into even more trouble, Lilliana warned internally, Show some spine for once, would you?

“N-no! I apologize, Miss Magnolia! I just … I say the wrong thing sometimes!”

“Evidently so,” Magnolia sneered, tightening her grip on Agatha’s jaw, “That would be your supposed ‘other half’, wouldn’t it?”

Agatha’s eyes opened wider in surprise. She could feel Lilliana lean back into her hackles in her own revelation to this.

“Y-you know about her?”

“Of course I would, you dolt, do you really think this is the first I’m hearing about you?” she leered, finally relenting her grip, “As a matter of fact, I happen to have quite some experience dealing with troublesome cases like you.”

A thought clicked in Agatha’s mind as she looked towards Lily, who was silently cowering next to Magnolia. She must mean them. They were plural too?

Lily bit their lip and shrunk a bit, before looking down awkwardly to fidget with their wedding ring. It looked like they didn’t want to be asked any further questions.

Agatha jumped upright at the sound of Magnolia snapping her fingers to grab her attention.

“For an aspirant, you seem to have quite the level of disrespect for your betters,” Magnolia scoffed, “I had thought Jasmine and Diana would have taught you better. Or are you just that stupid that your empty little head let everything they tried to teach you fall out?”

Shame, like a slow motion punch to her sternum, withered Agatha. Somehow the insinuation that her Instructors were bad teachers hurt more than any insult Magnolia could inflict on her.

Trying not to look away, Agatha tried to steel herself enough to apologize.

“I’m sorry, Miss Magnolia, I will try to be better.”

Magnolia’s furious expression morphed into a cocky, satisfied smirk, “That’s better. Keep up that attitude and show a little respect, and you might actually learn something.”

Magnolia turned her head back to Jasmine and Diana, her long hair almost whipping Agatha across the face.

“At least your new Doll seems capable,” she tutted.
Precious gently turned to face Magnolia, but said nothing.
“Go ahead, it may speak and introduce itself,” Diana said.
“Thank you for your praise, and for your presence, Miss Magnolia. This doll is named Precious, and has been allowed she, her, and it pronouns. It is available to use as you desire.”

“As expected,” Magnolia smirked before turning to Agatha, “And you?”

Agatha gave a nervous gulp, “If that is the wish of Master and my Queen.”

“Interesting,” Magnolia smiled, “Perhaps we’ll see what they think later on. Though for now I’m in the mood for a little conversation before we start with the entertainment.”


Clara was hoping to be able to think whenever Kae would arrive, but she didn’t have much say in that matter. Not that she wanted to, or that she could even remember what she was thinking before Jasmine said those three words so sweetly to her earlier in the day. It didn’t really matter in the end; she was with Kae, it was a beautiful day if not a bit chilly, and he looked handsome in his ‘golf-y shirt’ as Clara so eloquently described it.

Truth be told, it was hard for Clara to contain her excitement. Not only was Kae here, but so was the entire harem she’d met, and Precious, and Agatha, and even Magnolia and Lily came out to see them! Walking at a steady pace without grabbing Kae’s wrist and dragging him behind her sprinting was quite a task, but with enough force pushing her brain cells together, she could stay focused.

For a while, they just roamed around the exterior of the estate, Clara cuddling up to Kae for warmth and comfort, and Kae returning the affection in turn. Their fingers twirled around each other. Clara felt like a silly romantic, but it was the best way to feel.

Of course, for Kae, it meant no intelligible conversation, and just a bunch of poking at Clara’s princess-y attitude. Which was good fun and all, until they started getting deeper into their flirting, and something very weird happened.

“It would be so fun if you were like, the pro… pro… main character in a game where I was the princess, y’know?” Clara giggled, jumping a bit with her words. “That way you could like, rescue me, and it would be so romantic and cute!”

Kae chuckled lightly. Truth be told, he still didn’t really understand what Clara was talking about, or how they got on this topic. But he was here, he didn’t get to come too often these days, so he tried to indulge Clara as best as he could. 

“Yeah? What would be romantic about it, Princess?”

To accentuate his question, and the concept that he was indeed listening, Kae scooped Clara up and circled her in the air. Clara gasped with joy mid-thought, her cheeks brightening and her eyes all but sparkling. “Wow! You’ve, like, gotten so strong!”

“Yeah, I’ve been working out a lot. Testosterone helps a ton with that, too. You like it?”

