Forever and After, a BB Story

by bendy

Tags: #cw:protagonist_death #D/s #dom:female #f/nb #microfiction #pov:bottom #amnesia #cw:death

A microfiction based on the characters in Skaetlett’s Bouquet Bound story, set many decades in it’s future.

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Skaetlett once asked me if I would write a story based on the Bouquet Bound characters, after all my work on the HTPYCL fanfic.  This bittersweet tale was the only thing that came to mind. This isn't a hot story, it's about dealing with loss.  Skaetlett enjoyed it, and suggested I post it here, so... enjoy??

The lawyer had been talking for hours about things Lily didn’t really understand. Stock holdings and property management and assets that were being transferred, donations being set up to continue being made to the causes that Mistress had believed in, like supporting trans youth in difficult situations, It wasn’t just that they were too stupid to understand the intricacies of all the legal stuff, it was an additional mental fog that had clouded their mind since… Mistress had passed. Even going over what Mistress had left to them, personally, was a bit much. If Lily understood right, and they weren’t certain they did, Mistress had set it up so that Lily could just keep living in their home and had inherited enough of a personal fortune that they could fulfill their heart’s every desire.

But there was only one thing they wanted, and no amount of money would be able to give Lily that.

“She also left you this,” the lawyer said, “With explicit instructions that you only watch it alone.”

It was a keychain, with only two items on it. First, a single key, and then dangling from a chain was a USB, white, with, of course, a Lily painted onto both sides of it.

“…Thanks.” Lily said, sighing out more grief.

“Again, my condolences on your loss. She was an incredible woman.”

Lily mumbled back, “Yeah, she was,” and got up to leave.


Their home was… too big for Lily on their own. But everything still had their Owner’s scent. They would stay. Lily walked into the living room, where they had been sleeping since coming back from the hospice center. Their bed was just… too empty now. Their laptop sat on the table, and Lily sat down on the couch, booted it up, and stuck in the USB. There was only one thing on it. A video file. “For Lily”. They clicked on it.

It was Mistress. When she was young. She looked…just like she had when they met, and Lily noticed that she wasn’t even wearing her wedding ring. The wedding ring that Lily now wore on a chain around their neck. This video was… decades old. Mistress Magnolia cleared her throat, and began to speak.

“My Lily,” Lily’s heart ached, “If you are watching this, then I am either dead, or incapacitated to such a degree that I do not believe I will be capable of directly caring for you.”

She scoffed.

“Not that I’m about to let a little thing like that stop me from taking care of my property. No, you are *mine*, forever, and after. I can’t exactly trust you to manage yourself, can I? Brainless plaything that you are? No. I… I have prepared. There is a closet in my room. I’m certain I will have never let you inside of it. The key attached to this video opens it. Go and see what is inside.”

She paused, and looked right into the camera, “I love you. With all my heart.”

The video ended. Lily looked at the key, dangling out of their laptop’s USB slot, and yanked on the entire chain, not bothering to properly disconnect it. What could Mistress have left for them? They had to know, immediately.

They did their best to run up the stairs, but even with a lifetime of fitness, age had started to take it’s toll, and they couldn’t run as fast as their heart was urging them to… Ignoring sore knees, they kept pushing forward, into their bedroom, and looked at the closet. Lily knew they’d never been allowed inside but had long ago dismissed it as anything important. They’d thought it was just a private wardrobe, or where Mistress kept things to surprise them with. A deep breath. They put the key in the lock. They turned the handle…

The closet was smaller than Lily was expecting. There was enough room to walk in, turn around. But most of the space was taken up by shelves lined with… CD cases, and a few dressers. Lily opened one of the dresser drawers, and saw, in individual little sections, dozens more USBs. They were labeled. Above one USB were the words ‘Mantra, Obedience is pleasure, watch fixation’ Another was ‘Drop trigger, 20 minutes of degradation, awakener’.

What… was this? Lily closed the drawer, and opened another. Alongside dozens more USB sticks was a dildo, a perfect replica of their Mistress’ cock. They closed the drawer, turned back to the CD cases and ran a finger over them. They were labeled too. Turning their head sideways to read them, Lily saw labels like ‘POV, servicing Mistress, sensory suggestions,’ and ‘Memory play; aren’t you curious?’

Some of them mentioned triggers that Lily knew they’d had… others described dates they’d been on. Some were tender, praising, others promised cruelty, sadism… It was… everything Mistress had ever done to their mind. Right there, for Lily to use when they needed it. Their mind spun. This entire time. All these years, decades together… Mistress had been preparing this…

It was… the most incredible gift. Lily couldn’t even have imagined it. Their tiny mind boggled, but… there was only one thing they wanted right now. It had to be here, with everything else… searching through, it took a bit… but eventually Lily found a USB that sounded just right. “Tuck in. Hugging, kissing, affection, praise.” Tomorrow, they could explore the ones for fun. Right now, Lily was looking forward to the first peaceful sleep they’d had in weeks, looking forward to falling asleep to the wonderful voice of their love, Mistress Magnolia.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Skaetlett for the wonderful worlds they have created.

If there are tags that you think should be on this story, and aren't, LMK.


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