“Mhmm! You could totally be a hero who saves the princess from evil!”

“Aha, you sure you can trust me with a sword?” Kae gently put Clara down and shook out his arms. “Even I don’t know how to use one of those.”

“But - but you can learn, can’t you?” Clara pouted a little.

“You’re very into this idea,” Kae smirked. “Are you suggesting a scene idea or something like that?”

Clara flushed red. Kae began to think he hit the jackpot – that, or Clara didn’t even realize that much herself. “Damsel in distress roleplay, isn’t this something like that?”

Clara giggled, and looked away nervously. “Y-yeah! Wouldn’t that be, like, so much fun?”

“But if I rescue you, what else would there be to roleplay?”

The princessified bimbo didn’t reply. Not for a while. Eventually, the lightbulb clicked that Clara hadn’t thought to that point, and was struggling to do so now. Kae sighed – he supposed he couldn’t have expected Clara to think quite that far. “Maybe… you think maybe Felicity would be down for playing, well, the villain?”

“Yeah! Or, or Lisa! She can be like… like a kitty dragon? That exists, right?”

“Of course,” Kae lied with a wide smile on his face. He grabbed Clara again and made a pose with her, holding her face close to his. Now he was beginning to get into the mindset Clara had seemingly randomly thought of – and it might be fun, if he could think hard enough about it.

“K-Kae…” Clara stared up with wide eyes at her boyfriend’s.

“The kitty dragon kidnaps the princess,” Kae started, “and the brave knight rescues her for true love’s first kiss. Something like that do it for you?”

Clara hummed. Kae blinked hard, taking a mental step back to get a good look at Clara’s expression. Her eyes were devoid of thought, as per usual, but she looked… much more tired. “C-Clara? Did I say something wrong?”

She gently shook her head, and her eyes shut closed. Kae began to panic as all of Clara’s weight grew heavy, and he realized – she wasn’t taking a bizarrely out of place nap. She was in trance.

Kae furrowed his eyebrows. But… how? That wasn’t her drop trigger now, was it? He steadied Clara on her feet, muttering a series of explicatives under his breath. If Jasmine and Diana had found out, they’d assume Kae was ready to take advantage of their property, and…

Nah. He didn’t want to find out what would happen.

Time to lie again.

Kae took stock of the situation. He knew Precious and Agatha would be wrapped up in whatever talk they were having with the Mistresses and Magnolia – an involuntary shudder ran through him remembering his own experience being loaned to the sadist – Lisa was literally chained to Felicity, so that just left Anne. Guess it all depended on her mood if he was caught by her, but it was worth the risk. It’d be suspicious if he left her in another room somewhere else, so maybe he’d have to return her to the party hall?

As discreetly as possible, he opened a side door to another room of the mansion, and slowly sauntered inside. He slowly opened the door to the main room. Luckily, everyone was so lost in thought or light play that they didn’t notice him. He breathed a sigh of relief he didn’t even realize he was holding in his lungs. Kae’s eyes shifted down, hoping Clara might have come to… but no. She was stuck in trance. Even as he lightly kicked her, Clara wouldn’t awake. She really had to go and become sleeping beauty, hadn’t she?

Well. There wasn’t much he could do other than wait for her to wake up. As quietly as a mouse, Kae seated Clara in a convenient corner of the room. She looked so peaceful, breathing gently. The jock took off his jacket and laid it over her, at least protecting her from the cold.

Hopefully Diana and Jasmine would be able to fix her without dragging attention to him. Without him getting… punished.

“Heya Kae!” Anne shouted. “What are you doing? Lisa’s about to act like a kitty some more, you don’t want to miss it!”

Kae jolted up, standing up straight. Luckily, Clara was out of sight enough that the former head maid didn’t realize her, even with her giant pink dress. “R-right! Coming right over.”

As he walked away, he took one last look at Clara. Was she really okay? Kae had to hope so.

Clara was going to be alright… wasn’t she?

Across the room, some of the dominants had been enjoying the sight of Lisa being befuddled trying to catch the beam of a laser pointer or uncontrollably purring and meowing at Felicity’s pats and scritches, much to her own chagrin.

Precious stood dutifully to Diana’s side, looking dainty and perfectly subservient, and Lily was kneeling on the hardwood floor just before their owner, their head in her lap, seemingly unbothered by any discomfort they were experiencing from their strenuous position, and Agatha had presumed to be allowed furniture – earning an ireful glance from Magnolia – and sat as far into the corner of one of the lavish couches and away from the other dominants as possible, wisely deciding to say nothing while her betters sat and chatted, taking solace in her own thoughts.

God damn it Lilliana, she thought, Immediately! You immediately tried to get on her bad side! I thought you said she was dangerous!

Dangerous to you, maybe, Lilliana snidely remarked, But I know you're excited to see what she's capable of. So sit back. Enjoy the show. Try not to get too jealous.

Agatha’s eyes gazed downwards towards Lily, whose hair was being idly stroked by their Owner. Lily met Agatha’s eyes for a brief second, perking up a bit, before melting back into their Mistress’ hands. Lily… had to deal with her daily. No, Lily got to deal with her daily. They got to be abused, shouted at, and pushed around by her. They got to feel her fingernails tenderly scratching their scalp, running so gently through their hair…

Why the hell was Agatha having such a hard time getting that thought out of her head?

Why indeed…

Agatha tried to break away from her own brain for a bit and focus back on what her Mistresses and Magnolia were talking about. While it was… enjoyable to chat before the promised entertainment began, even she could sense that a degree of restlessness began to creep into the other Dominants. The Mistresses had been predictably vague at the details of the night’s events, though Agatha had thought that as an apprentice she’d be privy to some of what might happen tonight. At least in this moment, her fidgeting wouldn’t be scrutinized.

With a snap of her fingers, Magnolia addressed Precious with an order.

“Doll, I need a footstool,” she pointed at a spot on the carpet right in front of one of the armchairs.
“Yes, Miss Magnolia,” Precious responded. Magnolia took in the sight. Each step was quick, elegant, she would not be kept waiting to sit down.
Precious knelt down as Diana scooped her glass off of Anne's head, and waved her hand to dismiss their former head maid from her service. Magnolia took in the furniture as she settled into the armchair. Precious was quite tall on those heels, to get low enough to be used as a footstool, Precious had left its already bruised ass sticking out in the air. A few thin layers of white crinoline with soft pink hearts stitched in, and a red thong -already soaked through- were leaving very little to the imagination. The rest of Precious’ footstool pose had hands folded one over the other in front of its head, bowed on the carpet, eyes closed. Precious took one final deep breath as Magnolia rested both legs on the furniture, and went away.

Magnolia had expected, by now, to get to scold the new acquisition. But the largest movement that Precious had made so far was a small, nearly imperceptible twitch of its left pinky finger. For a fraction of a second, Magnolia had started preparing to teach this new one about proper service… but she wasn't in the mood to inflict pain simply for involuntary movements. If she had been, she'd have gotten the other thing Jasmine had introduced to debase herself.

But still, she wanted to know what this one was made of. She could break the twerp later.

With one heel, Magnolia started poking at the doll’s skin with her sharp heel, looking for the most tender spots,  “Obviously I knew the shortages were coming, so now all of our competitors are trying to buy my supply directly from me, the suppliers are so backed up now, they have waitlists until next year-”
A small whimper finally emerged from the furniture as Magnolia ‘accidentally’ poked her heel into Precious’ clit.
“Furniture. doesn’t. speak.” Magnolia emphasized each word by twisting the spike of her heel left then right into the underside of Precious’ bare bottom. The whimpers had stopped and Magnolia continued right where she left off, “…and they’re all acting like it’s somehow my fault that they were too stupid to see ahead of next quarter’s profit report and actually invest in their business…”
Precious heard none of this. These weren’t orders, they didn’t matter to it. Those were Dominant concerns, and Precious was a doll, it only had doll concerns.  Breathing and staying silent, that was all it was for, obeying and right now obeying was being a good footstool. It kept being used, Something that ow poked into the furniture. The ow is Miss Magnolia, but not words, a face, a flash of red and the feeling of fear, then more and more and more ow. More of Miss Magnolia.  The ow would make a person moan but “Furniture. Doesn’t. Speak” repeated in the doll’s mind but not in the doll’s voice. “Furniture. Doesn’t. Speak” of course not it can’t and the doll is furniture so it can’t speak, it can’t make any noise no matter how badly it hurts, even if it wanted to scream it couldn’t, and –
All was still, the pain would come and go, but it didn’t matter. None of the thoughts in the doll’s head were its own here. Its own voice was quiet. The pokes had become outright jabs by now. The jabs became familiar, comforting… and then one of them was wrong.
“You broke my shoe.” Those words seemed important. How did it break a shoe? “Get up here.”
Precious was jarringly yanked by her hair, spun around on the floor,  gaining a carpet burn on her left arm. Her brain had, somewhat annoyingly, accepted the ‘up’ as a command to bring her out of furniture space, and finally reacted to the pain being inflicted, with a sharp inhale of breath.  Magnolia’s other hand held her shoe, the heel flopping uselessly, no longer fixed in place. She grabbed the heel and smacked Precious across the face with it.
“Do you have any idea how much these cost?” 

“No, Miss Mag–”

“Shut up.”

If replacing or repairing the heel would have been a problem, Magnolia wouldn't have purposefully broken it in her attempt to make Precious suffer, “I know you aren’t allowed any money of your own… So instead, I’ll take what you owe me out of your body.”
She slapped Precious especially hard, forcing the plaything from the kneeling position onto the ground. Before Magnolia could even demand it, the doll was returning to the kneeling position, easily within Magnolia's grasp, making no effort to shield its reddening face from the next blow, on the other cheek. Lily stared at the unfolding scene with mild horror, secondhand anxiety stuck in their brain.

Precious moaned as she was knocked to the ground again, and, once again, returned to the kneeling position, eyes steadily meeting Magnolia's. There was no fear there, no hesitation, just eager obedience… Magnolia smirked. She could push this one, She grabbed a fist full of hair again, twisted it,  and started slapping Precious, this time, without letting it get away. Five hard slaps on the left cheek.  

Precious squirmed in her unyielding grasp, a few tears starting to build up in her eyes. Good. Even Magnolia's hand stung from the force of the blows.

“Well, do you have anything to say for yourself?”

Jasmine and Diana met eyes, holding back laughter, but said nothing. Agatha didn't dare say a word.

Precious’ voice was stilted, each syllable forcing its way out, but it was at least clear “Thank you for use-ing it, Miss Mag-no-lia.”

She glared and kicked it in the chest, knocking it backwards.

“Spread your legs,” It did. “keep them spread or it will be worse for you.” 

“Of course, Miss Magnolia,” Precious strained to keep her voice clear, as she spread her legs even further, in an attempt to please her punisher. Had Precious been paying attention, she would have seen Magnolia’s expression shift, if only a little, with bemusement. Magnolia’s eyes narrowed, trying to catch Precious twitching or showing any signs of disobedience, only to be met with a perfect pose and complete obedience. Ah well, she could find ways to break her.

“Flinch and I’m adding five more strikes.” An unrealistic ask, she realized – but what was more fun than seeing a cute doll unable to follow an impossible command?

“Y-Yes, Miss Magnolia,” Precious replied. Her chest tightened a bit.

Subtle excitement beginning to pump through her veins, Magnolia shoved Lily’s head to the side. She clutched the broken heel, almost breaking it with her grip. She lifted it…

The heel slammed straight onto Precious’ pussy. Precious gasped out with a delicious mix of pleasure and pain, and much to her chagrin, her body started involuntarily shaking. Magnolia grabbed one of Precious’ legs and jammed her sharpened nails into it.

“Not quite a perfect doll, are you?” Magnolia tutted her tongue and chided Precious. “Do you remember what I told you?”

“If this doll struggles or flinches, it will be slapped five more times.”

“So you were listening. Promising. Glad to see your memory’s intact, at least.”

Magnolia cracked her neck, not so much to fix an annoying twitch, but simply to add anticipation and fear to the scene. Looking so casual as if she was planning to do a five minute run. It always worked on Lily – and it always worked on any of the subs Jasmine had loaned to her. Flicking her eyes to Agatha for a moment, she saw her expression was contradictory. Her eyes showed terror, but her lips were parted, slightly revealing her teeth in a crooked, anticipatory grin. Curious.

Almost looking bored, she slammed the heel into Precious’ pussy again. The first two strikes, she didn’t flinch or waver, but when Magnolia gave no breathing room between strike three and four, Precious’ body relented to its base safety instincts.

Magnolia sighed. “Now we have seven more, because you can’t fucking stay still. You do realize how much this is inconveniencing me, or are you a stupid doll, too?”

“I-I apologize, Miss–”

Precious’ attempted apology was cut off by another sharp slap. She wasn’t expecting it in the slightest, and when it struck her, her body couldn’t help but twitch and shake violently. Clearly, this displeased Magnolia, who seemed to welcome any excuse to add another five harsh strikes to Precious’ pussy.

At one point, the count had reached twenty five. Precious’ cunt was aching, sore, and red. Clutching her fists and sweating, she managed to finally make it to the last slap without flinching. Magnolia threw the shoe at Precious’ chest, which slammed into her body before rolling over on the floor.

“Well now… Do you think you can take anything more, or have you learned your lesson?”

Precious lifted up its  head,  the pink eyes were so cloudy, eye contact had been replaced by staring vaguely at Magnolia's face.  It was smiling at her, and spoke softly.

“M-ore, pl-ease, Miss Mag-no-li-ah”

“... what?”

Diana broke first, and started laughing, immediately followed by a short snort escaping Jasmine, who explained–

“Magnolia, if you are trying to make it beg you to stop, we will have to reschedule tonight’s plans.  And get more tarps. Absolutely insatiable,” the red-faced toy had already returned to a kneeling position, eyes fogged with all the wonderful endorphins, “Look, I’ll give you an example. Agatha, do you remember how I once gave you a task to punish Precious until it broke after you failed your last test?”

“Y-yes Master.”

“And how long did that take you to complete?”

“Seven hours, Master.”

“And how long did it take for your hands to recover after beating it for so many hours straight?”

“Four days, Master.”

Jasmine flashed a smile back to Magnolia, “See? It’s something of a commitment if you want to truly break it. If I recall, Precious eventually gave up out of pity for poor Agatha.”

Agatha’s shoulders dropped as she stared at a spot on the floor, wishing she could disappear.

“We will get you a replacement pair of footwear while we’re getting them all set up,” Diana beamed at Precious, and its own smile widened in response. 

Magnolia looked equal parts baffled and furious, and Agatha got the feeling that even a polite cough would bring all that wrath down on her instead, should her Master permit it.
Jasmine pulled a pocket watch from her breast pocket, “Speaking of, It’s nearly time. I’ll start to round up the other rabbits,” the glee in her voice was undeniable.
Diana reached over the doll, picking a throw pillow off of the couch, before kneeling down, placing a hand over Precious’ chest, and speaking clearly, “Cut those strings,” Precious’ body immediately went limp, and pushed by Diana with just the most gentle touch, head landing safely on the perfectly placed square cushion.
“See you later, little bird,” Diana smiled, returning to her full height.
“Hmm, I should get started too,” Magnolia mused, finishing the last of her glass before tenderly setting it back down on its plate, the damp spoon next to it. She slapped Lily’s cheek, making them gasp and rise up immediately from their own pseudo-trance. “Lily! Back up.”

“H-huh?” Lily jolted around, a moment of anxiety flashing on their face. “Y-yes, I’m right here, Mistress!”

They started to rise to a seated position with the measured speed of a cat being offered a treat. Lily stared at Magnolia’s bemused face as they gently bowed their head in front of her. “How… how may I, um help, M-Mistress?”

“You’re stuttering so much, pet. That rude Agatha girl must have rubbed off on you…” she jutted a chin to Agatha, whose crooked smile vanished quickly, “I’ll fix that later. You know to speak clearly when you talk to your superior. Or do I have to retrain that in you?”

By the tone of the word ‘retrain’, Lily paled, and Lisa across the room looked almost as uncomfortable watching this. “I apologize, Mistress,” they spoke as calmly as they could, “it will not happen again. How may I serve you, Mistress?”

“Better.” Magnolia slapped Lily’s ass, grabbing their hair and dragging them to her level as they winced. “Because…” She whispered in their ear--

You know better than that.”

A sudden heavy fatigue washed over Lily. “I… know… better… huh?” Their voice grew more and more quiet, and the fight and life left them slowly. Magnolia let go of their hair. They dropped back into Magnolia’s lap, face first, and instantly fell into trance before they even realized what was happening.

Agatha, silently listening while politely trying to imagine herself as completely invisible, watched as the two playthings were swiftly plunged into trance. If it was time for play to begin Agatha thought she might have to start preparing herself, though she didn’t exactly know for what. Most likely she’d just be assisting her Instructors and Magnolia with whatever they needed, which was fine by her. But something felt strange. Those triggers didn’t sound familiar to her either.
Trying not to flinch as Jasmine lay a hand on the back of her shoulder, Agatha’s internal questioning was quieted as her Master began to speak.

“Try not to feel too nervous about this, Agatha. I’m sure you’ll come around to enjoying this. You have been working hard after all, so this should be a good chance for you to get some relaxation.”

“I … thank you Master,” Agatha breathed, “I’m sorry my nerves are getting to me, I just didn’t expect Lilliana to-”

“These things are to be expected,” Jasmine huffed, her fingers lightly plucking the glass out of Agatha’s hands before placing it on the table before them, “And don’t worry too much about Magnolia. Her standards can be more demanding than ours, and she’s a deal more direct when she’s displeased, but she is also one of the best hypnotists we know, and you could learn a lot from her.”

Agatha thought carefully about Jasmine’s reassuring words, and nodded.

“Thank you, I’ll do my best. But, Master, what did you mean by rabbits? Do you want me to help somehow?”

Jasmine looked as if she had gotten distracted for a moment before turning back to Agatha and interrupting her, “What were you saying?”

“I sai-”

Agatha’s eyelids forced themselves closed as her world seemed to turn sideways all of a sudden. A gentle push was all Jasmine needed to let her fall into her lap, running her manicured nails through her apprentice’s hair as she fell into an unsuspecting trance, her hat rolling from the couch and falling to the floor.

Lisa, Kae, Anne, and Felicity all turned to see just what was happening. Precious had suddenly fallen into trance first, and then Lily, and then Agatha… and looking to a corner, Clara was deep in trance off to the corner, as well. With a sense of alarm, the four ran over to the three Dommes, hoping to get some kind of explanation or reasoning.

“You—” Kae grunted, his fists turning into balls. “W-what’s going on here?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Jasmine said, yawning and sounding as bored as ever. “Just drop and give me 100, would you?”

“Wh-“ Before Kae could protest, he dropped – but not to go a rigorous set of pushups. Kae immediately fell into trance, knees dropping to the ground, and then the rest of his body. Anne, Lisa, and Felicity looked to his fallen, gently breathing body, and then looked back in horror to the three Dommes.

Next, Diana turned her attention to Anne, whose face wielded a mixture of horror and shock. “Could you go over there, Anne? I need you to tidy that spot up.”

Anne scoffed, making herself look as defiant as possible. “Oh no, you’re not changing the conversation on me. What the fresh fuck is going on?”

Jasmine rolled her eyes as if scolding a child. “You missed a spot. There’s a spill over there. Go clean it.”

Anne grumbled, heaved in frustration, and started making her way to the corner to clean…

Only to swiftly fall to her knees, fall into trance, much the same way as the last few did. One after another, all of the owned submissives, submissives subjected to their Dommes’ will and command, all fell like toys.

Lisa’s hands were clapped over her mouth, a mixture of betrayal and fear written all over the bratty kitty’s face. The Dommes could barely hide their devious smiles. “Y-you guys are awful! The fuck is wrong with you all? Come on, Felicity, we’re getting out of here!”

Felicity pouted, flashing Diana and Jasmine a petrified look. “Yeah. This is – this is too much, even for you. I… I don’t want to be a part of it.” Felicity looked away, biting her lip. Jasmine continued staring at her, the wicked smirk on her face only widening. “Lisa, let’s just… let’s go, okay?”

“Nya need to tell – fuck, no need to tell me twice!”

Lisa grabbed Felicity and pulled her close, storming off to the exit. Felicity looked just as displeased as her, disappointed in their Mistresses. Lisa gave one last angry – yet scared – look towards Magnolia, who only smiled sweetly in response. Lisa huffed and whispered something to Felicity, perhaps something off color about their Mistresses or a declaration that she should have never come here –

But she never got to finish that thought. Lisa fell all the same way as the others, and in her hand, she dragged Felicity down with her.
No submissive spoke a word. No noise arose from them, aside from their gentle breathing and heightened heartbeat.

With all the playthings incapacitated, silence filling the room save for the maids taking care of the excess trash, Magnolia, Jasmine, and Diana nodded to each other, sadistic smirks on all their faces.

“Well, let’s get this going,” Jasmine spoke with smug anticipation, “we have a game to play.”

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